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  1. I thought about it while playing escalation for the first time yesterday and made the call that you couldn't split the ships, because there is no way to know how to split it and what the threat should be. I wonder, however, could you bring them in together when/if you need to bring in a threat level 6 "ship" because they technically are a 6. In other words, my opponent destroys my 5, can I fly in the double IG ship to be my level 6 threat? Finally, the rules state "player wins when they destroy double the starting threat level". If your opponent flees the battle, does that ship count as you destroying it and you get the points? Fleeing is under the Destroyed section in the rules, so it's implied but not completely clear. EDIT: Re-read the rulebook (always a good first step ?) and noticed it said "choose one or two ships" so by that you could fly in the double IG build, but the question still stands do you have to kill them both to get the 6 points or do they split.
  2. Yep- combine to get to the agreed threat level; 8 is "normal" but you can do whatever level you like: Rulebook page 15: "To play a match using Quick Build cards, players must agree to a particular threat level. For a normal game on a 3’x3’ (91 cm) play area, play at threat level eight. You will need more ships than those included in the core set to play at this threat level. Then both players build a squad by choosing a combination of Quick Build options that add up to that threat level."
  3. Noticed someone already answered. Also, a lot of great storage setups.
  4. Absolutely non-taken....Moxie will bring our flags when we head north
  5. Trust me I know. I not only used to live/work in Atlanta but my dad's construction company was there for the "boom" that was the Olympics and about a decade after. We had a running theory that one day Atlanta would be such a large, general collection of smaller towns that it would just be a huge block on the state map . But the hometown boy in me had to do a shout out to the town proper.... And indeed it was a great day of X-Wing games. Glad to see so much conversation coming out of our "little" tournament. And looking forward to seeing so many familiar faces now at Regionals!
  6. Wow Mux, Palob, Kavil FTW! And didnt lose a ship in the playoffs too! If you're saying that based off the scores that isn't entirely true. At elimination rounds we were just documenting the winners as the players had stopped turning in kill points because Cryodex doesn't use them to calculate standing anymore yet still requires points to be put in. So I just put it in as flat out wins to move things along more quickly (everyone was getting exhausted after a long day). Didn't matter for the results of the tournaments because winners still moved forward, but now that I see it's something people look at in the juggler I'll be sure to get it next time.
  7. Results from this event can be found here. Thanks to everyone who came out!
  8. Results from the Moxie Games championship in Columbus, GA can be found here.
  9. Just a bit of an update: that 2nd game was actually in Columbus, GA- about 100 miles southwest of Atlanta. Small detail but important to some. The full results can be found here.
  10. Just to be clear...this was Columbus, GA- about 100 miles southwest of Atlanta. Small detail, but it does matter to some
  11. 1. The new rules do not go into effect until April 15 so they won't apply for us tomorrow 2. It is limited to 30 only because the store can hold only so many. We got a HUGE response for this event and we're stoked to have so many players! I was at the store yesterday and we were at 28 total; should have knocked off the last two spots today. 3. Our plan is to start a list of alternates in the order they come in. At 11:30am EST anyone on the pre-registration list not in the store will be dropped and replaced by any alternates, based on the order they signed up, that are also in the store. Hope that clears everything up!
  12. Looks like they added Debris Field page if I'm not mistaken
  13. My suggestion would be to contact the TO/venue. I know when I run events it is really nice to have the official one only and typed makes it even more awesome. You can type into it when you open if from the webpage and print it from there. If someone brings it in a different format I will have extra blanks of the FFG form for them to fill out and with your squad ready it won't take but just a few minutes. No one ever complains and understand it's just part of the process.
  14. Our actual store championship isn't until next month but yesterday day we had a (somewhat perfectly timed) "Pirate" tournament where players were allowed to mix faction but not use named pilots. It turned out to be a blast; with all the new ships and all the mostly low PS numbers everyone had a great time discovering new things from both the new and old ships. If you want a fun shake up to events, I highly recommend it!
  15. Local to Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL (along with everything nearby) Moxie X-Wing will be hosting it's 2015 Store Championship on Saturday March 28th at 12pm EST. For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/928172310538942/
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