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  1. I'm actually currently in central MA, but am planning on moving up to Manchester, NH by this Fall/Winter. Since it looks like the Relentless Dragon's in Nashua, that would pretty much be perfect for me. Do you know if this group has an official page for GoT or a way to contact them?
  2. Any tips on how to get a group started in an area that currently doesn't have a meta? I'm brand new to the game and will be jumping on for second edition, but no one in the Southern New Hampshire area seems to play regularly.
  3. I've been wicked busy since last summer, so haven't had the chance to get into this LCG or check back at this forum. I'm really excited for the second edition though and will probably pre-order it. I'll also be getting serious about finding a game shop in the Manchester, NH area to play with a group at.
  4. Hi guys, I'm a huge GoT fan and am looking to get into the LCG. I would love to find players in the Manchester, NH area that could show me the ropes and get a group together at a local game store. Any metas out there nearby? Also, I know there is a group that plays largely in Boston, but I would not be able to make it over there.
  5. I know this is an old thread, but any luck? I myself am looking to get into GoT and am in the Manchester area. Would love to see if a group gets together at Double Midnight or a closer store.
  6. Hello! I'm interested in one or two of your Core sets. How much would you sell them for individually or together?
  7. Does anyone know if this new reprint of the Core Set will contain any changes? Like more copies of each card, such as been done in other expansions?
  8. Thanks for the tips! Yeah, I'm really looking for some quick rush and early control, so I figured that Hastur/MU would be a good pairing. May also look into Shub as well.
  9. Hi everyone! I recently picked up the CoC Core Set as a new player. I already can tell that Hastur is my favorite faction and I was curious what are some good directions to take my deck building. I don't currently have the budget to buy more core sets or major expansions, but I was considering picking ip a couple Asylum Packs. I'm also mostly looking for deck ideas that revolve around either mono-Hastur or a two faction deck that features Hastur and a faster faction for early-game speed. The main strategy I'm focusing on is driving as many of my opponent's creatures insane as possible then destroying or controlling them. Any ideas or must-have cards are welcomed!
  10. Hey everyone! I'm new to CoC and I'm curious if there are any summer tournaments for the game that are held either in the central Mass. or Boston area.
  11. I may potentially be interested in buying a couple from you. Still new to the game, so right now I'm just curious if you atill have them to sell.
  12. Hey everyone, I just picked up the Core Set today and will be delving into this LCG quite soon. Looking forward, what should I consider when considering what kind of decks to build and expansions to buy? Is it recommended to invest in decks that center around particular factions or ones that contain cards belonging to a single cycle of Asylum Packs? I don't have a ton of money to spend, so I'm not terribly interested in buying expansions solely to have all the cards. The only other card game I've played before is Magic The Gathering, and CoC looked like a refreshing departure from buying blind booster packs (I'm also a huge Lovecraft fan).
  13. Do you guys still meet regularly at The Whiz? I just got the Core Set today and would be interested in playing with a group once I've gotten the hang of it.
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