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  1. DanZer0

    Advanced SLAM Got Nerfed!

    The gunboat article actually links to the Bombs Away article- to show how great slam and bombing is- and they nerf it in the same article.
  2. DanZer0

    Ships evading bombs idea

    How about a new bomb rule? After rolling dice for a bomb, If you are not stressed, you may receive 1 stress token for each hit or crit cancelled. If you are stressed, you may receive one ion token to cancel one hit result.
  3. DanZer0

    Faq ''leak''

    Bomblets are dropped before movement, (So Advanced Slam doesn't apply) and don't go off until the end of activation. If you put your High PS ace (This is Miranda dropping, not PS 10 Nym) in that situation and unable to get out of it, that is kinda on you.
  4. DanZer0

    Faq ''leak''

    The next Big Leak: Those missing SKUs are brand new multi color stands for the Ghost!
  5. DanZer0

    Faq ''leak''

    You already pay a hefty tax for Advanced Slam- NOT BEING ABLE TO SHOOT! I feel like there is such an art to being able to judge distances, slaming, and dropping a bomb in a place where you take the least damage in return. I guess my Miranda will just have to take missiles and Guidance Chips now...
  6. DanZer0

    Would Luke turning to the darkside save Star Wars?

    More importantly, Star Wars survived the prequels...
  7. DanZer0

    Started playing on TTS, and I am very impressed!

    I've been on the fence on getting it. I cannot find it now, but I thought I saw that it isn't completely up to date with the released waves. Any truth to this?
  8. DanZer0

    FFG official acrylic tokens?

    I think a simple solution is to have the tournament kits as they are, and then at the end of the season- or end of the year FFG could sell some sort of Year in Review Bundle. Not only would it be a cool gift, but it could potentially devalue the 3rd party market for the kits (which I'm sure FFG isn't a fan of). The end of the year pack would give the competitive players ample time to show off their spoils, but also help to satisfy the collectors who can't make it to every tournament (or are learning to fly better). A year in review pack could also give FFG a chance to show off how cool the last year was, with articles, news- you know, the Internet... And if this idea doesn't work, you can just head over to eBay...
  9. DanZer0

    What Exactly Does Everyone Want?

    I want an official statement, in the form of a blood oath, from ffg stating that they will never make prequel ships.
  10. DanZer0

    Scum Aces in Wave 9! (Alex and Frank - please read)

    Good point, and I hope they include a multi-crew slot Jabba! I'd love to stick him on a Slaver and have the scum eqilibrator of the Palpmobile! He is so large he will only fit on the 666 with 3 crew slots.
  11. DanZer0

    Scum Aces in Wave 9! (Alex and Frank - please read)

    Don't worry, the fixes for the Starviper, M3-A and the Kihraxz will come in the Scum Epic ship. It will make Palpy look like a piker.
  12. DanZer0

    2015 Worlds Results

    Time for another T-Roll!
  13. DanZer0

    2015 Worlds Results

    Blinded Pilot!!
  14. DanZer0

    2015 Worlds Results

    Now that is an A-Wing block!
  15. DanZer0

    Panel lines on new ships: Lines, lines errywhere.

    ...only a Sith deals in absolutes. Um, isn't that statement an absolute? Absolutely not. Explain.Sarcasm.Well, then... That explains everything...Clearly.Talk about lots of lines that go nowhere. .. if you insist...