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  1. Just used it for the first time. Fine work and many thanks!
  2. The problem I see with selling card packs is people using proxy models instead of the miniatures. That doesn't make X-Wing profitable for FFG. It's kind of a pain, yeah, but it's the same reason Lego doesn't offer all of its minifigures separately. It's marketing. /shrug I'm not thrilled about it, but I'll roll with it. Besides, it's a great way to force you to work with what you have. At least in my case... My two pennies. Cheers.
  3. I'm a pretty new player, so my logic may not be so very sound... I've been running a 99 point unit using two AcademyTies to run interference, an Interceptor (Turr Phennir) with PTL to buzz around and and harass, and a bomber(major Rhymer) to deliver the goods (2xConcussion, 1xAdvandced Proton). Been working out pretty well for me so far. I ran this set up tonight and pulled the boost modifier off the Academy Ties and added Shield upgrade and Stealth Device to the int and bomber respectively. I hammerd on my wife's YT-1300 (chewie) and took it out surprisingly quickly. that extra def die was a life saver and with my Ties blocking and stealing actions? Oh, yeah. I'm especially keyed up about Aces, especially since Carnor Jax and Kir Kanos make an appearance. Crimson Empire is a fave EU story of mine. Anywho! Cheers and Cheetos!
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