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  1. When other friendly ships at Range 1 are declared the target of an attack, you may spend a focus token to force the attack to be performed against you instead. Restricts Biggs to once per turn unless other focus generators are included in the list (Esege, Kyle, Garven, Jyn, etc) Can be stopped by denying Biggs actions via stress, bump or connor nets. Gives the controlling player of Biggs more choice about when and where to use Biggs's ability.
  2. How to fix Imperials: Title: Imperial Doctrine - 0 Points TIE ONLY / Imperial Only You may equip up to 2 different Title upgrades. When the number of damage cards assigned to you equals or exceeds your hull value, you are not destroyed until the end of the round. If you are a "unique" pilot and do not have already the {EPT} upgrade slot in your upgrade bar, you may equip one EPT upgrade to your ship. That helps ALOT of ships. Even the Punisher.
  3. Save the Rebellion, save the dream!
  4. What about: System Scrambler Action: Choose 1 enemy ship that is within range 1 of you and roll 1 attack dice. Assign a stress token for a hit, an ion token for blank and a weapons disabled token for a crit. It will 100% do something, as for what, well, only the Gods will know. Another reason for it being random is because its Imperial only and they never get auto assign like Scum.
  5. Hey Stoneface, Imagine this: Biggs: R4:D6 + Integrated Low: Selflessness + Jan Ors + Tactician Captain Rex Jess: R2-D6 + Draw Their Fire You are jocking for position and manage to get "Whisper" into range 1 of Biggs. You have a focus and a target lock and ready to bring these Rebel scum to heel in a majestic show of IMPERIAL POWER!! After spending your target lock, you end up with five hits. Fantastic! Biggs rolls his two dice, manages a singe evade, uh oh . . . You smile as you can picture Biggs being brought to the brink of death, your plan successful and the taste of victory itching closer. Biggs's droid kicks in and he takes two stress to cancel out two hits, leaving two hits remaining. Low spends his reinforce token to cancel a third and then Biggs spends the evade token he got from Jan Ors. Zero damage. Now it seems your Decimator has to pick up the slack. . . . At range 2, you manage a hit and crit. Biggs rolls a single evade again and Jess heroically draws the Decimator's fire and her shields take the brunt of the crit. . Biggs has taken zero damage and Jess has taken one, from eight dice. Now your Decimator has to face eleven dice, one of which is going to permanently reduce your Decimator's attack dice by one until Biggs dies and you will likely end up stressed due to Tactician and that 180 arc. Depending on circumstance, "Whisper" may or may not have shot next turn whilst the Rebel war engine just has to avoid Low and Biggs bumping. As they are both PS5 and move before both your ships, that's not a tall ask. That 75 minutes is going to start feeling like a life time. That's why people begrudge the list. I personally don't mind it as recently proven, four TLT handles it rather well and i don't watch much X wing streams anyway.
  6. Maybe this ship will be 3/4/4/1, the first native ship to have four agility. It's dial will be like an E-Wing to avoid Push abuse and the title will enable it to boost with a 2 speed template. EPT / Missile / Tech Focus / Target Lock / Boost / Barrel Roll Kylo will be PS8
  7. Howlrunner + six TIES lost three times to Nym/Dengar last week at the LGS and won once. Nym with his Cad Bane "Genius" bomblets, autoblaster turret and accuracy corrector just rolled through. Just so you have a general jist on how the matches went: First engagement: Howl died to Proton Torp Black Sqd 1 damaged by AB+AC 6 damage to Nym Second engagement: Black Sqd 1 died to bomblet Black Sqd 2 and Academy 1 damaged by Bomblet Black Sqd 2 died to AB+AC Black Sqd 3 died to Proton Torp Academy 2 damaged by Dengar ability Dengar took 2 damage Third engagement: Academy 1 killed by bomblet Academy 2 and 3 damaged by bomblet Academy 2 killed by AB+AC Academy 3 killed by Dengar primary The other two matches were getting closer and closer but we kinda felt that, if we had 10 TIE Fighters, Imperials may have seen victory.
  8. Whilst this is true, Alex has often said that he also finds it difficult to NOT mention something that he has been playing/using which isn't released yet and often "over thinks" what he is saying, which leads him to miss speak and get pilot abilities and some game interactions incorrect. Remember, they are two, maybe three waves and a FAQ ahead of the rest of us. If they do play often, which I believe they do, they will be in a different mindset to us. Additionally, the devs, just like every local gaming community, have their own meta. I seriously doubt they have a dedicated Swarm player, a die hard trilogy player, a bomber, a janker, a WAAC and meta bunny all within their own team. Likely, they have a fly casual atmosphere with the occasional competitive streak. What I am trying to say is, i'm sure that when they play at lunch, the don't both pull out Dengar + Nym v Low/Biggs/Rex/Jess day in, day out. Most likely they use Leia in a Naboo Starfighter, paired with Rey in the Falcon with K2SO and Obi-wan crew versus two Imperial Gunboats and Kylo in the TIE/Silencer.
  9. It's a starting point though! Maybe: Threek: Title + AT Asajj: Adaptability + Ketsu Crew + Title Constable Zuvio: Snap Shot + Space Tug + Cad Bane + Bomblet Generator + Pattern Analyzer 98 points
  10. I honestly do not believe we are going to see a two ship list involving Threek + 1, Starviper is still a weird ship with a confusing role. That being said: Threek: MkII title + Autothrusters Asajj: Mindlink + Title Fenn: Mindlink + Title + Autothrusters Asajj and Fenn are proven quality and Threek becomes what ever the opponent has.
  11. I find this list easier to beat than than this one, which is a nightmere: Braylen Stramm: R3-A2 Ezra Bridger Title Lowhhrick Draw Their Fire Wookie Commandos Biggs R4-D6 Integrated Captain Rex The stress threat helps with action dependent aces. Either way, a Quickdraw, Tomax Bren and Inquisitor list does wonders against both.
  12. Despite the long list of potential things Threek can do, he is once again a small ship in a mindlink/jumpmaster faction. The Viper is a good ship but takes getting used to. As many people have discussed, the Viper doesn't have a "arc dodger" dial due to lack of greens, only one (potentially two) high PS pilots and in some cases, overcosted. With that in mind, will Threek bring enough to the tables to stop you from bringing Jumpmasters, Shadowcasters and Protec Fighters? In a casual game, sure. In a competitive setting where consistent and ruthless efficiency rain, time will tell. Being that I am one of the few people that actually dared to fly the Viper in a competitive setting, i'm eager to see more on the top tables.
  13. As others have said, whilst you may not be able to mimic Asajj ability, she is normally paired with a Fenn or a Bossk, both of whom have fantastic abilities. "Zeta Ace" needs a FAQ clarification as it MAY allow Threek to use the two bank template. With that said, let's look at what Threek could potentially do: REBELS: A Wings: Gemmer: Roll an additional evade dice when at range 1 Arvel: Shoot the person you blocked Jake: When you focus, take a free boost or barrel roll Tycho: Ignore stress Arc: Braylen: Clear a stress on a hit or crit (Braylen is popular the moment as a stress inducer, he is his own counter) Thane: Action when you are not the target Shera: Share your TL Norra: Extra dice from your TL (PS7 - 9) Shuttle Zeb: Doge crits first Ezra: Super Luke when stressed Sabine: Free barrel roll Hera: Change your move (PS7) Auzituck: Wullffwarro: When damaged, roll an extra dice (PS7 - 9) B wings: Nera: 360 Torps (with scavenger Crane, could be lethal) Ibtisam: Re-roll when stressed Keyen: Spend a stress to modify focus results when attacking Ten Numb: Unavoidable crits E wings: Corran: Attack twice HWK Roark: PS12 (becoming common with Cap Rex) Kyle: Had over a focus Jan: Someone can roll an extra dice (not common but you could put Fenn up to six dice primary) K wing Esege: People can spend your focus Miranda: Regeneration for a dice or spend a shield for a dice. (Common, also PS8) Scurrg: Nym: Delay friendly bombs from exploding T70: Jess: Re-rolls when in formation (popular with Rebel Jankyard) Blue Ace: Boost with the turn template Snap: Free boost when you do anything beyond a speed 1. Red Ace: Gain an evade token when you lose your shield Nien Numb: Remove ALL stress when you are at range 1 of someone Poe: Mini-Expertise (also PS9) TIE: Sabine: Same Ashoka: Spend a focus to perform an action (Commonly PS9) U wing: Heff: Perform a free action if someone bumps you Cassian: Remove a stress upon activiation VCX: Chopper: Assign a stress to people in contact with you Kanan: Spend a focus to reduce incoming fire Hera: Same (PS7 though) X wings: Tarn: Gain a TL on the person attacking you Biggs: Force people to attack you (almost in every Rebel list, arguably better than Biggs) Hobbie: Free TL when you sloop! Gervien: Hand your focus to someone else when spent Jek: Remove a stress on a roll of a dice or hurt yourself Luke: Focus to evade when defending Wes: Token stripping when attacking (Commonly PS10) Wedge: Defender has one less agility (PS9) YT:1300 Chewbacca: Ignore crits / Attack again when a friendly dies Lando: Free action to someone when performing a green move Rey: Re-rolls when in arc! (Also PS8 - 10) Han: Re-rolls! / Start somewhere else! (PS9 or 11 though) YT-2400 Leebo: Pick three cards when crit, choose the weakest Dash: Ignore obstacles! (Kinda common) Headhunters: Cracken: When you attack, give someone a free action (if taken, normally PS10) IMPERIALS: Firespray: Kath: If they dodge your crit, they get a stress Boba: Change your bank move to the other direction (PS8 - 10_ Shuttle: Yorr: Absorb someone's stress Jandon: Give your TL to someone else Kagi: Absorb TL for your friends (PS8) Advanced: Colzet: Flip damage cards by spending your TL Alozen: Gain a target lock if you are in range 1 Strom: No range bonuses for ships within range 1 of you Stele: Pick three cards when crit, choose the best Juno: Reduce/increase the speed of your moves Vader: Double actions baby! (Possibly common in the PS11 cruise missile meta) Aggressor: Kestral: Spend your focus to remove defender's blank and focus results (new shiny, could see use) Bomber: Tomax: Can't take ability but he is PS8 Defender: Ryad: Green K turns Vessery: Free TL (common, sometimes PS8) Stele: Same (PS7 or 9 if you don't want his ability) Rex: Spend a focus to flip all damage cards dealt (also PS8 or 10) Fighter: Chaser: When someone else spends a focus, you gain a focus: Wampa: If you roll a crit, cancel all dice and deal a face down: Night Beast: Do a green, gain a free focus Gundark: Range 1, change a hit to a crit Backstab: If out of arc, roll an extra dice Curse: When defending, ships can't spend focus or re-roll dice Scourge: If defender is damaged, roll an extra dice Mauler: When at range 1, roll an extra dice Howlrunner: Ships in range 1 of you can re-roll a dice (common in swarms) Interceptors: Wrath: Die at end of round Tetran: 1 speen K turn Turr: Perform a boost or barrel roll after you have attacked Carnor: Focus lock out at range 1 (common) Soontir: When stressed, gain a focus token (meh but PS9) Strikers: Countdown: Take a stress to cancel all but one damage Pure Sabacc: If not damaged, roll an extra dice (common in Imp Jank) Duchess: Whilst you cannot take her ability, she is PS8 or 10 F/O: Epsilon Ace: PS12 Epsilon Leader: Remove a stress from all at range 1 Omega Ace: Spend a focus and TL to roll three to four crits Zeta Leader: Take a stress to roll another dice Omega Leader: Lock out modifications when you lock on (common, easier with FCS) S/F: Quickdraw: First time you are hit, attack again! (Common, also PS9, maybe even 11 in cruise missile meta) Upsilon: Dormitz: Deploy people within range 1 - 2 of your ship Decimator: Oicunn: Bumpy deady Kenkirk: If you have no shields, gain an evade token RAC: Focus to Crit when attacking at range 1 - 2 (Common also, PS10 mostly) SCUM: IG88C: Free evade token when you boost Firespray: Boba: Free re-rolls at range 1 (also PS8-10) G-1A: 4-LOM: Pass your stress off to someone else at range 1 Zuckuss: Roll an extra dice (so do they, also commonly PS9) HWK: Torkil: Bust someone down to PS0 Palob: Steal tokens Dace: When someone receives an Ion token from any source, take a stress to apply a damage Jumpmaster: Manaroo: Pass your tokens over Tel: Ability if you take hull, if not, you can bump to PS7 or 9 Dengar: Potentially attack twice (Common and PS9 if you don't want that ability) Khiraxz: Graz: Roll additional defence dice if in arc Viktor: Essentially Rebel Captive for EVERYONE that shoots you. Talonbane: Double range bonuses Syck: Sunny: Same result rolled, add another Inaldra: Spend a shield to re-roll Laetin: if you evade, gain an evade token Quinn: Reload your torp for a WD token Genesis: When you acquire a TL, gain focus tokens equal to the defender (so even with FCS and not limited to once per turn, common with VI so PS7 - 9) Serissu: Defense re-rolls for others (PS8 - 10) Fang Fighters: Kad: Two focus tokens when you sloop Old: Strip tokens from people in range 1 Fenn: Extra attack dice at range 1. (Common and PS9) Shadowcaster: Asajj: Can't take ability but you can bump to PS6 Ketsu: Can't take ability but you can bump to PS7 or 9 Quadjumper: Unkarr: Assign tractor beam tokens to anyone you are touching Sarco: Potentially four evade dice when you speed up the board Vipers: Guri: Gain a focus when at range 1 Dalen: Turn, bank and Segnor's into Talon Rolls Xizor: Pass damage off to others (normally PS9 though) Y wings: Drea: Gain a stress to re-acquire a TL YV666: Latts: Spend a target lock to reduce defender's agility Bossk: Change a crit to two hits (also PS9) Headhunters: Kaa'to: Steal a focus from a friendly ship N'dru: Roll an extra attack dice if you be lone wolf'in That's a LOT!
  14. I know people are theory crafting against Biggs, Low, Rex and Jess but in the UK it's Biggs, Low, Rex and Stress-Braylan which removes the Ace counter. Braylan: R3-A2 + Title + Ezra Captain Rex Low: Draw Their Fire + Wookies Biggs: R2-D6 + Integrated 100 points Damage reduction, three ships throwing three dice each with mods and dealing out stress. The alternative version replaces Ezra with Tactician for the double, some even put Tactician on Low for the 180 threat. In a casual game, I smashed it using three gamma vets with Ruthless Assault Missiles but in a competitive setting that list just won't work. I'm thinking a Ion Pulse Missile may be clutch here.
  15. I would like to amend the above and replace Concussion Missiles with Cruise Missiles, cheaper and more dice. 2 points for a potential 5 dice attack? Yes please.