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  1. Hurrah! I hope I win, this is my first time in an event on Talisman Island, I would also like to congratulate you on your many contributions and efforts way to go!
  2. In the digital edition the priest is allowed to do so.
  3. I disagree, you are still a toad and can still be attacked and such.
  4. Void Event,Adv. A Horrible Void has transpired into the realm! All characters must roll a die: 1.) The Void has killed you. 2.) Discard al your followers, gold, and objects. 3-4.) Safe, no effect. 5-6.) The force of the Void pushes you, you immediately land on the Chasm. The Void then vanishes to the discard pile. Demonic Denizen Enemy,Dun. Strength: 9 A Demonic Denizen is feasting on corpses in this area. It will remain here until killed. Drought Event,Adv. Every character in this region must lose 1 life unless they have a water bottle. This card then goes to the discard pile. Otherworldly Shadow Enemy,Adv. Craft: 13 A character drawing this may choose to evade it. This spirit can't be destroyed by any other mean but psychic combat. If you are defeated in addition to losing a life you must also encounter the Grim Reaper. Character:Spell Slinger Strength:1,Craft:4,Life:4,Fate:2,Start:Graveyard,Alingment:Evil Abilities: When you attack another character, you may choose to make the attack psychic combat. You may not do this when you are attacked by another character. You may have 4 spells as your spell limit rather then 3 spells as long as you have 6 or more craft. You begin the game with 2 spells. You always have 1 spell. If at any point in the game you have less then 1 spell you may immediately take a spell from the spell pile Whenever you draw a spell you may immediately discard that spell and draw another one which you must accept.
  5. If his turn ends i believe he can't exchange trophies that turn.
  6. I think your expansion is great, but is there a less costly alternative to printing them, ink is so expensive!
  7. It's been a year soooo, not sure if creator will respond.
  8. A question: when the card Bribery is drawn is the winner allowed to choose a follower, or is a follower randomly chosen as soon as it is drawn?
  9. I have downloaded the vision, by the way nice job on it as well!
  10. These drop boxes don't work well, they always end up with: Error (404)We can't find the page you're looking for. Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.
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