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  1. Crusaderlord

    Expansion Guide

    Very helpful guide on expansions thank you - i have just decided to pimp up my core set a bit so finding this thread was timely. My own selection after reading through some forums (note i have not played any this is just my own perceived choices from information gathered) : Cities in Ruin - i have bought this first simply because the theme is so good, cities being destroyed is very engaging and it has two of my favourite investigators Ashcan Pete and Roland Banks. Forsaken Lore - well everyone says get this so i will probably get this next. It makes sense to grow the core set. Now purchased . Dreamlands - one side board will do me for now at least and this was a tricky choice but i feel the general theme of this one fits in best rather than being map location specific. It feels a little different than the others. Back up plan - in case i just cannot stop adding then long term i may probably then go with Strange Remnants or Mountains of Madness - i do like Antarctica as a theme area to visit more than Pyramids. I find half the fun with expansions is deciding which to get. While the print runs continue there is no pressure to buy them quickly which is good news at least.
  2. Crusaderlord

    Warhammer Quest the Card Game returns!

    Great news - i love the original WQ version and even wrote some new quest scenarios for it that proved popular. So i will definately jump in on this one too as i do like Terrinoth and hopefully they may even improve the game a little too. Certainly we can expect more future content or themed sets this time around which will be a real plus. > http://crusadersgames.co.uk/solo-board-games/warhammer-quest-adventure-card-game/
  3. Crusaderlord

    Descent speculation

    I like Runebound 3rd edition a lot 😁 I think a Descent 3rd will come as it is a core product for FFG and they probably know they can improve its miniatures using the Runewars scale and production and also make better use of a new app built up front alongside the game. I would likely get it especially if there was some backwards compatability somewhere.
  4. Crusaderlord

    Understanding Playstyle

    I play solo - one deck . I like adventure stories and building decks with some theme such as dwarf, elf, hobbit rather than going to more clever deck combinations. I don't include obvious anomolies like ents on ships or mounts going deep into spider burrows or cairns. Solo can be hard to do without perfect decks so sometimes i tweak quest triggers especially when the scenario is pushing endless staging area additions - often multiple players can cope better with say a boss trigger adding one extra card per turn to staging, but solo usually gets swamped, so i may add every other turn to reflect my lack of ability to share the staging burden. With experience it is not hard to work out where a designed forced effect is unbalanced for solo play to a high level. I try to end up with quest difficulty level where i do not win most of the time, but i can some of the time. I play for fun, i never score victory points, but tell myself the story of my adventure , hopefully eventually a successful one.
  5. After a week of solo playing this quest, i finally beat it (well kind of - i did not quite include everything forced). I am a solo player with one deck, i largely go for themed decks (dwarf, elven, hobbit) rather than specifically trying to cherry pick cards to win. I am more into the adventure and journey really. I prefer to play standard level. I really like the Spider theme, and this is a brutal search quest with a boss ending, perfect for me. It is however really tough i found, especially in the staging area where forced effects and surges can really mount up. After a lot of plays i came to a conclusion that i needed to balance it a little to make it a closer challenge, so i started playing with removing the forced effect of adding the 'on track' card to the staging area - i still deal 3 cards to look to stay on track, but i discard and do not add one if successful. Likely adding these additional staging cards, alongside surges and travel effects works better with 2+ players when you can manage the staging area a little better between you. Even so it has taken many plays to take down the brood mother, i got to 8 damage on it once before my threat ran to 50 (sooo close). But finally a perfect combination of steward of gondor resources, Gimli with citadel plate and courage, some neat feints and a lot of allies got a success. I do plan to try more, maybe on easy level and with the forced on track effect properly played to see how this works. You may wonder why i just do not do this first, well i do not really like removing encounter cards, so for some quests solo i initially look for areas that multiple players gain a big advantage, and see if there is a way of mitigating this to give the closest i feel i can for a solo test. There is a video out showing this scenario beaten solo, but with a very specific and clever deck and using mounts, i decided i did not want to take mounts underground into a spider burrow, just did not feel right. I wonder if any other solo players review specific quest rules to try and make them slightly fairer v multiplaying (i realise purists may be shocked at the approach). Anyway - this has been one of my favourite quests, and one day i will beat it solo all in i am sure, but it will take a near perfect card draw i suspect - or probably i just need to be cleverer at deck building.
  6. Crusaderlord

    Descent speculation

    Adding to my earlier post I agree with zinolau - i have not bought all the Descent 2nd content, i have the larger boxes and most smaller box expansions and a couple of hero and monster packs and the 3 co-op stories but there is so much more. I have painted about 75% of what i have but i am not done on this either. I do not really need more physical content. BUT Many of us who buy into dungeon crawl style games like to collect, that is inherently part of the fun, to see what is new and coming soon. When a product stops developing then it starts to lose a bit of shine. I am lucky to have a huge Warhammer Quest original collection but i even wanted more of that at the time - i have never played some of it even 25 years plus later. What i think is disappointing is that Descent now works with an app and this means you could add more stories without any new physical content - for many this would actually be enough and continue to encourage purchases. For instance if they built a campaign around the Manor of Ravens it would make me buy this box (it is one i do not own) or what about an undead theme based around Chains that Rust. It should have been much easier to generate new content and keep the game alive now than before. I still think every big and small box expansion should ultimately have an app story to play. Even charging for a new app campaign would be a model they could try. I can believe they are holding off now to eventually develop a new game which is fully driven by the app like Mansions of Madness and built better and more interactive from the ground up. This concept is generally reaping rewards for FFG.
  7. Crusaderlord

    Descent speculation

    At one stage, not that long ago, i was buying loads of FFG products and expansions and the company hogged my game budget - LOTR LCG, Descent, Runebound, Battlelore, Warhammer Quest Card Game, Arkham Horror LCG. Sadly in 2017-18 i am buying close to nothing, the move into Runewars has killed off Battlelore and Runebound additions, Star Wars seems to churn out never ending model lines and Imperial Assault app has meant Descent was dropped. I also sold Arkham Horror LCG as i never really took to the mechanics. So i am left with LOTR LCG as the only live product just now, and i here own arguably more than enough of that already. I would definately buy any new content for Descent 2nd and Runebound 3rd - especially if they added ice themed boards and expansions, that is my dream next expansion. But it is probably all wishful thinking. I suspect there will be nothing in 2018 and maybe just a glimmer of hope for a 2019 or 2020 Descent 3rd edition built around the app. I just have to resign myself that FFG have moved into areas i am not so interested in with Legend of the Rings, Runewars, Arkham Horror, Game of Thrones and endless Star Wars skirmish games.
  8. Crusaderlord

    Co-op quests?

    Links amended - thanks for letting me know
  9. Crusaderlord

    Spiders Lair (solo series)

    A new encounter has been added to this spider adventure making it longer and more risky to complete, you can push you luck if you want to... Spiders Lair - optionally uses natures ire cards (encounter 1) and now has a new encounter 2 added If you like this then do try our my other two adventures : Death Keep - optionally uses forgotten soul cards (encounter 1) and natures ire cards (encounter 2) Fire Caverns - optionally uses dark elements cards
  10. Crusaderlord

    Co-op quests?

    You may like to try out my solo series which were deliberately designed to solo or co-op play and use cards from the co-op expansion as i wanted to make extra use of them myself. The first two adventures went down quite well. The Spiders Lair is now being updated with an encounter two. Death Keep - optionally uses forgotten soul cards (encounter 1) and natures ire cards (encounter 2) Spiders Lair - optionally uses natures ire cards (encounter 1) and now has a new encounter 2 added Fire Caverns - optionally uses dark elements cards
  11. Maybe it is over for new boxes, but I would have liked them to at least test the market for a new Road to Legend story with an accompanying new box expansion. Given it seems the app has breathed new life into older game content sales, it would make some sense to see if the combination works well to lift new sales. If i had a free choice i would like to see an icy theme tile set, storyline with some new frost themed monsters and a couple of new heroes which have an ability or two that fits into the cold weather theme. I feel this at least would be fairly fresh v the older content. Maybe an ice queen enemy and some ice spiders or snow goblins, we have some older monsters that would fit nicely such as wendigos and ice wyrm. It is all a hopeful dream really i suspect ...
  12. Crusaderlord

    Which Big Box Expansion?

    My website is being moved to a new provider. The spider is not that big of a deal other than it is a great giant boss model (available separately) to use within the game and i love spider enemies. However since my post back in 2015 Nerekhall has its own campaign story to play in Road to Legend - so if you plan to play these app co-op games then it would now gain an edge for value. Personally i still prefer the monsters from Labyrinth of Ruin and the hero models are definately better made, but overall Nerekhall now has the better campaigns to play i would say. If you want a set that adds more to the core set and still retains the same theme and tile style then Ruin is best.
  13. Almost hoping that the IA app is so full of red tape that it becomes non-viable, leaving FFG to need to invest more heavily into Descent as the app product of choice with more content and expansions.
  14. Not fully sure about Imperial Assault scale as i do not own it (i have played it and i felt heroes were bigger than the core Descent set at the time but i may not remember it right) - and it is not a game to me competing with newer fantasy dungeon crawls like Sword & Sorcery, Silver Tower or Massive Darkness. Whilst IA uses a similar ruleset to Descent it is never going to feel like a fantasy dungeon crawl whether they do add an app to that or not.
  15. No need for sadness - change is inevitable. We have one huge game in Descent 2nd if you have actually bought all the expansions (i haven't managed to do this anyway). The app has a good amount of content to enjoy, with 3 RTL campaigns and a delve, then you have all the overlord v hero campaign options too plus some good vault scenarios. There is loads of gameplay available. Sure we can want more, but i think the future is being considered at the moment. Clearly they are focused on Runewars, the good news is that it is the same world so largely means it would be daft not to cash in on crossovers somehow - and with a dungeon crawl game, which are peaking in popularity right now. The biggest issue around i think is the scale of the heroes - times have changed since 2012 and dungeon crawl games see bigger scaled heroes in newer games, and FFG itself seem to have changed scale with more recent releases - i think Descent has to adapt to this somehow either with a hero pack or a new game version as it is becoming inconsistent within the game. Notably Runewars heroes are larger scale now and not original Descent scale. The app is a good adaptation of the 2012 rules - but i suspect a market exists for a new fully integrated app based dungeon crawl. Will FFG be the ones to fill it first with a newly written game to maximise the potential ?