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  1. "And don't forget,since star wars has an extremely wide variety for setting,include more species with every book except adventures.I would think that 60+ species would work well as it's base amount."

    Agreed. If any RPG ever deserved over 50 playable species it is Star Wars. In A New Hope alone there must be close to that many species represented. Each has the potential to have modifiers and peculiarities that would make roleplaying it a total blast! Cantinas are meant to be full of all kinds of beings, if so let's make them PCs.

    My final word is this. If you can play as a droid, you should be able to play as any living sentient.

  2. All excellent advice, thanks!

    I think I might drop a LFG/LFP advert at the LGS. I would describe it as friendly, but I have no idea!

    Where possible I want to play across a table from the other players, and not online. The interactions that this type of gaming organically create are gold to me, and what got me hooked on roleplaying in the beginning.

    I'm still convinced there must be another Kiwi on these boards, though...

  3. Hello!

    I was unsure where to post this message, so my apologies if it is in the entirely wrong area.

    I live in New Zealand and am looking for a group to play WFRP.

    Thought it was possible there was another like me that is active on these boards?


  4. Movies can at least incorporate a hospitalisation/physio montage! RPG's simply do not have that luxury.

    Or the GM could retire the character until such a point that you feel enough in game time has passed, and leave them with a permanent injury/disability of some kind. Not ideal mid session, but perhaps the player could take over a pre-generated character until they have the chance to roll up a new PC?

    I know a guy who fell 25 metres in RL. His injuries were horrific, but he survived.

    He had 5 fractures to his skull, both his lungs collapsed, his left femur basically shattered like glass. Apparently there was blood radiating from his body approximately 1.5 metres. Luckily he was in a sport stadium, so paramedics were administering aid within a few minutes of his impact, which undoubtedly saved his life.

    After 6 weeks in a coma, and 6 months in hospital, he was left with metal rods, screws and scars all over his body. He is blind in his left eye. His physiotherapy went on for another 4 intense months, to re learn even basic things like QWERTY.

    He has made a remarkable recovery.

  5. So, does this mean FFG are confirming WFRP is no longer available as we currently know it??!

    This is potentially exciting, but why keep those other two WFRP products on reprint if the edition is going to be updated?

    Then there is the same argument if FFG are not going to support WFRP any more, why not take all the products off the Upcoming list?

    Or has the core set simply been removed because the list has a maximum number of products it can display, for example?


    I Liked your post, not for the news, but for your eagle eye at spotting this!

  6. This news is about 3 months old!

    I don't think there will be any corporate take over anytime soon.

    It was only profits that were down about 12%. This led to a 24% drop in the price of their shares, as investors panicked. I was surprised too at the time, but they will make sure this is just a blip in their financial history.

    As a company GW still has an approximate net worth of £23 million. That's 6 zeros.

    And the GBP is a very strong currency. With all due respect I doubt FFG has that kind of cash available as liquid assets.

    What I have read about Finecast seems to suggest GW are limiting it's purchase to Online only. Therefore they can check the piece thoroughly for imperfections before it ships. I believe it's so they can be more heavily involved in quality control.

  7. More rumours comming regarding WFB 9th. Fist of all even more is said that Chaos is united and less popular armies will be pushed into more popular. The way I see it there is a chance that Bretonia and Kislev could become optional regiments in The Empire army. Wood Elves could become optional regiments for The Empire or more likely High Elves. Beastmen will be a part of Chaos army and so could be Demons.

    Even more interesting is the fact that more and more is telling that the timeline will be much pushed forward.

    If it all will be true that the new WFB could look really interesting. Maybe even it will pull with itself a new WFRP edition.

    The ruour says that WFB 9th edition will be announced June/July 2014.

    Keep my fingers crossed to see more and hear more about it.




    Start a new thread, this is interesting but people won't be reading it.

  8. I agree.

    The Warhammer Fantasy setting and fluff is wonderful IP. Exposure over different mediums is great for GW, allowing them to reach new markets. Each medium helps to expand the general knowledge of lore further.

    Personally, I came to this forum after looking through the product leaflet contained in my Game of Thrones board game. About 10 years ago I collected WFB Bretonnians, and wasn't aware WFRP 3ed even existed. Now I'm right on board! (no pun intended).

  9. Eating utensils. Grooming implements. A needle and thread. Polish and rags for maintaining steel. Whet stone. Spare under clothes. Small Religious symbol. Candle. Flint and tinder. String. Lucky items; such as bone, penny or feather. Pebble. Flower. An insect. A crude compass.

    It does make you wonder what is worth carrying, but not worth naming...

  10. Telltale Games have confirmed they are working on a Game of Thrones video game, which will develop in story over a few years.

    The narrative will be based around characters that are not directly in the HBO series, but during the same time line. Maybe some of the original characters that are in the books, but didn't make the show?

    Their Walking Dead game was cool! I'm hoping for more of the same...

  11. That's kind of the sad thing. I've seen more postings on these forums since star wars came out.. and a LOT of new players.  Suddenly the core box is out of print.


    It's frustrating because I want others to share in the fun :)

    This is my point exactly. I don't have the core set. I haven't found anywhere that has stock. I'm not in the USA.

    So I'm wondering whether to wait and buy it new. Or pick up a second hand copy on eBay. And if I wait what happens to the price on eBay, and maybe another edition is released any way?? It's a significant investment for me, especially when postage is factored in.

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