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  1. I live in New Zealand and know what you mean. Postage is often 3 times the amount of an item I want to purchase, so I just do without. A site I use regularly here is Fishpond.co.nz I see they have a Fishpond.com.au This website is great for me, because all the prices are converted to NZD and include shipping. I hope this helps.
  2. Australasian doom and gloom, Games-Workshop style: http://tencopper.com/article/2014/08/games-workshop-secretly-moves-to-cut-off-australian-online-retailers/ Interesting article.
  3. Large, stinking crapweasel! Disappointing news, but I'm relieved we are finally out of purgatory... I'm totally intrigued now. Where is Warhammer Fantasy Battle headed?!
  4. I think you can add Portugal to the list of historical influences, as well.
  5. I received a PM from a fellow Kiwi - so there are at least two of us out there! Sadly, they live in another town...
  6. Agreed. If any RPG ever deserved over 50 playable species it is Star Wars. In A New Hope alone there must be close to that many species represented. Each has the potential to have modifiers and peculiarities that would make roleplaying it a total blast! Cantinas are meant to be full of all kinds of beings, if so let's make them PCs. My final word is this. If you can play as a droid, you should be able to play as any living sentient.
  7. All excellent advice, thanks! I think I might drop a LFG/LFP advert at the LGS. I would describe it as friendly, but I have no idea! Where possible I want to play across a table from the other players, and not online. The interactions that this type of gaming organically create are gold to me, and what got me hooked on roleplaying in the beginning. I'm still convinced there must be another Kiwi on these boards, though...
  8. I knew about these, but hadn't heard of Pen and paper games - so thank you!
  9. Hello! I was unsure where to post this message, so my apologies if it is in the entirely wrong area. I live in New Zealand and am looking for a group to play WFRP. Thought it was possible there was another like me that is active on these boards? Cheers
  10. It reminds me of the Warhammer Quest app, when entering a settlement....
  11. Wow! Super jealous.... Even the DIY sandwich lunch that's provided on specific days sounds great.
  12. Araby! Who doesn't want a character in comfy pants with a flying carpet! I read Tales of the Arabian Nights as a boy, and love that it can marry up with a Warhammer fantasy setting.
  13. Movies can at least incorporate a hospitalisation/physio montage! RPG's simply do not have that luxury. Or the GM could retire the character until such a point that you feel enough in game time has passed, and leave them with a permanent injury/disability of some kind. Not ideal mid session, but perhaps the player could take over a pre-generated character until they have the chance to roll up a new PC? I know a guy who fell 25 metres in RL. His injuries were horrific, but he survived. He had 5 fractures to his skull, both his lungs collapsed, his left femur basically shattered like glass. Apparently there was blood radiating from his body approximately 1.5 metres. Luckily he was in a sport stadium, so paramedics were administering aid within a few minutes of his impact, which undoubtedly saved his life. After 6 weeks in a coma, and 6 months in hospital, he was left with metal rods, screws and scars all over his body. He is blind in his left eye. His physiotherapy went on for another 4 intense months, to re learn even basic things like QWERTY. He has made a remarkable recovery.
  14. So, does this mean FFG are confirming WFRP is no longer available as we currently know it??! This is potentially exciting, but why keep those other two WFRP products on reprint if the edition is going to be updated? Then there is the same argument if FFG are not going to support WFRP any more, why not take all the products off the Upcoming list? Or has the core set simply been removed because the list has a maximum number of products it can display, for example? @Beren I Liked your post, not for the news, but for your eagle eye at spotting this!
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