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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to awayputurwpn in Can we please get a F&D Beginner Set box that doesnt suck?   
    I would think that sturdier box = more expensive product. I like the $30 price for the beginner game...I dislike anything that would raise they price point. I'm already on a strict budget! Plus the big box is a waste of space.
    So...thanks, FFG, for making an affordable but very enjoyable product.
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to GMmL in Tokens/miniatures in your games   
    did someone say tokens? 
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to Yoshiyahu in DICE BAGS!!!   
    My wife makes mine using cotton Star Wars themed fabric and 325 lb. paracord. She just recently got some cool glow-in-the-dark Star Wars fabric that will soon be made into dice bags as well.

    I'm not a big fan of the material used by the ones made by FFG.
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to r_b_bergstrom in WFRP 4e - how should it look?   
    I actually suspect that the official announcement heavily implies that FFG is secretly working on a 4th Edition. The actual wording only lightly implies it, but what makes the heavier implication is just the fact that they actually announced an end to the 3rd Ed line. They went to the trouble of officially calling it done, and putting together a final errata and index, despite there being no money in that effort.
    Compare that to some of their other neglected RPG lines. Fireborn and Grimm don't have official posts announcing that their dead, but neither game has had a new product release in a lot longer than the time frame that WFRP sat idle.  FFG's standard operating procedure is to never call an RPG dead. Why have they departed from their usual pattern after more than a year of silence? Have we really been flooding their customer service lines with that many "what's up with WFRP" inqueries?
    As I see it, the only benefit to announcing this game's end now is that it softens the later blow if and when they announce 4th Ed. IIRC, 2nd Ed fans were very upset and alienated by the sudden transition from 2nd to 3rd Ed, so FFG may have learned a lesson there. This could be about smoothing that transition and retaining customers during the 3rd to 4th reboot.
    Other than that, FFG doesn't really gain much by announcing the cancellation of 3rd. If anything, calling "time of death" on WFRP it will hurt their back sales of excess stock. The press release limits FFG's future publishing options: it's giving up on the idea of compilations, reprints, improved PDFs with the cards, PODs or Kickstarters. Basically, it's walking away with money on the table. (It's possible they've decided the money is too little to be worth pursuing, but again I ask why is that worth announcing for WFRP and not worth announcing for Fireborn or Grimm?) The press release is bad news for those who loved 3rd. The announcement itself doesn't earn FFG new customers. It doesn't particularly appease people who disliked 3rd, they're not going to suddenly buy more FFG product as a result of this announcement (but they might buy a 4th Ed if it were a big departure from 3rd). If the WFRP license indeed comes as a package deal (they get it alongside the WH40K RPG license, or attached to the license for Warhammer Diskwars etc), then this announcement gains them nothing.
    They've got two successful alternatives to 3rd Ed waiting in the wings (Dark Heresy and Edge Of The Empire) so the heavy lifting of building a new WFRP is basically already done.  I'd be really surprised if they don't move on a 4th Ed within a year.
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to Carcosa in WFRP 4e - how should it look?   
    I am going to make an assumption here, -most- of us I would say are O.F.G's (old fart gamers) that have seen quite a few gaming systems in our day, and not just RPG systems, but probably Eurogames and TTWG's as well.
    I think the "big thing" for any new WFRP system is to concentrate on actually -making the system-. Now, that is pretty much a facepalm type comment, until you realise just how little work goes into systems like D20 for example. Get a base number, chuck in some mods, get a target number, roll, Pass/fail. That has hardly changed since 1st ed D&D, and is the basis for the vast majority of systems out there. No muss, no fuss, and for sure it can be a VERY attractive model, and easy to use because it is simplistic.
    I -feel- that if you can create a more organic system (which is how I see the 3rd ed dice system) which is still easy to use, you will attract new and old players. If you can get that system working, I think you are most of the way there. What you then need to do is make sure you cover all your initial class bases in your core rulebook. Have all your speciality rules for your core races, Magic (wizard and Divine), and skills. If you take out all your descriptions and fluff that should really be no more that some 50 odd pages, and probably HALF that. That leaves some what, 200 pages in the plays guide alone to do Character based fluff, skill and spell descriptions and pretty pictures. You get that covered, you provide everything you need for a -player- to play the game and develop an interest in the setting. You do the same for the DM book, except you concentrate on the rules for DM's like corruption, Poisons, diseases, Madness etc. Again, some 25-50 pages of actual rules, leaving 200 odd for your fluff and stuff like basic monsters, an adventure and probably some adventure hooks as examples. You could also condense the 2 into 1 book if you desired and give everything you need to play in one volume.
    IMHO, it was the breaking up of stuff into "bits" that really hurt 3rd ed because it looked and smelt like a obvious cash grab for FFG. Want rules for a horse, buy the Khorne box, want rules for social encounters, buy the Slaanesh box and it was downright annoying and insulting. People don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on getting the basic rules to the game they want to play. They WILL however spend hundreds of dollars to EXPAND the game that they enjoy. Class Splatbooks and Race Splatbooks were never "needed" to play D&D, Clanbooks were never "needed" to play oWoD, they offered -choice- and that's what sells the products. How many people here have the "gazateer" style books from Basic D&D, or 2nd Ed Forgotten realms? They were ALL splatbooks, but they were world splatbooks, with a few more options, and a lot of fluff information, and we gobbled them up, but we never -NEEDED- them, we WANTED them, and want will trump need any day in our hobbies. One thing any potential designer for the game would have to be is if they make a splat book, make it -complete-. Black fire pass was nice for an intro for Dwarves, but the Engineering rules were very basic, and the Runesmithing rules were incomplete. Make them complete, dammit!!
    Last thing, and this is about cards, if you are going to have cards, make them OPTIONAL. having the vast majority of your rules on cards only SUCKS. If you loose a card, there go your rules. All the rules should be in the guides, just like the Apendicies in the Players Guide so if you loose a card, it does not matter so much. Making additions like cards should be an OPTION for the players, NOT a **** requirement. Some people like their cards, I did because it made life simple, some hate them, so why alienate some of your potential player base?   
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to Herr Arnulfe in WFRP 4e - how should it look?   
    Agreed, the assumption that WFRP must include a dedicated Magic book, Religion book, Chaos book and Bestiary is a fairly new one (just ask anyone who played WFRP1e). Most WFRP groups don't even include a wizard or a priest, and if the corebook is beefy enough it should contain enough monsters for most adventures.
    If the hypothetical publisher of 4e decided to give magic, religion etc. a basic treatment and instead delve into other topics in more detail (e.g. psychology & horror, investigation & intrigue, Greenskins, Elves etc.) I doubt most WFRP newbies would even bat an eyelid, meanwhile WFRP veterans would welcome the fresh approach IMO.
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    PiltharShokmeister got a reaction from ElCommi in It's Official: 3rd Ed is done   
    Large, stinking crapweasel!
    Disappointing news, but I'm relieved we are finally out of purgatory...
    I'm totally intrigued now. Where is Warhammer Fantasy Battle headed?!
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to Carcosa in WFRP 4e - how should it look?   
    Funny, because it was the non-binary nature of the dice system that attracted me to the game. After so many years of systems that were at their most basic nature Pass/fail, I found it far more interesting.
    Different strokes for different folks
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to Carcosa in WFRP 4e - how should it look?   
    @ Druchii
    You are looking at cards the wrong way.
    Cards serve the purpose of having the rules of an action "on hand" at any given time, rather than needing to refer to a book all the time. it also prevents needless over-complications for abilities. 
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to edwardp in Do you use miniatures in your RPing?   
    That is some amazing stuff.
    Do I see the Hero of Averheim in there?  ;-)
    I do like to use miniatures. Not to the degree where people are counting out squares, 5 foot steps, etc.  But I do like to know relative positions of combatants.  Especially something as epic as that battle!
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to kaosoe in What level of movie familiarity is required for the game?   
    I suggest the Machete order if you and your players have the time.
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to CaptainRaspberry in After Force and Destiny   
    My objection, as someone who had to spend a lot of time studying themes and thematic structures for his degree, is that "politics" and "the bad guys" are not themes. Themes are things like "self-identity" and "family." Thus, a core book built around politics would be very weak; it's better relegated to a source book, which we'll probably get for the Diplomat.
    I'm absolutely in line with awayputurwpn's (man, you need a nickname, that is too hard to write out) theme observation, as so far the two core books follow a few distinct themes. Here's my take:
    Edge of the Empire: Concerned largely with independence and the myriad complications independence brings to the table. Namely, the cost of trying to be free of the Empire (or any other controlling agency) and whether anyone can truly be free of those things. The Obligation mechanic feeds into this directly, as well as bringing up another theme of whether or not a person can escape her own past, and how much her past deeds define who she is today.
      Age of Rebellion: The main focus here is on heroes, what it takes to be a hero, and what you sacrifice to become one. It works with Edge because it asks a question about costs: material costs, moral costs, the cost to one's soul. The book outright mentions that a very real way to deepen the experience for players is to bring the death and destruction, the sense of loss, to the fore. Make the players walk through a city after the battle is over and see the suffering they brought, even if they were ostensibly fighting to liberate it. Again, the Duty mechanic is designed around this as a singular objective for your character, the mark by which they'll measure their success or failure, and ultimately whether or not the war is worth it.
      Force and Destiny: It's hard for me to speculate, given the dearth of information about the final core book, but I imagine the main theme of this book will be -- surprise, surprise -- destiny. Do we define our own destinies, and if not, what can we do to avoid or embrace it? Corruption might also be important, specifically about the corrupting power of absolutes. After all, during the Clone Wars, the Jedi showed signs of being corrupted -- they were dogmatic and inflexible in the face of a real threat, and too overcome by the notion that they were the defenders of the Republic to step back and consider whether they should have been fighting or not. My guess is there will be a Destiny mechanic that acts as the goal of your character, and every step you take toward or away from it will be measured. Hell, if that's too long of a read, just consider this: the theme of each book is its core mechanic. Obligation, Duty, and (presumably) Destiny. The questions of who your character is, where he's going, and how he intends to get there.
    I'd eat my hat if FFG wasn't aware of this, and I'll double my portion if they think they'll need more than the three core books to accomplish this. If they wanted to release more core books of the same quality, then they'd need to come up with a fourth/fifth/sixth/ad nauseam theme that fits with the above. Thematic dissonance is the reason the old White Wolf games failed, and it's why it's so awkward to play Deathwatch with Rogue Trader. (Though in the case of the latter, the different companies having different influence levels with each product could easily explain the dissonance.)
    This is why source books would be the way to go after all three core books are released. Source books only expand on existing themes, they don't introduce new ones. An Imperial and/or Sith source book would just take those themes listed above and explore them from the darker side, the failure of duty and destiny, or else the question of whether evil is an inevitability or a choice. Era-based source books could provide valuable and tantalizing details about your favorite timeframe of the universe and just transport these themes -- which are fairly universal -- into the Old Republic or the Legacy timeline.
    Final note: I could be completely wrong, and FFG decides to crank out a few dozen more core rulebooks. My first assumption is that I'll be disappointed by the outcome, but who knows? Maybe I'll be thrilled. Probably not, because core books are so much more expensive than source books, but hey. I've been pleased with their work so far.
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    PiltharShokmeister got a reaction from Col. Orange in After Force and Destiny   
    Agreed. If any RPG ever deserved over 50 playable species it is Star Wars. In A New Hope alone there must be close to that many species represented. Each has the potential to have modifiers and peculiarities that would make roleplaying it a total blast! Cantinas are meant to be full of all kinds of beings, if so let's make them PCs.
    My final word is this. If you can play as a droid, you should be able to play as any living sentient.
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to Emirikol in New Zealand   
    Try rpg.net,  enworld.org, and meet up.com.  Pen and paper games works well too.  Post a looking for gamers ad  
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to GoblynKing in Falling Damage (a summary of 3e and 2e rules)   
    Awesome summary!
    Having seem these various rules side by side, I've come up with a consistent way to rule fire hazards/damage, that will fit nicely with my Environment Damage house-rules.
    The criteria below assumes the PCs aren't taking direct damage from a fire as of yet, but are navigating an area that is ON fire (a city, building, forest, etc). If a PC actually falls into fire, or is otherwise directly wounded by fire, then the Environmental Damage rules kick in.
    Intensity/Size/Proximity of Fire (i.e. how close and intense is the fire to the PC?)
    Minor = roll a Chaos Star on any check = suffer 1 Stress & 1 Fatigue
    Moderate = Resilience vs 2 Purple or suffer 1 Fatigue each turn
    Major =  Suffer 1 Fatigue at end of Turn. If you are Fatigued, suffer 1 Wound instead.
    Environmental Fire Damage Severity (i.e. how long has the PC been exposed to direct flames?)
    Exposed to flames for 1 round (1st degree burns) = 2d
    Exposed to flames for 2 rounds (2nd degree burns) = 3d
    Exposed to flames for 3+ rounds (3rd degree burns) = 4d
    etc, until the PC is a charred corpse.
    If the PC takes damage from fire (falls into a fire, has fire/flaming oil thrown at him, etc):
    Roll a # of Challenge Dice = to the fire's Severity (see table above)
    Suffer a # of Wounds = the Fire Severity
    Challenge = Suffer an additional Wound
    Bane x2 = Suffer 1 Fatigue
    Chaos Star = Suffer an additional Critical Wound
    Note: Also, PCs ALWAYS take a minimum of 1 Wound of Environmental Damage, regarless of Soak. When damaged by fire, Toughness may Soak Wounds, but armor does not.
    Example: A Roadwarden PC has entered a burning coaching house to save a small child, as soon as he enters the building, which is already half engulfed in flames, the GM rules that this is a Moderate fire that will become a Major fire in three rounds (using a progress tracker to track the intensity), and that the PC must make an immediate Average(2d) Resilience check. The Roadwarden does so and fails, suffering 1 Fatigue. He will continue to suffer Fatigue each turn unless he passes his Resilience check next turn or leaves the building.
    Two turns later the Roadwarden has reached the child and having wrapped her in blanket is heading for the door when he tries to kick in a flaming door and rolls a Chaos Star. The GM says that a loose piece of flaming door frame falls and hits the Roardwarden on the back, causing 2d of Environmental Damage. The PC rolls 2 Challenge dice and spending a Fortune Point, a Fortune Die as well. His results are: 3 Challenge, and 2 Banes. That's a total of 5 Wounds and 1 Fatigue, though the PC has a Toughness of 3 so he soaks 3 Wounds and takes 2 Wounds and 1 Fatigue.
    He gets out of the buidling before the end of the third round so only takes an additional 2 Fatigue.
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to GoblynKing in Falling Damage (a summary of 3e and 2e rules)   
    I generally make falling/crushing damage pretty severe depending upon the situation, but it generally breaks down as such:
    GM rolls a number of Challege Dice = to the severity of the situation (i.e. 0 Challenge = you tripped backwards and landed on your head, 1 Challenge = You fell off a stationary horse, 2 Challenge = you fell out of a second story window...etc)
    Suffer a # of Wounds = to Challenge Lv (So 3 Challenge Dice = 3 automatic Wounds)
    For each Challenge (crossed swords icon) = suffer an additional Wound
    Bane x 2 = Suffer 1 Fatigue
    Chaos Star = Convert a Wound to a Critical Wound
    I also allow PCs (sometimes) to spend Fortune to add Fortune Dice and/or add a Expertise Die IF they have training that's relevant and would help mitigate the damage.
    Example: The PC (With a Toughness of 2) fails a Coordination check and falls out of a third story window. The GM decides this would be a 3d Challenge (Three purple dice). The PC has Coordination trained, so I allow him to add a single yellow die (to attempt to "roll with the fall). I roll the dice pool (3 Challenge Dice, 1 Expertise Die), and get 1 Failure, 2 Banes, and 1 Chaos Star. So the PC takes 1 Normal Wound (his Toughness soaking up 2 Wounds), 1 Critical Wound, and 1 Fatigue.
    This may seem rather lite to some, but the addition of a Critical Wound makes taking a tumble (even a rather small one) a dangerous thing for most characters.
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to jacksladd in Rehabilitating Murder-Hobos   
    My suggestion seems a bit radical, seeing as I'm posting on an ffg forum but here goes: if the party wants to just play murder hobos with no consequences then buy a copy of paranoia, in my opinion it would sound like a perfect game for them. The other suggestion is that if you want the group to play a game without a lot of combat but if they try to indulge themselves in combat then you need a game where there are consequences to their lives, the game that does that job, in my opinion is shadowrun. Do some homework on these systems and see what you think is best for your group.
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to Carcosa in 1st, 2nd or 3rd for a Mordhime RPG   
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    PiltharShokmeister got a reaction from Emirikol in Vampire Wars info   
    Araby! Who doesn't want a character in comfy pants with a flying carpet! I read Tales of the Arabian Nights as a boy, and love that it can marry up with a Warhammer fantasy setting.
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to reg in Soundtracks for WFRP Enemy Within campaign   
    at least once. Completely not what you want but worth a look
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to mhuggies in First Run Critique   
    Well technically the title of this is a bit misleading as I have now run WFRP a total of 4 times. My play group started out with A Day Late a Shilling Short and then led into An Eye for An Eye which we just completed yesterday.
    I have to say that overall this game is GREAT! As a GM I thoroughly enjoyed the ease of running this one and the players got a huge deal of fun from the overall experience. I am a new comer to the Warhammer Fantasy world but an old hand at roleplaying in general as I have been running games from a variety of systems for over 30 years now.
    I am rather sad to hear that FFG is no longer supporting the WFRP game, especially since I have just recently bought into it, but on that same note there appears to be enough material already produced to keep us all entertained for many years now.
    I do think that the standards of this the 3rd edition of the game was so well done by FFG that it would be extremely difficult for another company to come along and take up the Warhammer license for a 4th edition. It would have to be extrordinary to compare to the 3rd edition version in my humble opinion. In comparison I would have to say it would be like Wizards of the Coast coming along and saying they are making a new version of D&D that is somehow going to be able to beat the standards set by Pathfinder. (Oh wait...I think they are going to try and do that with a D&D Next). Good luck with that.
    Anyway, the point of this thread is to just state how great a game WFRP has on their hands with this system they have created and how much fun this old GM and his group of players had exploring the world so far. Can't wait to take it further!
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to Emirikol in Getting players to do what you want   
    I've found that not just staring at them and asking them, "So, what do you want to do?", and instead asking the following works better:
    Do you want to investigate the missing elf north of town? Do you want to talk to the Verena priest about that issue with the 9 pins? or, do you want to do something else? At least that gives them direction, but still gives them the "other" option.
    I know some GMs will let you sit there for 14 hours without a clue, bored to flakkin tears, pounding your head against the wall because you didn't write down some clue 7 months ago...but I'm not one of those GMs and would highly advise all GMs to avoid that approach
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to Beren Eoath in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2014   
    The core set vanished from the upcomming section!
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to babalander in Long time reader, first time poster.   
    I just wanted to take a bit of time to thank you guys for this great community. I understand that 3rd is not the most (if at all) supported rpg at this point, but this forum has helped me time and again. I played a bit of 1st when I was a kid back in the late 80's and then never touched a pen and paper rpg until last December (with 3rd). Me and my buddies started playing boardgames in recent years and it eventually led us to jumping into roleplaying. We were all fans of the Warhammer universe (fantasy and 40k) so we opted for WFRP 3rd edition. I now own everything published except the Edge of Night.
    Now 13 sessions in, we are having a blast! I couldn't care less about whoever and whatever negative things have been said about this edition. FFG created a really good product. They tried a lot of novel things and that's what makes it great. Of course some concepts work better than others but that's fine by me. The system and its mechanics are easily adjusted and houseruled without actually affecting the core of what gives the game its excellent and unique essence (or the bulk of what FFG actually created for that matter).
    Me and my group are all videogame industry veterans with 12+ years each in the industry. We might not be pen and paper rpg specialits, but we sure know gameplay and game design in general and we have a knack for what creates good mechanics and player agency. We all agree that FFG has something very good and special with 3rd. Sure it's got extra fat, and it's obvious that it could've been playtested more thoroughly. But even with its biggest flaws, the power and magic of this game remains very potent. A proper 4th edition, or .5, or revision, or whatever it is they do with pen and paper rpg's, could really propel this system into the realm of debilitating greatness.
    Anyway, thank you for all your dope contributions to this forum. Emirikol, valvorik, Gallows, Yepesnopes, others I forget, you guys are all top notch dudes (or chicks, who knows?). You've helped me so many times either clarifying some rules, giving me ideas, or just entertaining me when I was reading while taking a dump.
    Again, thanks!
    (Maybe now I'll even start posting real stuff. Who know? I've never subscribed to any forums of any kind before).
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    PiltharShokmeister reacted to ragnar63 in Question about the licence   
    Beren, this has been done to death!
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