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  1. I really enjoy this book. I've been looking for further - and importantly consolidated - information about the Latari culture and history. Now I have some foundation for my own imagining in my army design.
  2. Just added myself into the Mississauga, Ontario area.
  3. Great inspiration. I've actually started the opposite way, working on the investigators first, rather than the monsters. I'll be posting more over the course of the year at the project grows.
  4. Personally, from a sheer balance point of view, especially with respect to all players feelings like they contribute on all tiers of experience, 4th edition was the best edition of D&D. I have always felt the issue people had with the power system was nomenclature: so many posts from that time period complained about "my fighter doesn't have powers"...the the issue could have - sadly - been partly resolved by saying a figher had At-Will Techniques as well as a regular attack. I see FFG's attempt to create verisimilitude admirable, as long as there is still flavour between archetypes: which this does, honestly. All samurai can speak TO their ancestors (i.e: pray) and sometimes the kami will answer in a non-verbal manner that could be misinterpreted whereas Shugenja can directly speak to them. That's awesome.
  5. I'm looking forward to supplements for them to put out. Primarily because they have added to and retcon'ed aspects of their Runebound universe which contradict each other because there is very little indication of the time period/location in the world in which their respective games take place outside of the cross-pollenizing of heroes and villains. I love the possibility of the universe and look forward to seeing what can be done in this playground.
  6. Agree. The 4th edition of AEG's L5R gives licence to that, as most of the Great Clans in the core rulebook had 4 classes to work with from the get go. Even those great clans that don't really have Monks could benefit from varieties of the base three, with Lion having multiple flavours of bushi or Crane having a gift courtier vs. an artist courtier.
  7. While I can see why they would not, because that allows for you to use miniatures which are not purchased from them, I think it would be a great idea because it would allow modelers a greater variety of conversion opportunities. I guess it just depends what they see as their target market. Entry level miniature gamers don't need bare bases.
  8. OMG what a great tool! Thank you for posting this. Been playing around with several variations of cool colours for my main Latari colour and this is helping me make some decisions.
  9. He's got a really steady hand for his age! Did you teach him his basics? If so, very good job. He's clearly taken to the lessons well.
  10. Thanks for the link! Looks like a lot of solid community work so far.
  11. FFG has already invested a lot into this game, so I'm hoping it won't go anywhere either. It is slowly picking up traction in my gaming area, but I agree I'd just continue to talk about it, show miniatures, and offer to bring in the core set minis painted up (if you have them ready) to run demo games for people so they can get a taste of it and direct them to the release schedule as it builds. I know I'm waiting for the essentials & Latari Elves expansion before I really sink my hobby time into it. It's certainly a slow burn and build to be sure.
  12. I don't know what FFG's policy on community created content is but I do know that Mantic (Ronnie in particular) has encouraged the players on his forums to just use the setting as inspiration for their own stories. He has in fact taken fan-created content from Mantic forums, and either posted them on his "Bard of Mantica" alias account or passed them on to their story team. My point is, don't let your imagination be limited by what has been or will be created. There are dozens of Daqan lords, and 12 other Latari tribes, and their various sub-factions, waiting for you to detail. Honestly I'd recommend taking what has been released and just let your own imagination run wild with stories, unit characters (Kari Wraithstalker could be your own named hero but using her rules), banner and colour schemes. Who knows what FFG might do with them and in the mean time we can inspire each other!
  13. 100% agree. I have no interest in supporting the core box, but every intention of picking up the Latari Elves & Essentials box, but am concerned with the current decision to not have anything lore wise available outside the core box. Thanks, though, to @MysteriousRacerX for providing the files. This is a big help towards getting into this game.
  14. I'd love to see where this project goes, and what kind of original material the community comes up with. I have been playing a lot of IK with crafted RPG terrain, light sources, and props. It would be amazing to see what original plots come out of a world that - comparatively to other settings - really hasn't been explored at all.
  15. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of the Phoenix personalities pan out. Perhaps they can use unclaimed rings in a similar manner that Dragon can use the fate on unclaimed rings to achieve similar effect. If that's the case it is also pretty characterful, manipulating the forces of the rings themselves but gaining perhaps more powerful versions of those effects if they claim those rings.
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