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  1. Just meant that you don't get like for like. Neither Scum nor Imperial have access to a card that adds a hit result when a bomb explodes. (Sabine) Neither Rebel nor Imperial have access to a crew card that enables actionless re-rolls (Dengar) Neither Rebel nor Imperial have access to a crew that enables them to acquire a free actionless target lock for moving. (K4 Sec) They come close, but not the same. That sort of thing. Sure, Predator is shared and so is VI but not faction specific, which tend to be the better cards.
  2. If you want the Imperials to have an edge and make it something different to the TIE Bomber and other types, maybe the key is in the tech slot? Tech: 1 point Imperial Only High Yield Ordnance Your reveal {bomb} upgrade cards affect ships within range 1 - 2. FFG don't like repeating upgrades. Since we already have add damage (Sabine) and re-roll damage (Cad Bane), it makes sense that Imperials get increased range. Then, just because: Torp/missile: 0 point Immeasurable Resources Imperial Only You may equip {Torp}, {Missile} and {Bomb} upgrade cards at -1 cost. Missile: 4 points Mag Pulse Missiles Attack 4 Attack {Target Lock} You may have the defender re-roll a number of defense dice equal to your primary weapon value.
  3. May just be me with this opinion but in a game where "aces" are massively dominant, I really like that the Imperials have a nameless legion that can compete. (Long time TIE Swarm player)
  4. I like Thweek but I also find it very difficult to NOT just take pilot skill. Using a Scout plus Fenn, having another ship go from PS4 to PS8 - 11 with a bid is just too hard to ignore, regardless of the enemy pilot ability.
  5. I was thinking: Roark with TLT Captain Rex Fenn with VI Poe with VI, BB8, Integrated, Title and Advanced Optics 99 points First turn, Poe focuses and banks it. Second turn (alpha strike engagement) Roark moves and focuses. Rex moves and evades. Poe dials in a green, barrels and removes a target lock. Takes his own target lock. Fenn moves, coordinates Poe to boost, removes a second target lock or makes Rex focus. Start of the combat phase: Fenn removes your option to mod dice. Roark makes Rex PS12 Rex fires and reduces your dice. So now you have: No alpha strike One ship has no attack dice mods. One ship is rolling one less attack die. Poe is fully modded. Roark has a TLT.
  6. Me and group of friends played a "Top Gun" style game before and we ended up enjoying it more than casual X wing at one point, then the tournament season started and we stopped playing it. Here is the general jist: Only use TIE Interceptors, A wings and M3-A Scyks No unique pilots Very Important: NO K-TURNS You will need a ton of energy tokens from Epic All damage received is dealt face up. Critical hits draw two cards and attacker chooses which one to deal. Each ship has two dials, both are set at the start of the activation phase and then you reveal one per turn as normal, proceed to action - shooting etc. Then the next turn you use the second dial, move - shoot, etc. Once both dials have been used. You reset both and begin a new. This makes flight prediction really difficult but when you stick on someone successfully for a turn or two, it feels great. 12 Debris tokens for cloud cover. After you have moved, you gain a number of energy tokens equal to your movement speed minus any stress tokens you currently have assigned. These tokens can then be spent to perform actions. So the faster you go, the more actions you can do. You can only increase or decrease your speed by 1 each turn. For each further increase/decrease you do, you receive a stress token. For example, if you performed a three bank, your next stress free move will either be a four forward or one of the two speed options. If you dropped down to a one hard turn, you would receive a stress. When you declare the target of your attack, if it is range 1 and you are outside of their firing arc, the defender receives a stress token. Target locks unassign if the target ends their activation outside of your firing arc. We only used two ships each which kept token placement down to a minimum
  7. I'm liking the idea of not being able to lock on to a cloaked ship. In Star Trek, they often cannot get a direct fix for torps and have to guess with their primaries in order to strike (until Spock and Bones essentially "deadeye" a torp) so it feels thematic in that sense. I don't think it should mess up the Phantom's targeting as they are the one's cloaked. Maybe, it should be something like "When you are assigned a cloak token, remove all red target lock tokens assigned to your ship" This way, you can still get locked during the phase but lose it if the ship vanishes.
  8. Hype ! Darth Plagueis confirmed. Joking. But that would explain the scar and the walk and him being so powerful he can STOP stuff from moving, not just deflect it. Lightning is for chumps, freezing people and pulling information out of someone's head seems far more dark, twisted and forbidden then UNLIMITED POWAH!!! Although I will hurl my overpriced hotdog at the screen and watch it painfully slide down it if Snoke turns out to be Mace Windu, who has had enough, of all these Jedi, on his plane of existence.
  9. Really wouldn't surprise me if it was something to do with Aphra and 0-0-0 . The driods are already in Imperial Assault, she has a ship, large base? Likely Scum, because they need more large base ships and the crew could potentially be both Imperial and Scum crew cards meaning Imperials could get some decent 1 point auto actions from it. The comic is picking up traction so it's a logical choice in my opinion. Beyond that, I'm guessing the First Order Epic Ship.
  10. He is a hero ship so naturally does more damage than standard. However, when compared to Poe, who regenerates naturally, has BB8 to regenerate health as well in a pinch, his Ferromite armour which reduces damage to himself and team mates PLUS his disgusting primary AND torp damage . . he is massively superior. With the way Poe fires in Battlefront 2, he should be four red dice primary with 8 dice proton torp (which doesn't need you to spent the target lock). I don't want that Poe thank you. Imagine it! Battlefront 2 Poe: A: 4 E: 2 H: 5 S: 4 BB8: At the start of the end phase you may remove 2 face down damage cards or add 2 shield tokens to your pilot card. If you do, flip this card. Otherside: Action: Flip this card - This cannot be used as a free action Black 1 Title At the start of the combat phase, you may discard this card to assign 1 reinforce token to yourself and all friendly ships within range 1.
  11. In Battlefront 2, the wings never move but then again Kylo already has Mag-Pulse missiles so maybe not the best example. I don't think the wings are going to move.
  12. That wasn't the end. Next chapter is released on December 13/14 along side Phasma and Finn. Then they have more inline with Obi/Grevious. So . . . don't feel too bad!
  13. Could just have Striden as a crew card? Same wording as his ship ability, make him 1 or 2 points and then that opens up builds across the Imperial Fleet. Speaking of which, we could also use as crew: Imperial Boba Imperial Bossk Krassis (When attacking a ship within your firing arc, you may re-roll one blank result) Captain Yorr (Same as before) Col Jendon (Same as before) Captain Kagi (After you perform an action, if there is a ship within range 1 - 2 of you, perform a free target lock action) Captain Jonus (Action: Choose a friendly ship within range 1 - 2, that ship may flip over 1 discarded bomb/missile/torp upgrade card) Rear Admiral C (After rolling or re-rolling dice, if you have at least 2 hits, add a critical result) Major Ryhmer (Your primary weapons may count as secondary weapons) I think they could all be quite useful for the Empire.
  14. I mentioned it before but I do think Phasma should have been the one to confront Finn in TFA instead of TR8R, have her win then get hit by Chew's bowcaster AND survive would have gone a long way to explain why she wouldn't want to get shot again at point blank range later on and also really make her a force to be reckoned with. In this battle, if she loses, I think that's it for her. She will come across as weak and pathetic and no amount of backstory (the Phasma book was decent) will save her and they may as well just kill her off which i think will be a massive waste of a great actor. Now had they of gone with my suggestion, her loses here wouldn't of been too big a deal as it would have essentially been 1 - 1 for Phasma and Finn which could have set them up for a final fight in Ep9, with one killing the other. I mean, imagine it: Finn and Phasma are locked in brutal melee, as are Rey and Kylo. Kylo is holding back, the pull of the light prohibiting him from unleashing utter destruction. Phasma on the other hand, manages a clean hit on Finn's gut, slamming the baton home. Finn's body falls to the ground, wrecked by the electricity viciously arching out from Phasma's baton. . as Finn lays there, battered and broken with Phasma towering over him, he reaches up in a last desperate act to save himself. Phasma pitifully kicks his arm back to the ground and stands now directly above him, ready for the killing blow. . Rey screams out as the baton comes down. Whilst you don't see the impact, the camera shows Finn's hand clench into a fist and then slowly release . . Rey's face is wrecked with shock and turmoil, her friend dead and herself seemingly powerless to stop it. Voices of Anakin and other Sith proclaiming the power of the dark side echo around her, the death screams of millions as Starkiller base fired cloud her mind as she erupts into a furious rage. . . her hands and blue lightsabre now violently pulsing and sparking with dark/purple lightning, her emotions completely consumed with hatred. . Kylo attempts to force freeze her but even with his all his power Rey is able to slowly turn and face him, her eyes darkened and red/yellow . . Kylo calms his mind, knowing that the dark side won't help him here. . not now . . Now that would be a wicked scene to watch. . but no . . Phasma is likely to lose to Finn here because of her absolute lack of plot armour and purpose.
  15. This is where the fun begins?