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  1. Descent side missions and IA encounters??

    Thanks, big shame as that's where a lot of variation comes in with descent for using expansion maps and features with some randomness.
  2. Anyone played app for both? Are IA encounters like Descent side missions? Initially I hoped yes, but then the blurb suggested the encounters were more a bit of choose your own adventure type of narrative and not a mission, but I've read some stuff that suggests there's a kind of side mission attached, so now in not so sure. I'm not that far through the app yet so don't know if to look forward to this aspect or be disappointed. So does anyone please know how they compare who has played both apps? Thank you
  3. Got it today!!!!!! Thanks for your help in pestering FFG and Asmodee
  4. Allies number after first mission

    Great thanks, so not just to surviving two good news thanks
  5. Hi So after the first main mission it said that the surviving rebel troopers (2 of 3) get onto the transport and are saved. After this you gain the rebel troopers as allies. Now I'm thinking this is the ally card and thus when I choose to use them in a game I would add the card and thus the full deployment of 3 BUT... just checking, setting as only 2 survived would I only get 2 when I choose to use the ally card in a future mission? Thanks
  6. The newbies first experience

    Played a game of spiders and flies with the tactics and lore deck. Did well got to stage 4 before smashed. Enjoyed it! Don't think the decks worked well at all I played very few good cards. Bilbo got his ring thigh and that helped a lot. So far, I think key things look to be good defending, good attacking, good questing. Some cancellation would be nice. Also, maybe powering up individual hero's would be better than multiple allies due to then having less unconscious to fix. But then less to soak poison. Well have a deck tweak before another go. Add more tactics combat tricks to shift spiders fast, then some questing cards. Might swap lore for spirit for questing, cancellation and threat reduction. Also defender of ramas is needed Was nice to enjoy losing a quest again
  7. The newbies first experience

    I don't think I am good at the game but so far solo single handed only laketown and dol guldur have beaten me. Sometimes it's just trial and error. I found the previous hobbit suggested decks awful so am expecting the same and just see if as a starting point really. Best of luck
  8. The newbies first experience

    Best of luck I really hope you beat it
  9. The newbies first experience

    As my play is progression, it seems On The Doorstep is next so thats the one I grabbed. If I get frustration with one I will move on again as I want to keep enjoying this game. As for Laketown, I will come back to it one day but for now its stopped being fun and thats when to move on. For the first quest of OTD I have picked one of the suggested decks from the instructions, which I think will be awful. But its a starting point for me to see where the scenario goes before deck building again.
  10. Future of the Game

    I do appreciate that different games scratch different itches and thus may not directly compete. My thoughts though were more that most people only have so much money to throw at games. Eg: If you have enough cash for 3 games for your favourite IP and there are 5 on the market, then you cant buy 2 of them even if you want to and they scratch different itches. Still doesnt mean that games such as Destiny "did" affect SW-LCG sales but I think it could well have for those of us with limited funds. Destiny didnt replace another game, it added to the choice.
  11. The newbies first experience

    Ive had enough and am throwing in the towel. After a long break to clear my head I had a game at Laketown today with a new deck and didnt even get a single progress. It simply was not fun. Right now I am no longer actually enjoying the game as I just cannot figure out this scenario for my play and its become a chore for me as it is too hard for my abilities. If I keep going I will ruin my enjoyment of the game completely so now is the time to put aside Laketown and move on. I will next go to On The Doorstep as this appears to be next release before the Stewards Fear. Hopefully I will have a better time at that. Maybe I will return to Laketown in the future with a bigger cardpool like I plan to do someday for Escape From Dol Guldur. Defeated.
  12. Future of the Game

    I love the game and am sad about its ending. But I also hope they do not replace it. As has been stated, there are so many SW games out now, fans can be spread thin. So any new product can easily take focus off an existing established product (maybe Destiny did this with SW LCG?). Even if all games are great, fans only have so much income available, so choices are made. So if a new game would possibly mean that fans of another established game that they are already pumping money/time into are suddenly disappointed by their game ending, Id rather they get to continue to enjoy their game. My own opinion is that there are enough good SW games there now to enjoy For me, I will continue to play SW LCG with the great solo variant on BGG and I will continue to follow Imperial Assault. I hope that fans of Destiny, Legion, X-Wing, Armada etc also get to carry on having fun with new products.
  13. Future of the Game

  14. I actually got a third tutorial Misson with its own title of part three. If I remember: Part one was life basic training following the instructor out, fixing a console and shooting drones. (Then can't remember if stormtroopers attacking was at end of this mission or start of next). Mainly learning movement and basic interaction and shooting. Part two I think was trying to get back to the base, ambushed by probe droids, shootout, royal guards arrive and clamour to get in base. Once in base finished. More advanced combat with repositioning etc. Part three was more advanced moves, back out into the jungle, more combat including a nexu and captain while learning things like special abilities of heroes and strain. Then collecting gear crates and to the menu screen to train, buy gear etc. I may have blurred the edges of each section but it was definitely split into three for me. As I say, the least section was titled part 3. Edit: I did choose the option of never played IA before so I winner if that adds a stage????
  15. Hmmmm So I am playing it now for first time and have a tutorial part 3 ????? Which doesnt tally with the flow chart above that indicates 2 parts to the tutorial, have they changed this??