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  1. So I designed a deck based HEAVILLY on Seastans build (having read the article with great interest, I then find that despite what Yoda says, it's really difficult to unlearn what you have learned..) Gave it a go. First two turns encounter cards were masters malice, ouch!!! Didn't do to badly but I suffered from shadow-card-stacking making some enemies hit for about 10.. deal another shadow, deal two more shadows etc.. And eventually lost. Fairly uneventful other than just continued slog. I did enjoy it though, was a much better shot at the scenario.
  2. Thats a great point thank you. Feint is one use and gone so Envoy as a blocker is just as good yet has the option of those other aspects, very good point thanks.
  3. Excellent deck and article. Curious why envoy of pelargir? Seems 2 cost to gain 1 back. So is it simply a 1 cost chump block?
  4. Just to add, I didn't get any progress on the quest card and the final battleground location was still in play when i died, thus was on stage 1 the whole time. Taking undefended would indeed have advanced me but seeing as I did this blind I wasnt taking tactical decisions I was playing to test the scenario and be surprised by its contents. So not seeing what other stages have means I wasnt able to plan for them. I had/have no idea what later stages need in terms of questing/siege/battle. Paying it blind you just try to do the best you can on what the stage card says. Thanks for all the advice and ideas folks
  5. So first go at Siege, lost massively. To be honest also did not enjoy it. That's not to say I won't enjoy it with a better deck, but with this feel no fun at all, very disappointed. At no point ever did I have enough defense to beat the threat in the staging area, so that mounted. Trying to quest to reduce the questing failure meant I didn't have enough defenders to core with the encounter decks monsters which were a LOT. So I took combat damage or lost allies every turn. There was never anybody left to actually make a meaningful attack on the monsters, so they built up in the engagement area until they killed everyone. While I could have played it differently, I never felt a different play would have worked. Every turn felt doomed and that I had no good option. I was just wasting time until defeat. It wasn't fun because I never felt I had tactical options, I felt I was losing with no effective plays available at any point for the whole game. Can't say this scenario felt well designed as it felt futile while other losing scenarios have still felt fun with a chance, I never felt I had a chance. This may be a different story with a specific designed deck, time will tell. I feel I need a deck with heavy defense because without that I had nothing. Big on tactics, maybe leadership. Full de c know redesign is in order. Very combat/defense orientated, which obviously fits the theme. Will a tailored deck make this scenario fun? Dunno yet. Am I capable of designing something to cope with it? Dunno that either.
  6. The Siege of Anuminas convention POD is available in UK now Still no sign of Nightmare Saruman as far as I can tell
  7. My game 2 featured Wargs and it just smashed me to bits. The first game I only had 1 and the current game was zero. So I do think lucky draws really! Worried about being stuck on Siege and not enjoying it. Pelargir was so hard for me I started to not enjoy as much, I hope Siege isnt the same.
  8. Another game at Into Ithilien. Same deck. Started slowly, had a bit of a clogged staging area but managed to get through bit by bit. Gimli was fully wounded but Glorfindel got light of valinor. A sneak attack Gandalf helped. Was a slow slog and the round that I completed stage1 Celador died, so my first go at the standard stage2. This also was a long slog as I had been aiming for using willpower and so the siege keyword was a pain. I had 3 Elronds Council in hand but didnt want to lower threat without using the willpower gain. I slogged through, playing a standard Gandalf to boost defense as I was low on defense, but Defender of Ramas came to my aid as a solid 4. Nasty Morgul Spider attacked but I defended with Gondorian Spearman and quick-strike with Gimli to dispatch it. I just missed out with 8 progress but the followig turn the encounter card was a location so managed to get to stage 4, though I had Southron Company engaged. Right!! Willpower now huh. My threat was 36 so only 1 away from siege but I played all 3 Ellronds Councils for a 3WP gain and a threat lower of total 9 haha. I then played out another Gandalf onto the table, exhaused Faramir for his WP bonus and then quested with everybody. My total WP was about 21 and so it handled the 1 threat of another Southron Company and blitzed the 15 progress needed to win HAHA! Victory! So thats 2 wins against Into Ithilien out of 3 games thats a pretty healthy score. Quite pleased with my deck. However I didnt see a single Blocking Warg or the Mumak so again I was lucky on the card draw. I think now I will grit my teeth and the next game will be the Siege of Cair Andros. Bit concerned I will be stuck on this for ages until I can get onto other quests, we will see. I will keep the same deck for the first test of it though and see what happens
  9. So I've played two games and enjoyed, but wow hard. Both times got to the treasure chamber and gained loot but died on the way out. This was using the dwarf who has the biggest health, goodness knows how quixotic I well sure with the other heroes. Others find it as hard? Which character do you think has the best chance in solo? still a very nice game!
  10. Adam and Brady Sadler are re-skinning the game outside of FFG and are using the "Awful Fantasy" IP for the theme (which I don't personally like) its all over their Facebook and also BGG. They've said the mechanics will be identical so it's a direct re-skin. Is a shame really as I would have thought a Descent re-skin would have been excellent. As it is, I wouldn't want to start collecting a game stretched across different manufacturers and different IP's as there would be too many variables for a completionist collector. I honestly do quite dislike the AF IP. So Epic AF is the re-skin
  11. Good point. The only thing I could think is to have a kind of flat 2D mini that stands upright similar to a standee and it would be the shape of a generic indistinct shadow, then for its base you have a simple flat circle but the mini would be attached to the very edge/circumference thus providing it leans slightly it should stand up fine and yet any other standard-size mini can effectively stand on its circular base and the "shadow" would be rearing up behind/side of them. Actually think that would look great. Be good in transluscent grey plastic but also standard mini could be painted up for good effect
  12. Exactly, I have years of content to go at so a 3rd ed holds nothing for me. But expansions add options to what I have so I would/will buy every single one they release for 2nd ed. Similarly I will buy anything they release for the app too.
  13. Just to add. ..If you note the rooms that have a cost to enter, the rules mention you only pay it upon entering and if you stay for subsequent turns you do not have to pay each time as you are already there (unless you leave and re enter of course).
  14. So, As title, if ffg released a pack of minis for the companions, eh the necromancer minion, the animal friends of the heroes etc. Would you buy it to stop using the counters? I would! And this would be a product with zero game design and zero play testing. Just mini design and production. I'm thinking is a great idea. Then, would you buy a generic pack of say 5 villagers to replace those tokens too? (I'd but this too even though I could proxy other models I have) Let's make this thread hot like the Mansions of Madness thread about producing a dice pack so that FFG can see this would be a good idea.
  15. I bought everything, all of it, from starting last December. So after such an investment I wouldn't buy a third edition at all, I have so much to play at already. But any and all expansions for 2nd ed I will buy to keep the collection complete.