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  1. Will there be a digital version of this title coming to pc?
  2. Something is in the works i'm sure, look at Talisman all of its history four editions it died a little then came back, its too early for runebound to die. They have something in the works, they are probably bound by agreements no to say anything. What ever it is, im gonna get it, be it a new edition or a digital version, ill buy it all!
  3. Loving this digital edition, i think i prefer it this way, looking forward to more fantasy flight games in digital , maybe Runebound? Or Descent?
  4. A digital version of Runebound would be perfect for new and old fans, since Runebound is out of print. This would fix the problem along with an opportunity of streamlining this classic game, without rendering the 2nd edition obsolete, while giving new fans the opportunity to get the total exp and bringing PC gamers to the shrine of legendary Runeboud, a three way win!
  5. If Talisman is still going why would they let Runebound die, makes no sense, plz give us Runebound the ressurection!
  6. Yes, if we cant get a reprint of Runebound, maybe a digital version on the pc
  7. Plz ! Reprint ! i just discovered this game to my chagrin of it being out of print, waiting for a reprint to get the whole series, if not will have to forget about this game, luckily i haven't played it so i wouldn't know what i'm missing. But the limited availablility price's are too gouging. i hear its the ultimate for solo play in a board game, which is what i'm looking for. hopefully it will come back and surprise me.
  8. Waiting for Runebound 3rd edition or reprint of 2nd edition, just discovered this game only to find out how late i am. Cant afford the outlandish prices i am finding on the limited availability. I'm holding out for the next coming of this game series.
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