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  1. I got all the recent pod packs yay. Dunno if the collectors edition is worth it. I did message Dave for a price but he didn't get back so I think busy. I'd only want it for the two new starter quests.
  2. This post isnt a "game is dying" post, rather a "game is slowing down and settling in pace" so in mind of that, I do hope FFG continue with nightmare decks. When the game eventually does cease, however long that may be, I do very much hope FFG will see good to the fans and finish off all the nightmare decks to conclusion.
  3. Zuccuss, 4Lom, Yoda and Ewoks and that would be closure for me. Then just lots n lots of app content. But if I had to chose between the above minis or app content, I would chose app content so in that I am happy FFG are continuing digital stuffs
  4. Got attack on dol guldur from gameslore yay, other two pods on pre order from chaos cards and no sign yet
  5. Attack on dol guldur has existed ages without being UK available. Then there's the two newer pod packs too.
  6. With no disrespect intended to the OP I do think it's a shame that this is the main thread for the great new content and is title not only doesn't highlight that fact to any casual visitor, but also can be seen as quite negative or ungrateful. Not exactly saying to FFG yay great we all celebrate it, let's keep having more content please when we feared the game was finished.
  7. Agreed. I would hope its more about avoiding stealing thunder from the new Lord Of The Rings minis game rather than anything negative to IA
  8. Odd this hasnt been shown on the news page yet. I find that quite strange.
  9. Also, look on boardgamegeek fire the cthulhu rising solo variant to get some great plays in against an automated player. Its different, but still awesome.
  10. I did have 1 or 2 of that card in my winning deck yes I think my key cards were Valinor for Glorfindel, unexpected courage, celebrians stone, steward of gondor, sneak attack, gandalf, burglar bagins, elronds council (I think that's its name, reduces threat), plenty of willpower chump blockers (with Faramir supercharging them in one of the victories). There's a female ally neutral card whose name I forget but great card. Costs 2 but gives 1 back to a noble hero so really only costs 1. So perfectly cheap chump blocker but also has 1 wp so nice to add questing until chump needed, good card. As a leadership/spirit deck, getting steward of gondor on Aragorn giving lots of resource to him plus a spirit icon, then 2 spirit heroes, meant resources were never a problem for either sphere. Obviously dependant on getting steward out of the deck but both games that happened. I think I put a full 3 copies in.
  11. Played again with this deck, smashed it with questing. High questing and lots of allies seems to do very well on this quest if you ignore hitting the dragon
  12. Redesigned deck removing tactics. Added Eowyn and more of both spirit and leadership cards. Beat it yay!! Kinda difficult. Surged through questing, Faramir invaluable, celebrians, eowyn, glorfindel+valior etc. Galdalf was around a lot as I drew all 3 and sneaked him twice too. Smashed the 21 progress target with really high questing. Ive never been sure if this applies as the card number is 20 so not quite sure if you have to cap at 20 and then get at least 1 damage on Smaug, so I played another turn to try that. Quested low to save people for combat. Smaugs burgle-surge meant he ended up doing 6 consecutive attacks kiling each time, including Eowyn (undefended) and Gandalf. I only had enough people left to get 1 damage on him but it was enough. Phew. Will replay a few times with this winning deck now, without the pressure lol. I wonder if the 21 quest points is clarified in the faq??
  13. New deck and two losing games. Swapped out Legolas for Aragorn. Celebrians, Steward, sneak etc Game 1: Worked well until Smaug did a chain surge attack and essentially killed everyone. Bang. Game 2: Went downhill early as some surges tied up people and I lost Aragorn. Sadly then I just seemed to draw leadership cards and couldnt play them, so I had a useless hand and very little in play, which lead to location-lock which then lead to threat busting. Not seeing tactics doing much yet other than chump blocking. Thinking of swapping tactics out for a second Leadership or Spirit hero. Then swapping its cards in the deck for various chump blockers of the other spheres. Will have a think on this one.
  14. Had a think. Definitely thinking: More questing More cancellation More resources More chump-blocking (or threat reduction to let Bilbo block) Combat not seeming that important overall, though do need a bit
  15. So another game and this time the new quest (Lonely Mountain I think) Got to stage 3 before busting threat. Was quite fun. Tricky one. I struggled to quest a lot as targets were very high in staging. Didnt do much combat but didnt really need it, defending was irrelevant due to Smaugs big attack levels when he had a pop at me. I also struggled for resources. Was dual sphere with Tactics and Spirit. Glorfindel was good, Gimli was okay and Legolas useless. Need to swap Legolas for a better quester. Not sure how I would fare against damaging Smaug but next game will simply need much more questing somehow. Might bring in Eowyn to pair with Glorfindel. More revealed-cancellation would have been good too!! Fun tricky quest so far.
  16. I think there are a few in the descent forum, I'll check
  17. No, just havent played in months. I did beat the quest and was just still playing it a few times before moving on and I felt the next enjoyment would be in a new quest
  18. PLayed another game and got squashed by Bilbo not readying people fast enough with the big spiders coming out of the deck. Moving onto The Lonely Mountain for my next game will play first with my current deck before deciding if any tweaking/changing is needed.
  19. Let's all chat about this on BGG and see if it gets Descent into the hotness list again because that's something FFG might notice and consider making more (yeah I know sales will shout louder).
  20. Let's all chat about this on BGG and see if it gets Descent into the hotness list again because that's something FFG might notice and consider making more (yeah I know sales will shout louder).
  21. Let's all chat about this on BGG and see if it gets Descent into the hotness list again because that's something FFG might notice and consider making more (yeah I know sales will shout louder).
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