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  1. I know you want to replicate that but having a PS8 ship double tap someone with Assault Missiles and Ruthlessness is just not fun. Example: LT Ada: Ruthlessness + Assault Missiles + Extra Munitions + Long Range Scanners Tomax Bren: Same as above. Captain Jonus: Veteran Instincts + Title + Fleet Officer. Nowe let's fight Kanan + Biggs, a typical rebel meta list. Lock on to Kanan using Long Range Scanners turn 1 with both Bren and Ada.. Engage at range 3 with a focus. Captain J uses fleet officer to provide a second focus to both ships. Ada to fire Assault Missiles at Kanan, ignoring Biggs as not a valid target. Deal four damage to Kanan and two to Biggs. Fire again. Deal four damage to Kanan and two to Biggs. Bren to fire at Kanan as Biggs is not a valid target. Deal four damage to Kanan and kill Biggs. That's seventeen damage, from two ships, in a single turn! Rebels didn't even roll defence dice. Lol. Shuttle deploys and ... well ... both bombers target lock and fire again.. Now let's fire it at a seven TIE or Z swarm... mother of God...
  2. Maybe a TIE/Interdictor Title that affords them deadeye (or maybe a Han Crew style ability?) and a reduction in cost for all munitions added would help them out? Beyond that, I don't think Punishers really have a place in 100/6. 300/12 they see some use because they often survive long enough to unleash their payload into huge ships because of everything else on the field. Maybe the cruise missile will help them out as well, who knows.
  3. Double EMP anyone? Tran Slaver: Jabba the Hutt K4 Security Droid Glitterstim Unkarr Plutt Pattern Analyzer Ketsu Crew SpaceTug Tractor EMP Fenn Rau Push the Limit Title Autothrusters 97 points
  4. If its not the handshake greeting between Dutch and Dillon from Predator then i generally just consider the match a write off.
  5. What? OH. My. SNOKE. I didn't notice that, i thought it was worded like the proximity mine?! Wow.
  6. Thanks all, much appreciated.
  7. Thanks guys. So when does the bomb "detonate" because if it's immediately, wouldn't that be prior to the ship completing the move I. E changing the difficulty? Just want be sure!
  8. Agree with all the above, well said. Now if only that was true for a ship that is actually supposed to be that versatile I. E the Firespray then I wouldn't be sat here collecting salt. It's a shame that a ship made famous due to its pilot and bomb generator is going to be represented in the game as a very customisable small Base, should of been a large Base turret/bomber/Pursuit Craft.
  9. What If if it is Poe's ability as a EPT? However, if you DO spend that focus token then you become exhausted at the end of theach turn. If you didn't, then good on you.
  10. If you dial in a white hard turn and stressed and then when executing your move you happen to either go over a Cluster mine or Debris Field which deals you a crit that makes all turn moves red, what happens? For example, Inquisitor is stressed and dials in a green turn, clips a cluster, takeso a crit and now all turn moves are red. Does he complete the move as a red and simply gain a second stress? Additionally, if you weren't stressed and received that crit, do you still receive a stress token?
  11. I would like to see an Errata for the Slave 1 title or maybe a second Slave 1 title along the lines of the second MF title. Slave 1: Your upgrade bar gains the torp and system upgrade icons Cost of any equipped system upgrade is reduced by 2 to a minimum of 0. Pursuit Thrusters - 2 points - System Slot - Firespray-31 only After you perform a manuovre, if you did not overlap an obstacle or another ship, you may perform a free boost action using either the 1 hard/bank/straight templates. Point Defense Turret: - 2 points - Torp Slot - Firespray-31 only When defending against an attack using the {torp} or {missile} upgrade icons, you may increase your agility by two. EPT - No Good To Me Dead - 1 point - Imperial Firespray-31 only - Unique At the deploy forces step, assign the "By Any Means Necessary" condition card to an enemy ship By Any Means Necessary - Condition Card When a ship with this condition card is destroyed, place the destroyed pilot card on this condition card. The ship with the "No Good To Me Dead" upgrade card may now use the pilot ability listed on this card.
  12. Might be both. Combat phase you can gain a focus and an evade but flip the card. End of turn you can flip it back over by spending a token. I reckon it will either be 0 or 1 point. I like this idea as if you did need to burn both, you can't do it again next turn as your pilot would be "exhausted" however if the situation wasn't as bad as you thought and you still have a token left over, you can flip it. Put it on Poe or Soontir.
  13. I think the B wing will make a comeback via the MkII Title. Apparently, the MkII saw use just prior to the New Order emerging fully and flew along side the T70, the updated A wing and eventually was modded into the transport ship you see Leia arrive in. However, it also had two major upgrades listed: R-9X Heavy Laser Cannon Precision Laser Targeting Sub-System So I suppose the MkII title could offer a discount on Cannon mounts and they also release a PLT System Upgrade which allows you to change up to two focus results when attacking to hits.
  14. Fair point. Only reason I said three additional was because of the 2 base attack, in essence, its just a speed version of Prockets. I like the idea though, Speed 1 first turn for a TL via LRS and then maximum thrust for the first engagement with the focus.
  15. I was close. What makes you say that the cruise missile is 4 additional?