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  1. And that is the harsh reality of it. That being said, besides VI Bossk, who else realistically will be packing missiles and able to launch a homing missile at a PS8 ship? Deadeye'd Gammas? Like, seriously, drawing a blank here. I have only recently seen Bossk with Homing Missiles.
  2. And it was on this day, that Carnor Jax took his rightful place as the premier Interceptor pilot. "Can't spend a focus if you can't take a focus action" - Carnor Jax, addressing the rest of the assembled Royal Guard in attendance.
  3. 1. If I remember correctly (big IF as I just failed to read a card so . . ) the attacker modifies defender dice first so i'm guessing it happens prior to any thing the defender can do. 2. Its not a boost, its a "white so so move" so i'll say no. That would of been awesome though right?
  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now we all know that if it was a Scum only card, that wouldn't be small ship only.
  5. Han: Intensity + C3PO + Rey + Engine Poe (PS9): Intensity + Title + R2D2 + Autothrusters 99 points All boost, all day. Every day. Competitive, no. Wipeout style speed, Aaaawwwwww yeah! Just need the sound track and we are rocking.
  6. One of these days, I swear . . FFG will have an article where the only mistake will be: "... this ship, with his unique pilot ability synergies exceptionally well with the Gunboat expansion pilot - Bloodfire." And it will never get mentioned again. . . Ever. The article will be changed within thirty minutes, just long enough for people to screen capture it and blast it across the internet. Then we will realize that all of these mistakes where done on purpose, the great joke played by FFG.
  7. "unique pilot ability that allows her to spend a focus token to cancel all of an opponent's blank and defense results." "it's worth noting that Kestal's ability to cancel all of her opponent's blank and defense results works even.." Really? Forgot the pilots ability whilst writing the article? Ha! Love it.
  8. Agreed. Even then, i see people take Rey crew to stop that. very efficient little ship, unlike a certain T65.
  9. Wasn't my match so can't comment on what the thought process was of both players but I agree, nine attack dice should chew through a Ghost quite nicely, assuming they get arc of course. That being said, I find it difficult to counter the Ashoka boost, i mean, if you cast a wide net so you have shots on both potential positions, they just don't boost. If you go all in, they boost, its quite flexible.
  10. In my opinion, the bomber should have a title that helps it bomb better / have cheaper bombs and the Punisher should have title that enables it to use torps and missiles better, thus separating them and given them unique roles. So perhaps the Punisher should have: TIE/Punisher - Title - 0 points During the deployment phase but before any ships have been deployed, you may exchange any upgrade cards with the {torp} or {missile} symbol you have equipped with another upgrade card of the same type of equal or fewer squad points. Interdictor Targeting Matrix - System Slot - 0 points TIE Punisher Only When attacking with a weapon with the {torp} or {missile} symbol, after rolling attack dice, you may change 2 dice results to a {hit}. (Essentially giving them a better Guidance Chip, so they can take Long Range Scanners) TIE/sa Bomber - Title - 0 points Your upgrade loses the {torp} and {missile} symbols from your upgrade bar and gain a {bomb} symbol to your upgrade bar. At the start of the game, place 1 extra munitons token on all upgrade cards with the {bomb} symbol. Specialist Payload - Mod - 0 Points During the deployment phase but before any ships have been deployed, you may exchange any upgrade cards with the {bomb} symbol you have equipped with another upgrade card of the same type of equal or fewer squad points.
  11. Cheers everyone, much appreciated.
  12. Not wanting to derail the thread into another "fix" thread but if we are going titles, can we have Rogue Squadron have their own version of Swarm Leader? I.E Rogue Squadron - Title - T-65 Only - 0 points "When you declare the target of an attack, if another friendly ship with the Rogue Squadron title and within range one to two of you has the target in their primary firing arc, you may re-roll up to two attack dice." This helps them with their action economy a little, as they only really need to focus now for a fully modified attack. It keeps the unit together but not HUG BIGGS close. It gives Rebels a way of re-rolling their dice which is seriously lacking within their faction and doesn't actually make Biggs any tougher. Also, i don't think this would actually make the X wing tier 1 competitive, it would just make it hold it's own more in casual play.
  13. I like seeing the T-65 on the board, i think it looks amazing when you have two / three / four zeroing in on something and in formation. Someone had four on magnets once and had them all banking, after they just banked left and it instantly reminded me of A New Hope. The fact the player had Wedge leading the charge and actually said "Look at the size of that thing. . " talking about the Ghost, really brought a smile to my face. That smile didn't last long though, as Ashoka used her ability to enable Kanan to boost, essentially at PS12 and Kanan was now out of three of the four arcs. . his TLT ready to lay down four damage on Wedge with his accuracy corrector. . leaving his recon specialist infused focus stack to reduce Wedge's attack dice to a measly two. and Jan Ors evade to ensure that despite what Wedge does, only one damage is getting through. It was at that time, the X wing player realized that his four ships was no match for a single ghost and all hope was lost. But he got points for control, style and aggression, just not damage, the only thing that truly matters. With all that being said, i'm not entirely sure what can be done for the T65. I think you need to accept that the Rebel workhorse is out of the loop. Its still fun to fly, has the most iconic characters within its ranks but it will eventually crash and burn just like in the films, I mean, only three of them survived if I remember correctly, out of what, twenty?
  14. Casually, I can win with the bloody daggers list I posted previously, however it fails, hard against high PS alpha strikes such Ketsu / Bossk, Bossk / Dengar, Whisper / Quickdraw / Trainee lists, essentially, anything that can put out consistent 8+ damage. That being said, I did manage a win against a Tel / Dengar list, my B wing tanked two sets of plasmas (i rolled one evade both times) and then proceeded to put down twelve red dice, resulting in ten hits, with six going through on Tel. Next turn, the damaged B wing bumped Dengar and a X wing was punished down to one hull (astro took a crit, like the champ he is) and Tel died, resurrected and died again through focus + TL range one attacks from the B wings. After that, K turns a plenty, a sloop from Dengar killed the damaged B wing and we had a rather nice ten dice against Dengar. Return fire killed the damaged X wing. A few blocks later and we ended up with my remaining X wing and B wing at range one of a Dengar. Four hits. . zero evade from me and then a whooping eight hits from the Rebels with Dengar blanking out and the infamous direct hit! rearing its ugly head on the only critical rolled meant I scrapped the win, not before he killed the B wing though with return fire though. Now, the bumping, that was part luck and part overly aggressive play from my opponent, had he of just flown off for a single turn and abused his turret, I would of lost, easily. The critical hit, again, pure luck. It was seat of pants the entire time though and quite enjoyable. Now could I do that twelve times in a large premier event? No way. Far too much luck involved, not enough consistently. God I miss the days that a focus token was good enough.
  15. I think we should just go classic: Bloody Daggers: Red Squadron with R2 Astro and Integrated Red Squadron with R2 Astro and Integrated Dagger Squadron with FCS Dagger Squadron with FCS 100 points, all PS4 OR: Biggs' stress therapy: Rookie with R3-A2 Astro and Integrated Biggs with R4-D6 and Integrated Blue Squadron with B2 Title and Tactician Blue Squadron with B2 Title and Tactician 99 points