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  1. A quick update.. We have moved to Thursdays now. Usually start around 11 AM.
  2. Update: We have been playing weekly now. Anywhere from 3-5 players consistently. Lots of deck diversity. Mostly trial and error method of testing new and different deck strategies/concepts. Come on down and pitch some cards with us!!
  3. This Wednesday, we had 3 players. Back to the usual 5 next week,
  4. I know there are 2 or 3 planning on this Wednesday. One is out for sure with school, but there will some playing. Usually start around 11 AM. As far as GoT goes,. I do know 1 guy that has some of that, but I do not know how much he actually plays. Next time I see him, I will ask.
  5. Sorry, but I do not. We had 5 players today. Pretty good turnout for a weekday.
  6. Yes, a few will playing there on Wednesday from 11 AM until at least 2. I would be available for later as well. Right now we are planning on every other Wednesday.
  7. We have a small group going in the Waterloo/CF area. Where are you at??
  8. It just goes against my grain to have the actual shot cross the line of the firing arc.
  9. Our question is, do the hull zone lines extend infinitely on the targeted ship????
  10. OK. so back to Mak's Disengage.. Can he still perform this if he has already activated this round?? (Meaning has already moved and fired). I was under the impression that once a figure has activated, it was done and unable to move voluntarily. And if so, then could the Imperial Officer's "Command" ability be used on an exhausted Imperial unit??
  11. For me, its situational. If the units already deployed don't have or need an extra officer; I'll deploy one. But if I see great opportunity to bank the threat and set up an all out ambush later; that has worked really well for me. Really, its about your play style in relation to the objective. Sometimes deploying extra forces prevents the Rebel scum from a quick and easy victory. Other times, its better to "lay in the weeds" so to speak, and strike when the enemy makes a mistake. So I would say B or C usually, but there will be times when A is critical to stop the quick win by the wretched filth of the Rebellion.
  12. We play that to be "closest", you must place the first unit ON the deployment square. Then, adjacent until those are full and then 2 spaces and so on.
  13. Just wondering, what mini did you use for the Jyn proxy??
  14. Does that allow a full movement action, or just one space?
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