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  1. I have a fair amount of experience with previous editions of L5R (mostly 1st & 2nd) and own nearly all of the books for the 4th Edition of the game. Also, I'm a big fan of FFG's Star Wars RPG and enjoy the narrative dice a great deal. Looking to start an L5R campaign and find myself torn between FFG's new game (of which I only currently own the starter set) or simply rolling back the timeline and using the 4th Edition ruleset. Would anyone be able to provide some insight into the workings of the new version compared to previous? Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking great! Going with a similar, "Scarif-inspired" look as well.
  3. Wow! So many great images to various games in this thread. Been painting for over 30 years myself and looking forward to diving into the Legion models as soon as I clear off my workbench of current projects.
  4. I would do them in smaller blocks of figures so you can control the spray better. They don't need much.
  5. Spikenog

    Best trick?

    Testors Dullcote. Not only does it make a for a fantastic "last step" (assuming you want a nice matte finish), but this stuff works really well as "clear primer".
  6. Going to be using Genesys for a Weird West game and I am looking to use both Ranged Heavy and Ranged Light...which of the two skill would "bow & arrow" fall. My initial thought would be Ranged Heavy as a bow requires two hands. What thoughts does the community have on this?
  7. The actual plastic is likely the cheapest part of the process. And, good day to you as well!
  8. Don't forget paying for the license, creating the molds, shipping from China to the rest of world, paint operations on the ships, design and development costs, overhead etc.
  9. 11 days after "street date". They shouldn't be legal for NOVA.
  10. This is fantastic news. Now I can sell off every other RPG system I own.
  11. Remember that the golem isn't simply added to the unit but, in fact, replace one full tray of spearmen. Using the upgrade on a unit of spearmen that has 4 trays, leaves you with 3 trays of spearmen and 1 rune golem tray. "To add a heavy figure to a unit, a player removes one of the unit’s trays, and all of the figures on it, and replaces it with a siege tray that has the appropriate figure slotted into it."
  12. Got to the FLGS early and got in a game with a friend who had his set together. Was fun for sure. The game has a lot going for it...missing charges is heartbreaking, shifting and avoiding one is brilliant. Having a unit cavalry run through archers is humbling and then losing those cavalry to the Undead character...whoa. The man is a blender. Game two, (this time with my set), I miss a crucial charge with the cavalry and the blender gets in again taking three out while my golem turns reanimates into a fine powder. Meanwhile the Spearmen are roasting carrion worm before coming face to face with a block of Reanimates. Don't underestimate Kari...she has game. Game three. I hand my core set to friends and ref the game. Again the blender mows down cavalry. Undead archers less of a factor and a big scrum in the center with Spearman and Reanimates knocking heads until the golem finally get to grips...he doesn't stop the spearmen from being removed but does finish of the skelies. Meanwhile Kari solo kills the worm with two rounds of shooting. Runewars is a lot of fun. Looking forward to more...soon.
  13. I must give full credit to Jade McGovern for the list. While I had been flying k-bombers, in some form for three months, adding a third one to the list made it a load of fun. Had a lot of great games vs a lot of great opponents and even got to play Jade in a mirror match during round 6 of Swiss (Jade flew it better but my dice were on fire).
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