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  1. Just had another game WOW! Lost, but close. I redesigned with Leadership in place of Tactics. Thorin as hero. It was a battle all the way, really hard. Got Valinor and Celebrian and Steward of Gondor on Glorfindel. Got Unexpected Courage on both Thorin and Frodo. Went really well but all a battle. Got a good few allies out but the 1-damage treachery kept thinning them out. Got all the way to then end and killed Smaug, by this time Frodo was dead. Victory points: 30, Damage on Laketown: 33 arrgghh lost. The last few turns Laketown had taken bad overspill damage as Frodo had dies and thus chump blockers were left to defend. But it was so close. If I had got a threat reduction out one or two turns earlier, Frodo would have survived as threat wouldnt have been too high to avoid saving him. One less "burn" damage card also would have made the difference. So it was soooooooooooo close, could have been a win. I was lucky with the good cards I got onto the heroes, but it still played well and hard. Will stick with this deck for another try next time.
  2. and another game and smashed again. Not one turn did I have enough possibility at all to beat the threat in the staging area, not one single turn. It was still fun but nothing I could do at any turn. I am going to redesign my deck. I have been thinking that Gimli is doing very little and IF I were to get to final combat, it would be quite difficult to get him damaged enough to fight without actually killing him. There is only the Dragon causing damage and he causes quite a bit which also cannot be relied on due to the many shadow effects. Gimli powered up and then playing Khazad Khazad would be such massive damage but can I actually get him injured enough without being dead? Whereas I am really struggling to quest well even with spirit as two heroes. No point having a good end-game plan if I cant get there. So.. I have two main thoughts. 1: I remove tactics completely and replace with either Leadership (celebrians stone, steward of gondor, faramir and then loads of allies) or Lore (threat-reset-Aragorn plus loads of allies) then the next thought: 2: Is Frodo worth keeping for the Dragon attacks rather than a chump blocker? Do I replace him with Eowyn to quest hard? Build up the allies to quest and/or block and then hopefully have enough peoples to battle Smaug if I get to the end.
  3. Thanks folks very interesting. Gid point about number of players too!
  4. Okay after recently doing some hard quests, I wondered what people thought were the hardest as my googling produces this question very out-of-date. So, hardest quest? Following catagories: 1: Hardest standard quest to-date 2: Hardest standard quest to-date progression-style 3: Hardest Nightmare quest to-date 4: Hardest Nightmare quest to-date progression-style Feel free to add some runners-up to any category you wish. For me, I only play progression and have not yet touched Nightmare, so: Category 2: (In order so-far) Battle of Laketown, Peril in Pelargir, Siege of Cair Andros (Honourable mention for Escape From Dol Guldur which was really hard but I only had a couple of goes before moving on). Curious in peoples thoughts
  5. Another play. Lost. The tactics seem to be working okay, not great and I bust threat. I hadnt got past stage 1 but had good progress and about 4 victory points. I suffered from not getting Valinor on Glorfindel so he was expensive. Also, Gandalf(Hobbit) didnt seem worth his cost without the when-played effects as all he did was quest, so his ability didnt help (going to swap out for core). Also, Northern Tracker and Lorien Guide came out and are expensive but didnt play well as there werent many locations in play at that point. So they didnt pay for themselves. I think the theory is sound but not the best hand. Going to swap out Galdalf as I could really have done with the threat reduction of core (or card draw) then play another game later Its really hard, and its tiring having so many hard quests in a row after HoN box, but its not as frustrating as HoN. If I can just get past this quest I am onto Hobbit-box-2 before the HoN-Cycle so should be a little breather. Just need to master this one
  6. Well done. Mistakes Halen but having fun is the main aim. Good you still beat it. I'd be interested in your deck last of you ever publish it
  7. Awesome well done I'll have to check out the video later. As a single handed progression solo player is always felt this one would elude me.
  8. When I tried that it went through setup again but the random monsters were all different so it didn't really work for me. Maybe I hit it at the wrong time.
  9. I would not buy a 2.0 I've so much content still to play I'll be playing 1.0 for years and will always buy 1.0 packs but a reboot would stop me buying. I would steer my money elsewhere. A new coop lcg in another setting may well get bought by me depending on the setting. I love the idea of the adventures that mix older encounter sets
  10. I think you are 100% right, though I still love it
  11. Of course , but this isnt one. Yes you can always justify and create the character you want (Terry Pratchett has a priest who waves a huge battleaxe) but generally if you start out an adventure with immersion and a healer or magic user that you perceive to be fairly physically weak and dressed in cloth, you envisage him struggling to lift and a huge battleaxe when he finds it within the dungeon, not be able to wield and use it with the same effectiveness as a seasoned veteran muscled fighter. True the class abilities do affect this, but not greatly. I just wonder if the circles were intended to restrict such physically weak characters from becoming melee death machines and magicless barbarians from casting like experts. I can adjust theme in my head, but the actual presence of the coloured circles made me think there was something more.
  12. Thanks In some sense it can be anti thematic. My healer is currently waving a large battle axe and is the most offensive of any character I've yet played. All due to the large dice bonus of the axe.
  13. Thank you So with 4 normal and 2 boss in a Delve, then for a full unbroken playthrough (pretending its not random) there are 8.25 play through normals and 10 through bosses. So kinda 8/9 playthroughs straight, before you randomly mix it all up. Thats pretty nice. Thats quite a lot of stages for the price. Good value. It would be very nice for a Delve2 app at some point for even more
  14. So on the item cards, either side of the traits bit (Eg: "Axe") there are little coloured circles. These vary from one item to another ( blue, gold, green etc) what do they actually mean?? They also appear on the hero sheets around the attributes. Also, leading on from that. Are there any restrictions to item usage other than the hands? Eg if a barbarian gets a magic weapon can he use it even though not a mage, similarly a mage in light clothes gets a huge battle axe can they use it? Seems yes as far as I can tell, though that kind-of reduces the effectiveness of the "feel" of some classes. It kind-of implies the healers have blue circles and thus should only use blue equipment etc, but then there would be oddness in that a magic staff should be used by mage and healer classes yet kinda not by the others. So its all a bit confusing to me. Cant find rules relating to it. Please help thanks