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  1. Alright, please help me with your abbrevations. Since it's posted in the digital Elder Sign Omens forum, I guess it's not from a diferent game range. IAP = iApp? An App for Apple products? Ilder Aign: Pomens? (free) AO = Arkham Odor? Apple Orders? Android Oncle? Addictive Onions? Man, I really have not the slightest idea! Btw, I can only agree that I'd like to see more digital releases of FFG, since I am enjoying Elder Sign Omens very much. [EDIT] Yaay I figured when I catched your posting in a different thread, AO = Ancient One! However I still have no clue what IAP could be.
  2. Does it work now? I hope you did play the game already in the meantime - I just realized your question is from months ago. I would suggest to keep on trying and cleaning diskspace - at least that what was helped me 2 days ago. Got an "unexpected error" with a number and at next try that I wouldn't have enough diskspace. The game is running fine now and I love it. Btw, I curse this Android 4.1.2, (still no update for my powerful tablet from a very well known manufacturer!) I can't install or move apps to my 64GB expansion card.
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