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  1. Viktus106

    Luke vs the New Turrets

    I think Fat Han can suck a big fat tractor beam. Put three on the sucker and throw him on to a rock. Besides, he canny re-roll a dice he doesn't have access to. Dodge that you smug faced, scruffy looking, princess stealing, emo son creating, Star Lord wannabe.
  2. It was a combination of the headhunters being dragged through a dense field of asteroids and Echo only being shot at by two or three headhunters at once. Often, Echo had four to five defense dice against those shots and most head hunters were being destroyed in two turns. Two attack dice, with only a focus against that sort of defense is never great odds. I'm not saying it happened every single match but I watched it happen, admittedly, the phantom had been out for like two months o part there of so maybe there is an element of player skill / unfamiliarity involved too but I cannot recall another ship doing that. Maybe PtL + Kyle + Engine + HLC Dash could have done back then, who knows, it still happened. I mean, I have heard of a 35 point Soontir Fel going 2 - 4 in a regional. No other ships. Just a 35 point Soontir so stranger things have happened.
  3. Viktus106

    R2-D2 might have a way to get infinite regen in 2nd eddition

    I would not be surprised if they replaced Epic Energy with standard Charges per card and each ship is able to regenerate a number of charges per turn. So you move and are given four charges, to which you allocate to your teams, weapons, etc just like you used to. I also wouldn't be surprised if they removed Reinforce in favor of Brace and changed Coordinate to something like "Squadron Command" so they can be unique action. Brace could be spend a token to remove all damage but one from an attack, but only possible if you have shields. Squadron Command could be a range 0 - 2 action that enables a ship to activate i.e move and perform an action at the initiative step of the Epic ship.
  4. I think a lot of the 2.0 threads saying things have been nerfed or buffed, etc are still thinking in a 1.0 vacuum. There are not as many Initiative 6 ships anymore. No Veteran Instincts or Adaptability to increase PS. All bombs and cloaking is done in the same phase, regardless of Initiative level. Not as many hyper accurate focus + target lock five dice attacks anymore Double re-positioning is rare and comes at a premium. All that to me means you won't need to cloak / recloak every turn any more. You shouldn't be getting shot every single round so your chances of staying alive goes up. Plus, you may even be able to run the old "Phantom Menace" list of Phantom + mini TIE Swarm which will actually pull its weight and provide more tactical choices for you and your opponent. Just because you can't decloak with perfect board state knowledge, roll five dice at range one with a focus + target lock, acquire a second focus and re-cloak, gaining an additional two defense before your opponent fires every single turn doesn't mean the ship is no longer good. Just means you may actually have to be good to get some mileage out of it. I am confident that the people that didn't give up on the Phantom the moment it went from broken NPE (seriously, I watched a single Echo with a 55 point bid destroy 8 headhunters and only lose a single shield) to rewarding good, honest outplay will suddenly see their win ratio increase in line with the satisfaction they receive from outplaying people, even if they are using Dash + Luke Gunner + Jan Ors in the HWK.
  5. Viktus106

    Strikers and new turrets

    End Phase would be quite nice. Do you spend the force token during the engagement phase to boost your offence or defence or do you keep it to ensure you have the best shot next round? If it's Engagement ... then we have a Initiative 5 Dash with Luke Gunner and Jan Ors riding in the HWK ... a five dice turret shooting at a jammed target .. which then follows up with an Ion Cannon from the HWK. *stares out the window as the tramua of wave 5 come flooding back*
  6. Viktus106

    Illicit Cloaking is small and medium?

    With a stealth device for truly stealthy cloaking, barrel rolly goodness ?
  7. Viktus106

    Illicit Cloaking is small and medium?

    IG88 and the Most Hunter are going to be covering a LOT of ground huh? Anyone know if it's still a speed two template they use?
  8. Viktus106


    Personally, I would like to see the pilot cards for: Carnor Jax and Kir Kanos, did they make it, if so, do they have force abilities? Corran Horn New Lambda pilot TIE Defenders (I suspect their titles will now be "config" cards) Gunboat (again, titles will be config cards) Ghost Sheathipede TIE Aggressor YV-666 Upgrades: Autoblaster Cannon/Turret - Still a thing? Leia Crew - Have they made her more useful outside of Epic? C3-PO - Ability changed or is it now based on charges and therefore limited? Obi-wan Crew card teaser? We have Force abilities now . . why not have him spend a force charge to "Boshek" someone's dial?
  9. Viktus106

    Is there any video of X-Wing tie fighters actually doing well?

    I know it's difficult to compare a 1.0 to a 2.0 list but I was simply making the point that if you brought in Iden Versio to 1.0 with the same ability, perhaps receive a stress and a weapons disabled instead of just a charge for the same effect, it still wouldn't bring the swarm back. I agree with what you have said though. The potential for no TLT or harpoons does theoretically help the swarm, even the change to reinforce does but we are still talking about a three hull / three agility ship having to tangle with the likes everything else in the game. Like I said, I think TIE swarms will be around but so will everything else. As a very famous forum username suggests. . . green dice are fickle after all.
  10. Viktus106

    Cluster Missiles 2.0

    While you perform a {torp} or {missile} attack, you may spend a charge from that upgrade card to (obscured text) defense dice. The (obscured text) those dice. The hidden parts are apparently (re-roll a number of the) and (defender cannot re-roll)
  11. Viktus106


    I play X wing and Armada as well as Rune Wars and I can safely say that all of FFG main flag ship products already have their store, regional, European and National events lined up or the stores know about them and are actively generating interest. When it comes to Rune Wars however, stores get no information, which in turn filters down to the players which eventually turn up with other games. This then stops the stores from stocking it because as you have put, it just seems like a lack of interest/involvement from the community, which is far from the truth. Rune Wars just wasn't pushed at all in the UK. Legion however had store release events, exclusive stuff for just demo'ing a game, more if you bought in and then even more if you turned up the week after and proved you still played it. Rune Wars got a starter set . . . then delayed expansions. I appreciate that Star Wars is a bigger IP but surely FFG should be making more effort to push their own original IP, not just exclude the rest of the world? I'm hoping this is just a mistake by Organised Play. It wouldn't be the first time. I mean, we are currently playing Store Championship events with no prizes because they haven't been sent out yet but at least we know about them and can play the game.
  12. Viktus106


    So no venues announced for Nationals within Europe and now no venues announced for Regional events within Europe which starts next month. . I'm starting to get the impression that this is a US only game.
  13. Viktus106

    Speculation: First Order and Resistance Conversion Kits

    In a word, yes. Kylo is the ONLY pilot that uses it, from a movie and possibly a canon perspective. I personally don't know of any source material were someone else is known to fly one but I'm happy to be corrected there. Same goes for the TIE Advanced and TIE Advanced Prototype in that they exist because they had one iconic pilot and then got fluffed out with others and generics for game play reasons. From a movie stand point, why shouldn't we see the U wing, TIE Reaper and Striker? The U wing was an iconic ship in Rogue One, being the main hero flagship ala Falcon. Saying that we shouldn't have the U wing is like saying we shouldn't have the Falcon? Both were the main transport ship for their respective heroes, both saw combat, most screen time of a ship in their respective films, etc. Additionally, Battlefront 1 and 2 deploys them in droves and calls them in regularly for hit and run ops as well as ground support. The Reaper was what brought Krennic in (OK, there was the shuttle at the beginning too, granted) so that's HIS ship (just as we got the Upsilon Shuttle because Kylo used it twice), the strikers were the main enemy fodder in Rogue One and seem to be specific to Krennic. Now if that was true, it could be reasoned that they were not deployed elsewhere because Krennic runs experimental tech and they weren't ready for mass production at the time or he just keeps them to himself. If he wasn't snuffed out of the Death Star project, perhaps the humble Ln would have been replaced, who knows. The First Order however doesn't have that excuse, Hux IS the First Order. It is HIS army, no one else. The point I was trying to make was that any new ships used in the TV series Resistance has to have a reason why it wasn't used in the biggest battle that the First Order engages in. It's like building a Mammoth Tank in Command and Conquer but then leaving it back at base and just attacking with rocket troopers and Orcas. . . both are good but you have a Mammoth Tank . . use it? I suppose this more of a personal problem, I want Star Wars to kinda make sense when in reality, I know it doesn't. Lol.
  14. Viktus106

    Is there any video of X-Wing tie fighters actually doing well?

    Speaking purely from 1.0 here but Iden Versio enables Howlrunner to survive the Miranda five dice harpoon, which is huge. Means she may, MAY be around for when the two black sqd crackshot and three academies have their chance to fire. Howlrunner would still need to survive three dice from Lowrrick and two from Ezra but that's possible with three agility and an evade token (plus some luck.) More so if one of the academies managed to block. Still think the swarm is going to suffer though. Crackshot being restricted to the bullseye arc, everything else getting a better dial, etc. It will show up in tournaments (because I'll fly it for sure) but the days of domination are long gone.
  15. Viktus106

    Scum Aces

    So it occurred to me that whilst Fenn would still be able to throw out five dice, he won't have full mods on those dice. Anyone know the odds of rolling all paint on five attack dice, especially when it is your only one that round? (assuming no mindlink here.) Additionally, he won't have access to autothrusters meaning that he is going to be more susceptible to damage prior to getting into his optimal position, especially since Ion Cannon Turrets will be rolling four dice at him too. (Oh god, have they changed autoblaster turrets as well, are they now three dice at range one ??) Suppose Afterburners are going to be stapled to him, maybe even Elusive for that defensive re-roll.