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  1. I hope I make it long enough to get lectured and verbally abused. I like a good toss, links to old threads, JH and Keeop GM guides, and long walks on the beach. For the Emperor.
  2. Good times. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  3. I understood you clearly and did not find you offensive in the least. You at least answered Emirikol's question. At face value the Core Box from 5 years ago is a good investment compared to the new Wizards PBH which traditionally is also an "incomplete" game. Yes, both are pricey and don't represent the whole picture, but at least one gave you some dice and a GM booklet. Pretty simple stuff.
  4. I hear ya, it's ugly. But yeah, FFG are stuck with the same bs that Wizards was as far as digital licensing. I'm glad you at least got the short and polite answer before the Forum Police wake up and arrive with their Snark Batons.
  5. I don't know about "standard" fighter, but the z-95 could and should be one of many arrows in your quiver.
  6. Just wait until you have about 18 splats and 2 more core's to lug around. WFRP with it's kazillion bits will technically be more portable at that point. That's where we're at folks. Star Wars: You play it at your house or find a good chiropractor.
  7. When discussing the expansions most people seem to focus on what they offer the players. This is important and all well and good but also keep in mind that several of them introduce the "themes" of the various Chaos gods. There's wonderful fluff and a few mechanics available in all of the boxes that are worth checking out. Winds of Magic - Tzeentch Signs of Faith - Nurgle Lure of Power - Slaneesh Omens of War - Khorne These 4, combined with the Core Box and an Adventurer's Toolkit are what I would consider a Basic Set. The rest of it is fantastic but the six items I've discussed here give you a mostly "complete" experience.
  8. Do you have the Core set then? Looking at the descriptions I would think the Players Vault is a "Must have". The Core set is currently unavailable everywhere unless you want to pay through the nose on EBAY, which I don't I do have the Core set. I believe the only reason to purchase the Players Vault is if you bought the hardcover Players Guide and do not have the Core Box.
  9. I bought the entire suite and have found value in everything except for the player's vault.
  10. I'm good with the basics. I've got Shadowrun for gadget porn.
  11. Not to further derail whatever this is, but I'd agree that the current state of DH 2e is an embarrassing train wreck.
  12. Where is the official statement? Some dude claims he got an e-mail response and Beren's pants are sticky. I don't get it.
  13. PWYW models seem to be working. At least to give people something to think about before they torrent.
  14. wow, that's a lot of players. I personally won't run a game for more than 4 anymore, but to each their own. You've got some interesting challenges there in order to keep things moving. cheers.
  15. My group went through a natural progression with this. I encouraged light narrative involvement with dice pool building and interpretation from the start but they did go through a small munchkin period where assist dice were just added "because I was standing there". Things have sort of settled down now and with system familiarity and general experience came a desire to have the dice "do their job" so to speak. I think now there's a nice balance between mechanical and narrative styles of play, which in my case fits the player makeup of my table perfectly.
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