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  1. Yes I just noticed it on the card...man I feel like an idiot.
  2. As anyone else had this problem, where only 1 copy of Lone Wolf appears in the app. For example I am trying to build Boba Fett with Lone Wolf as well as Zuckuss with the same EPT and I can't, is this a glitch in the APP??
  3. New Starters....looks very interesting
  4. I had this way back. Great to see it come back as a Collection piece. Well done.
  5. Yes!!! I was wondering the same thing....weird
  6. I got three Death Stars in my game today but not the second Death Star??? What should I do?
  7. The source was by the starwars.com team.
  8. While looking through my star wars app in the "Official news feed" section I saw an article that gave a december 23rd release date for IA: Return to Hoth as well as all other expansion figures related to it.
  9. Great classic. ..Can't wait to see more.....
  10. The SW Dice App has been updated with Armada and Imperial Assault.
  11. Gorgeous game. Those who say there is no player interaction haven't played with my gaming group. Played an epic game last weekend, some of the rules were a little muddled (the two routes being one of them) but after viewing the tutorial video by FFG it all fell into place. Too bad soo many have already condemned this game out of the gate.
  12. Hi everyone, When making adversaries--say like some random monster (for example a Wompa) where do you start from?
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