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  1. Hi! If i attach Sword of Morthond on a gondor ally (example: Denethor leadership) he gains Outlands trait. What about if i attach also Sword-thain and becomes a hero? Does it loose the Outlands trait?
  2. Hi! Heir of Mardil sais : "Response: After attached hero gains any number of resources from a card effect, exhaust Heir of Mardil to ready attached hero." How do i resolve the forced effect when the hero is not exhausted but gains resources (if it has attached steward of gondor) ? Do i wait until i exhaust the hero for questing or defending/attacking and then resolve the response effect? Or do i need first to exhaust the hero and use steward of gondor and then use Heir of Mardil ?
  3. Hi! A question...how do you sleeve you LOTR cards? Currently i am using Dragon Shield Matte Invisible sleeves for both player and encounter/quest cards, but i was thinking to use some cheaper sleeves for the encounter/quest since they are less used. Though i am not sure... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. http://www.lotr-lcg-quest-companion.gamersdungeon.net/#RoundSequence Are you talking about the Quest phase Step 1 - Commit characters window?
  5. Hi! A question just to be sure i understnad it... Sneak Attack + Gandalf (core) can be played during Quest phase in the Commit characters action window? I mean...could we play events in that window? So that i will be able to commit Gandalf to the quest? I assume that after Staging if we play Sneak Attack + Gandalf (core)..we cannot commit Gandalf to the quest..right? When exactly can we play Sneak Attack + Gandalf (core)...to be able he is commited to quest ?
  6. Hi! Question...when Ethir Swordsman comes to play (let's say there are no outlands characters in play) hiw willpower is 2? 1 printed and 1 from his effect? I assume same case for the other 3 sphere outlands allies..actually only Warrior of Lossarnach (1 printed + 1 effect).
  7. Hi! Question..the printed text on this card says: "Draw 3 additional cards at the beginning of the resource phase. At the end of the round, discard all cards in your hand." Is this a forced action? Or we can trigger it only when we decide.
  8. Ok..got it now...thank you!
  9. I was thinking maybe since Aragorn has that Refresh Action printed..it should be triggered after you ready the characters and before raising your threat...but maybe a i am wrong...
  10. Which is the right order in the refresh phase? All exhausted cards are readied. Each player's threat value is increased by 1. OR Each player's threat value is increased by 1. All exhausted cards are readied. I am asking this to be sure when to use Aragorn (Lore)...at 48 threat or 49 threat ?
  11. "Response: After you engage an enemy with a higher engagement cost than your threat, ready Sam Gamgee. He gets +1 Willpower, +1 Attack and +1 Defense until the end of the round." Those +1 stats persist every round as long as the enemy is engaged with us? Or only the round it engages us?
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