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    alexbobspoons got a reaction from TwiceBorn in The newbies first experience   
    Yay I had a great game today after big break.
    I went to my box and found my desk was in bits following previous redesign thoughts, so looked at my last bits here and designed a new deck on my notes. 
    Double tactics with single spirit. Gimli,  Legolas and Glorfindel (s)
    Spirit I included threat reduction, cancellations, light of valinor,  unexpected courage and arwen undomiel.  Tactics I went combat orientated. Plus gandalf etc
    It went really well. First draw I had valinor and bilbos ring. Great. Very lucky start.
    Early on I got citadel plate onto gimli,  wow he soaked poison. Got stuck when the great Web location meant we couldn't quest to remove location lock but arwen was drawn and played and we slowly removed it as she tipped the balance. That was a tough point. Unexpected courage went on gimli and things went good then.
    From then on it was mainly combat and questing
    Managed to quest through stage 3 and 4 to a win.
    Stage 3 was the most difficult. At first because of unconsciousness but then later because even with all characters conscious,  the Web location plus lots of poison meant I couldn't quest enough to clear the location (until arwen) so it was worrying at that point.
    But it came good. Great game and close win. 
    Gandalf never appeared (slacker). Defender of Ramas was a trooper, Arwen saved my bacon, citadel plate on gimli was awesome.
    Great game, enjoyed. I think I will use this deck a few times on this scenario for fun now before moving on to the next scenario.
    A triumphant return
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Zaltyre in Character types reference   
    The heroes from the hero and monster packs actually predate the second edition, so they're not created for a specific class. Part of the fun (in my opinion) of choosing a hero/class combo is looking for new and interesting ways for that hero's stats and abilities to interact with class skills. You can read the little paragraphs about each hero and get a sense for their "thematic" class (Raythen is clearly a treasure hunter or thief, for example) but that won't necessarily be the class they play best as.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to TryFal in Painted Descent update15-09-2018: Flesh Moulders   
    Finished Valyndra this weekend, happy with the end result! I didn't want to make an all red dragon as the images of her shows, for me that is created by all the fire around here. So I got inspired by some other people in the internet en got myself en a blue/black dragon with fire breading in her chest. Hope you guys like this idea and end result.

    Greets Miel
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Authraw in Limited Collector's Edition??   
    Yeah, I was referring to the novels. The signature cards for those versions of the investigators are different from the standard ones, meaning that you do need to buy the novels if you want to have the full card pool available while deckbuilding.
    Pre-available content doesn't bother me too much, and neither does alternate art. (Okay, those do bother me a little, but I get over it). But when I end up spending $20 for a card or two because it will make my deck work better (or $100 because I don't want to miss out on 2 quests) I start getting bad feels. I did that for years with other games and it started to feel like a bad relationship, so now I'm extra wary. 
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Zaltyre in Character types reference   
    Disciple: Avric
    Spiritspeaker: Ashrian
    Apothecary: Ulma
    Prophet: Augur
    Bard: Rendiel
    Thief: Tomble
    Wildlander: Jain
    Treasure Hunter: Logan
    Stalker: Roganna
    Shadow Walker: Tinashi
    Bounty Hunter: Thaiden
    Runemaster: Leoric
    Necromancer: Tarha
    Geomancer: Quellen
    Hexer: Dezra
    Conjurer: Ravaella
    Knight: Syndrael
    Berseker: Grisban
    Champion: Reynhart
    Beastmaster: Durik
    Skirmisher: Orkell
    Marshal: Alys
    Notably, there is absolutely nothing in the rules about these heroes being paired with these classes. It just was FFG's decision to put in each box with a class a hero who had complimentary abilities and characteristics.
    The hybrid classes do not have any such associations.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to subtrendy2 in Character types reference   
    If there is a character that has an "intended" class, then it would be a hero and class that both came together in the same box.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Authraw in Limited Collector's Edition??   
    It's a pretty frustrating product from my perspective. Whenever companies start using cross-promotion (aka bundling content I don't want with exclusive content that I do, especially in a time-limited way) the hobby starts to become more expensive than it's worth and I make a hard exit.
    I'm pretty bought in to LotR LCG at this point, so it'll probably take a lot to shake me as a customer. But this is exactly the reason I stopped collecting the Arkham LCG.
    But I don't think it's FFG's intent to "sunset" the physical card game with a new "Starter Set". It seems more like they're trying to hook people into both games simultaneously.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to DerDelphi in The Shadow Rune Project   
    We just released a small update which contains the following changes:
    - Added italian translations for the quest "Castle Daerion" by Stregabbo
    - Added german translations for the quests "The Cardinals Plight", "Death on the Wing" and "The Masquerade Ball" by Tantum
    Unfortunately there is still nothing new to report regarding the save/load issues in Valkyrie :(
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Silidus in Descent speculation   
    That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Tom Capor in Origins 2018   
    Hey all, 
    If you're attending or thinking of attending Origins Game Fair this year. Event 2822, Fri @ 9am there will be a cthulhu lcg event!
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Alcovitch in Descent speculation   
    There's far too much under utilized boxed content currently with RTL to create an entire campaign and new expansion around it. 
    They really need to add campaigns for the expansions into RTL or update it to make better use of tiles from the various boxes outside of side quests.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Julia in Nightmare Packs - Collecting vs Playing   
    Print on demand unfortunately doesn't mean that 1 customer has demand and they print it. Print-on-demand means that if there's enough demand, they are gonna print it (printer needs to be calibrated, the color palette set, the cards cut and so on). Something bad happened here with the Call of Cthulhu LCG: on the death of the game, they announced that all the packs will be made avaialbe as PoD so that people could keep on playing the game / collecting what they were missing, and at the moment we've got ZERO packs released as PoD, and people asking about them got non-positive answers.
    So, I won't be so sure PoD packs will be available once the game's gone.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to DerDelphi in The Shadow Rune Project   
    Due to user reports and some tests made by myself I have unfortunately discovered, that there currently seems to be a problem with the save and load system in Valkyrie itself.
    Sadly, this means that saving and loading can't be used, because this causes the campaign to no longer function the way it is supposed to.
    Of course this is a real problem, because it is impossible to play a complete campaign without saving the game. I already created an issue report for Bruce, and I hope he will be able to find a solution. I will update this post once I have further information to share.
    At this time I sadly can't recommend to start a campaign until this has been fixed.
    Thanks to everyone who reported this. I'm really sorry that you lost your campaign progress
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Davi in Descent speculation   
    I would prefer not to have a 3e because better usage of the tiles or monsters adjustments and etc, Those could be easily done with an adjustment within an expansion, like Heirs of Blood did for city drawing and 2 players game. They could make a new attack die even. Unless they would make a complete new overhaul of the game, I dislike the idea of a 3rd edition.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Reedmooley in Descent speculation   
    If there is any new edition, I hope rather for something like 2,5ed. and possible upgrade of 2ed stuff.  Seriously I don't want to see anything like 1 ed to 2ed. Remade of all the minis again etc even if not all was done.  It took me a while to paint most of that stuff:D
    Well- yesterday there was announcement made that Mists of Bilehall for localized Polish edition will finally hit the shops by the end of month or so(it was postponed for almost a year because of no production run made by FFG), that will conclude the expansion boxes released in Poland. Also there was a hint by Poland FFG distributor-Galata Games(and they claim they share only "confirmed" information because of the deal they have with FFG), that there will be a very big update for app localization files. No info about  last wave of lieutenants and 4 or 5 of H&M packs that remain to be translated. So something is going on, but nothing really new.
    So IMO if they ware to ditch the IIed. there would be probably no move at all in the matter(as it was for ex. with Mansions of Madness 1ed for about two years).
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    alexbobspoons got a reaction from Authraw in Storage (3x3 pocket pages) - How many do we need now?   
    I've just finished my 3x3 pages and am really pleased. I dont think deck building will be as easy as it has been with all cards loose, BUT the number of cards I didn't realise I had that I can now see clearly is great so while slower, deck building should be better quality and more fun. 
    Very happy I've done this. 
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Julia in Dwarves all around   
    Played 6 rounds with "The 7th Level", 4 wins and 2 losses, using the Dwarves decks. Both losses were due to a bad first round: in the first game, I lost Ori on round 1 - shadow effect forcing the defending ally to be discarded, attack goes undefended and if it's undefended, attacking enemy gets +2 Axe. Couldn't kill Dain, wouldn't kill Thorin - I had a ton of good Leadership cards in hand - so goodbye Ori. I could have made it, if only I didn't have Thorin killed 2 rounds afterwards and the same combo shadow + discard hitting the other deck, resulting in a third hero going to halls of Lorien.
    Second loss was due to impassable opening, with both the Cave Troll AND the Captain of the Pit entering the staging area while setting up the quest. I played one round, survived, but then it ended there.
    Victories were close in a couple of cases, and in other two situations happened by manifest superiority. One of the close calls was fun, I went for powerquesting and beat Stage 2, strong of 34 total Willpower, and after revealing cards during staging, it ended up I needed 32 to win. Phew. Can't imagine the slaughter otherwise
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    alexbobspoons reacted to dalestephenson in Seastan Suggestion   
    If the question is simply whether it is *possible* to beat a quest, then the proper test would be to remove the element of chance -- in both the player deck and the encounter deck the player can simply choose which card should be drawn next, since after all it *could* have happened that way.  I suspect all quests are beatable by minimum purchase in this fashion.
    However, establishing that isn't very useful to actual players, I would think.  For me, if told that a quest was "beatable" with a particular deck, I would assume that I would win in a reasonable number of tries -- what is reasonable surely differs from player to player, but 25 (One Deck vs Mt. Doom) and 54 (One Deck vs Nightmare Escape from Dol Goldur) are *way* beyond what I would consider reasonable.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Seastan in Seastan Suggestion   
    @alexbobspoons If you're not aware, I have a set of videos dedicated to this very premise: https://www.youtube.com/user/DwalorDwarf/search?view_as=subscriber&query=minimum+purchase
    I've mainly focused on the quests that I think would be particularly challenging in minimum purchase mode, like Cair Andros, Shadow and Flame, Carn Dum, etc. So far they have all been beatable, although I did play Carn Dum on easy mode. After all, having a chance at beating the harder scenarios with a limited card pool is one of the very reasons easy mode exists.
    I think there is no quest that would be literally impossible to beat, but as others have suggested, some quests like Mount Doom or Escape from Dol Guldur might have such a low win percentage (<1%) as to be effectively unbeatable.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Authraw in Seastan Suggestion   
    This is pretty much the premise of my Path Less Traveled series on my blog:
    I'm jumping around and doing the Deluxes first, since they're the most bang for your buck, but eventually I would like to get to all of the Adventure Packs as well. 
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    alexbobspoons reacted to sappidus in Seastan Suggestion   
    What is a reasonable baseline for "beatable"?
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Rouxxor in Seastan Suggestion   
    The most difficult scenario would probably be mount doom: he is hard even with a deck made against him, and you will miss many cards useful in it. It is probably barely possible this way, like 1% of win or less.
    This apart I think most scenario can be passed using a specific deckbuild. But I know very little about this way of playing so you better listen people who actually play minimum purchase.
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    alexbobspoons reacted to LoPocket in Storage (3x3 pocket pages) - How many do we need now?   
    This is a bit of a costy solution, but works fantastic and I love it. I use Tom's graphics: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1115086/geckoths-new-storage-solution
    and use this site to print in 500 card boxes (which fit the deluxe and AP of every cycle perfectly) - https://www.boardgamesmaker.com/print/card-game-box-500-cards.html
    This is the final product and wouldnt have organized my cards in any other way!

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    alexbobspoons reacted to Julia in Dwarves all around   
    Shortish update: played 16 times Into the Pit over the last few days. 11 times with Denison's decks, 5 times with my old direct damage + silvan decks.
    Results: 15 win, 1 loss
    Fastest / slowest victory: 4 / 8 rounds, both scored with the dwarves decks
    Lowest score: 124 points, direct damage + silvan decks
    I think once you have the proper timing of the quest, it's not particularly difficult, i.e. the key is passing East Gate before staging clogs, and then get a proper timing on passing the Bridge and the Stage 1, so that you're prepared for when the patrol arrives. Once you get there, it's all downhill.
    Tomorrow I should try the 7th level. I remember I played this back in 2014, and had a good time. Can't wait
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    alexbobspoons reacted to Julia in Dwarves all around   
    Thanks 4-1 with Into the Pit with Denison's deck. Last attempt was really unfortunate, I've got a horde of enemies piling up in the very first round of the game, and then I was only able to stall them, but not to beat them, so, it was a stage 1 defeat, but was still fun I'm trying a couple of times the scenario with my other two decks, then I'll move to the next in the cycle
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