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  1. I get that the quest vault wasnt a success but this was for traditional adventures of which there are/were already a lot of official ones. Whereas a lot of people really loved how the app play worked but the content is very limited, so I think it would get more attention. Only a guess though
  2. Absolutely. An adventure creator for the community and a central library of content. Would cost them very little to do and yet fans would be ecstatic and they would surely get sales out of it. However it could sink a 3rd ed (unlimited content for 2nd ed), so I fear that's why they won't.
  3. Didn't mean there was something exactly like Descent I meant lots of Dungeon Crawl type games (many with specifically different exciting mechanics) whereas there weren't quite as many when Descent2 was born. Such as Gloomhaven, Kingdom death monster, sword & sorcery, mice & mystics, conan, shadows of brimstone, Warhammer quest (new) , new D&D, orcquest and many others. Keep seeing new ones on kickstarter too. With so much choice nowadays, a game aiming at a specific type (dungeon crawl) needs to excel or be significantly new/different to stand out. Right now, it's possible a D3 may be able to do that but D2 doesn't quite need to (imho) as it's age means it's got its die hard fans as well as a load of existing content. Hoping a redesign D3 would compete I just think is a bit of a risk that's all.
  4. I think FFG need to be very careful if they are thinking of a 3rd edition. There are so many great dungeon crawlers out nowadays that D3 would have to compete with. D2 I think does okay because it already has its fan-base established who love the game. If D3 comes out, there will be some people who go for it because of their love for D2 but some others avoiding for the same reason. There will be a group of people go for D3 because of a love of the IP. But the rest, D3 would need to compete with the rest of the market. Would it be good enough for that? I suspect not considering how radically it would need to change to have something "different" that sets it apart. Sticking with D2 has an established fan base that will buy the stuff anyway regardless. Even better, app content, I suspect, is instant buy because it represents additional value/play from game components you have already bought so many people will become attracted to that. So I think D3 would be a very risky road to go down. On a separate slightly related note, if FFG released something digital similar to Valkyrie but official, even if it cost the same as a big box physical set I think people would buy it. A central quest vault online for players to contribute digital adventures to would create a bottomless pit of content that FFG wouldnt even need to be bothering creating. Fans getting excited about adventures mixing up all the tiles from different multiple expansions would be great. Unending content, I really think most fans would pay a lot for that (I havent tried Valkyrie so am unsure how well this already fills that purpose).
  5. alexbobspoons

    Conversion kit missing bits

    Opps mispost
  6. alexbobspoons

    Conversion kit missing bits

    Sorry I wasnt clear. I know quite a lot of the monsters/heroes in the conversion kit have been re-released as 2nd-ed versions afterwards, but some are still outstanding. So as I own all of D2, I have most of the stuff but not all from the kit. So if I wanted to proxy any monsters/heroes of 1st ed with minis and use the cards, which conversion-kit stuff doesnt yet have a re-released 2nd-ed version That thread seems to suggest all monsters have been re-released too which is great, though some heroes still missing. Cheers.
  7. HI How a surprise tomorrow? I thought all the news occurs within the in flight report which is now done.
  8. Hi Before I spend an hour comparing all the cards I have in the conversion kit, is there already a list of the contents that have not been re released in 2nd ed please? I'm meaning monsters as well as heroes. Thanks
  9. Agreed, considering the hints over the past months I thought they would say something at gen con even if it was a 3rd ed (which I don't want). Really expected something as did others I've talked to. Can't help but think this will damage Descent2 as many will assume it's now dead.
  10. alexbobspoons

    Limited Collector's Edition??

    Absolutely this!
  11. alexbobspoons

    Character types reference

    Oh wow that's fantastic info thank you! ! Do you think any other heroes were made with any specific class in mind? Thanks so much
  12. alexbobspoons

    The newbies first experience

    Oh for goodness sake. I had a game today of spiders and flies with my winning deck slightly tweaked. It was going excellently but then on stage 3 everybody but Bilbo goes unconsious (thus losing poison) leaving Bilbo the only one conscious and as it happens with 1 poison. First card out of the encounter deck is Crazy Cob which due to the 1 poison immediately attacks Bilbo with nothing I can do and Bilbo is dead. Argh what a way to lose :( Makes me think its not worth committing Bilbo to early quests so that he doesnt get poison for this eventuality, but then until stage 3 hes pretty useless in that case. Grrr
  13. Sooo... an odd question. I know that we can build all kinds of character types by mixing a chosen hero and the available classes to them. But it's also fairly obvious that many heroes were designed with a specific class in mind (often contained in the same expansion) an example being the necromancer lady in core set, she was clearly designed and intended for that class even though she can be played as others. So I've not played much descent different characters but I'd like to play them as intended for each ones first play. So my question is, is there an actual written list anywhere that had each hero and what is intended class was? Thanks if any info, actually even if no info thanks for reading anyway
  14. alexbobspoons

    There And Back Again

    I'm glad that the heroes well be available later as the price point to UK will be just too steep. But I'm concerned about the two new quests which I will want but don't know if they will be available outside this set. Not fussed about the digital or the fluff. Mainly feeling disappointed that I may have cards missing from a set that's already cost me a lot.
  15. I've just finished my 3x3 pages and am really pleased. I dont think deck building will be as easy as it has been with all cards loose, BUT the number of cards I didn't realise I had that I can now see clearly is great so while slower, deck building should be better quality and more fun. Very happy I've done this.