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  1. Crusaderlord

    Just...just (sigh) REPRINT!

    i would be pretty upset if they change the deluxe boxes to a new style - i am a bit OCD about having a matching set of boxes on my shelf. Thankfully i do have all the cycle deluxe boxes released so far as i managed to fill some gaps this year. I do not imagine the plastic packaged ones will change but the saga ones would be a concern. I do think FFG should be more open about their release schedules - this is a collectable game and we should be advised if re-prints are / are not happening or if boxes are changing - it is an integral part of planning what to buy and when.
  2. Crusaderlord

    Low availability of LotR cards??

    Back on topic - i went looking for a couple of packs this week and was soundly surprised by how low the UK stock actually is - i could not find Steward's Fear, Thing in the Depths or Dread Realm anywhere unless i forked out over twice the price and Flight of the Stormcaller was also hard to find, and all my missing saga boxes not available either. It has to be said that with the launch of the digital version i would have expected a print run and stock to be high to pick up the demand from those who try the game and then wanting the physical experience. FFG miss a trick in my book by stocking up so slowly. Not much is even in their latest printing runs either - very sad, and a long wait ahead for me i feel, i made a big mistake holding off buying all in one bulk order two or three months ago !
  3. Crusaderlord

    Low availability of LotR cards??

    Managed to play a lot of Heirs of Numenor box this weekend and came away a little disappointed initially. It seemed to me at least that these quests solo are for more specific player deck designs rather than something you can play around with. Peril in Pelargir i never even got through stage 1 once, let alone complete the quest - this has the most annoying shadow effects ever and was frankly an unenjoyable quest, everything i do not like about a quest design to be honest - it feels like it is just there to frustrate you at every turn. Thankfully into Ithilien was better and i liked the rangers support idea. I did not win this either until a day or two later, but tweaking my deck and getting some ranger help was successful eventually and the theme makes me want to play it. Reading forums suggest tactics decks are the way to go. I am still not a fan where you have to go to very specific decks to be able to survive. Hopefully the cycle will eventually improve my thoughts of this series, but the deluxe box itself is only ranking just above the hobbits at the moment. It may just be my current mindset and hopefully it will grow on me a bit more over time. Lord of the Rings Webpage
  4. Crusaderlord

    Low availability of LotR cards??

    Thanks JonG i enjoyed reading your post. I agree with your assessments as well, my order is very fluid and i change it often when i re-try scenarios, my blog is just some helpful pointers really. Just to elaborate my thoughts a little... i was inspired to re-write the blog page a little too . Mirkwood - is higher from me than expected i think because i really love Mirkwood and spiders as a theme and also i really like Journey along the Anduin - these two quests lift the cycle when included in the assessment and i agree the cycle itself is not the greatest but then i do actually really like playing Rhosgobel, Emyn Muir and Return to Mirkwood. It also gains extra marks as a game newcomer probably needs to go here early on to get cards for future cycles. Dreamchaser - this is my marmite set as i am not particularly interested in the sailing theme, it does not really 'float my boat' hence i have not really bought many of the cycle packs yet. That said i did quite enjoy Voyage of Belegaer as a different experience, and I want to get Flight of the Stormcaller but cannot find it at a reasonable price. Then we have the island explorations which are some of my most favourite quests in the game. This set could easily jump up given time as i have not really explored the sailing ones properly, and on reflection may move above Haradrim in the long run. Heirs of Numenor - is not really ranked yet as i am just about to start playing it - Stewards Fear is on my list but is not in stock in most places. Voice of Isengard - i still do not really take to the deluxe box itself, the quests just lack interest to me although Fords of Isen is ok. I just do not like the time mechanic much, i suppose i do not like being penalised for taking time to build my board. The cycle is better though with Tharbad, Three Trials and Nin-In-Eilph all good ones. I have Belegost which is soooo hard to solo but after i tweaked the rules its one of my favourites. I have just bought Massing at Osgiliath when i finally found one at a reasonable price and will likely play this weekend so we will see. The others, i want Stone of Erech, Fog on Barrow Downs and Old Forest but at minimum £25+ for each pack in the UK it is hard to get them at the moment. I keep looking though for a bargain, and the rest of the stand alone's i may never get and i do not feel overly excited by them - we will have to see. What i do find is that i can go back to some quests and find i like them much more than i thought so nothing is definitive. I do not know if you saw my other individual quest list blog page which has many more thoughts about the quests i like to solo play ... My Favourite LOTR Individual Quests
  5. Crusaderlord

    Low availability of LotR cards??

    Yes there is always something you can get - the problem is when you want specific cycle packs. The good news is that the very fact it keeps selling out suggests the game is still doing really well and hopefully will mean reprints and content keeps coming. The day FFG says that is it now will spark a massive need to buy up anything you are missing - as you may never get the chance again. I have made this mistake with Battlelore 2nd edition and probably will never get some of those expansions now. I am so deep into LOTR LCG now that i probably will have to get everything in the end (i can probably resist all the nightmare packs though). However at the moment i am still selectively buying from cycles where i like the look of a quest. My Lord of the Rings Webpage
  6. Crusaderlord

    Low availability of LotR cards??

    From my UK experience, once they do a cycle reprint and ship it over, you cant wait too long before buying it. I think the long gaps between availability means people are queued up to buy and so stock quickly goes - i myself have bought a few various packs over the last couple of months, and resisted getting Flight of the Stormcaller at the time as there seemed to be a lot around, then went to look this week and its out everywhere. So i would just buy as much as you can afford once a reprint is done as it may be a while before you get the chance again.
  7. Crusaderlord

    The Ghost of Framsburg

    I am always more interested in new quest ideas or themes than the new player cards - and this one really has me excited as it looks like a real undead dungeon crawl. Hopefully it will play well but this cycle is becoming one of the most looked forward to ever for me.
  8. Regrettably i have lost one of my newer large size clamshell packaging containers for a cycle expansion. I used to not keep the cards in them, but for various reasons i have had to change my storage solution and i am it seems one short of the new style packs. If anyone in the UK does not use them or usually chucks them away i would like to obtain one. I am happy to pay postage by paypal and add a £1 or so for your time. I have loads of the smaller size packs spare but you cannot put the new size picture sheet and rules insert into the smaller ones. I know its a long shot and maybe everyone keeps these plastic packs now but i thought i would ask and see. David
  9. Crusaderlord

    The Woodland Realm

    I am really interested in this ... anyone know of UK South East located venues that may host these events ?
  10. Dungeon Crawlers are in the end a varied bunch, and consumers of them equally so. Some like overlord, others do not, some want random room generation and monsters, others want stories and scenarios, some want campaigns and leveling, others want one off quests. Now we add whether we want an app to drive the intelligence or not. There will always be different preferences around. I like Descent 2nd because out of all of them it covers most bases, you can just about get away with most styles of dungeon crawling. It has morphed from being very overlord and competitive into more of a dungeon crawl exploration over time. FFG will probably need to decide where the market is most lucrative, kickstarters may suggest co-op and solo are the way to go at the moment rather than overlord, and as such there is a market for a proper app driven game that evolves and expands and adds new ideas. It may not be for everyone, but i would say it probably has the biggest market potential right now as it is still being explored as a style. If we do see a version 3 i personally expect it to try and offer something other games like Massive Darkness, Sword & Sorcery, Warhammer Quest do not and that may lead it more towards the app. We will see in time ...
  11. Crusaderlord

    Tried to play with real cards...

    This is one game where sleeved cards i feel is quite important. The amount of shuffling and restarting i do, even some of the older and more used sleeves show some wear and occasional scratch marks. I would hate to play this without them and risk heavy wear to the more useful cards.
  12. Crusaderlord

    Tried to play with real cards...

    Crazily i sleeve everything, which worked fine when the old cycle boxes perfectly fitted in the sleeved encounter cards set once you took out the player cards. Now the new plastic ones do not fit them in and i put them all in a spare core box, but i feel slightly let down by this if i am honest. Really i should not bother putting sleeves on every pack given you only play one encounter at a time - i know its a waste but i cant help myself at the moment. I can however get a sleeved deluxe box to work by snipping off a bit of the cardboard insert to lower the height a little. I need to have a stern talk with myself and only sleeve the encounter deck currently in use. I think i will always sleeve all the player cards though.
  13. Crusaderlord

    Tried to play with real cards...

    I do sort mostly ryno style by sphere and then ally / encounter / event - all are in my original core box. I have another core box which holds my encounter cards, tokens etc But then i started to extract theme sets - so whilst the above exists i do have all the dwarf , hobbit and silvan/noldor elf cards (mixed up spheres) in their own blocks. I tend to produce decks by theme so it works better for me. This kind of leaves Gondor, Dunedain, Eagles and Rohan mixed in with all the more generic ones. I am not sure if what i do is better but it makes it easier to think, ah i want a dwarf deck and i can look through all the dwarf specific inter-rated cards. A decent head knowledge of cards really helps, and even then you forget many of them exist. Using ringsdb is very useful to get you started with a deck. Nothing beats using physical cards though for me, that is why i play the game. Up to my early 40's I used to play computer games all the time and now in my early 50's i never do, i prefer board or card games and the interaction i have with components.
  14. Crusaderlord

    Descent speculation

    There is a lot of good stuff coming out for Terrinoth at the moment (Genesys, Runewars, Runebound 3rd, Heroes Card Game coming soon) - it would now seem to make sense than ever to reboot Descent a little further as its flagship to support this. My own feelings are that it does not need to be a full restart but should standardise the hero models to a common scale and even utilise some new Runewars models. Personally i am not sure we will see anything for another year. It would be quite possible though to write a new RTL campaign with a new box expansion to support it with a nice theme from Genesys (jungle or ice ?). I would think that would sell pretty well myself.
  15. So far i have managed to see the nightmare packs as extras - i have not bought every cycle pack yet which may be why i can, but i still have a lot of boxes. I have 9 nightmare packs, the trigger is a combination of really really liking the quest or finding it easier than average and so want to experience it with some tweaks. I play solo one deck and most quests are hard anyway - i do not try to build a perfect deck either. Some nightmare quest are really useful to toughen things up though such as Mirkwood, Redhorn Gate, Mount Gram, Seventh level, Temple of the Deceived. If i had a bigger budget and Kickstarter did not offer alternative games to tempt me, then i may have invested more. I do have a long term goal of owning all the non nightmare content, but even that is also some way off yet. I have now got all the deluxe boxes, but the Numenor cycle packs are missing, the last 2 cycle packs from Lost Realms, 4 from Grey Havens and 4 from Sands. I am still playing catch up really.