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  1. agreed, I wish more of us focused on mission based games in casual play.
  2. negative9

    League idea

    Like the idea. I do have to agree with ID X T though. Might be a drag when the best players in the league start to dominate. How about also giving a negative 5 squad points for each card you have. Or each card has a bonus and a handicap. i.e. you may only take one named character, or your list must include the expose upgrade, or you may not use any upgrade or pilot card twice in the same list.
  3. they do just fine with push the limit alone. Autothrusters are just a real boon when facing turrets.
  4. the trick is expose+youngster+howlrunner. but that is dubious as well. we might have to wait for a new card to come out that really makes the youngster shine. also squad leader would be fun, and in the right squad might be effective.
  5. While I don't think it is necessary right now, I think that any game that gets sufficiently large will consider a banned list. Or a restricted list at some point. At some point there are too many cards and ships to realistically play test, and some combos will fall through the cracks and ruin the game if not checked. We have already had one example of this in x-wing. The phantom. And while they did not "ban" the phantom, they did "ban" the way the phantom worked. If it was allowed to remain the same, many ships that came before it would have ceased to be part of the game. If we have one card, or ship that is out of balance, we have seen what the answer is. Change the wording on the card through an errata. But what would happen if there was a combo that was too far out of balance? It remains to be seen how FFG will keep this game fresh and balanced in the future, but as I write, I can't help feeling that the answer will not be a banned list. But will take the form of new things that target the problems in creative ways. Let us not forget that this is a company that has shown us they care about the health and balance of the game they create. fly casual.
  6. working on it, but having a hard time with ideas as well. It looks just like a tie, except for the white panels....so if you repaint the panels I feel it looses something. I am thinking about just painting some grey highlights on the body to make it pop a little. The black is a little dark, and it seems to loose all the detail.
  7. I just saw the movie tonight. My buddy wanted to get a group of us together to make it more of an event. So even for some of the hard core fans, we waited a few days. That being said, I came to this forum the last few days, and all posts that might have spoilers in it were marked...and I appreciate that, and hope that we (me included now) keep that up for at least a few weeks. Just in case.
  8. Scyk only modification :overload 1 pts when attacking with a secondary weapon, roll one additional dice. Then roll 1 attack dice. On a hit result discard one secondary weapon. Makes them a little more dangerous, and gives them some interesting roles. Could be a very accurate ion carrier as an example. Or heavy laser monster that would be targeted first. But scum will have a risk reward that would be fun and thematic.
  9. negative9

    Tie advanced x1

    The business reason to include it would be to actually sell the advanced. Without the card there is no reason to make the blister at all because no on will buy it.
  10. also..there is nothing to suggest that discarding r2-d6 would cause you to lose the ept. parallel example is the royal guard title on Fel. If he gets the crit that reduces his pilot skill to 0, he is no longer eligible for the title, and thus the 2nd modification. But there has been no reason thus far to think that it works that way.
  11. yep, the worst wording on a card by far. I don't think anyone has read it and got it right. Just have to refer to the faq.
  12. I have a bit of experience with both scum ships now, and I would say they are both good. The Hound does have a bit of a problem with ships getting behind it though, as I keep it cheap and don't use engine upgrade. To date I am 5 and 0 with the Firespray, and 3 and 0 with the Hound. The Hound is more of a menace in the early game but I know that if it is my last ship I will more than likely loose, and have to play to that real weakness. If I had to say what is the better ship, I am slightly in the Firespray corner.
  13. looks cool..but would be hard to make it feel right. the speed difference between an x-wing and an at-at would be huge. If you did a 1 straight with the at-at, the x would go maybe 15 straight. So you would need a massive board if you wanted to get the feel close. It might work if you make it into sets of 3 game rounds. The air units set dials in all 3 rounds, but ground units only set dials in the 3rd round, but they are able to take actions in all 3. Would be fun to see it on the table though....it does look super cool
  14. if you go the interceptor route, she will beat you pretty bad with the falcon. The interceptors are made for boost/roll outside of the fire arcs so they don't get shot at. The falcon trumps that because it can fire 360. There are ways around the match-up, but require buying other expansions. If you are looking for the most fun, I recommend a second core set, and one more tie. Its is a lot of fun for both players in my opinion. You could even get the new core for more variety. Plus you get more dice(nice to have), and a second damage deck. But in the end I agree with other posts....get what you think is cool. The game is pretty balanced, and its all about the cool anyway. Have fun.
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