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  1. Wow. Thanks for all the feedback. The idea of the truly massive ships (like the universe) hanging in orbit of months at a time is actually quite compelling, I must say. It would really make space elevators incredibly useful. It would seem like Mars had the right idea... Like this. I've got a follow-up question. Does anyone know if there's some home brew stats for any of the Valkyrie variants floating around anywhere? Or at the very least, what do you guys think the availability would be for a Sky-talon? My players haven't had much use for any specific vehicle stats combat-wise, so I can probably hand waive that, but purchasing one or two is a different matter. Thanks again!
  2. Just recently in a game I'm running I encountered a bit of a problem. My player had recently acquired two Rhino APCs to drive around in as they explore a new planet, which prompted one of them to ask how you actually get a rhino down to the surface of the planet? And so there's the question: how do you transport any of the larger vehicles from a ship down to a planet? Can they fit in an Arvus light? A Halo Barge? Furthermore, for the atmospheric crafts that can't reach orbit, like the Chicopteran scout, how would you get those down to the surface as well? Thanks, Nihilius Quint
  3. Oh wow! Thanks for the input guys! I had begun compiling a list of location to include, but I think now it just doubled in size. I really like the idea of the gothic hydroponics garden to through the PCs off the trail (suspecting Nurgle) for a while. That is a definite addition. In all honesty, I will probably include just about everything you guys mentioned. I'm thinking of having the surface layer of the base be built into craters as Gregorius mentioned, and then including deeper levels that were mined out of the moon. Perhaps the original function of the base was a mining outpost, and then the tunnels constructed for that purpose were repurposed for other uses. I was actually planning on physically mapping out the entire base and then giving the PCs unmarked copies of the map to fill in themselves as they went through. (If I get the maps done anytime soon I'll try to post them in some way.) Overall, I was aiming at part exploration/part scifi horror for the theme of this investigation. So here is the plot as it currently stands. (Feel free to point out plot holes or suggestions as well!) The PCs Inquisitor receives a memo that had been sent over 200 years previously to his predecessor, which includes a request for assistance in a suitably cryptic manner to get my players interested. Basically, the overseer of the base suspects some foul heresy at play. Cue PCs traveling to the base. Now here is the important part: A Rogue Trader was responsible for the initial construction and operation of the base, with the intent of utilizing it for some greater profit scheme. Inadvertently, the moon upon which the base was constructed was the sight of some ancient alien ruins and artifacts deep beneath the surface. These alien ruins/artifacts had a mysterious effect on the mind, driving those who manned the base insane, unbeknownst to anyone. This is actually where I have yet to nail down the details. I've considered using the Yu'vath (I think their tech tends to do that, right?), but I might make up my own species, unless you guys happen to know of another race of aliens active in the Askellon sector that might have a similar effect? Continuing on, the Rogue Trader quickly became aware of the insanity rampant within the moon base, but decided to do little to nothing about it (it would cut into his profit margin too much. Besides, people are the cheapest resource in 40k). Operations continued for some time, until some of the laborers started doing strange rituals and such. This was when the memo was sent. Unfortunately for those left on the base, shortly there after mass insanity spread through the bases population, which resulted in the death of everyone on the base (life support was turned off, bulkheads sealed leading to starvation, crew stabbing each other etc.) Flash to current timeline. A descendant of the Rogue Trader who founded to base hears of the request around the same time as the PC's Inquisitor, and being a contact of the Inquisitor, also hears of the PC's mission to investigate. He does a bit of research on his own (well, his seneschal does) in the family archives, and realizes something serious went down on the base. He then sends a message to the PC's, to "retrieve a critical piece of the bases reactor, that is quite valuable" (the STC template was probably lost for it or something), which he would pay highly for. Unknown to the players, the removal of this piece would cause the reactor to go critical, and explode, wiping the base, the PCs, and all incriminating evidence off the map in one fell swoop. I'm planning on leaving clues all over the base that mention the Rogue Trader family's name to clue in the players a bit, in addition to having several pieces of evidence (books/memos/something) that state concern about that piece of the reactor and the consequences of its removal. Nearly every member of my party has the mechanicus background, and so they should be able to piece together the consequences of the Rogue Trader's request. Furthermore, I'm planning on secretly rolling willpower checks for the PCs as they descend deeper into the base, and upon failure I will describe various hallucinations as if they were real, but only to one of the PCs at a time. Overall, my desire is for the PCs to discover the alien ruins, or at least signs of them, and then deal with them any way they see fit. What do you guys think? Would this work? What should the alien race be? Thanks again for all the input!
  4. Long story short, I am currently writing an adventure for my dark heresy group in which the PCs get sent to an exploratory/research moonbase that sent out a request for assistance some 200 years ago. (The message was delayed by Administratum Bureaucracy the whole time). Basically, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for cool/thematic/interesting locations/structures/etc. that would be in a moon base in 40k. Any input is appreciated. Thanks. (If anyone is interested in the plot, I can post some of that too.)
  5. I've been following the AGP for some time now, and I have to say, it is really great stuff. Thanks Shoggy!
  6. I've always interpreted it as Chief Astropath Xiao and his choir as being the only (or at least one of a very, very few) who have the psychic power to send messages in between Sectors. I remember reading something in one of the books (Disciples of the Dark Gods, maybe?) concerning just that. In Rogue Trader I know that a majority of Imperial Battleships have astropaths on board who can communicate over vast distances with each other. It is no stretch of the imagination to assume that Imperial worlds would have some sort of choir on each and every one of them then. Seeing as the distances in between world in the Calixis Sector, and the distances concerned if someone was trying to send a message to a different sector entirely are vastly different, it has always been easy for me to assume that inter-sector communication requires the psychic power of the chief astropathic choir on Scintilla. As a bonus, this also makes the whole info monopoly that Xiao has a lot less absurd. Sending a message to another sector would not be something that happens often (I've always thought it would generally only take place if a hive fleet parked in orbit above Scintilla, or the like), so Xiao could feasibly go over all of them before giving the okay.
  7. Here's a list of a very large number of Imperial Thoughts of the Day that might come in handy as well. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxJBp0uyuQ-XR0VlQXFRSXlQcDQ/edit?usp=sharing
  8. http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Ecclesiarchy_Quotes#.UzNiBfldXPw This might help. The Lexicanum has all sorts of quotes that I've found to be quite helpful. I also have a copy of the Imperial Handbook lying around somewhere, and so if I ever manage to find it I'll type up a couple more of those quotes.
  9. I recently encountered a dilemma, specifically the Skitarii Vanaheim-Pattern Assault Shotgun from the Lathe Worlds book. It lists scatter in its special rules, and can also fire on full auto. How do I resolve the number of hits at point blank range? It seems to me that the scatter rule represents the single round doing more damage at close range, and so how would I balance that with multiple hits from a full-auto attack? Would each hit from full auto have a chance at extra damage in some way, or is it just adding the hits from scatter and full-auto together more abstractly? Any input would be appreciated.
  10. This is great! Thank you for posting the random item list especially. As a GM I'm always having problems with that aspect, especially since my group got started on D&D, and so loot the heck out of everything. Now I'll actually be able to tell them what the NPCs have.
  11. Cogniczar, I really like the idea that he is ex-military from Inquisitor's Retinue. It sparked a whole new line of thought. What do you think of this as a possible back-story? The ex-military psycho (who I might name Aureolus Vale) was serving under an Inquisitor of fair power, who was even more clandestine and secret than most (I'm actually considering having the Inquisitor part of Ordo Necros, since I've always wanted to include them in a campaign). During his service under the Inquisitor, he was exposed to even more horrors of the universe, and was twisted by them into madness, possibly even by one of the chaos forces (I'm thinking the Menagerie). His Inquisitor went missing, either due to an even deeper threat/mystery (future plot hook?), and Aureolus went rogue, endeavoring to create the perfect soldier. Utilizing the many contacts and sources that he established during his service, he was able to disappear completely into the middlehive and establish his base of operations. On a side note, the fact that he was working for another Inquisitor, especially one of an extra secret Ordo or the like, means that the acolytes wouldn't be able to find out his history until very close to the final encounter, or even after. This is significant, because I want him to actually be a seemingly minor character in the opening of events. The opening of the adventure would a test subject who has been discovered. Aureolus has modified of of his most recent subjects fairly successfully, and wanted to test it in a more real world situation, so he pumped the subject full of some psychoactive rage drug of sorts (Is Ghostfire from Iocanthos such a substance?) and let him loose in a housing block. The test subject stormed through the hab block and killed a few citizens, when he was brought down by Aureolus, who was posing as a particularly paranoid individual who simply had a gun near by. While at first Aureolus was simply going to clean up the body and return to the lab, the local enforcers showed up before they were supposed to (maybe someone didn't get bribed enough or something) and he wasn't able to clear out. His false ID and whatever show him to be ex-military, maybe due to an Administratum Error like Visitor Q mentioned (I love that aspect of the Administratum), and so the players don't think much of it. However, after following a series of clues, the players stumble upon his lab, only to discover the seemingly innocent minor character from the beginning as the evil mastermind. Thoughts?
  12. I'm currently designing an investigation-based adventure for my group, and I encountered a lore question. I designed a series of clues pertaining to bio experiments in the underhive/lower middlehive of Hive Sibellus. One of the players in my group knows a fair amount of lore, and so would probably guess that bio-experiments and such tech heresy might suggest at the Logicians, and so I decided to purposefully make the Logicians into a red herring. To do so, I came up with the idea of an ex-military psycho who wants to create the perfect super-soldier, and then mass produce them (think Cosco Space Marines, to a certain degree). He has managed to collect enough material to start performing his experiments (I have yet to decide how he might had done that, whether abducting scientists, buying them out with money from somewhere, or corrupting them slowly). The major problem I have currently, and the lore question, is how would someone actually leave the Imperial Guard? It seems that, according to the MO of the 40k universe, if you get drafted, you're in for life (however short that may be). What kind of position could he have obtained so that he was able to leave? That aside, a brief bit of information on why I chose the Imp Guard as his career is pertinent. In the various campaigns he participated in, he witnessed thousands upon thousands of lives spent against the horrors of the universe to gain fairly useless goals (such as in the Margin Crusade). He also, of course, heard of the Space Marines and their legendary conquests and victories and such, and maybe even saw one once (a "bright star in the firmaments of battle" and all that jazz). He then grew to hate the Imperium, because it was wasting mens' lives for useless tasks when it had the technology to create super-soldiers and the like, and so he decided to attempt to create his own version (which is, unquestionably, tech-heresy). The twisted nature of his mind has justified the many lives he has wasted in his experiments (all underhivers, so they don't matter, of course) by the idea that it will eventually save thousands, if not millions, more were it to be successful. In addition to the lore question, feedback on the story idea would be great. Thanks.
  13. I'm new to GMing Dark Heresy, though I'm fairly familiar with the universe, and I ran into a question in my current campaign. I know that some technology, especially xeno tech, is heretical and would be very frowned upon by members of the Adeptus Mechanicus. That said, can some of the more common weapons (like a lasgun or chainsword) be made heretical in some way (maybe by the addition of a piece of xeno tech or the like). The question arose because I want my players to face some enemies who have weaponry that I don't want falling into the hands of the players, due to its powerful nature. The players are coming to the end of the current story and have narrowed in on the head of the cult they are investigating. I was thinking of having the boss have a chain axe, but I don't want the guardsman of the party to pick it up after (something I'm sure he would do given the chance). Is there any lore that I could use to explain how he cannot use the chainaxe, because it would be heresy. There is a tech priest in the group who could identify the heretical nature of the weapon if need be. What would that nature be?
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