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  1. When we start the game after setup, do we start round count from 0 or from 1 ? Thanks!
  2. Hi! If i attach Sword of Morthond on a gondor ally (example: Denethor leadership) he gains Outlands trait. What about if i attach also Sword-thain and becomes a hero? Does it loose the Outlands trait?
  3. Hi! Heir of Mardil sais : "Response: After attached hero gains any number of resources from a card effect, exhaust Heir of Mardil to ready attached hero." How do i resolve the forced effect when the hero is not exhausted but gains resources (if it has attached steward of gondor) ? Do i wait until i exhaust the hero for questing or defending/attacking and then resolve the response effect? Or do i need first to exhaust the hero and use steward of gondor and then use Heir of Mardil ?
  4. Hi! A question...how do you sleeve you LOTR cards? Currently i am using Dragon Shield Matte Invisible sleeves for both player and encounter/quest cards, but i was thinking to use some cheaper sleeves for the encounter/quest since they are less used. Though i am not sure... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  5. http://www.lotr-lcg-quest-companion.gamersdungeon.net/#RoundSequence Are you talking about the Quest phase Step 1 - Commit characters window?
  6. Hi! A question just to be sure i understnad it... Sneak Attack + Gandalf (core) can be played during Quest phase in the Commit characters action window? I mean...could we play events in that window? So that i will be able to commit Gandalf to the quest? I assume that after Staging if we play Sneak Attack + Gandalf (core)..we cannot commit Gandalf to the quest..right? When exactly can we play Sneak Attack + Gandalf (core)...to be able he is commited to quest ?
  7. Hi! Question...when Ethir Swordsman comes to play (let's say there are no outlands characters in play) hiw willpower is 2? 1 printed and 1 from his effect? I assume same case for the other 3 sphere outlands allies..actually only Warrior of Lossarnach (1 printed + 1 effect).
  8. Hi! Question..the printed text on this card says: "Draw 3 additional cards at the beginning of the resource phase. At the end of the round, discard all cards in your hand." Is this a forced action? Or we can trigger it only when we decide.
  9. I was thinking maybe since Aragorn has that Refresh Action printed..it should be triggered after you ready the characters and before raising your threat...but maybe a i am wrong...
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