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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Oridaellin in Pre made campaign - The Shivering Gate   
    Thought I would share the campaign I'm running right now with my fellow GM's. Especially since several of you have helped me flesh out different elements of it.
    This is all a work in progress obviously and I'm in no rush to finish the entire write up so if you intend to run this campaign you might want to wait a while until I've had time to finish writing all of Act I.
    Hope you guys enjoy!
    <iframe src="https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_uD6SDJT6xohUaReI7gUGRMxer4W-944MjnNlP3GyEo/pub?embedded=true"></iframe>
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Alank2 in Edge of Darkness review (free web adventure)   
    So, after my overly long and complicated review of a short Deathwatch adventure (https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/187569-shadow-of-madness-review-gms-kit-adventure/), I finally decided to make some more reviews, and it's only fitting that the next review after Shadow of Madness will be Edge of Darkness, right?  . What's with 40k and all those grimdark titles?

    Edge of Darkness is a free adventure, available to download on Fantasy Flight Games' Dark Heresy page. If their server is unavailable or you're reading this review after they removed it from their site, there are some other sites providing access to it. On a side note, it's a Dark Heresy 1.0 adventure, but you can use i in DH 2.0 as well, with only minor modifications.

    As usual, if you're a player, DO NOT read this review unless you already played through this adventure - and I definitely suggest playing through it, so if you're a player, suggest it to your GM!
     ... but make him read the ending of the review, first, for some balancing tips .
     Quick summary: Great adventure with beautiful atmosphere fitting to a 40k universe, hampered a little bit by high difficulty level which may or may not be intentional, may require some balancing work on GM's part.

       Let's start, like Rulebook, from Table of Contents:    1. Overview  2. Introduction and Dramatis Personae  3. Among the Missing  4. The Twilight City  5. Chamber of Horrors  6. Final Verdict

    1. Overview

     Edge of Darkness is an introductory adventure to Dark Heresy, so it's full of tips and help for beginner GM's. It is also designed to help new players get the feel of 40k world, with all it's grimdark, technomagical weirdness and an ever-present risk of enemies within.

    The adventure starts as players, starting their new job for the Inquisition, arrive at their meeting with Inquisitorial agent. There they find out that someone is making an illegal, heretical experiments on humans, and their mission is to find and stop him, her or whatever this person is. The adventure takes players around he Hive on Scintilla, where they can see the life on Imperial planet, from the lowest of menials to local gangers and corrupted enforcers. Only at the end of the adventure they see the true face of the enemy, which after poorly-armed gang members seems even more horrifying... perhaps even too much.

     2. Introduction and Dramatis Personae

    This is pretty straightforward; short introduction to whole adventure, plot synopsis, and a section about NPC's. From this, characters deserve special mention - they are surprisingly well written for just few short sentences. Those short descriptions omit their physical appearance (which is mentioned later, when players have a chance to meet them), and instead focuses on their motives and actions, helping GM to grasp the whole picture.

     3. Among the Missing

     Players start this adventure by receiving the message telling them to appear at the certain location. While this method of introduction is quite simple, and it is well described, it poses one small problem. While it's easy to imagine your Hiver or Void Born removed from past life, tested and measured, questioned and interrogated, as the adventure puts it, it's harder to imagine why a Feral World character would be there. Make sure to discuss your PC's background, or you may end up with some awkward questions.

     After arriving to this location, players take the elvator down and than walk a hilariously long corridor. Since walking down this few hundred meters long secret passage with no apparent features takes some time, players are supposed to spend this time introducing themselves and discussing. They also have some occasions for first Tests.

    No matter what they do, they end up in a large room with ominous, unmarked crates, a dead body with some creepy modifications and and Inquisitorial agent, who sends players on their first mission. This scene is beautifully described, and if you make use of it, players will immediately get hooked. It is also creepy in it's own way, hinting on the things to come.
    There is also hilarious note that you can read if players start saying that they're not ready. In this case, Inquisitorial Agent makes a very ironic statement that unfortunately, Adeptus Astartes are actually busy so they have to work with what they have.

     4. The Twilight City

    The Acolytes now move down, to the lower districts of the Hive. This is again described in a detailed way, giving GM another occasion to show players the characteristic atmosphere of the 41 Millenium. It also introduces additional mechanic in form of Degrees of Success. There is also something very precious, that was for some reason not included in Core Rulebook - monthly wages. Why such information was not part of the Core Rulebook is a mystery, but at least it's here.

    There is also a working map that you can show your players. It's probably one of the 2 maps in whole 40k line that you can give to your players, and one of few maps at all - FFG seems to not like drawing maps for some reason, and when they do, they tend to make them full of spoilers and therefore useless to players. But, at least here it is.

     Players will be ambushed on their first night in the local 'hostel'. It's worth noting that if any players gained Light Sleeper through some additional backgrounds, they will awake immediately. If not, and if they did not block the door in some way (lock itself is useless since dregs have key to it), they can be beaten really hard. Most of the players have around ~15% chance of waking up; those who do not pass get hit for one turn as Surprised, and as they are sleeping without armor, they can easily lose their Wounds pretty quickly. On a side note, if players sleep in their armor, have them awake automatically but start combat with 1 level of Fatigue, since they were not sleeping well. -10 to all Tests quickly balances lack of surprise, especially for low-level Acolytes. 

    In short, be aware that those dregs can actually hurt the players hard. But it is Dark Heresy, not some kind of heroic, so that's to be expected and it does a great job at showing players that despite being player characters, they can still get hurt easily. Also, without Medicae (and they probably don't have it) they need to pay for a local doctor and they still be left with some lost Wounds for the rest of the adventure, especially if they fall to Criticals during fight.

    Aside from this trap, player make some rolls, some investigation, and meet local gangers and enforcers. Unless they gain unwanted attention and end up in conflict with Enforcers or local dregs, they will not get in combat. Which is good, since after last one they should already know that combat is pretty deadly here. If they still don't get it, they definitely will in the next part...

     5. Chamber of Horrors

    Here adventure becomes really hard. If you played it as one session, players are probably out of Fate Points, some are wounded, and the hardest part of the adventure is still before them.
    There are 2 variants of what will happen here:

    a) Players are not competent enough to realize what's going on. In this variant, sooner or later they gain the attention of their target, who sends his Body Snatches against them. This combat is pretty brutal an quick. It starts with Fear test, as those horrible abominations suddenly appear among darkness and charge. Considering that most of PC's have around ~30% chance of passing this Test, 2/3rd of them are probably hampered and weakened, if not outright out of combat. Body Snatchers are tougher than Acolytes and deal higher Damage, and there is 1 per Acolyte. And they are accompanied by 1 overseer, a human with some armor and silenced weapon. Unless your players are really good (or you actually finished a session, gave them xp and allowed their Fate Points to restart before this fight), they are going to be in a really tight spot.
    This will be mitigated if players pass Fear (or if you remove it) and then have higher Initiative. Then they will probably kill 1 Body snatcher with autoguns and lasguns, which will probably tip the odds to their favor. Still, this can be a hard combat for not prepared grup, although with high Initiative it's manageable.

    b) Players find out where enemy lurks and move there. This presents it's own challenges:
    - If they use force to enter, they will drawn attention. Look above to see what happens, but add some additional guard to make it nearly hopeless to win.
    - In order to use Stealth, they need to pass Silent Move (+10) versus Awareness 35 of patrolling guards. Since most PC's do not have Silent Move and therefore treat it as Basic, this will possibly end as above. Perhaps the assassin has Silent Move, and therefore he can silently kill one or two guards, but even he has around ~60% chance of succeeding. Less if he has to roll once for each killed guard.

     Nevertheless, if they are still alive, time comes for grand finale. Either enemy makes their escape by basically using living bombs full of viral infection to escape in chaos, forcing players to use flamers (which they have no easy access to and probably no training), or risk infection; or they enter their building.
    In first option, it's hard to win and stop enemy from escaping. And being infested with something called "viral infection" sound bad.
    In second variant... let's start with ALL remaining Body Snatchers (between 5 and 10) jumping at Acolytes, possibly Enofrcers attacking from the back, even harder Fear tests leaving players seriously weakened and some probably unconscious. Then they have to defeat the main boss, who's easily capable of crushing one Acolyte in combat, and at this point, they are wounded, out of grenades (if they had any), and probably heavily weakened by Fear and any Critical Damage they received. 

     There is also possibility of your players being too smart for their own good (like mine were), figuring everything out and assaulting the Alms House so fast, they have no possibility of encountering some Body Snatchers earlier in order to kill some. In this situation there are 10 Body snatchers, Medical Cherub and 2 flesh golems, not counting the Big Bad herself. This will overwhelm any group of players that are not heavily armed and prepared, so first rank Acolytes are basically done for at this point. You should either make enemy retreat, leaving only some Body Snatchers to slow them down, weaken enemies in some way, or be prepared that players are going to burn Fate.

     There is also a nice section about developing the plot further. Since all those free adventures and the one in Core Rulebook can be used together, if you wish, this can help to set up the whole campaign, if any of your players are still alive at this point.

       6. Final Verdict

     "As is", without any changes, I would rate this adventure as 7/10. It's truly beautifully written, with great descriptions and good plot. It shows both the typical grimdark of 40k universe, and the hardship of working in the Inquisition, with extremely deadly enemies. However, this attention to details and relative openness (it's not as railroading as it seems, it actually gives players a lot of possibilities), and well thought-out NPCs, are overshadowed by some balance problems. Big balance problems.

     If you like grim darkness and want to play it hard, like it should be in 40k universe where  99% of Acolytes die on their first mission, then you will rate this mission as 10/10. And if you're players are really good, they have played some 40k RPG's earlier, they have Rank 2 or more or they are just crazy veterans of RPG who can take everything head-on, then this adventure is great for them.

     After some balancing, I definitely give this adventure 10/10. To be honest, all balance problems can be solved if your players have at least 1 mission after them, so playing this as a second mission in a larger campaign could be a wise idea.
      If you want this mission to be your player's first, I would lower the number of enemies in every encounter by 1 and also stress out the importance of not using Fate Points unless in life or death situation (so they have some left to re-roll Fear Tests), and pray that you have some Priest or someone who can inspire them with Charm or some Lore to give them +10 to Fear tests, if they prepare beforehand.

    That was a long post, huh. I hope you'll find it useful .
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to MrHatsForCats in Hierophant, Shrine World Melee build help   
    well there is always Halo of command (core rule book) followed by Inspiring Aura (enemies beyond).
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Radwraith in Overwatch Issues   
    This Is what i'm referring to when I say to think tactically. Certainly not every encounter should be designed to where overwatch is ineffective. But some will! And certainly, different opponents will have different opinions on how to counter overwatch. A Mob of Orks for example; might charge right at your position! They actually expect to lose a few on the way in but when they get to you...Well, payback's a b*tch!
    Now this I actually like! It doesn't change how the rule works but does apply a reasonable limit to how much you can get out of it. May I suggest a small modification? Use the entire stat Bonus but use perception instead of Ballistic skill. The reasons? There are two:
    1.) Perception represents your ability to rapidly perceive and act on a given situation. so Perception bonus could be a good governor as to how many shots you might actually get off in a given round. Sort of a "It's more about your limitations then the weapon's" kind of thing.
    2.) By using a separate Stat it makes it more difficult (or at least more expensive) to make a purpose-built overwatch munchkin!
    Hope this helps!
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Lynata in Pariah/Blank/Null/Illuminati   
    Well .. who says they don't?
    I admit I didn't consider the existence of stasis chambers to effective put people "in the fridge", but then you still have the issue of ready availability. The Grey Knights would have to determine the sacrifice to be necessary, and actually return to their ship to prepare. That's an hour of time that could easily decide whether or not the GKs can still make a difference. So whenever possible, it'd make sense to use what is "locally available".
    Oh, and I just thought of another possibility: Perhaps the sacrifice was wholly unnecessary and the GKs just carried it out because of some odd ritual's description in their tomes of forbidden knowledge. The sort of "ritual" that protects as well as making the sign of the Aquila, but which is taken at face value because in the 41st Millennium, people don't know the difference between knowledge and superstition. Grimdark!
    (of course, even with this theory it could still make sense for them to keep their own sacrifices, similar to the test-slaves harvested for creation of new Astartes Chapters)
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Lynata in Pariah/Blank/Null/Illuminati   
    I've interpreted in as the GK's usually not needing this extra layer of protection. They have their special training and their wards, which usually is enough to shield them. This was an extreme case, however, so they really needed that +1.
    It's also possible that the minimum level of purity required for this ritual isn't as easy to come by as you suggest. At least in GW studio material, the Sororitas are touted as being among the purest people in the Imperium (a trait manifested on the tabletop as special resilience against psychic powers in some editions), which probably goes back to their "blank slate" upbringing and devotional way of life.
    I'm sure it could be reproduced in some way, allowing to take along a sacrifice similar to the role of the psykers that fuel the Golden Throne on Terra, but is it really practical to drag some poor shmuck along on every single deployment just on the 0.0001% off chance he's going to be needed? Including the possibility for them to die as collateral damage even during missions where their trait wouldn't be required, which the GK's wouldn't know before investigating anyways?
    Alternatively, perhaps the level of purity required for the ritual isn't as high after all, and almost anyone would do, including a fellow GK. And perhaps this happened several times already and we just didn't read about them before. The only thing that matters is that the Grey Knights are equipped with this exotic knowledge in order to produce the desired effect when the situation calls for it, which probably isn't very often.
    It's a bit like soldiers learning to make a campfire. They don't carry it as part of their equipment, but they know how to make one.
    Apologies for playing devil'sdemon's advocate; I just considered this interpretation too interesting to pass up on.
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Magnus Grendel in Campaign Ideas   
    So.... We're going to start a Dark Heresy campaign soon, and I want to try and make sure I get the 'feel' and 'scale' of 40k right.
    I was trying to figure out the Malleus elements to a campaign. What I want to make work is the idea - a classic one with the Ordo Malleus - that no-one is allowed to know they even exist - even other (lower ranking) members of the ordinary Inquisition; if you get caught up in a Malleus investigation, you get mindwiped or killed (depending on your usefulness and general spiritual resilliance). The idea that daemons are real, can physically manifest and that the dark gods are not just abstract theological concepts is something the Imperium will not, cannot, admit to its own people.
    Now when you want to have a mission that they players have been involved in, you could always play it and then after the fact tell them "but you don't remember this anymore" but that seems a little weak. I'd rather have them figure out over time something's out of kilter - and that at least one of the somethings is them. Imagine that there has been one or more 'game sessions' that's happened where the players have been dragooned into service (as nearby Inquisitorial assets) by an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (i.e. not their own Inquisitor). They've helped save the day, and in gratitude the Inquisitor has neatly sliced the whole incident out of their memory (with a few judicious alterations to patch over obvious stuff like injuries) rather than having them eliminated.
    I was hoping for suggestions on things the players could find that might make them suspicious 'something is going on' (beyond the normal Dark Heresy 'something is always going on').
    Ideas I've had:
    One player with Trade Armourer is likely to take responsibility for maintaining and modifying the party's (small) armoury of weapons. I was thinking that one week he'll realise that two of their shotguns are mars pattern weapons. Which is odd, because they were accatran pattern weapons when he locked them away a week before. A contact of the party disappears, and was last seen supposedly heading to talk to them. He never arrived, but definitely got off at the local transit rail station and left the plaza (the last time he appeared on a pict-capture), which is less than fifty metres up the street. There have been no reported road accidents, or murders, or violence in the area, and it was the middle of the day with the street full of traders and their customers. The sanctionaries are supposedly looking for a murderer who fits a (very vague) description of one of the acolytes, who was responsible for killing two sanctionate officers.  
    The ultimate aim is to get them to look into what's going on - and find evidence that a cult was hunted down and exterminated - along with all the witnesses and evidence - by....well....them. And, ideally, by looking into it, that they'll find something that begins the threat anew - so they'll need to solve the problem all over; and getting the Ordo Malleus to intervene again (in the process convincing them to help solve the problem without either bombing the planet or executing the players!)
    One image I wanted to put in was ultimately ending up in a crypt where an Inquisitor is supposed to be 'buried', and have the 'tomb' turn out to be a stasis casket where he is locked away for reasons he refuses to tell them.
    Part of the inspiration was something I remember from the old Inquisitor game (or it might have been the Eisenhorn books & audiobooks that accompanied it) where one character in the background was musing on something called the Puritan's Dilemma:
    This is what philosophers of the Holy Ordos call the Puritan's dilemma;
    Imagine a threat to the Imperium. A subtle, secret threat. A fragment of dark lore, or perhaps a forgotten truth. One so dire, so inherently corruptive that it must be excised utterly. Not even the purest soul can know it without being tainted beyond redemption.
    It is not enough that the heretics be hunted down or that the means by which they abused this secret be purged. Instead, it is necessary that even the memory that the secret existed in the first place - that there was ever anything to destroy - be erased from living memory. Every fragment of evidence, every witness, every rumour, all of it burned, buried and blotted out.
    To achieve such a thing is not beyond the Inquisitor's authority. Kill enough people and any secret will die. But we fear the imperfection of our work. Imagine that despite the killings that somewhere, in the dark places beyond the Emperor's light, the secret endures. Imagine that, centuries from now, it will be found again and the threat born anew. And now no-one is watchful for its return, for no-one even knows that a threat ever existed to watch for it.
    Who can be trusted to remember?
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to MorbidDon in Free Map - Sanctimonialis Motus Tressis (Holy Reactor 3)   
    Sanctimonialis Motus Tressis
    Stay GAMING
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to MorbidDon in Free Map - Obficium Praemunitio (Duty Strongholds)   
    Lots of doors to breach - door placement coincides with "terminal access points" (i.e. computers / controls)...
    Obficium Praemunitio
    Some vents were incorporated
    Stay GAMING + Have Fun!
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Lynata in Power Field - How Important?   
    I like it because it's a neat, unique bonus ability that clearly sets power weapons apart from other melee arms, rather than just going the ole' "+1 sword" way. The same is true for chain weapons. In the tabletop, such details don't matter much and can (or must!) easily be abstracted as you have units fighting units, but when it gets as personal as in an RPG, you'd want the differences between characters and their gear to be accentuated.
    And coincidentally, it was actually Games Workshop who introduced this idea with their Inquisitor game:
    Power Weapon
    These weapons are surrounded by a disruptive force field that allows the user to slice through the thickest armour and lop off limbs with a single blow. They are highly prized, and are often a badge of office for senior Imperial servants.   If a power weapon is parried, or successfully makes a parry, there is a 75% chance that the opponent's weapon is destroyed. Power, shock, Daemon, or force weapons cannot be destroyed in this way. Note that this does not apply if the target dodged.   When Black Industries began writing Dark Heresy, they took many ideas from Inquisitor, sometimes copying traits and talents to the letter of their name. And when FFG took over the shop, they based their games on DH1, and so the tradition continues.   A neat little spark of consistency in a sea of contradictions and differences.   Inquisitor is pretty much Dark Heresy v0.5, and to this day I keep pulling ideas and references out of its freely available resources (rulebook, sourcebook, archived website). Though it had a ton of flaws, in some few aspects one might argue it was actually better than DH, chiefly in the lack of excessive Toughness Bonus soak or a smaller power/balancing gap between Human and Astartes characters.   #40khistorylessons
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to MorbidDon in Free Map - from old White Dwarf (Last Stand)   
    Hey Gamers!
    So I found an old Map of "Last Stand" intended for I believe Space Hulk...
    I set my grid at 45 x 45 pixels a box - thought this can be expanded for Astartes types to 90 x 90
    Map Link HERE (Full Sized)
    Grid (45 pixels below)

    Enjoy All!
    Stay GAMING
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to MorbidDon in Typeable Rogue Trader (Character, Ship, & XP) PDF Sheets HERE   
    The Emperor Protects!

    I recently began running a Rogue Trader game with some friends and wanted to improve the sheets I found available online - thus the end result below...

    If you find an error just contact me and I'll fix it and repost

    Stay Gaming - www.WurkHaus.com

    • Typeable Player Character Record Sheet Updated to PDF (12/22/14)

    • Typeable Void Ship Record Sheet

    • Typeable XP Character Improvement Sheet
    • Typeable Crew Roster Sheet Updated to PDF (11/7/14)
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to TomDeal in Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet App   
    Hi everyone,
    I am Thomas, co-founder of DIZELABS and responsible for the “Dark Heresy First Edition: Digital Character Sheet” app (or DCSDH1 in short).
    In this thread, I would like to give you an idea of the app, which has been developed in collaboration with Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games. I’d also be glad to answer all questions and help solving any problems or issues here.
    Now, what exactly is this “Dark Heresy First Edition: Digital Character Sheet” app?
    “Dark Heresy First Edition: Digital Character Sheet” (DCSDH1) represents our vision for a character sheet that is accessible via digital devices like tablets and mobile devices and which provides players the opportunity to fully concentrate on the role-playing game without distraction. The app offers numerous advantages over the traditional paper-based character sheet such as a character generator, databases including all relevant equipment, a multiplayer option and much more.
    Why do I need this app?
    The DCSDH1-app enables you to concentrate on playing instead of tracking and changing stats. With the help of our app you can create a full-fledged character according to your own preference in only a few minutes. You can keep track of all of your acolyte’s stats and insert temporary effects in a simple and convenient manner. If your acolyte is gifted with psychic powers, the app offers an effective way of managing your abilities. If you like, you can use the digital dice for carrying out all dice rolls as indicated by the Core Rulebook. In addition, being the official app, DCSDH1 provides an extensive database: the game-relevant data for all weapons, gear, armor, ammo, skills, talents, psychic powers, character paths and much more is directly available in the app, fully searchable and easily adopted for your character.
    If you play together with other app-users, you can just start a multiplayer session in which you can view dice rolls of other players as well as their character sheets conveniently in your own tablet or mobile device.
    And if you like it old school, the app also offers a printable version of your character sheet in the official character sheet layout.
    You can find a list of all features further below in this post. A more in-depth description of all features is also available on our home page at www.dizelabs.com.
    OK, I’m convinced – where exactly can I get the “Dark Heresy First Edition: Digital Character Sheet”-app?
    DCSDH1 is available for Android- and iOS-based tablets and mobile devices in the respective app stores at the price of 4.99€ (or your regional equivalent). We continue developing our existing Digital Character Sheet apps and publish all updates including new features free of charge.
    Sooo…what about the supplements?
    The DCSDH1-app comes with a database corresponding to the Core Rulebook. We will publish supplements via In-App Purchase at a price of 1.99€ (or your regional equivalent) on a monthly basis. These add new characters, newly available items from the respective book as well as character paths to the app.
    DIZELABS…who are you again?
    We are a small developing company from Germany and have published our first Digital Character Sheet for Dark Heresy Second Edition in May 2015. Here you can find the corresponding thread in the FFG-forum: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/176143-dark-heresy-digital-character-app-now-available/
    List of features:
    - comprehensive character generation analogous to the procedure illustrated in the Source Book
    - Supplement DLCs will be released every month
    - automated calculation of all skills including advancements and temporary effects
    - a digital dice roll system including threshold calculation
    - multiplayer
    - inventory system for all of the Acolyte's gear
    - searchable database for talents, psychic powers, weapons, gear, armour and ammo
    - all databases include the core rulebook and supplements
    - unlimited character slots for Dark Heresy Acolytes
    - character cloud and file backup
    - combat actions
    - personal initiative tracker
    - path planning for your characters advancements
    - Ongoing development with new content updates!
    If you have any questions, suggestions or issues with our apps, you can always contact me in this forum or via our support at support@dizelabs.com.
    Have a nice day!
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to TomDeal in Dark Heresy Digital Character App now available   
    Hello everyone,
    first of all, I want to deeply apologize for being inactive for the last months here in this forum. We had some issues which had to be sorted out before we could continue to work on our apps. We have maintained the support during this time, but unfortunately I could not be active in the community. But these issues are sorted out now and everything is back on track :-)
    And now it is time for the major announcement: The Dark Heresy 1st Edition is done and currently in review at apple, which means it should be in store soon (also for android devices)! We are really proud of the app and I hope you’ll love it, too. I will create a new thread in the DH1 forum for the app to keep both apps a bit separated. I’m also going to write a big blog post with screenshots tomorrow about the app, its features and much more.
    But we have not forgotten the 2nd Edition app! On the contrary, we are currently adding the Enemies without supplement and some other cool features, especially better performance on all devices. For the next content update, we need your help: If you have characters where the pdf export feature fails, please send us the .dhdcs file of the character (to support@dizelabs.com). We want to improve the pdf export feature to be more robust and handle errors in the character files better.
    Also, the next content update will include an in-app support feature. If you encounter an error with your character, you will be able to send us the character with a description of the error directly through the app.
    Additionally, the new update will include the possibility to share characters across multiple devices.
    One question: Did anyone of you had trouble with the amount of internet usage of the app? We have a mysterious support case at the moment we just can’t figure out how this happened, but apparently the app was causing over 3gb of internet traffic on an android device. We never had that problem before and also haven’t had one of you reporting this behaviour, but if you have experienced this, please send us a message or reply here, so we can find the bug causing it.
    Tomorrow I’m going through this thread and reply to every question I missed in the last months as well as update the blog and our website :-)
    Thanks and have a nice day!
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to TomDeal in Dark Heresy Digital Character App now available   
    Hey everyone!
    sorry for being a bit quiet at the moment. We had two very stressful weeks working on multiple things at once and having to deal with some other stuff, but now we are getting back to a normal level of stressful work again ;-) To keep you up to date, I've created a new weekly developer diary which you can find on our blog (http://blog.dizelabs.com).
    Three things from the diary I want to mention here too:
    1. Milestone!
    We sold the 1000th app last week! Thank you for your great support :-)
    2. Enemies Without
    The new supplement will be added to the DH2 app as soon as we finish the first release of the Dark Heresy 1st edition app.
    3. Bug reports and problems
    If you encounter a bug or having a problem with the app, please don't post the problem as an app review on the store page. It is quite impossible for us to answer these messages, because we only have 350 characters and cannot send you a direct message. The best ways for getting help from our support team is to send a mail to support@dizelabs.com or use this thread :-)
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to TomDeal in Dark Heresy Digital Character App now available   
    DH1 may have been replaced by DH2, but a lot of people still play DH1. In addition, DH2 is currently only available in english while the DH1 books are also available in other languages. Another reason is we have to get used to the ruleset of each system before we can start working on an app, at least the basics.
    There will be more apps for other systems in the future, but for now, doing DH2 and DH1 was a good starting point.
    I'm really sorry, we tried to get the enemies without update out earlier, but it did not work out. Technically, the app should work with enemies without, but it will be easier to use once all the database and character creation additions are in the app :-)
    The PDFs should be in the same folder as the character backup files. After generating the PDF, open your iTunes. Navigate to your device, click on "Apps" and scroll down to file sharing. Click on the DHDCS icon and you should see the pdf files. If not, please send us the character file (which should also be located there), so we can figure out why it does not work.
    The 1.3.1 (and 1.3.2 if I remember correctly) versions are smaller releases, which are distributed through the app's internal update system. If you connect your device to the internet and open the app, it will download the update and apply it.
    There is also a version number difference between the Android and the iOS version. Both apps are identical though, we just had trouble with the Android upload at one point, so we had to change the version number :-)
    That's strange. We will try to get a S3 and test it. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of different Android devices, and we cannot test our apps on all of them, but we will investigate that issue. If this error is memory related, it might get better with the next update, which uses a new page rendering algorithm improving the UI reaction times and also uses less battery.
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to TomDeal in Dark Heresy Digital Character App now available   
    Hey Everyone! Today we launched the 1st Edition version of the Dark Heresy: Digital Character Sheet. I've created a separate thread in the DH1 forum for everything about that app: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/202001-dark-heresy-digital-character-sheet-app/
    I've also got some good news for the DH2 App. We finished porting the "old" DH2 app system to the new one we've built for the DH1 app. This means the app will run faster, use less energy and it will be easier for us to extend its feature set in the future. Also, we've started to implement both supplements (Enemy Without and Enemy Beyond). They will be released very soon, along with some other new features.
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Radwraith in What Would You Like to See Reworked?   
    While this is an interesting idea I prefer the grainier approach! If the player assassin spends the time and effort to get to a perfect shooting position and take Aim on the HVT, I wouldn't want to treat that the same as "You flank him you have advantage." (Which is essentially how 5E works!) If the player wants to play the "One shot one kill" guy, that's certainly possible in the character development. Why would you nerf that?
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Robin Graves in 40k Moonbase Ideas?   
    I'd say Eldar since their entire race is psychic. Maybe its some type of wraithbone comunication device hooked to a mini infinity circuit (you know the thing the eldar use as operating system/power source/soul storage. And the halucinations are actually the toughts of dead eldar being broadcast straight into their brain. But since its all alien mind stuff and mythological symbolism they have no clue what's going on, and you can literally have anything "happen" to them. Some examples:
    Soul of an eldar aspect warrior > The avatar> halucinations of bloody handprints or blood streaming from your fists, feelings of uncontrollable anger.
    Soul of an eldar child who wanted to become a harlequin* >  Visions of a masked child, uncontrollable fits of laughter, watching your face turn into a blank mask when you look in the mirror.
    Eldar Autarch who lost fis life fighting against the forces of Nurgle: Halucinations of slime dripping from the walls or you hear the drone of millions of flies. (This should come in handy for the Hydrophonic-garden-Nurgle-fakeout. )
    * you can't have actual harlequin souls in a infinity cirquit.
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Gregorius21778 in 40k Moonbase Ideas?   
    Sticking with the Yu´vath isn´t a bad choice. They make for nice, creepy, cthullu-style "enemies".
    So, I have to say , I am not keen about the RT & Reactor thing you mentioned. No matter how influential an RT is, I never got it why that should mean that acolythes on a mission should be inclined to do him or her favours. Sure, they have a ship, but so does the Imperial Navy, and they don´t need to be pampered to heed the call. Or, a lot less then an RT.

    That being said, how about turning this into a "Nega-Dungeon" or "Negative Dungeon"? A place where everything around them urges them to investigate more, but the more they delve into the matter, the more horrible things happen. Note that in this scenario, NOTHING should hinder them from simply getting back to the shuttle and leave. I found that, conversely, the perceived freedom of being able to turn round and leave at any given point actually binds the players stronger then any plot-shackles could bind the player characters.

    With your style of plot and structure, the upper levels would be kinda horrible, but just "unnerving". The hints that are there and are pointing down into the forma mine structures are a different matter. Down in the mines, things get more twisted, hallocinations get worse (the effect of the alien artifacts further below), and some clues point more and more to the nature of the things further below. Then, there is this "below" with the actual alien atrifacts present. Here, the mind starts to warp. and the players are up for insanity and will need to turn at some point or lose their mind. To bad that, from this point on, what they steer up there does steer up the corpses they have seen in the "mine level"..and it does not matter if they were hacked to pieces or not.
    If you would still like your self-destruct device, how about a DIFFERENT Inquisitor having sealed the lowelst levels (or , his acolytes). How will the PC react if their Inq just told them "find out, leave no stone unturned" and are faced with the sigils of an all different Inquisitor telling them "do not cross"? It is not like they could fly back and ask for more detailed instruction..well, they can, but the story ends there
    If this works out as I hope it would, you will have players on your table asking out loud "bedamned..what have WE done!", which is far better then them being gruntled about "what did this plot made us do"

    EDIT: Correct some of my messy gramma
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    Nihilius Quint got a reaction from Robin Graves in 40k Moonbase Ideas?   
    Oh wow! Thanks for the input guys! I had begun compiling a list of location to include, but I think now it just doubled in size. I really like the idea of the gothic hydroponics garden to through the PCs off the trail (suspecting Nurgle) for a while. That is a definite addition. In all honesty, I will probably include just about everything you guys mentioned. I'm thinking of having the surface layer of the base be built into craters as Gregorius mentioned, and then including deeper levels that were mined out of the moon. Perhaps the original function of the base was a mining outpost, and then the tunnels constructed for that purpose were repurposed for other uses. I was actually planning on physically mapping out the entire base and then giving the PCs unmarked copies of the map to fill in themselves as they went through. (If I get the maps done anytime soon I'll try to post them in some way.)  Overall, I was aiming at part exploration/part scifi horror for the theme of this investigation.
    So here is the plot as it currently stands. (Feel free to point out plot holes or suggestions as well!) The PCs Inquisitor receives a memo that had been sent over 200 years previously to his predecessor, which includes a request for assistance in a suitably cryptic manner to get my players interested. Basically, the overseer of the base suspects some foul heresy at play. Cue PCs traveling to the base.
    Now here is the important part:  A Rogue Trader was responsible for the initial construction and operation of the base, with the intent of utilizing it for some greater profit scheme. Inadvertently, the moon upon which the base was constructed was the sight of some ancient alien ruins and artifacts deep beneath the surface. These alien ruins/artifacts had a mysterious effect on the mind, driving those who manned the base insane, unbeknownst to anyone.
    This is actually where I have yet to nail down the details. I've considered using the Yu'vath (I think their tech tends to do that, right?), but I might make up my own species, unless you guys happen to know of another race of aliens active in the Askellon sector that might have a similar effect? 
    Continuing on, the Rogue Trader quickly became aware of the insanity rampant within the moon base, but decided to do little to nothing about it (it would cut into his profit margin too much. Besides, people are the cheapest resource in 40k). Operations continued for some time, until some of the laborers started doing strange rituals and such. This was when the memo was sent. Unfortunately for those left on the base, shortly there after mass insanity spread through the bases population, which resulted in the death of everyone on the base (life support was turned off, bulkheads sealed leading to starvation, crew stabbing each other etc.) 
    Flash to current timeline. A descendant of the Rogue Trader who founded to base hears of the request around the same time as the PC's Inquisitor, and being a contact of the Inquisitor, also hears of the PC's mission to investigate. He does a bit of research on his own (well, his seneschal does) in the family archives, and realizes something serious went down on the base. He then sends a message to the PC's, to "retrieve a critical piece of the bases reactor, that is quite valuable" (the STC template was probably lost for it or something), which he would pay highly for. Unknown to the players, the removal of this piece would cause the reactor to go critical, and explode, wiping the base, the PCs, and all incriminating evidence off the map in one fell swoop.
    I'm planning on leaving clues all over the base that mention the Rogue Trader family's name to clue in the players a bit, in addition to having several pieces of evidence (books/memos/something) that state concern about that piece of the reactor and the consequences of its removal. Nearly every member of my party has the mechanicus background, and so they should be able to piece together the consequences of the Rogue Trader's request.
    Furthermore, I'm planning on secretly rolling willpower checks for the PCs as they descend deeper into the base, and upon failure I will describe various hallucinations as if they were real, but only to one of the PCs at a time. Overall, my desire is for the PCs to discover the alien ruins, or at least signs of them, and then deal with them any way they see fit.  What do you guys think? Would this work? What should the alien race be?  
    Thanks again for all the input! 
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Robin Graves in 40k Moonbase Ideas?   
    A small elevator leads down deep underground to a massive vault door. Behind it is a cavern easily twice the size of the base that sits on top. It is completly empty (as far as you can see) Except in the middle stand stand 50 rectagonal shapes. As you come closer you see these are boxes. Each is labeled with "Experimental Earth."
    One box has a yellowed vellum parchment attached to it. It's barley readable. On it you can make out the following: "Ships log -EMETER. 50 -xes of expe- -arth. Des-ation: Cair- abbey, London Eng-"
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Gregorius21778 in 40k Moonbase Ideas?   
    No operation like this will come without a Med Bay, and I consider a medical servo skull or servitor to be a must have. This will not be a replacement for a real 40k medic, but still one would like to have one at hand, just in case that the medic needs help with surgery or if it is the MEDIC that had an accident. Plus, players tend to be get very cautious when they enter a Med Bay with a Servitor during the search of a station... they will always expect it to attack.
    Personally, I like having Zero G Shafts for movement. In 40K, gravity is artificially generated by some tech-magical plates the floor is made of. If you just leave them out in ONE shaft, that shaft will be Zero G (or whatever gravitiy the moon actually is). If your group isn´t having a voidborn, and nowbody passes an easy(+30) Intelligence test, you can have some fun with the first one stepping in, proppeling himself up unexpectedly and bumping his head. Don´t dish out serious harm, so, that would be to much.
    Talking gravity and living in space for a long period of time, you should have a gym in the station. If you life on limited space for a prolonged period of time, you NEED some possbility to exercise, not only for your physical well being but for your mental health as well. Lack of physical activity is known to make you more likely to grow depressiv, and being on a space station can be oh so very depressive. Being on one found in the 40K universe is not helpful here, either.

    That being said, you should have a chapel, just for it being 40k to emphasize the role of religion in this setting (the f***ing society is founded on it). Having some smaller shrines in the personal quarter of the crew isn´t bad, either. Make sure to place at least one flail at one of such personal shrines... there is always somebody who feels the need to attone for something the harsh way. ...erm, the right and proper way!

    A wall of memory is a nice touch as well, where the name of everybody who ever served here is engraved. A room with a view is good for mental health, too. If that view is an artifical landscape where people can linger and relax off-shift or if it is the literal view of the stars above is up to you.
    Talking overall structure, how about having the moon being heavily cratered, with "domes" build in all the craters? This gives you a "hall by hall" approached, linked with narrow, tube like corridors. It makes sense to use what was already dug by astoroids ages ago, as it sparse you a look of heavy digging into solid stones. Well, if the craters are lager enough, deep enough and within reasonable reach of another.
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Robin Graves in 40k Moonbase Ideas?   
    Good point about the gardens. I can see them looking more like a gothic greenhouse (as in "The Haunting") than more scientific hydrophonic gardens. (It's 40k after all.)
    I'll add a Recyling plant/waste reclamation facility if only because nothing sais "grimdark" than drinking your own urine for decades.* Oh and maybe a trash compactor to recreate the Dianoga scene from Star Wars.
    A graveyard! Now hear me out: The way the imperium rolls (skulls everywhere in architecture?) is that the crews of the stations are probably there for quite a long time. (if not generations) So the valiant crew have the right to buried properly in small mausoleums on the lunar surface. Yes underground catacombs are an option to and make more sense but...
    Imagine a graveyard-crater full of ornate tombstones glinting in the harsh light of distant stars, casting stark and deep shadows. Then a small asteroid comes crashing down, smashing the mausoleums and scattering fragments of stone and mangled corpses all over the place, slowly raining down in low G. - Man I love 40k!
    @ Nihilius: Oh yeah I also wanna hear about your plot.
    * That and an eternity of war in a galaxy devoid of hope )
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    Nihilius Quint reacted to Gregorius21778 in 40k Moonbase Ideas?   
    Thumbs up for "dug in" solution. Radiation should be considere a problem, just to add SOME "hard" scifi into this unreal 40k universe
    I would vote for hydroponic gardens and perhaps an arboreum. Those things provide food AND air, and are thereby very good to have. Plus, a dead space garden makes for a good setting piece to bring about a feeling of death long before the first corpse is seen. An untended garden, with lots of fungus of different kind, is a good red hering in 40k (the characters will think NURGLE immediately). Oh, there is a VERY old scifi horror movie about some fungus infection of the nasty, intelligent kind running rampart on a deep space station [Mutiny in outer space / 1965]

    There should be large water vaults as well as giant underground air tanks. A base on an airless moon would be screwed without them, as soon as the first supply vessel comes later then scheduled. Really, go all the way with that in regard to "40K huge", but make sure there are dozens of smaller units separate from another instead of just one huge unit: this makes sure that, if one vault/tank is broken or "infected", not all of the water/air is lost. Series of emptied, linked vaults/tanks make for nice set of room to hunt characters through as well.

    With the outside being below zero, water could be kept as artifical icebergs instead of keeping it liquid, so. The turndown is, if you don´t have means to get it in and perhaps speed up the melting by heating it, you are screwed as well.

    For energy, there could be large fields of solar panels, either as stand alone or as additional source to whatever kind of reactor you happen to have included.
    And yes, it would be nice to hear of your plot

    EDIT: Corrected some of my gramma. Sorry for such, folks, I type in a hurry during my lunch break, with sometimes horrible results
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