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  1. Soooooooooo close. Died with 12 out of the 15 quest needed on the final phase so close. Had been through the encounter deck once and a reshuffle so the defeated enemies were piling up again. Don't think I played any decision wrong so it's a loss due to the luck of the cards or my deck design. I can see how later cards adjust this so much, Boromir died due to to many defends and the gondorian shield soul totally negate that. I did have very little questing in the last phase due to card draw but really if it's drawn more spirit allies then maybe my first two passes wouldn't have gone as well. Did lose 3 allies to that nasty ally damage engagement. Soooo close. I don't think my deck is optimal for this quest at all but I do think it's the first draft of the deck that is actually possible to beat the quest, so before I do a full redesign with leadership, I think I'll give this deck another go.
  2. You could just play Delve with a few to see how they play. Or you could play a bunch multi-handed. I know this isnt what you were after, but it would get you some plays of alt heroes. I myself own 100% Descent now, but have only played 4 different heroes. 2 through the Rise of Goblins and 2 into Kindred Fire which I am still going through. After I finish Kindred Fire I thinnk I am going to thrash through the other heroes in Delve before picking some for the next campaign
  3. Im actually using Boromir. He does great and Im glad I included him, though his defense isnt quite high enough (shield comes in later packs). To be fair though, my last deck smashed the first two stages but crashed on the third. Im now tweaking to try and get third without losing balance from firsttwo. So difficult, I think the hardest scenario deck build I have played yet. But I think....think Im making progress.
  4. Thanks some nice ideas, some I was incorporating and some not. Didnt think of the blade for Spiritfindel and have been using him to quest, but if he can kill enemies, its better to power up Gimli and let him quest (battle) and Glorfindel attack, good idea. I will look at cram too thanks.
  5. It's all ordered Thanks Julia for the clarification, I thought as there were 5 existing products (not counting the counters-pack) there would be more scenarios so that's where I went wrong. I knew 2 in core set and assumed 1 per pack so got to 6. 3 out of 4 solo able is better than 3 out of 6
  6. Bought into this now due to the solo version I wonder why the solo rules apply to only 3 existing scenarios rather than all of them? Are the other scenarios unconvertable or is it just spreading the product into a future release so as not to bloat? Curious.
  7. Thanks all. Thing is, the enemies are just tough enough to need 2 characters (or turns) to kill (Gimli-aside) while also being damaging enough to kill most allies. There's also one out before you even start. I have all the things in my deck suggested by Calvadur, except card draw, but the scenarios stack things quickly and solo single handed takes time to build resource, so I've gotten overwhelmed. It including affects like, all your allies take 1 damage, that wipes of all my allies (not enough resource for tougher allies) or, discard all your cards, or discard all your resource, all are effects that cripple if I haven't managed to draw the cancellation cards yet or can afford them. I'm going to have another go with this deck, then I'm thinking of a deck redesign. Few options mainly centred around different spheres. I'd like to add leadership for celebrians stone, steward of gondor and faramir. Plus swap some cheap tactics allies for leadership allies to balance. Thinking maybe Dain as hero to further buff Gimli maybe (can't remember which stats he buffs). I'm also thinking that maybe I swap out spirit for lore. Go for some similar allies, lose threat reduction but use lore aragorn, not sure yet on this one though. One more game with current deck, then swap out to include leadership. Good to know there are some....Some easier quests in this cycle. Don't want the game to have outgrown my ability.
  8. So I deck tweaked. Sealed out some events that I realised I want playing due to conserving resource for allies. Also sealed out some tactics allies. Added in spirit questing allies. What happened. ,,, "the defending player discards his whole hand" wtf? ??? So I had 3 heroes out and nothing else other than unexpected cottage on gimli. No hand, no cards and only one card draw per turn. Had no chance. Enemies built up faster than I could draw or play them. Squashed me. I'm finding this scenario very hard. I'm feeling like this one is less about playing them game and more about deck design. If my deck isn't specifically tailored then I have no chance. Doesn't feel to have as good balance as previous scenarios for balancing play against deck designing. Difficult. Am starting to feel nervous about the rest of this cycle. If I am not good enough at deck design, will I lose the fun of the game by the end of the 9 scenarios? I'm only on scenario 1....
  9. Hmmm, I had another go this morning. I absolutely smashed the first two stages in 2 or 3 turns. Unexpected courage on Gimli, with him damaged and questing for a high amount while still being able to attack was awesome and Defender of Rammas out early was awesome defending. Also, I got Vassal of the Windlord out early too so his 3 attack was great for questing but without actually "attacking" so no discard of him haha! But the third stage smashed me. I did not at all have enough actual questing power with only Gimli and Glorfindel having stats. Slowly crept 2 progress on the quest but locations were hard and also the enemies that do stuff if not "optinally" engaged when the stage doesnt allow it was hard ouch. So I lost, actually bust threat but Glorfindel was only one alive (dammned Zealous Traiter killed 4 allies just by engaging) so was losing anyway. Need to rethink for more questing power. Where has Gandalf been this quest??? EDIT: I looked through my deck. For Willpower I only have Glorfindel and Gimli (Heroes) Then 3x Gandalf and 2x Lorien Guide, no wonder I had no chance in the third stage. My deck currently smashes 1st and 2nd stage (well it did last time) so I now need to see about adding willpower without taking away from its performance in the first two stages. Tricky.
  10. Its a fishing term. Basically set the hook with the correct bait so that you catch the best fish. BT wants to catch his wifes interest in the best way to let her enjoy the game to its best rather than experiencing un-fun play I find progression style was best to learn the game and the first cycle is fantastic for that. Id say as long as you warn ahead about the difficulty of Anduin and Dol-Guldur so that losses at those does not discourage. Best of luck.
  11. I imagine it's fun to be solo playing at the same time and giving bits of commentary. Thanks
  12. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease ffg Summons of the Deep pods before there isn't enough interest left. Seeing the second hand prices of threes packs proves how much interest (profit) there still is but how long will that last? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. I follow so many of your product lines let me complete this one. .
  13. I often do the same with Gimli. Eowyn has probably been my most played hero but at the moment she had made way for Glorfindel. I'm slightly daunted by how hard I think HoN is going to be for me, especially progression style, but I think I am starting to take shape on the deck design for the first adventure so hopefully I will get there after numerous trial and errors. The bar fight is a bit of a boring premise but the trickiness of the cards is making it quite a good head scratcher. Reminds me of the repeated goes as journey down the anduin for replays, though that quest had a great fun premise.
  14. Ohhh good idea as aragorn resets threat if I remember rightly. Hmm interesting thought to add lore. This quest is certainly making me think.
  15. Tries again today with Boromir substituted. My draw hand wasnt great and there was no Light of Valinor, which I thought would be essential for Glorfindel, so I mulliganned. Got 3 Light of Valinors in hand and a few other spirit cards despite my decks weighing on tactics. So I didnt have much in hand really. The game played ok and I felt that the deck worked better against the scenario but I still lost badly. Turn 1 I had 3 enemies and I kept getting more so I got swamped under enemies. Felt like harsh draws, so Ill give the same deck another go before I think any more about tweaking Those 3 Ramma's are sure in the deck, just dont always pop out, and Im only running a 50 card deck for consistency so its luck of the draw there.