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  1. Just like X wing then, you will be buying one of everything, least it will be only for your faction though. Don't really want to be buying a Uthuk Command box just for two generic cards that may be useful for about two months . . . Thanks for all the feedback though. (Derailing incoming!! Choo Choo!) The idea I have at the moment is: Archers 2 x 2 Combat Ingenuity Archers 2 x 2 Combat Ingenuity Reanimate 3 x 3 Blighted Vexillum Bearer, Lingering Dead, Support Carrion Lancer Reanimate 3 x 3 Blighted Vexillum Bearer, Lingering Dead, Support Carrion Lancer
  2. This is excellent feedback. So I have opted to get a single core set and split the cost with a friend for now. I got lucky and the core was on sale so only paid GBP£50 for it (last one). I then added two packs of Reanimate Archers and now eagerly waiting for delivery. So I am guessing that I will need to buy a Carrion Archer pack and a Reanimate Warrior pack to get any missing cards from those sets as they won't be included in the Core?
  3. Looking to get into the hobby and being a FFG game, I wondered if I actually had to buy the core or if the "essential" pack would supply enough? Is there anything in the core that I cannot get separately? In x-wing, despite the TIE Fighter being in the core set, Howlrunner, the best TIE pilot was excluded, meaning you needed to buy her separately. Have they pulled the same marketing ploy here?
  4. I can legit see KoR being a metal band. In fact, if you listen to Lightbringer from Pentakill (a "fake" metal band formed of characters from League of Legends), it kinda fits what I would expect KoR to sound like. Now we just need a Guardians of the Galaxy style scene where Kylo pulls out a cassette tape and plays it just before the epic space battle begins. Star Wars is so easy to spoof.
  5. I think they have like, 3 seconds of screen time, in a flashback and they look like an evil version of Rogue One or a band about to drop an absolutely savage Dark Fantasy Metal album. But yes, maybe it was done as a mocking tone. Like Kylo tried to form his own Jedi cult and it failed, miserably.
  6. And maybe expand on the Knights of Ren a little as well?
  7. Its so obviously what we will happen. Luke tells Rey that you are not yet ready to confront Kylo but she goes anyway because Finn is in danger. Upon arrival, she doesn't find Kylo, but Snoke instead. She gets angry and tries to fight Snoke but then is treated to UNLIMITED POWARRRRHH. Kylo, sensing this, finds it difficult to focus during the space battle, making him break off his assault. Just as Snoke is about to finish Rey off, a cloaked individual arrives, Luke . . A battle of force abilities ensues and takes up much of the films CGI and special effects budget. After much anime style devastation, Luke decides that it's clear that this conflict can only be decided by a lightsabre but Snoke doesn't care and force pulls the sun out of orbit and causes it to begin moving towards the not quite finished but partially operational Starkiller base 2.4 and apparates out like Dumbledore, his evil chuckle echoing around the now nearly vacant chamber. Luke then has to calm his mind and put the sun back, giving him a great idea for a new ship, the sun crusher. Rey was unconscious the whole time and doesn't see any of this due to blood loss from her lost hand. Luke then escapes with Rey and Finn on a XG-2 Gunboat (its a new one) that has a two white lines and a red blood stripe on it, just in time for Poe to begin his attack run on the Starkiller base. Poe get's BB8 shot though by Generic Ace 8 but is saved by Lando and an Ework in the MF, who then tell him to "blow this thing and lets go home." Kylo then gets salty at the loss of yet another base and decides bad guys never win and decides to turn good but Rey on the other hand, asks Luke who Darth Plagius the wise is, shocked, Luke is about to speak and the credits roll. After the credits in true Marvel style, Snoke is seen talking to someone and is later revealed to actually be Jar Jar Binks and Darth Revan.
  8. Ben Solo. and he had no fear for he was the last Adaptus Astartes AND THEY SHALL KNOW NO FEAR!! Err . . . I mean, he had no fear because he was told that fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering so he blindly followed that like any good religious proverb and let it happen, just like Yoda and Mace Windu let Anakin happen despite sensing/knowing that there was much hate in him.
  9. Also, can we all acknowledge that Luke didn't actually do anything on his own prior to this? ANH Before the droids, he worked on a farm, helping his dad. He let R2 escape and only found him via C3PO. He got ambushed by Sand People but was saved by Obi. Han helped him with transportation. Leia saved herself once Han destroyed the door controls. Red and Gold Squadron AND HAN set up/died/handed a straight shot for Luke at the Battle of Yavin. ESB Saved by Han on Hoth. Has his X wing saved by Yoda Loses to Vader (and his hand) Saved by Lando/Chewbacca/Leia RotJ Leia saves Han Leia saves herself from Jabba Han saves Lando Han/Leia/Chewbacca and the population of Endor shut down the shields. Luke then stands around and watches everyone die as they tackle a fully functional battle station. Luke just about knocks Darth over, which is essentially a death sentence since he has the mobility of a dalek in RotJ. Darth saves Luke from the Emperor Lando and Wedge destroyed the second Death Star. Point is, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY Luke has had help, except now as Leia joins the Repubic, Han/Chewbacca go back to smuggling and Luke tries to restart a religion, on his own. . with his track record. . it really is no surprise he is found hiding on a rock. He can't mess things up if he doesn't get involved. So yeah, he is scared. He has a side role in a film, a critical one at that and so far all side roles have been at least helpful, unlike him, who, in the trailer, falls over at least once. Now we have Rey who has the power level of Goku, more plot armour than Superman and she is looking for Luke to help, like he is some God of force abilities when in reality he could barely put together an IKEA shelf unit with clear instructions.
  10. He most likely felt the Starkiller base firing too so is fully aware of what potential not only Kylo has but also the resources he likely has at his disposal. As you say, he legit trained the next Darth Vader and likely feels guilty for pushing him into the dark. Remember, Luke likely believes he is the last Jedi and he didn't exactly get the full Jedi Academy training like Obi or the others did, he had to wing it, based on his crash course with Yoda, that is straining.
  11. Whilst I agree with and your support your report on the Lt, in my area and including local tournaments, I haven't seen a ship with three agility since the last wave was released. Maybe Kylo/Silencer will be ruined by the Lt once he makes headway. Maybe a PS9 Kylo/Lt + Palp Combo will surface?
  12. Dear I say . . . . it's "On the GUN - boat!!" I'll get my cloak . . . .
  13. People moan because it's the internet and what we do, plus there seems to be this strange belief that it's wrong to stand in front of a fan (or group thereof) and tell them you liked something. Happens all the time. Personally, I like all the Star Wars movies. I like the new Star Trek movies (and series). I enjoyed Mass Effect Andromeda despite the internet community complaining so much Bioware cancelled all future DLC and potential a sequel. I like this game, despite the sheer amount of disgust and hatred people seem to have for it. I enjoy playing For Honor regardless of their community considering it "the biggest salt fest ever created since League of Legends." or for a more local reference "The centurion aka Kicky McCutscene generates more hatred that the Jumpmaster 5000" yet I still play it and enjoy it. However, the community / fandom is what it is. Back on topic though, I am hyped for The Last Jedi, i think the trailer showed too much but I have still bought tickets to a double IMAX 3D viewing with 9 like minded people and we will have a blast either way.
  14. Everyone saying that Kylo has Leia locked and loaded, ready to end the Rebellion but has anyone considered that Kylo may actually be contemplating firing on his own troops once he knew that Leia herself was there? Maybe he was locked on to Poe who was going in for the kill shot on a F/O Star Destroyer, Kylo had him dead to rights but a mental conversation he was having with Leia held him back? Maybe another squadron of bombers was about to put the finishing touches onto Leia's flagship and Kylo knew he could save her if he opened up his primary weapons upon his own troops?
  15. Maybe FFG were waiting for the Battlefront 2 Beta to finish so they could see how disgustingly powerful the Bombers are in that and errata/FAQ them into the game accordingly?