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  1. ok so i feel like Obi wan talking to Yoda. im trying to find the location of a 2 planets close to each other but cant find them on any chart. im looking for a rough location of the planets Yakka and Cynestra anyone able to help
  2. Hi all need stats for a moff/grand moff please i need something for Grand Moff Torith
  3. Hi everyone need some upcoming ideas for a few games.. so my guys are doing a Mail Run across Tatooine they have been to pika oasis and are headed to a bantha farm to deliver water to the farm owners.... ive got them doing some survival rolls and resiliance and stuff to find a missing person in a sandstorm on the property but dont know what to do next. the next places they are to visit is mos espa, mos ethna, mos T then back home. any ideas for these mos places please
  4. Armour wise i tend to default to Catch Vest which is soak 1 normally but becomes soak 2 when hit with energy based weapons
  5. so i am a GM in a morning session and a player in the afternoon session. to date in the afternoon session we have stolen 3 ships, looted a crate of 30 frag grenades and pick up as much as we can carry to sell off... if you are having that much trouble with that player kill him off
  6. Hi had a question as i am a new GM.. so we have worked out initiative and the PC and NPC slots. combat happens and say a minion or rival NPC dies. which slot do i remove? e.g. PC NPC PC PC NPC NPC PC NPC
  7. just luck i try to be a fair GM so damage is dealt to PC or PC controlled NPC with most health, then Unconcious PC controlled NPC then PC... was just un lucky. and afterwards felt bad for him in our afternoon session run by another GM a few weeks ago he was the firs PC to get outright killed by modified Cyborg Nextu... then his NPC Died then Him.... umm ouch and sorry lol. lukcly he was all cool and just rolled a new character for this coming monday
  8. thank you for ur replies so what happended in yesterdays session... my 3 pc characters were is holding cells and striped of their gear. 2 pcs were rebel spies or operatives so i had them activate an emergency transponder and 3 Player controled NPC's and a new player rocked up on planet as an extraction force. the extraction force fort there way through 4 minion groups (2 lots of 3 B1 battle droids and 2 lots of 4 pirates) and 1 rodian rival. they got through that relatively unscaved... just a few wounds nothing drastic. they then disabled the communications array at the back of the compound (which triggered a silent alarm to the main Pirate force). so the PC's NPCs unlocked the holding cells and the original PC's geared up with loot from the dead minion groups. so we have 7 PC controlled characters now and with a very good Perception hearing check. one of the guys made out the sound of Droids marching growing louder as they came closer. so they had a turn to get into some defensive positions around the compound. the enemy force that arrived consisted of....3 individual B2 battle Droids, 2x 4person minion groups of B1s, 2x 4person minion groups of pirates, 1 rival human and 1 nemesis... The final showdown was on.... so after several long rounds... the PC's emerged victorious with both an original PC dead and a Rebel extraction force soldier, 3 PC/REF unconscious and 2 Pcs alive on 1 health.. was a good 5 hour session and they were awarded with 55xp, loot from bodies of enemy and fallen comrades. i have also started to incorporate using a loot table for basic room looting or additional rewards. its a D100 system where the PCs roll a average Perception check and if they fail they get a basic loot table roll, if they get 3 Adv. they get a rare loot table roll and if a triumph well they say what they want and we work it out from there. NExt session they have to get there gear back(if they want to go find it) or they can take the enemy YT1000 and R41 starchaser that were parked near by to the planet tatooine. someone rolled up the "Deed to a Run down cantina bar"a few sessions ago so they are going to set this up as a base and do some bounty mission until i can do a cross over with my other GM (we normally do 2 sessions on a monday)
  9. ok so this is episode or act IV now they have been foolowing this group of thugs/pirates trying to get their hands on an encrypted data pad. they have planet hopped 4 times and have had a run in with Locals, Imps, Haywire Droids and now gang members. they just attacked a B2 battle Droid, a Rival and Nemesis. (which they sucked at) they are on par with the B2 and Rival... and didnt really even touch or shoot the Nemesis. they have been captured and will wake up with half health and concious in holding cells. at this stage i have 3 Rebel Strike force characters made for them to use to try and rescue themselves.
  10. so was GMing last monday and the guys i play with wanted to run straight at the Final Boss (theoretically they could of kill him and then completed the story line quest) so i let them have a crack however after some bad rolling and some dodgy calls on their part their 3 characters were left lieing on the floor unconcious and couldnt heal one another.... i decide to capture them instead of killing them but am going to have them run 3 'Rebel Extraction Specialists' so they will have to rescue themselve using these.... any thoughts, in put or ideas i can run with this next round on monday?
  11. Hey Musket Max ill have a look into this too we too discussed whips.
  12. Hi i was wondering is there a place to find EotE games online? i play in sotre with my mates on a monday but want more lol
  13. hi i have a quick question can i use kyle katarn ship card and Kyle crew car at all in the same build?
  14. hi all so i entered my first Tournament today at Goodgames in Wollongong (NSW AUSTRALIA) there was only a small turn out of myself and 3 others. 2 imperial and 2 rebels. i was playing Imperials and managed to Win the Tournament 3-0 my list was: Mauler Mithel - engine upgrade Howlrunner - Stealth Backstabber Winged Gundark Academy pilot Academy Pilot opponent 1 2 y wings luke skyewalker x wing opponent 2 Millennium Falcon kitted out B wing Opponent 3 darth vader soontir fel 2 ties
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