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  1. Rule: "Choose an enemy. The first player chooses which attack (among the enemies to which he is engaged) to resolve first." That means if you have more enemies engaged with you, you can decide which enemy will attack you first? No matter the enemy's engagement cost? Meaning you do not need do defend enemies in order from the one with the highest cot? Like when we deal shadow cards?
  2. Hi! Does anyone know a source where from i could buy older expansions for the game? Besides Amazon where there are just few to buy.
  3. bitzurock

    Aragorn - tactics

    Thank you!
  4. bitzurock

    Aragorn - tactics

    Hi! I did not understood the Response on Aragorn tactics: "Response: After Aragorn participates in an attack that destroys an enemy, choose an enemy not engaged with you and engage that enemy." So..when choosing an enemy to engage, it means that the enemy attacks first and after it can be attacked?
  5. bitzurock

    Baggins and Fellowship spheres

    Maybe only for neutral cards?
  6. Can we use resources from Baggins and Fellowship heroes spheres to pay for cards belonging to another sphere?
  7. bitzurock

    Dain Ironfoot

  8. bitzurock

    Dain Ironfoot

    Hi! I have a question because i want to be sure i am correct...Dian's abillity (While Dain Ironfoot is ready, Dwarfcharacters get +1 and +1 .) it applies for all dwarfs characters belonging to all players...not only to characters belonging to Dain's owner player, right?
  9. bitzurock

    Song cards

  10. bitzurock

    Song cards

    When a song card is attached to a hero, that hero gets specific song sphere only for paying rsources or it also get that sphere trait ? For example: can we attach A Burning Brand to a hero that does not belong to Lore sphere, but has Song of Wisdom attache to it?
  11. Both cards refer to add/remove tokens on the current quest. But i read that actually "current quest" means also a active location for Legolas, but for Misty Mountains Goblins, the active location is not taken into account and the token should be removed from the current quest? Is that right? And are there any cards related to the "current quest" that actually affect or not the active location?
  12. bitzurock

    Treacherous Fog