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  1. player1577167

    Surprisingly fast game today.

    10 VPs for victory or less? Did you include that special strat card that gives 2 VP / turn? It sounds incredibly fast!
  2. player1577167

    Question about "Focused Research AC"

    Actually Winnu start with Antimass and Stasis, so they only need XRDs, Neural Motivators for Type IV Drive. So FR only let's you skip one requisite for 6 resources. Not an entire branch. So the answer was B. But there is at least one card in the game that let's you search the AC-deck for one card and pick it. I got that card last game and chose between Massive Transport (SD-relocation), DN in HS and Focus Research. But then I wondered if I made a misstake... But finally understanding that FR is not that big of a deal in a game with two separate VPs for tech, it's okay to go the "long" way up the tech tree.
  3. player1577167

    Question about "Focused Research AC"

    When I downloaded the TI3 Tech Manager for Androids,, selected Winnu, added XRD and chose "Include Focused Research-AC",, I was able to choose Type IV Drives. So I guess it's A, nothing else. E.g. if you're so lucky as to get FR early in-game and somehow get your hands on XRDs,, Advanced Fighters are two techs away. Craaaazy!
  4. player1577167

    How to improve in this game?

    Right. A quick comment to your text: That round when I lost my HS, I looked strong (hade 5 VP when others had 2-3) but was weak on the board. And that was "early-mid game" if you can call it that. Few players had built +1-2 SD. I like your input on improving in the game - not only being about winning / getting points but improving your game. One thing I have found is that I play more "tight" now. So if it's a VP to be in a battle against 3 ships, I might leave 2 ships in a sector etc. So not only do I try to earn VPs every round but also deny easy VPs to other players. Another thing: When it comes to the basic moves, I do not feel that I have a grasp of how to use what I have to best efficiency. Each and every game I've rolled 1-2-3s when rolling for starting positions, so I've always gotten the "worst" starting position. So moves and basics takes me "so far",, but much comes down to diplomacy. A juicy system is 2-3 steps away from me, but maybe 2-3 systems away from closest neighbour as well. So how to establish good relations with trade agreements and other deals that both benefit from? With goal-oriented neighbours it's quite easy to find a mutual understanding but with the "Wild Card Player" ,, (whom I've had as neighbour the last two games) I really struggle. Nothing works. So I can't play as "greedy" as I want, focusing on early carriers + GF, instead I need destroyer/cruiser screens as he is likely to want to strike where he can even if it makes him weak long term. Because he loves ninja-moves and plays to make those moves and not necessary to win the game. So I guess I have a hard time adjusting to the elements of the game (punsihing political cards, erratic neighbours,,,, chance).
  5. player1577167

    Question about "Focused Research AC"

    So if you should explain using the Type IV Drive example, and i have XRDs and Focus Research AC do I need: a) nothing else b) Micro Technology to tech up to Type IV Drive. A or B?
  6. player1577167

    Question about "Local Unrest AC"

    Ooops, it's core rules. 12.5.3 On a planet If a planet containing a Leader is successfully invaded by an enemy player, roll a die. On a result of 1- 5 the Leader is captured On a result of 6- 9 the Leader escapes and its owner may immediately place the leader on any friendly planet (not under blockade). On a result of 10, the Leader is killed and removed from the game. If a Leader is present on a planet whose ownership changes for any other reason than invasion, the Leader automatically escapes and may be placed on any friendly planet. Leaders can never exist on neutral or enemy planets or in space by themselves.
  7. player1577167

    How to improve in this game?

    Yeah, standard game is 9-12 hours long, we try to eliminate non-skill related ways to get points. So bureaucracy was the 1st step, free VPs each round just didn't seem right to us.
  8. So yesterday a dude had a planet with a scientist, pds and a lonely GF. BAM! Local Unrest AC. He had no spies/sabotage-cards left. Naturally the GF get's it, pds is removed and planet is neutral. But what happens with the leader? We rolled and got a roll on Invasion Combat-leader roll that stated he was captured. Captured by whom? So the player who played the AC got the captive leader but it felt wrong. Do you guys know how it should have played out? Perhaps it's only killed / escaped that can apply when a "neutral force" is fighting leaders? Because of FAQ: Q: If a Fighter Ambush domain counter eliminates a ship with a Leader, what happens to the leader? A: Since this is technically a space battle, you would roll a die. If the leader would be captured, he is instead killed (since domain counters cannot take prisoners).
  9. player1577167

    How to improve in this game?

    House Rule: One can only build 1 refinery; 1 colony and it cannot be placed in HS.
  10. player1577167

    How to improve in this game?

    Thx for the quick reply nwndotcom! I've tried to read Stefan Sasses short and long strat-guides (9 and 74 pages). Great stuff. They have let me understand some of the basics. Like what are theoretical good moves,, but when meeting new VP goals, shifting alliances, strange political laws and "bad luck" with roll on starting position (highest roller pick first etc,,, then reverse order for 1st turn of picking strat cards). The strat cards are the following: Leadership Diplomacy II Assembly Production Trade II Warfare II Technology II Bureaucracy We have not "balanced" any races, so everything is either RAW or errata, no mods on starting units etc. (e.g. Sarrdack N'orr are considered ones of the worst in the game due to bad/slow start and one trick pony-racial ability) Forgot, we also play with Flagships.
  11. I'm fuzzy on the rulings of this card, despite having read the FAQ. If I want Type IV Drive,, which requires XRDs and Neural Motivator,, can I get the tech if I have XRD's and no yellow tech? Or do I in fact need e.g. XRDs AND Micro Technology (only skipping one step on the tech tree)? I don't understand the meaning of "prerequisite" in this context. If it means you need XRDs and Micro,, then it's a really weak card cuz you pay 6 resources not to get a tech. Or am i missing something? Beacuse if it lets you skip one thing, not one step, then you can go for e.g. XRDs which is a "lvl 2" tech and go straight for a "lvl 7" type IV drive, which would be awesome. But it sounds a bit OP.
  12. 1st I played Mentak as a n00b, finished last place. 2nd time played Vanilla Yssaril with all expansions, 3rd place. (but race is OP, no?) 3rd time, played Winnu, early and mid game I was first place, but got crushed by player opting to build fleet instead of going for VPs. No homeworld, no more VPs. 4th time Winnu again. Last place. No excuses. So I tried the n00b strat to build big fleets. Had no idea how to get VPs. I tried balanced play with OP-race, to good results. I tried greedy play next to Wild-Card-Player, to miserable results. I tried aggressive play, next to Wild Card Player. Poor results. (Highlights: Last round he took my home world, I counter-attacked and vanquished all of his fleet on the board for juicy-2-VP-goals and preliminary, but I had no GF/Mech Inf to reclaim my HS. He finished 2nd position but had no SD or HS. And we stopped playing due to timer-stop.) We play with: pre-made world; Space Mines; Custodians of MR; Honour Builds; pre-decided VPs - 2 VP goals after round 3; 1 Preliminary, draw 2 pick 1 secret after achieving Preliminary. 12 VP to win, insta-win. 3-4 Artifacts on map. Both expansions. no Distant Suns, representatives, mercenaries, shock troops, Nerfed Gravity Drive, only in wormhole/gravity rift gives +1 MV. Things I've done to improve is: *made mind map of tech tree, ordered from top to bottom to understand what is early tech and late tech, what is gateway tech, was is dead end tech etc. So now I don't tech for the sake of getting shiny things, but with a goal. E.g: getting 5 blue techs for 2 VP. *not playing with a grudge. I play to get VPs, not to "get back" at a player from a previous game. If someone makes a move at me to get VPs, it's all good. I strike back to safeguard my HS +1 radius. But I don't know how to improve.. We play once/month and I would like to play better. Please help!