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  1. After the past 2 years of mess, this year's registration was silky smooth. Logged on at 12:00, finished at 12:02 with a confirmation. Thank you!
  2. I've been flying this list with a lot of success: Asajj Ventress — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 37 Push the Limit 3 Tactician 2 Shadow caster title 3 BMST 1 Burnout SLAM 1 Ship total - 47 Moralo Eval - YV-666 34 HLC 7 Engine upgrade 4 Latts Razzi 2 Dengar 3 Tactician 2 BMST 1 Ship total 53 Overall total - 100 Passes out stress like candy due to the 180 arc and mobile arc plus Asajj's ability, which Latts uses to greatly extend Evals life. Plus, there's little more satisfying than having a ship crash into Eval, giving them a stress with Asajj, then shooting them, stressing again with tactician and tractoring them off the YV so that Eval can blast them.
  3. Wow... Worlds on the weekend of Nov. 5th and then San Diego, Milwaukee, Durham, Omaha, and Turro Nova Scotia all the next weekend!?! That's gonna be a brutal turnaround.
  4. The arc 170 has a 3 person compliment so the rear gunner is already accounted for. The crew slot should be for the third person not a rear gunner upgrade that takes a slot. The ARC-170 is probably the worst example you can give, as it makes the case against you more than for you. If it has 3 people, then one can be accounted for by the pilot, one for the crew slot & (much like the Tail Gunner crew) one to give the benefit of the focus to crit conversion.
  5. Dash was a Worlds-winner design too. He's won plenty of tournaments. Unfortunately, Dash (Crew) is the worlds winner card. It's Dash (Pilot) that is getting all the wins.
  6. I've done 7 damage before. I flew a Phantom. Don't remember what against, but I want to say either a Decimator or a Hounds Tooth. Range 1 shot, Crit, Crit, Hit, Hit, Hit. Both Crits were Direct Hit.
  7. You can also spend a TL to fire a Torpedo, then stress yourself to regain the TL and use the lock to modify the torpedo attack. Or if you have a TLT, it allows you gain a TL for both attacks (at the cost of a stress). That being said, still not a huge fan.
  8. What really surprised me is that on Rebels Recon, Dave Feloni revealed that the Grand Inquisitor (the Inquisitor that was killed at the end of season 1) was someone that we had previously met on TCW. Any ideas?
  9. The Triangles are Juno Eclipse's available moves due to her pilot ability.
  10. What's a PWT? I looked it up on urbandictionary, and the result I got seemed rather irrelevant. "Primary Weapon Turret" In other words, Falcons, Decimators & Outriders
  11. Unfortunately, due to the wording on Bossk's card, the timing for this combo doesn't work. Bossk's card says "Before dealing damage, you may cancel 1 of your <crit> results to add 2 <hit> results." Meaning they don't change to hits till after the target has had a chance to evade them and cancel them out. Thus the target gets to evade just like a normal autoblaster crit.
  12. This what you're looking for? Don't know if anyone has done a complete reference card including those yet though. Thanks to Muon for the great work he does on these. I just pulled them from the Vassal files. P.S.: The error on the E-wing was that he left the Z-95 outline in the corner. Took a minute to spot that.
  13. No. He kept in the fortress set up till the five minute warning was called, then zoomed out to kill a tie (since ties would have won a tie due to initiative. He waited till the first shots of the game were in the round time was called.
  14. Had a very successful trade with kharas1. Add one more to his growing tally. Would definitely trade with again.
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