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  1. The very concept of initiative in X-wing is self balancing. If you have a skill 1 pilot, he moves first, and shoots lastopposite is true for a high level, moves last, shoots first. Initiative is balanced in that while you have to move first, you also get to shoot first (in the case of tied pilot skills, of course). Having initiative isn't any less or more imbalancing than any other mechanism in any other game that determines tie breakers.
  2. Where do I go to sign up to be a TO for X-Wing?
  3. Cards Text Supercede The Rules.
  4. Hello! I 've called every gaming store in a 40 mile radius of me to no avail. I live in South Broward, specifically Hollywood, FL. and wouldn't mind driving a little to get to a place where I can play and take part in organized play, but if there isn't an official TO in our area or if there is one that isn't very vocal, I'd like to apply to be a TO. How would I go about either locating a nearby community of X-wing pilots, or becoming a TO and trying to reach out to a community of people to play?
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