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  1. People prior have mentioned about Rune Wars being generic and there are pros and cons to that. Here is how I would have done it: Year 1 Third Darkness - Get all four main armies up to speed ASAP. Advance story based on World's rankings Year 2 The Land Endures - Increase the point size of the game, release a new campaign box which has modified unit cards for older units and new terrain. Release 3D models of the terrain. Release one new faction and use this year to bring it up to speed competitively. Advance story based on World's rankings Year 3 An Age Undreamed of - Add a new game mechanic, rune magic Release one new faction and use this year to bring it up to speed competitively. Release rules to allow models to be replaced with custom heroes from the RPG or from Descent (not tournament) Advance story based on World's rankings Year 4 The Desperate Gambit - Release "neutral allies" Release Legendary Units 3D terrain pieces of the card pieces from the last two years. Year 5 The second Darkness - A prequel Introduce Waiqar himself as a Legendary Unit Year 6 The Price of Existence - Go back to the current time period and put it in a state of collapse due to the Runes going nuts thanks to actions taken in year 4, The Desperate Gambit. In tandem with this, release Terrinoth RPG and Descent content with the same names or something along the same lines. Whilst the massive armies fight on the battlefield, Descent and the RPG tackle the small skirmishes, the infiltration, the court intrigue. Use all the different formats to advance the story. USE THE WEBSITE TO WRITE A PERSISTENT NARRATIVE. Honestly, no other game has an interactive, persistent narrative that people can influence. You cannot do that with Star Wars or Star Trek or even Warhammer . . you CAN do that with your own IP. It would make it unique. Imagine that, a pen and paper RPG, a skirmish game AND a massive battle game, all linked? If that's not marketable I don't know what is. ****, I would even write the thing. . and the beauty of it all is that it IS GENERIC. It's not D&D, it's not Lord of the Rings, Its not Conan, it's not anything. It's their own IP. You want to have Elves that are super strong and poor Dexterity? Go for it. Charming Orcs? That's a possibility. A mono sex Cat like race that are all female but can genetically breed with anyone? Go nuts. Dwarves that DON'T LIVE IN MOUNTAINS. Why not. . You could of had: Human - Generic Human - Variant - Depends on their Barony Human - Variant - Raised by Latari Latari - Generic Latari - Exile Latari - Raised by Humans Lartari - Pureblood Uthuk - Generic Uthuk - Bloodborn (Just made that up) etc, etc But no. Why break the mold, why release something new and exciting. You know . . if I could actually make models I would do it myself.
  2. Thanks. Forgot about that. I have edited the main post. Essentially, it should feel thematic and rewarding, amend as necessary.
  3. I would have liked to have seen FFG OP give it one solid shot. The Land Endures, instead of being the end, it could have been the spark . . Instead of an article sounding the death knell for their own IP, it could have been a resounding war cry, one telling of hope, of conquest, of expansion. One that announced that, whilst they will no longer be arranging Store, Regional, National events due to attendance, they will be moving the OP to online only. The game could have operated via the community, forum and social media, easily. We don't NEED prizes and tournaments, we just need a narrative.
  4. FFG announces no more OP for Rune Wars and GW announce the City of Death Campaign expansion for Warhammer 40k. Lol. But let's be reminded that even a game as huge as 40k survived for years without Organised Play. Just a steady stream of new models and FAQ and the community kept the hype train truddlin' along for years. This may be the end of Organised Play involvement but if the game still sees new models, I doubt anyone here will mind. Just means we need to pull together and host our own events and campaigns, with Blackjack ... and hookers ... in fact .. FORGET THE ORGANISED PLAY !!
  5. Considering the recent news ... I think we need this more than ever.
  6. Friend of mine has both of those but we have yet to sit down and have him DM a game but I would like to run a RPG set in Terrinoth. Think a good start would be a group hired to escort some supplies between two Daqan cities but arrive to find the entire village slaughtered. The rapid buzz of flies and the pungent smell of rotting Human and Dwarven flesh mixed with stagnated blood pollutes the air here and leaves a foul stench offensive to all who breath. In contrast to the carnage that lays before you, the few outlying buildings within the small village such as the smithy, cobbler and tavern have clearly been ransacked but otherwise appear to be intact. Meanwhile, the central town house, where the local population would gather for meetings of court and also to dine, seems to have been barricaded in a desperate last stand. Bodies piled against the makeshift ramparts suggest some were cut down were they stood whilst others fought tooth and nail to gain entry . . . . Now this sets the scene for anything, you could have the bodies begin to revive, suggesting Waiqar foul play or you could have a broken weapon still in-bedded within a city guard, a weapon made of reinforced bone or chitinous claw . . alternatively, perhaps you find more than one coat of arms among the dead . one of Cathridge. . one of Seragatt . . . Either way, you are going to be using those Rune Wars minis! Maybe later in the campaign, you manage to win the support of an entire army and have to BREAK THEIR DEFENSES!
  7. In one of the topics, we had the idea of an overarching narrative campaign and it got me thinking. . we can kind of do it now? What I would like to do is this: I want as many people as possible to play the following and then post in this thread what factions you used, who was the attacker/defender and who won each game. Decide between you who is the attacker and who is the defender for this mini-campaign. With the war raging on, a scouting party launches an unexpected assault against a undefended forward position. Looking to crush the morale of their enemies in one swift stroke, their forces collide on the battlefield! Game 1: (No HEROES) Deployment: Forward Scouts Objective: Demoralize Their Forces Terrain: Based on Initiative / Standard pick With their forces broken and their morale shattered, the raiders follow their momentum straight into the main body of the enemy army. With the forward scouts slaughtered, the defenders are caught unawares and scramble to meet the invaders. Game 2: If Attacker won: Deployments: Unprepared (Attacker Red Deployment) Objective: Bounty Terrain: Based on Initiative / Standard pick Blunting the blow and stalling the attack long enough for a dispatch runner to flee the field, relief comes as the thunderous war horn sounds out across field, reinforcements have arrived to turn the tide! If the Defender won: (Attacker may not use heroes) Deployment: Mutual Reinforcements Objective: Encircling Maneuvers Terrain: Defender picks all terrain pieces. Deploy as if Defender has initiative. Game 3: Final Battered, bloodied and beaten, the defenders stand foolhardily resolute. No matter, their death will come quick enough. . . If Attacker won: Deployments: Pincer Strike (Attacker Blue Deployment) Objective: Battle of Champions Terrain: Attacker picks all terrain pieces. Deploy as if Attacker has initiative. With the army mustered and their souls emboldened with victory, battle lines are drawn. It's time to put these cowards to sword and secure our lands! If the Defender won: (Defender chooses all terrain cards and placement) Deployment: Battle Lines Objective: Ancient Wards Terrain: Defender picks all terrain pieces. Deploy as if Defender has initiative.
  8. Might have been me as I cannot switch off story time. If there was a living narrative campaign, it would bring a new aspect to the game and could even sway people into bringing specific factions to a tournament just because they want them to play a bigger part in the narrative. Could even go as far as to have a campaign map online that is influenced by the total amount of Victory Points accrued by a faction at a OP event. This would then move their armies across the map and act as a visual guide to the ebb and flow of a campaign. Perhaps you could even go as far as having the highest ranking player of each faction at the event determine which battlefront all the points earned by the faction that event went? A Waiqar player could decide that settling their feud with Daqan is more important than dealing with the Uthuk and decides to allocate their VP to the battlefront that is connected with Daqan, pushing further into the Baronies. At the end of the year, the final positions would then decide on the next big part of the story. You could release a Campaign Box with specific missions relating to the end of year results, new terrain and alternative unit cards. Did Waiqar make it all the way to the Daqan stronghold, if so then there could be a special Deployment and Objective set in there allowing you to play out the last ditch defense of the Daqan (featuring two 3D printed Stronghold card pieces) or perhaps the Latari attacked deep into Waiqar territory and disrupted Maro's plans to summon a Blighted Dragon which would be played out by another special set of Deployment and Objective cards (maybe having Maro fixed to the board on a special terrain piece, like a giant alter and he summons the dragon at the end of turn 6 if unengaged?). Just feel like they missed a trick here. . This is their own IP, they are not tied into any specific story and they have a chance to do something that 40k has tried to do for years. I'd happy help FFG do it.
  9. As said before, the game is solid and I think fills a niche missing within the table top genre at the moment. It rides the line between mass battles and skirmish games quite well and the system is unique and interesting. It doesn't take hours to play, it doesn't use a "watch me destroy your army and when I'm done, you can try and retaliate with whats left" game style and keeps both players engaged throughout all the phases of the game which is a massive plus for me. The game could have been huge. A live campaign that was influenced by Organised Play results worldwide, the story advancing, units receiving amended versions as the war escalates, heroes going through different stages, etc. It could have been amazing. I mean, let's take the situation as it stands now: Uthuk dominated Nationals and Worlds. . . so FFG release an article : The Tides of War This article advances the story, detailing how the Uthuk swept through Terronoth, leaving carnage and destruction in their wake. Waiqar's legion, the Daqan Baronies and Latari all stood resolute against the onslaught but took insurmountable loses, no one able to stem the tide. The article would drop hints at new units to come. It could mention that a Daqan Barony has reached out to old allies to bolster their defenses in their time of need (Dwarves) whilst another has begun constructing Rune Golums with Volatile Runes out of desperation to recoup their loses (New Rune Golum rules/Upgrades). Maro, diving deeper into the forbidden magic is managing to revive bigger and better monsters (Banshee, Barghest, Dragons, new Maro unit card) whilst Waiqar himself has restored his own personal regiment of Honor Guard . . . The Latari finally muster fully for war (hinting at the fact they were reluctant to commit originally) and bring forth the full might of the Wildwood forest. Massive Scion constructs, an array of beasts lead by a single elven master and more powers to control the battlefield ! Uthuk continue to ride the tide of war and their success brings more warbands under the banner. Blood Harvesters, Chaos Lords and entire covens of Blood Sisters now take to the field ! Then the OP kit, Store, Regional etc would all be another stage of the campaign. Each one telling a further part of the story. Players helping determine the future with their faction choice, wins and loses. . it could have been so sweet. But no, we get nothing. We get a tweet from FFG essentially telling us that, yes they hear us but they don't want to address it.
  10. That is interesting to know but I also know that when I walk into any of the three local gaming clubs or any of the seven local London stores, someone is generally playing IA or Armada or the store has an entire section dedicated to it. Rune Wars on the other hand. . Four stores don't stock it anymore. One actually gave their remaining stock away as prizes so they don't have to stock it anymore. Two didn't bother with it because they simply didn't have the space. One had the remaining stock buried in a corner amongst Warhammer Fantasy Battle stuff, at 90 % off. I've only spoken to three of the stores recently about events and they typically all said the same thing, they would LIKE to run events . . but they don't have the time/space/interest in doing it. One even asked if people even still played it. Another thought it was a failed Kickstarter campaign game. . As for X wing, that won't go anywhere. FFG is essentially built on the shoulders of that game and the fact that any Store/Regional/National/European/System Open/Hyper Space Qualifier/Worlds event gets sold out is another indicator that it is here to stay. Especially with Clone Wars Era stuff now making it's way into the game. They could release an over-powered Jar Jar Binks card and the game would still sell. Meanwhile, Rune Wars didn't even get game mats at Nationals and you got the prizes at Euros if you mentioned Rune Wars to a member of staff in between rounds of any other game. Anyway, as I mentioned before, as a casual game with interesting fluff, great models and a fun system, Rune Wars is where it's at. Just keep it casual and try to get a game or two in occasionally to justify the cost.
  11. The challenge is getting your local community to buy in. Our group has around 8 players which keeps us ticking over and we have someone that actively promotes and runs events on a semi-monthly basis which is very welcome. The game itself is very solid, enjoyable and a refreshing break away from other table top war games. If you have a fantasy itch that you need to scratch, this is certainly it. The community, both online and offline are very welcoming and due to the size, you get to know them as people as opposed to just other players which I really like. Some are willing to travel for games and due to the style of game play, it's not uncommon to squeeze two or three games into an evening as opposed to that ONE 2,500 point game that takes up your entire house and weekend, much to the disgust of partners and pets alike. There are also only two or three unit tactics that will literally drain the life out of you and make it unenjoyable but if you are playing casually then this isn't much of a concern. The models are also quite decent sculpts, fit in well to other game systems and as others have mentioned, can be picked up on the cheap. However. . The lack of updates, I think the last actual true new unit announcement was June 2018, the fact stores in London don't want to re-stock their supplies because the game doesn't sell, no one plays it in their store so they don't want to invest in OP kits or put any time aside for it because of lack of attendance, does make convincing people to buy in difficult. I personally cannot see any of the London stores even bothering to host Store or Regional Championships in 2019 unless one of our players specifically offers to pay for and run the event for them on a dead day. European Championships I think are a non-starter. FFG doesn't help the matter considering that this isn't the first time this has been raised and yet weeks go by with no news, comments or any sign that they are even planning anything. I appreciate that Armada is also in the same boat but that has the added benefit of having STAR WARS plastered over it and with X wing dancing into the Clone Wars, Armada could very easily do the same and see a new lease of life. Rune Wars doesn't have that luxury. So if you are looking for a range of nice models and don't mind a lack of FAQ, Errata or any Organised Play support and you can at least get a game or two in once a month as well as use the models for other games, I would say jump in. If not. . . well . .
  12. So my joke posts aside. . . What is the common ruling here, I just want to be sure people are playing it consistently both sides of the pond. I've had someone debate it mid game that it's possible. The reasoning I was told was that File Leader asks you to perform a melee attack IF your dial is already revealed and with the melee action dialed, essentially saying - You revealed your dial too early and got nothing for it but NOW it's OK for you to use it. This is different from say Dispatch Runner, which doesn't care about your dial, it just tells you to make a melee attack. I'm happy with it either way, mainly because this was the first and only time I have actually seen someone use it. :)
  13. The D Wars can pull off a fantastic combo too. Picture the scene. . You collide with their flank due to a charge March action + Charge modifier and a handful of tactical brilliance. Smirking and preparing the quote you have been dying to try out all game, you reach for your dice. . this is your moment, your time to shine. . But wait, why is the Latari player not panicking? Can he not see the destruction you are about to unleash?? They push their glasses back up with one finger . . a white flash rapidly passes across their face as their previously poker face like expression turns to one of vicious joy. . The Latari Player: 1. Reforms to face you due to Banner of Twisting Gale, cancelling the flank bonus and returning to them their rank re-rolls. 2. Performs an attack due to File Leader. 3. As their dial is revealed, the hit modifier is active. Naturally, they roll hit + hit + hit/surge, as they were natties, no re-roll needed. #trollface 4. Tempered steel is used to put 15 damage in the damage pool. 5. Front Line Scion is exhausted to provide a stun token. 6. Stun token gets spent to cancel the charge modifier. 7. Your unit receives a panic token for colliding with an enemy unit without a charge modifier as well as cancelling your attack. 8. You drop your dial in disgusting slow motion as you are blown away by their tactical genius. (Personally I don't think steps 5 - 7 are legit due to the order of operations and the requirement for File Leader but I have heard compelling argument that the above is legal and as funny as someone saying that Maro is a well balanced, competitive hero and a lynch pin of Waiqar meta.)
  14. Nope, nothing beyond our normal pub conversation, which generally goes like this: Uthuk and Waiqar: " You really should remove a dice after the re-roll step mate, even if you decided to skip the re-roll step. . . such a strong unit. . I mean, why does an infantry unit roll three dice? " Latari Players: "No. It's totally acceptable to have a threat 3 infantry unit roll three blue dice with access to both Tempered Steel/Master Crafted Weapons and Lethal per surge as well as a hit enhancement modifier on their dial. Why should I have to remove a dice for rolling natties? Don't hate the unit, hate the dice bro. . " Uthuk and Waiqar in unison: "Because it's a threat 3 infantry unit rolling three blue dice with access to both Tempered Steel/Master Crafted Weapons and Lethal per surge as well as a hit enhancement modifier on their dial, which all happens at I4. . .and puts out between 12 to 15 damage a time!" Latari: "Yeah . . but . . *points at Uthuk player* SPINED THRESHERS!!" Waiqar: Good point. . they are OP. . they should have their points increased. . " Uthuk - *dies a little inside* Daqan - *cries in silence because we don't have a Daqan player*
  15. A Heraldry Champion could be quite cool. Kind of like a Company Banner or perhaps a Seige Champion or a Seige Musician aka FURY ROAD!
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