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  1. I can just see it being something FFG would release, more dice, more damage, shorter, more "interesting" games for streaming. Also, I was right about Cad Bane crew and crossing my fingers for being two for two on predictions.
  2. WizKids originally said they wouldn't do a card pack either but now they are releasing "faction packs" which provide the majority of faction specific upgrade cards found across numerous ships. That being said, they are also re-releasing all the wave 1 - 10 ships, with new, better paint jobs and adjusted card text/points. Suppose that is what happens when you have a failing product sitting at wave 27 and some 155 ships.
  3. Oh cool, now I am looking forward to it more. Being that the majority of the pilots are scum and the title trades crew for Aggromech, are we even sure its an Astromech? I'm still in the "roll more dice" camp, reason being that red dice are on the increase and seeing Miranda lock on via Long Range Scanners turn one, perform a three bank, focus, fire a two dice cruise missile at range 3, add three dice due to speed, add a sixth via ability and a seventh from Jan Ors in the HWK would just be hilarious and fitting of the power creep and be enough to punch a hole straight through a jumpmaster. Add in the TLT shot from Jan and maybe even a two dice primary from Airen Cracken and that its a nice PS10 > PS10 > PS8 alpha for the rebels.
  4. Since you don't need to spend your target lock, which allows you to re-roll your dice during the attack, having a built in ability that allows you to re-roll your dice seems rather redundant. Unless of course, the new unrevealed crew card in the Havoc pack is a 1 point crew that allows you to re-roll a re-roll.
  5. Why else would you take them?
  6. Whilst I do agree with you, I think every player has access to a way of measuring range 6 these days. Especially between two players.
  7. On another note, since they have already borrowed from Epic, wouldn't it be great if this was a range 2 - 4 missile?
  8. On the grounds that it does not specify that you must spend your target lock to perform the attack, just have one like a Homing Missile, it would be logical to assume that it is "you may ROLL" as opposed to RE-ROLL a number of dice. Unless anyone has a CSI-Las Vegas style image enhancer, you know the one where they can enhance an image of a hubcap so much that they can make out the face of a killer and room in further on the button his shoe to show a clear reflection of a second suspect, I am guessing this is about as close to the wording we are going to get until release.
  9. Maybe he is landing on Debris Fields? They allow you to shoot (hand out a stress and only take damage on a critical roll as opposed to both a hit and critical).
  10. If you put two to three stress on it then that is going to be two to three turns of predictable movement without it firing or taking either a focus or evade action. Four naked evade dice versus two TLT Y wing attacks, maybe even three are fantastic odds for you. You could even have Nera fire a flechette at her for good measure. And if they survive and you put yet ANOTHER two to three stress on her? Well, she is good as dead then anyway. Edit: Also, TLT and Flechette via Nera are all 360 secondary weapons, all you have to do is get her in range 3 and its your modified dice versus her four unmodified.
  11. Maybe that will be the Imperial bomber buff, a second title for both the punisher and bomber that allows them to take two modifications not exceeding 2 points.
  12. Rear Admiral C: Veteran Instincts Kylo Ren Emperor Palpatine Engine Upgrade Dauntless title Carnor Jax: Push the Limit Autothrusters Royal Guard Title Stealth Device You won't be friends after this. RAC is PS10 so moves after Dash and the T70 (except for VI POE). Ensure your first engagement happens at range 2 so you can use Kylo on Dash as well as Palpatine. That should net you two critical hits to trigger the blinded pilot. Next turn, you should either be again at range 2 or both now range 1. Kylo/Blinded Pilot him again. If you managed to have Carnor firing at him both rounds too Dash will be dead next turn having never fired a shot. If you are a capable pilot, your friend would have likely not been able to spend any of his focus tokens ether due to Carnor Jax ability. With one ship gone and your Decimator potentially taking only six damage, it should be simple enough to mop up the lone T70. Play "Easy Street" on your phone at this point and sing along as Carnor and RAC run rings around the X wing and destroy it in under twenty minutes.
  13. I am going to say: Cruise Missile - 3 points Attack Value: 2. Range 3 Attack [Target Lock] Discard this card to perform this attack. You may roll additional attack dice equal to the speed executed maneuver, to a maximum of 3 additional dice. This will then replace Homing Missile on VI Bossk for that sexy K4 Security Driod + 4LOM + Boba + Guidance Chip PS9 alpha strike with VI Ketsu + Dengar + Title. Two attacks, ten potential damage on a single target which may or may not be on a rock at that point. Love it. Beyond that, Gamma Veterans with Deadeye and Guidance Chips doing a speed 3 or 4 to engage will be quite a nice alpha. VI + Glitterstim + Guidance Chips N'Dru could potentially let off a six dice fully modified attack at PS9 as well. Airen Cracken as well maybe with a Bandit support, both with Cruise Missile?
  14. You must be referring to: Rear Admiral: Veteran Instincts Emperor Palpatine Kylo Ren "Whisper" Veteran Instincts Fire Control System Advanced Cloaking System Agent Kallus 99 points Against a two ship list, RAC uses Kylo Ren (Dash or Tel for example) and uses Palpatine to add a critical hit. If its at range 2, RAC generally manages two critical results because of this and it is very difficult to avoid. "Whisper" tags Dengar or Miranda with Agent Kallus and cleans up. Both lose to stress mechanics however.
  15. How did you draw those two when he has two of the best the Empire has to offer?? Actually, the fact you have to have Nera is perfect. . 150 points you say? Garven Dreis: R2-D6 > Veteran Instincts Flechette Torps Integrated Astromech Nera Dantels: Deadeye Flechette Torps Extra Munitions Fire Control System Guidance Chips Gray Squadron Y Wing Twin Laser Turret R2 Astromech Gray Squadron Y Wing Twin Laser Turret R2 Astromech Gray Squadron Y Wing Twin Laser Turret R3-A2 BTL-A4 Title 145 points / 5 point initiative bid because why not? Take three of the largest debris field you can. If you opponent has a PS8, give him initiative so he moves first, unless he uses Echo instead, in which case, you need initiative. Key here is to stress his list into oblivion and shut done all of the enemy action economy. Garven can flechette torp at PS8 in the event of Echo, Nera can 360 no scope flechette torps and the Y wings bring the death by a thousand cuts. The third Y wing double stresses at range 3. All you have to do is get Whisper into range 3 of your Stresshog (R3-A2) and then use the droid on both attacks. You won't do any damage (2 v 5 then 3 v 4 + 3 v 4) but the aim here is to stress. Failing that, use Nera to torp her. Same thing, you only care about the stress. With Whisper now sitting on two stress tokens, she WILL perform a green move after her decloak which is either a 2 bank/straight or a 3 straight. Reason I say WILL is because she cannot cloak with stress which means she is now a two hull / two shield ship sitting behind two agility. The turn that happens, hit her with all three TLT, maybe even Garven and she will die. Inquisitor: Hit him with the Stresshog or Nera the turn he uses Push the Limit, same situation after that. He will have two to three stress and will have to perform a 1 turn/bank or go straight. With no actions to save him, the TLT will ruin him. The shuttle will die to sustained TLT fire as will the FO. Don't fire flechettes at the shuttle, they don't do anything and for the love of all things holy stay out of range 1 of the shuttle and pray it isn't Kylo or that Kylo is on board.