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  1. Thread seeming quite these days Anyways.. Had another go, horrible starting hand after mulligan but I pulled it back some. Had the three intermediate stages with 9-7-1 progress upon the end, so not quite managed the last stage. I bust threat at 50 bt Aragorn and Glorfindel had died that turn anyway as I knew I couldnt win so did a blaze of glory finish. Bilbo and Gimil had one health remaining each. I still dislike the pressure on starting with this quest. If you dont get a good enough start (starting hand) then the game punishes you so hard that it seems too hard to pull back from. True that deck design could try to get cards out fast, but I am not too good at that part of a deck design.
  2. So I beat the quest. Mixed feelings on it. I really enjoy how it does feel like a battle, so much going on, such a panic to get things set up so quickly, very thematic. But.. I also feel as a game it has too much emphasis on getting things set up too fast. At the start there is a scrabble to get questing progress on all three stages to avoid the bad effects, while also encounter cards are removing the progress AND also have additional bad effects if any stage has zero progress on it. So this starting point is MANIC. But, once you have yourself set up with a couple of progress on each stage then the negative effects fall from loads to pretty much zero and you can just bash away at the remaining part of the quest steadily. The goblin surge remains a hard thing to beat. The big bad guy went down in one hit from a powered up gimli with glorfindel. Think I will move on from this, the quest is fun but the starting panic is too stressful to make the whole quest completely enjoyable.
  3. Designed a new deck. Bit like an army. Glorfindel (spirit) Aragorn (Leadership) and Gimli. Lots of allies, combat effects and mitigation cards. Played a game and lost. Was a struggle, didnt manage to get anywhere near as many allies out as I expected, this hurt me and I lost aragorn early which meant I kept drawing leadership cards without a use. Had plenty of resources but couldnt play much. Managed to get 1 progress on each of the three stages but by that time I was starting to become overwhelmed by Bolg Bodyguards with 3 engaged, so I couldnt hold out long enough. Technically I burst threat but only because of a few rounds of Bilbo defending with the ring. Cant think of anything YET I would change with this deck, think it was a bad draw/play. Need a game or few more before I can feel if the deck needs changing.
  4. So today I started playing again. Played Battle of Five Armies for the first time and used the previous deck to get a feel for it. Got hammered! That deck is no way suitable. I see the key in prioritising the quest stages for their negative effects, but couldnt get progress to stay on before it got knocked off.. Need a deck with good defense, attack and questing, which the current one isnt really, too many attachments that didnt help me, not enough allies. Need to go away and think about a deck design then give it another go!!
  5. I see some are out of stock in the store, how odd, surely the whole concept of POD is that they print when you buy so shouldnt be out of stock. Very strange indeed
  6. I got all the recent pod packs yay. Dunno if the collectors edition is worth it. I did message Dave for a price but he didn't get back so I think busy. I'd only want it for the two new starter quests.
  7. This post isnt a "game is dying" post, rather a "game is slowing down and settling in pace" so in mind of that, I do hope FFG continue with nightmare decks. When the game eventually does cease, however long that may be, I do very much hope FFG will see good to the fans and finish off all the nightmare decks to conclusion.
  8. Zuccuss, 4Lom, Yoda and Ewoks and that would be closure for me. Then just lots n lots of app content. But if I had to chose between the above minis or app content, I would chose app content so in that I am happy FFG are continuing digital stuffs
  9. Got attack on dol guldur from gameslore yay, other two pods on pre order from chaos cards and no sign yet
  10. Attack on dol guldur has existed ages without being UK available. Then there's the two newer pod packs too.
  11. With no disrespect intended to the OP I do think it's a shame that this is the main thread for the great new content and is title not only doesn't highlight that fact to any casual visitor, but also can be seen as quite negative or ungrateful. Not exactly saying to FFG yay great we all celebrate it, let's keep having more content please when we feared the game was finished.
  12. Agreed. I would hope its more about avoiding stealing thunder from the new Lord Of The Rings minis game rather than anything negative to IA
  13. Odd this hasnt been shown on the news page yet. I find that quite strange.
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