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  1. I play single handed and i remember after many tries not being able to beat this one as written , i play normal level mostly as i do not like to remove encounter cards if i can help it. There is easy mode of course to go to but i think even with extra starting resources it was too hard. My usual way of dealing with harder quests is to look at the trigger cards and see where a single player gets a raw deal - in this case it was the Uruk Chieftain who engages the player with the most orc enemies - which is always you of course, almost every round. I think i found the scenario more fun by only triggering this particular chieftain engagement after the last quest card was revealed. I kind of used him as a final boss figure, and I do not remember this being that easy even when i had made this rule change. I like deck tweaking, but do not like deckbuilding a whole new one specifically to have to beat a scenario really, so i rule adapt to try and compensate for a single person. Sorry it doesn't really answer your request for help on a winning deck.
  2. Quite amazing the amount of work you have put into this , and it does have a lot of useful tools for co-operative play in there - so thank you
  3. Just started the cycle and I have to say i really enjoyed this quest solo, it is a longer one than most and it may be i just had a nicely balanced deck to play against it but i loved the theme of hunting the dragon through various caves and then holding my breath as the allies died one by one when the ice dragon was finally cornered. My latest game i went through my whole 50 card play deck (that never happens) and ended with 1 card left in my hand and a threat of 48, all my allies were killed, but the three heroes surviving (Gandalf, Legolas, Eowyn) finally brought down the drake. It did not help having to spend ages finding the clues and having the dragon fully healed again before i cornered him for the 2nd time, but i was not after a quick game and this was great fun. I do like quests with a story and with the weather and cave hunting this one really has got it for me > http://crusadersgames.co.uk/board-games/lord-of-the-rings-lcg/
  4. The troll is not a 'creature' so he is not affected by radagast staff - we are talking spiders, scorpions and snakes etc here with the keyword title
  5. That is interesting - i also have always played that if a card has 2 effects to choose from but one is something i cannot do due to the board state then i have to pick the other one even though this is more detrimental to me. I must confess i just thought of it that way rather then trying to get beneath the rules - it would give me a break now and again if you can legitimately choose the option that leads to no real effect.
  6. The wizards quest and woodland realm are out now - i have just received wizards quest from a uk retailer
  7. Thank you, as a solo player i will definitely be following your blog and am interested in seeing your solo rule tweaks. I really enjoy your site so thank you... My own take on how i enjoy solo play : I do have two core sets and do not limit myself so i can use two copies of the relevant cards, for example unexpected courage, although it is so rare that i ever get both in play in one game it seems, but it does increases the odds of it appearing. I always use a 50 card support deck. I use all the encounter cards, removing some always feels a little bit of a game limiting option and could lose the real flavour of the quest. I always start with an extra resource, which to me has always been the best balancing item enabling you to get a card or two in play as a single player early on. So i use a semi-easy mode in reality. I am not very knowledgeable on the books, but i would tend to limit thematically to some extent for instance no mounts included on the ships or eagles underground, as these just do not make sense to me. I have dabbled with using rules for ranged and sentinel - mainly : exhaust a ranged character to deal one damage to an enemy in the staging area / sentinel exhaust to add their defense to another defender. However of late i have dropped these rules again and tend not to miss then overly much. Tweak a quest card rule. This is rare but some harder quests are clearly written with only multiplayer in mind, for instance an example is some 'first player' triggers which would unfairly impact a solo game every round whereas there is a clear inference to spread the pain across players. So in some cases i may reduce the trigger to every other round to compensate for the fact that i should have passed the first player token on. I only do this for the most difficult quests and where i see a clear relationship between the trigger and player count. The witch king attack effect in battle of pelennor fields is an example of this. Conversely i have also been known to add an additional encounter trigger such as 'search for an enemy and add to staging', when a quest is too easy with my current deck to make them more difficult. Sometimes this is easier than starting to limit what you can include in your deck and trying to remember which cards were issued with which set. In the end i have no issues about players making the game play out solo in a way that works for them. It is the best solo game i own by far > http://crusadersgames.co.uk/board-games/lord-of-the-rings-lcg/
  8. It is true that getting The Road Darkens is not on the face of it better than getting Sands of Harad which has some decent quests in it and which are playable with a smaller card pool. Of the boxes you have seen Hobbit is probably an obvious place to start but i do find it a frustrating quest box to be honest and prefer the 2nd Hobbit box, so i would choose Harad in preference. However i have been waiting to get a copy of Road Darkens in the UK for well over a year, it has been one of the hardest to get for me and i have enjoyed the saga boxes without playing campaign style. I now have the first 4 saga boxes (once my Road Darkens turns up) but it has taken 2 years to get them given the slow reprints. Some thoughts i put down on all expansion boxes and i only play solo > http://crusadersgames.co.uk/board-games/lord-of-the-rings-lcg-expansions/ Whilst what you have found are some of the harder expansions, you do have some of my favourite quests in there, Rhosgobel and Return to Mirkwood are my two favourite Mirkwood cycle ones, plus Treason of Saruman is a good box i am just about to finish playing through myself. Lost Realms is great and Sands of Harad a little more straightforward. Player card wise Hobbits boxes will build up a dwarven deck, Sands is quite focused on Haradrim so may depend on the theme you like.
  9. There are a number of uk stockings listed , albeit none have very much stock in them. I do not know what happened to the last 2019 re-print run as nothing i was after have ever showed up in the UK despite them coming up as shipped on FFG website etc- i am not sure if they are still coming or if there was never enough stock printed to actually reach the uk - this is especially true of the saga expansions. It is as tough a task hunting down specific older packs as actually beating them in play - slowly getting there, added Old Forest and Stone of Erech this year (albeit the forest was a relatively expensive place to visit in the end !). I would hate to be just starting out, it is slightly less daunting when you already have a lot of packs to narrow down the searches. Wizard's Quest and Woodland Realm look imminent now which is exciting - has been a long wait for those as well !
  10. I agree with the poster about giant spider and dungeon crawl type quests, these always go down well with me. I have a list of my own favourite quests based on the quest not the player cards, and grouped into type on my website > http://crusadersgames.co.uk/board-games/lord-of-the-rings-lcg/ Currently i really enjoy replaying Lost In Mirkwood & Return to Mirkwood, Seventh Level, Redhorn Gate, Treachery of Rhudaur - there are many good ones around though !
  11. What has happened to these items - i put in on pre-order from a UK store so long ago now and still no real details on dates or printing that i can see, unless i have missed the obvious ?
  12. yes - i mostly order from chaos cards or magicmadhouse myself
  13. i will wait - the uk does get its stock if your are patient enough - but it does not last long before its gone
  14. Excellent news about the cycle - i can soon pick off the final two missing packs from this cycle now in the UK (glad i waited and didnt pay silly prices for dread realm) - slowly but surely we will get the missing ones, my precious ...
  15. I play solo one deck, i do of course tweak my deck for a quest but i am not overly keen on having to specifically build a whole deck again to beat a scenario. Heirs of Numenor did not end up as one of my more favoured box sets overall, but it was better than i expected and i only bought it last year. Peril in Pelargir - well, i decided in the end that this is one of my least favourite quests of all time. I just got frustrated trying to win, and every time i felt like i was getting somewhere another nightmare card would undo me. Also the theme was a little boring to me. I can certainly see why this one is considered too hard. Into Ithilien - the easiest one in the box to me, tough yes but i was able to build a deck to cope ok and beat it from time to time. The rangers popping up is one of my favourite mechanics in the game. So an A+ from me as i like this quest a lot. Siege of Cair Andros - came across to me as a similar but harder Battle of Five Armies with Orcs instead of Goblins, which thematically makes sense for it to be harder. I enjoy it, but it is a quest i beat rarely. I generally do not mind losing multiple times if i genuinely feel i do have a chance for it all to come together soon in a great victory. I never got that feeling from Peril but i did for the other two. In the end i judge less by difficulty and more by did i enjoy the story, theme and did i want to keep trying the same quest over again > My box set views.
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