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  1. # 2 would apply. You get all Aember from healing your or your opponents' creatures.
  2. I hear ya. It's super popular right now. You may have some luck at your FLGS and they can maybe tell you when they'll get more in. Keep an eye on the official Fantasy Flight Games website, Barnes and Noble and maybe someone like Cool Stuff Inc for restocks on the starter. I would not pay the crazy high prices for it. Heck worse case you could photo copy the tokens from the rule book and used those! The game is great and I hope you get to try it out.
  3. It does take 6 aember to forge a key, but we have one side of the key grey (unforged) and the other colored to show it was forged for those tokens. Some people will just use an actual key to represent this. (no need to put the aember on the "keys"). You will also need "stun" counters.
  4. I like the starter, it has everything you need to play. That said you are fine to replace the token set with custom tokens and keys and the game functions just fine. If you can find some decks buy them and give it a whirl. Also the rule book link is below if you'd like to thumb through it and get an idea of the token etc. you may need (see page 2 for details of what the start set token are so you know what to replace). https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/5b/96/5b96d1ce-11ee-43a6-be2a-b3e0a85a84b9/keyforge_rulebook_v7-good.pdf
  5. Thanks for posting the link, I didn't know this existed and have subscribed.
  6. Does anyone else watch Critcamp? There cats are really cool and have been live streaming keyforge. The next episode goes up today in like 45 minutes at 11AM EST / 9AM MST.
  7. I saw a post, on Reddit i think, that listed over 50 unique names tied to houses. My Google-fu has failed and I cannot find the list to link here, but wanted to let you know it's out there on the interwebs somewhere.
  8. Hmm, I could potentially see something like that happening; Keyforge is pretty unique. I heard somewhere (cannot cite a source) that future sets would use the key color for an effect so why not.
  9. In example here are my white decks, I can't see a pattern with houses...
  10. I would love it if the color was an easter egg we have yet to find!
  11. So as we have all noticed there are multiple backing colors for the Archons. Do these mean anything at all or are they just random? I have not been able to find a patten, has the community had any luck in ciphering this?
  12. Below is a direct quote from the reply I got from FFG which suggests that they are indeed aware of the fraud issues we are discussing and are going to be implementing a fix, I can't wait to see what it is. "We are aware of the problem of people scanning and resealing decks and have a few ideas on how to solve the problem. As you said, redesigning the deck boxes is one such idea! I can’t guarantee when you’ll start seeing these changes (given our production schedule) but it’s on our list!" - Andrew Janeba Quality Assurance Coordinator
  13. This is the crux of my complaint with my pre-scanned decks.
  14. This would be prefect, the best of both worlds and has my vote (not that that matters).
  15. You can actually register a deck that was already registered, you just don't get the aember.
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