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  1. Breakfast is the standard meal of the day, and the one that recipe designers are concerned with, and if we deal with its shortcomings then all non-standard meals will benifit as well. As for fish on the table, I do think that fish need a fix, the lemon wedge was DOA, The problem is Salmon, it's viable in the current meal meta and any fish fix must take salmon into acount to prevent making it OP.
  2. I've been ponering what maple bacon will do the breakfast meta. Is it time for bacon 2.0 or as some call it bacon revised?
  3. WOW, did you just send me on a whirlwind trip down memory lane
  4. Perhaps this is a question you do not really want the answer too.
  5. Are we sure we aren't being trawled to net followers, or to tide us over till the next wave
  6. The practice utilized in the Raider should bother you. I know players who purchased the TIE Advanced expansion and not the Raider. I do not know that any of them feel spurned by FFG, but they are stuck with the poor performing TIE Advanced while people who made a subsequent purchase have access to the fixed TIE Advanced. The current discussion is about whether or not X-Wing is pay-to-win. I think that certain aspects of the game, notably the titles that are made available to fix ships with no in-game cost, are pay-to-win because they provide advantages in exchange for cash. Whether everyone can buy them and whether alternative options are available is a question of magnitude of impact and not the existence of pay-to-win with respect to those ships. Fine, then a new rule. This rule, which was just added through an errata, states that no Canadians can play in tournaments above the store championship level. Now, imagine yourself at a regional tournament. Your opponent seems nice enough, but, when he is placing his shield tokens, you notice a particularly well done maple leaf tattoo on his arm. When he asks you to flip a coin for initiative, you also detect a slight "eh" that he attempts to suppress at the end of his sentence. Do you call a judge and have this suspected Canadian removed? It is a rule after all - who are you to say whether it is a good or bad one? You know the difference between a good and bad rule. While you are correct that it can be subjective, but a rational person has no issue determining that a rule that exists for seemingly no purpose and is a detriment in some way is a bad rule. This is why I have had My Maple Leaf tattoo Removed, and have been working on a more southern drawl type accent, eh... well I guess I need more practice
  7. Well Based on that new rule, I would say that FFG has Realised Canada's superiority on the world stage and has taken action to re-balance the game. eh? You did not answer the question. Whoops Sorry, I thought you would be able to Infer from my statement that I approve of this rule and think it is fair to the world to take into account Canada's Superiority in game balance. Again My apologizes for not being more clear.
  8. Well Based on that new rule, I would say that FFG has Realised Canada's superiority on the world stage and has taken action to re-balance the game. eh? Why else do you think we're always sorry? Perfect response. And all that apologizing is really exhausting, which explains why we need so much Tim's to get through the day
  9. Well Based on that new rule, I would say that FFG has Realised Canada's superiority on the world stage and has taken action to re-balance the game. eh?
  10. Yeah, I've been consistent in my views since well before the Roanoke Incident: I don't like draws, but I will use IDs if it secures me and my opponent a spot in the cut. I will continue to do so until they remove the rule in August. It is wrong and unfair, but if it gets me to the round...Or, you just just play and win. So now obeying both the letter and the spirit (as explained in the ID article) of the rules set forth by FFG is 'wrong and unfair'?Just because it is a rule doesn't make it fair. Do you need examples, or can you think of one on your own?Besides, I was pointing out the fact that people are happy to stand against this rule but even happier to take advantage of it until it is removed from the game. Isn't the whole concept of'fair' in a game defined in relation to the game's rules? How can something that is in the spirit of said rules be classified as 'unfair'? FFG just released a new set of core rules for X-Wing. Nothing changes with the exception of two items. The first is that IDs are now expressly identified as collusion. The second states that: Immediately after deployment, check the identity of each player. If one player is Rapture and the other player is LordBlades, then the game immediately ends with Rapture being awarded a win and LordBlades being awarded a loss. Answer this - is that, an official rule, fair? Respectfully, this is not a difficult concept. Rules can be unfair. We may be using different editions of the rules as I can't find that "autowin" rule between you and LordBlades, can you give me a page number for it? Everything in Print is fair as it applies equally to all players
  11. So....... just noticed this cart there, I dont remeber seeing it before. Is this a new thing? or am i just that unobservant?
  12. No your not alone, I haven't been able to get a game in for about 8 months now, in fact the last packages I opened was Wave 4, I have bought every wave since, but have not had the time to even crack the packaging, sad really.
  13. even though I ususally get at least two of evey ship, some large based ones I only have one of, X-wing is still one of my cheaper vices, I'm also a model railroader (it can be $500 or better for a single locomotive), I'm in the process of restoring my old 'vette (engine rebuild and exhaust system will run $5000, never mind what the rest of the car needs, I 'm focused on powertrain at the moment). On top of that I'm Canadian, so I need my Tim Horton's coffee every day, twice on Monday Edit, I also collect diecast models of construction equipment, you don't even want to know the prices on some of that....
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