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  1. as the name implies, if a PC wants to use an ork weapon, is there any mechanical penalty for using them other than dealing with the unreliable feature?
  2. are these two actually the same thing? master chirurgeon states: The character’s advanced medical skills enable him to knit flesh with deft mastery. The character’s exceptional education in use of the Narthecium, Med-Slate, and supplemental drugs give their patients an enormous advantage. The character gains a +10 bonus on all Medicae Skill Tests. If the character fails his Medicae Test while performing Extended Care, he reduces the amount of Damage suffered by his patience due to his failure by an amount equal to his Intelligence Bonus. If their patient is in danger of losing a limb from a Critical Hit (see Chapter VIII: Combat), the character provides the patient with a +20 bonus to the Toughness Test to prevent limb loss. while Methodical care states: This character does his utmost to make sure that his comrades do not die on the operating table. Though no medic can save every patient, this character’s drive to preserve every life possible is reflected in his rate of success. Whenever one of this character’s patients would suffer Damage from a failed Test made as part of the Extended Care Special Use of the Medicae Skill, this character may reduce that Damage by an amount equal to his Intelligence Bonus. it is me or there's no diference besides the +20 to prevent limb loss?
  3. is there any rules about breaking objects? like the enemy's weapon or a generator?
  4. what are the diferences between a blind grenade and a smoke grenade? the smoke says it affects only visuals, but the blind grenade has a damage profile, but also has the smoke property, that states that these weapons create smokescreens instead of inflicting damage.
  5. Regimental Rules (Attilan Rough Riders) (page 13): The Attilan Rough Riders Starting Talents option lists “Champion or Double Team” as an option. This should instead read “Double Team or Duelist.” The Duelist Talent is found on page 98. Only War Living Errata.
  6. i agree that we shouldn't lose profit factor for the implants (unless we actually want to get good versions of it) but i think we'll still lose profit factor because the 1st thing my character (i'm the rogue trader) sees upon waking up after the beatdown of the mass possession, is an inquisitor from the ordo hereticus, and as far as i know of the system, that counts as a serious misfortune for the profit factor. anyway, about the bionic leg, in case the leg is of good or poor quality, should i use the rules of the bionic arm or the locomotion for it? because the locomotion rules seem to be designed for when the implant is in both legs
  7. hi everyone in my last game of rogue trader, unfortunately my team suffered a mass possession (thanks to our astropath failing all checks miserably in a row) and well... we butchered each other. we're all alive, but without some limbs. so far i lost a leg and both the astropath and explorator lost an arm, but at least our npc's managed to get us back to the ship. now, my questions are about the cybernetics we'll have to use. 1- i don't see there's such thing as bionic leg in the cybernetics, only bionic arm and locomotion, but as far as i know, the locomotion affects both legs and spine, so i'm not sure what rules to use. 2- is our ship supposed to already have bionic limbs in stock for situations like this or we must go get them? and in case we have the stock, are they poor quality or regular? 3- my gm is considering that those bionics should come at the expense of our profit factor, but we're not entirely sure, because we're new to this system and we've only made 3 sessions so far. any suggestions of how to handle this? of course the gm will have the final word, but we'd also want to know the best way to settle this
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