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  1. More news. Starting to feel the love

    I second this. Having army specific stuff at the moment seems to miss the point. We could have gone through Inspiration (done), Wound, Morale, Objective (done), Boarder Markers, Dice and Templates before we got to these. ****, even some +1 Defense Tokens would have been appreciated before these.
  2. Bomb Detonation Order? Does it exist?

    People would never suggest perma bombs if they had experienced cloaked mines in Attack Wing. The template is the size of a debris field. It doesnt get removed. It has a range of 1 - 2 It rolls three dice to enemy ships....
  3. Concussion counter to Fenn?

    Trajectory Simming a Thermel Det at him works well as does assigning him a stress token at the start of the combat phase ala Asajj. Also, classic Rebel BTL TLT Stress Hog turns him off as well. Cant use his ability if he already has a stress token.
  4. Lambda fix idea

    I still think the value of it is subjective to the match up. Having played against some of the current Palp Aces lists, the shuttle does just run away for most of the game and turns in when cornered or a bump is required. Beyond that, it isn't firing more than twice I would wager. Palp on the other had can make a ship almost impossible to hit (x7 Defender with Stealth Device and Palp for example, good luck hitting that with one ship.) I think the TIE Reaper may see a more offence minded Palp but if not, the small base will certainly help.
  5. Lambda fix idea

    Don't think it is the Lambda Shuttle which is clutching those matches, more so the fact it is a 29 point crew card with five hull and five shields.
  6. An idea for unshielded TIEs

    What about a title that brings it back to wave 1? Title: TIE/In When attacking, the defender cannot roll more defense dice than you have attack dice and can only spend focus or evade tokens assigned to their ship to modify.
  7. Mimicking Fenns ability

    If you want to stop Fenn (as well as Expertise and BB8), you need to stress them. Asajj can hand one out at the beginning of combat and Nym can throw a Thermal Det at people which will damage and stress. With Fenn stressed prior to activation, he cannot use his ability, Rey can't abuse Expertise, Poe can't BB8 next turn, etc, etc. Unfortunately, the kings of stress are Rebels and they generally happen during the phase, not prior. However, shutting Fenn / Rey / Poe done for subsequent rounds can turn the tide. BTL-A4 TLT Stresshog is quite competent at that. Works against Kylo as well.
  8. Threat Tracker any good?

    Would Threat Tracker be better with a VI + FCS + TT + AT Kylo? You move and fire at PS11, they return fire, you trigger TT and barrel roll out of arc? also, can you push the limit off TT?
  9. An idea for unshielded TIEs

    What about some Attack Wing stuff: Title: ??? When attacking or defending against a ship that has more remaining hull than you, roll one additional attack dice. Title: Devotion to Duty: When attacking, you may discard this card to roll one additional attack dice per damage card assigned to your ship. Modification: Elite Training After performing a barrel roll action, you may receive one stress token to rotate your ship 180 degrees. Title: Long Live the Empire!! When attacking, you may discard this card to roll an additional three attack dice. Any critical results rolled are dealt directly to your own ship.
  10. Favre-wing

    Looking for your advise here Hothie! I took two Defenders and a TIE Shuttle to a Regional in the UK recently and managed to break into the top 32 (just) and just wanted your thoughts on some of what I felt was the more difficult match-ups: My list: Maarek with Ion Cannon, TIE MkII, VI and TIE/D title Rex with Adapt, Tractor Beam, TIE MkII and TIE/D title Scimitar with Fleet Officer, TIE MkII and TIE Shuttle title Lothal / Fenn / Zeb This list absolutely ruined me and stopped me going 5 - 1 on the first day. Attacking Fenn meant that I was essentially token less when the Ghost fired and my god. . when it did . . nothing short of maximum dice due to Ezra / Maul combo. It was filth. I lost within 10 - 12 minutes I think. How would you approach this kind of match up? Dash (LW, Rey, Title, Engine & HLC) / Poe (VI, BB8, Adv.Optics and Autos) I figured taking Dash down first would be the best option due to the 360 HLC and if I could get Maarek into a fight with Poe, I would win due to Ion + K turn. I tried to engage Dash quickly to stifle any Rey/Focus build up but ended up eating two rounds of fire from Dash which, believe it or not, killed Rex outright. I managed to use the Scimitar to block Dash for six consecutive turns but Maarek wasn't punching through and constantly taking shots from a double mod Poe. Did I mess up my target priority here, should I have punched Poe out of the game early on instead? I'm thinking of continuing with this list but I really wish I had access to auto thrusters sometimes.
  11. An idea for unshielded TIEs

    I flew a swarm for years, considered the "go to" TIE Swarm player in my area and the fact that there are ships that can shrug off 16 dice with ease, have full mods when blocked or even have full mods AND still shoot their desired target when bumped takes a lot of the tools away from the swarm. Without those, you have raw dice, which is massed into eight, two dice attacks which can do nothing. Not to mention Harpoons, Assault Missiles, Twin Laser Turrets, AC Autoblasters, five forward bombs, unlimited bombs, "take three damage at the start of the combat phase" bombs, hyper accurate four to five dice attacks and reinforce. I don't know about other people but the risk / reward for flying a TIE Swarm just isn't there. You get credit for bringing one to an event. Your opponent will generally comment that you don't see many TIE Swarms these days or that they haven't flown against one before but have heard about it back in it's glory days and dread fighting against it. Then the match starts. I managed to block with two academies due to excellent flying and perfect prediction barrel rolls. My other five TIES all have focus and within range 1 of Howlrunner, ready to bring the pain. Rey rolls four dice. . (hit, hit, focus, blank). Adds a blank from Finn and re-rolls the other blank with her ability. (hit, hit, focus, focus, hit). Expertise converts the focus results for five hits. Howlrunner rolls two natural evades, YES! . . oh wait . . . Howlrunner dies. . She fires back for one hit. Rey rolls an evade, uses Finn and adds a focus result. Crack shot for one damage. Howlrunner dies. . . Low fires and deals one damage to Black Sqd 1. Black 1, 2 & 3 as well as the Academy Pilot all fire at Rey, dealing a total of three damage due to the use of three crackshots. Congrats. I delayed the engagement, I blocked and focused. I had everything pointing in the same direction and I played it right but I still lost that engagement. Next turn, Rey is going to Sloop and Low will move into a reinforce position and repeat the process. Tried to block it and succeeded but Rey still hits with four dice due to turret plus expertise. The other TIES K-Turn and are now tokenless. This carries on for three more turns until eventually, I had two academy pilots left which cannot, CANNOT hurt either ship. If they fire at Low, they need two hits minimum to deal one damage, assuming Low doesn't roll an evade. If they fire at Rey, they need to do at least three, twice in a row for the prospect of dealing one damage. All the while I am taking constant fire. That actually happened. Against four Wookiee Gunships, I managed to block all four with two TIES. I pushed through as much damage as my dice would let me and almost killed one gunship. Howlrunner then died to two three dice attacks and then a Black Sqd died to two four dice attacks, thanks to Wookie Commandos. I killed the wounded gunship after but lost another Black Sqd. I blocked and wounded another gunship and then lost two Academies the same turn. The gunships then got one turn where they were reinforced and I did ZERO damage from the remaining three TIES I had. Zero. Do you know how disheartening that is? You also hear the same thing after every game: "Phew man, that was a close one (it wasn't). I was really dreading going against a TIE Swarm and then when they just started popping. . i got really lucky!" So if people can still do well with TIE Swarms, more power to them but I think its a case of going against inefficient jank instead of pulling a hard earned win against a top meta list. Also, it's emotionally taxing. Playing between six to eleven rounds using seven ships that must be flown almost perfect is much harder than the PS11, fly at them, target lock and launch Harpoons for ten damage each.
  12. Too Passive to Jam

    Right, so we agree it hands out jam tokens, but what if that is the only difference from the Epic version? So. . : Epic: To perform the Jam action, a huge ship chooses one enemy ship at Range 1-2 and assigns Stress tokens until the ship has 2 total stress tokens. Standard: To perform the Jam action, a ship chooses one enemy ship at Range 1-2 and assigns Jam tokens until the target ship has 1 assigned Jam token remaining. In order words. . if you haven't performed your action yet, you get a Jam token, stopping you from essentially getting a token unless you push. If you are a TIE/x7 Defender and have moved already, you are assigned a Jam token, which removes your focus. Assigned another one which removes your evade and then assigned a third. . so you are now Jammed. That could be good. Against Adv.Optics Poe, it would remove his focus and THEN stop him from getting it back later on when he moves. That's worth your action I reckon.
  13. An idea for unshielded TIEs

    I've tried this and it makes swarms quite competitive again: 1. Fel's Wrath ability on all TIE Fighters 2. You may roll one additional attack dice per damage card assigned to your ship. So you WILL take damage but you WILL also destroy most things before you are removed. It becomes a bit of a damage race really. Nym and Miranda must dodge your arcs to reduce the damage they take and cannot simply just tank everything. Ghost / Fenn melts if it gets caught, same with Dash. Certain pilots have potential to deal obscene amounts of damage but due to no target lock, they often roll a balanced amount. Mauler and Backstabber putting out seven red dice before they are removed from play is extremely fun but normally you just have a focus and the dice don't like you. The other "fix" idea that was tried was actually a change to the fundamental rules of the game. Simply changing the collision rules to state that "should you finish your move in base contact with an enemy ship, you immediately receive a stress token and cannot modify your attack or defense dice in anyway this round." Brings back bumping. Counters Expertise / Maul / Ezra / Dengar Crew / K4 Crew / etc, etc
  14. The Red Defender

    "Countess Ryad’s personally modified ship, the Red Star 1, flaunted conventional ideas almost as much as she did. While most tacticians believe that TIEs should attack in large waves, Ryad’s ship is more defensive, relying on an enhanced shield generator and a vastly improved ion engine for maximum maneuverability. Her finely-tuned fire control systems allow her the capability to take out multiple poorly shielded ships. These modifications, like her beliefs, carried a considerable cost—one that only an eccentric ace like Ryad would dare pay." So when FFG release the TIE Defender Elite Pack, which comes with a new Gray Defender with Yellow strips, they can include a "Red Star 1" unique modification which grants all banks green and shield regeneration. . . right . . right?? And then i'll use a custom painted F/O scheme to represent the Onyx Squadron Pilot using it . .
  15. Punish me Harder

    My suggestions would be: Title: 0 points TIE Interdictor At the start of deployment phase, you may replace any (Torpedo), (Missile) and (Bomb) upgrade cards with another upgrade card of equal or lesser value. Once deployed, place two extra munitions tokens to all equipped (Torpedo), (Missile) and (Bomb) upgrade cards. So this helps with the cost, gives it more upgrades and also makes it unique in competitive play in that it can swap it's load out between matches. In the pack, you would also need: System Slot: 0 points TIE Punisher only Target Assistance Matrix When attacking with a (Torpedo) or (Missile) upgrade, you may reduce the defender's agility by 1 for each red target lock token assigned to that ship. Modification Slot: 2 points (?) TIE Punisher only High Yield Munitions Immediately after rolling your attack dice, you must change any (Critical) results to two (Hit) results.