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    alexbobspoons reacted to Bucho in Descent speculation   
    Yes, they have been questioned at an event since frostgate. They promised new stuff. I guess this is how we have to get news about descent from now on....
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Suhawk75 in Your Desired Future Expansions (Lets be positive on the future of Descent)   
    It’s a shame because it’s a great game. Seems to be struggling to get an audience. I picked up two core sets for less than £100 then spent £400 on expansions so I’m sure by some measure I’ve been financially prudent ?
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    alexbobspoons reacted to timbolton in LOTR: The Card Game - upcoming products list   
    Just edited the OP, Treason of Saruman Nightmare Pack is out. I've also added the Mats (which may or may not come out in the UK).
    Still waiting on news of the two in the above post, I have contacted Asmodee and they have replied back to say they are looking into both Poros and mats for us
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Kallel00 in Game is Officially Dead...   
    Greats news for me.  I like the game but I was worried we'd reach the point where too big of a card pool would mean retiring some old ones (rotation ...) & then when you start doing so you lose some iconic Star Wars toons or vehicles in the process (unless they're rehashed into new versions ).    I was also worried they'd start mixing Clone Wars stuff + new trilogy stuff in the game which in the end would have turned it into somwhat of a mess (ie, X-Wing miniatures ...).   Not everyone wants to constantly keep purchasing expansions of a game.  There's a reason why some niche & small card games like Star Realms or Epic Card Game have their own place at a gaming table.
    This isnt "Magic the Gathering" where they can indefinately create new creatures & spells -- and balance them into a playable game --...  I'm glad this is considered "finished" aka I can just meet friends with my two boxes full of cards & enjoy an afternoon of playing games, without the constant monthly purchases & retiring old cards.
    I'll stick to Netrunner as my "evergoing" collectible ....
    SW Card game will remain a great card game in my gaming bookshelf
    I still play Warhammer Invasion & enjoy every game I play!
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    alexbobspoons reacted to BD Flory in Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!   
    This is twisting the language into absurdity. No cards ever need to be chased, whether you emphasize the need or the chase. You could say exactly the same thing about hundreds of ccg promos, maybe thousands, from the 90s to now.  FFG could release an Arkham Nights only neutral promo was a 0 cast fast card that removed a doom from the agenda and drew a card. Ridiculously powerful in the context of the game, but no one "needs" to "chase" it, even if there are only 100 out there.  Just like no one ever needed to chase Black Lotuses or Moxes. The meaning is quite clear in the context of the ccg market to which the LCG market was a direct response, and FFG's business practices were firm supporting evidence for that interpretation.
    Again, anyone familiar with the C/LCG market knows what rarity means in the context of card games, and it isn't that there are fewer copies of one card than another in circulation.
    Yes, the change is exactly the point, and exactly why it is very different doing this with mechanically distinct cards versus doing it with alt-arts: It isn't a change for alt-arts. If you care about alt-arts, for whatever reason, they have always been chase items to varying degrees. There was never a time when this was not the case in LCGs. If that's a strike against the format for you, it obviously doesn't bother you that much, if you've played and purchased every single LCG to date as you claim.
    Don't be a child. Businesses, marketing and PR don't work on pinkie-swears. They work on creating and managing expectations, and fulfilling those expectations.
    The expectation FFG created, regardless of whether through explicit marketing, through a consistent business model, or by any other means, was that mechanically distinct cards would be available in LCG game products, while promotions and tie-ins would alt-arts.
    Whether or not you agree with that is, frankly, immaterial. If you're tired of seeing the complaints, don't read the threads, or put people on ignore.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to BD Flory in Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!   
    A promo card doesn't need to be limited edition, at least no more so than anything else that will one day go out of print. The defining point is that it's promotional, thus the name. It appears in a non-game item to promote the game (such as cards appearing in magazines, or at conventions, for example), or to promote the non-game item, such as books and other tie-ins.
    Regardless, the precise definition is beside the point. It's not like there's an LCG/CCG authority who standardizes terms. Nonetheless, when FFG promised no rares, no promos, when they launched the LCG format,  they went on to produce no mechanically distinct promo or tie-in exclusives for LCG-originated game products for a decade. That in itself is indicator enough; what FFG meant by no promos was quite clear from their actions. Even had they made no promise whatsoever, following a model for 10 years creates entirely reasonable expectations -- particularly when it was a practice that cut very much against the type of product from which FFG was trying to distinguish itself, the CCG.
    Has the model changed over that time? Sure. To date, it's always been for the better. They've pushed down the number of core boxes people need for a playset. They stopped producing monthly packs with 3x of 10 cards and 1x of 10 other cards. I applauded them when they did those things, and since they've gone to every expansion offering a playset of each card, I've played every LCG they've produced because I supported the model. I haven't stuck with all of them, because I like some more than others, but so it goes.
    When the model goes the other way, I'm going to be no less vocal. I really don't care if people have a difference of opinion; everyone's entitled to their own preferences. If you love that they're doing novellas with exclusive cards, great! Knock yourself out, buy all 57 or whatever. If you want to complain about alt-art promos, that's fine, too. Go for it. But claiming that nothing has changed, or that it's the same as alt-arts, or that people who are expressing displeasure in a change in the model have no grounds to do so, is silly.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to BD Flory in Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!   
    I'm not sure why you think, "FFG said they wouldn't do mechanically distinct promos for LCGs and did not, in fact, do mechanically distinct promos for almost a decade, until they started doing them in arkham, which came as a surprise to everyone who bought the game a year and half previous," is the same as, "FFG never said they wouldn't do alt-arts, and have, in fact, been doing them for as long as the LCG format has existed, and no one should be surprised they did them for Arkham too," is the same thing. They're not.
    I also didn't say alt-arts didn't matter. I literally said I'm sorry that you have a hard time getting them right in the post. I said it wasn't the same thing, for the reasons listed above. They are not a surprise. FFG never said they wouldn't do them; they have been doing them for every LCG they make for a decade; and when you bought Arkham, a trivial amount of research would have told you that (if you didn't know already). There was every reason in the world to expect alt-arts. The difference is in what was reasonable to expect from the game line.
    When it comes to our differing preference, I can literally say I began to support the LCG format over other card game formats because they weren't doing, and promised not to do, mechanically distinct promos. You can't say the same of alt-arts, because they have always been part of the format.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to BD Flory in Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!   
    FFG has been doing alt-arts for years. They were entirely predictable, and if they really bothered you as a business model, you didn't need to buy in in the first place. They also don't change the way the game plays.
    Mechanically distinct promos are a new introduction, in contravention to both the explicit description of the LCG model on FFG's web page and FFG's LCG promo card practices for a decade. They also an impact on the way the game actually plays.
    I'm sorry alt-arts are hard for you to get, but this is a false equivalence.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to General Zodd in Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!   
    Personally, I think Alt-Art cards, which is normally what you get at events, are just nice-to-have’s. The issue many people have with the books is that this is new game content. Even scenarios that are released at conventions, or Marie Lambeau released with the big story book, have so far been, or planned to be, made available through normal retail, so it’s just a matter of waiting (when *is* Labyrinths due out?!).  If you want all the unique gaming material, I personall feel that you should only have to buy Arkham Horror the Card Game products, not something ancillary that you may not have any interest in.
    Apologies to those bored of this conversation, I appreciate I’m revisiting well trodden ground on what is, effectively, a moot point, as FFG are rightly going to go by the sales figures, which seem to be doing well. Doesn’t mean I have to like it though! ?
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    alexbobspoons reacted to LemonyFresh42 in Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!   
    Right, you're lucky that two things you like are bundled together!
    If there was Arkham LCG content, bundled with content for a game you didn't care for, or, an expensive ream of blank paper, you might feel differently.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to LemonyFresh42 in Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!   
    Agreed!  It’s an awesome universe.
    just don’t force me to buy books for playable content
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    alexbobspoons reacted to LemonyFresh42 in Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!   
    I didn’t mean at all that reducing one would help increase the other.
    I don’t like that you have to buy books to get more LCG content.  Being a completionist, I would rather them not have have produced them at all.
    And, I want more side quests that can slot into any campaign.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to LemonyFresh42 in Fewer Novellas, More Side Adventures!   
    That  would be my vote, anyway.
    The Labyrinths of Lunacy
    Arkham Horror: The Card Game - Standalone Adventures
    Latest update: 12/13/2017   -  At the Printer
    What are they printing this thing on?!?!!  Byakhee flesh?
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Suhawk75 in Descent side missions and IA encounters??   
    I’m hoping that we get encounters like the Descent road encounters (the fluff on the missions). My gf and I recently played through the Descent Shadows of Nerkenhall campaign. One of the highlights was encountering a wounded Goblin on the road. 
    The options were finish him off, make him comfortable or try and heal him. Being soft, we choose the latter.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Jarema in Descent side missions and IA encounters??   
    Well, it seems I was mistaken. I dont want to spoil it, but it was not exactly like that
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    alexbobspoons got a reaction from subtrendy2 in Your Desired Future Expansions (Lets be positive on the future of Descent)   
    All of this ^^ Please FFG
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    alexbobspoons got a reaction from tsuma534 in Please ffg pods   
    Please ffg, you promised to print PODs of summons of the deep soooo long ago and I spent a lot of money on the basis that eventually I could complete my collection. If you are reading this, at least give us a titbit of info for when to expect these.
    Youve waited so long its almost as if you want to wait long enough that customer interest dissapears and then its not worth your while bothering... that is NOT good customer care for loyal customers who continually send their money your way.
    Ive emailed customer support 3 times over the course of much time and been brushed off each time, please we deserve some info.
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    alexbobspoons got a reaction from Dburns41866 in The Future of 2nd Edition   
    I bought everything, all of it, from starting last December.  So after such an investment I wouldn't buy a third edition at all, I have so much to play at already.
    But any and all expansions for 2nd ed I will buy to keep the collection complete. 
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    alexbobspoons reacted to TheGuardian118 in The newbies first experience   
    Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading the past 16 pages of your time with the game. I'm just coming back in myself and am also doing progression style. I first got the game about two years ago and played a ton of the core set, then eventually picked up the first cycle. Life happened and I only got through two of the AP's before having to set the game aside for a time. I'm looking forward to finally finishing off the first cycle and getting into the dwarves. Eventually I hope to have as complete a collection as you!
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    alexbobspoons reacted to a1bert in Descent side missions and IA encounters??   
    The Flight of the Freedom Fighter consists of 5 missions. You also get encounters which are mostly flavor text, some story elements, hints to some of the story points useful in later missions, and some choices and attribute tests which may give you credits, reward cards, or allies.
    There are no side missions (as they are known in the 1 vs X campaigns).
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    alexbobspoons reacted to kjpw_88 in LOTR: The Card Game - upcoming products list   
    Treason of Saruman is on Asmodee UK's (formerly Esdevium's) New Release sheet for next week so it's finally available in the UK next week.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to timbolton in LOTR: The Card Game - upcoming products list   
    Yep, just opened up the upcoming list and saw myself.
    Nice to see they stuck to their word, I was (almost) ready to throw in the towel and order direct from FFG.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to a1bert in Allies number after first mission   
    When an ally is deployed, you place all of the figures specified by the deployment card, i.e. 3.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Rouxxor in The newbies first experience   
    In spider of flies you need to be a little bit lucky because when your entire board felt unconscious you can't deal well with enemies so if two enemies arrive right after you will die in almost every case or any deck.
    In multiplayer I think that the key is to think in advance about the deck who will own Frodo when passing to the split stage. It must be the deck with good heroes, and absolutely not the deck with a lot of allies (who need to smashed tons of spider outside, waiting for him). A deck with tactics is often good with that (good heroes, not that much allies, event that help).
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    alexbobspoons got a reaction from Julia in The newbies first experience   
    Played a game of spiders and flies with the tactics and lore deck. Did well got to stage 4 before smashed. 
    Enjoyed it! 
    Don't think the decks worked well at all I played very few good cards. Bilbo got his ring thigh and that helped a lot. 
    So far, I think key things look to be good defending, good attacking, good questing. Some cancellation would be nice. 
    Also, maybe powering up individual hero's would be better than multiple allies due to then having less unconscious to fix. But then less to soak poison.
    Well have a deck tweak before another go. Add more tactics combat tricks to shift spiders fast, then some questing cards. Might swap lore for spirit for questing, cancellation and threat reduction. Also defender of ramas is needed
    Was nice to enjoy losing a quest again
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