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  1. Thank you
  2. Great news Does anyone know, if you intend playing it in epic mode with a number of decks do you need 3 copies of the expansion pack? (like with the epic LotR ones) Be good to know Thanks
  3. Actually as I read down this thread the discussion/argument will go nowhere as some posts are not respecting others opinions if they don't agree with them or it doesn't affect them. I'm done with this thread. No desire to argue.
  4. I know it's my hangup but that doesn't stop being being disappointed at the direction of the product. Similarly I dint care about print on demand quality as I sleeve, but from above, that's something that bothers you. We're all different in what we do our don't like and it should be okay to state that.
  5. If it was only the book id agree, but it isn't is it as you can read above.
  6. To me it does affect gameplay because for deck building, "tomorrow" there will be cards available as options that were not available "yesterday" (I know not actually available tomorrow) so playing the game with the new cards would be a different play. Mandatory depends on how you collect. For me, alt art is not mandatory but anything different for gameplay is. But then no card game purchases are strictly "mandatory" its a hobby. Your points about eBay and events I do totally agree with! While I don't like the book method to get these, it's way better than unique event exclusives. Alt arts and previews are good for this kind of thing but mechanically unique I'm just not happy about. I'm honestly disappointed in FFG for doing this as they have been so good in the past to be able to collect from. Haven't yet decided what I am going to do. So far, I am leaning towards not buying these books but proxying the cards and having an incomplete collection (which I will be unhappy about and will be angry at FFG for) because I just cannot justify the cost of these books for a couple of cards. This may seem petty to some/most but a slight OCD about completion isn't an easy thing to control. Still disappointed
  7. Not actually happy about this. As a completionist collector with slight OCD (and I am not alone in this within this hobby) for a full set of cards I will need to buy all these books to get the unique cards. I do not like that sales angle at all. Im happy the books are being done for those wanting and am happy with alt-art cards as they are great for collectors wanting the extra bit that doesnt affect gameplay. But content affecting gameplay being sold in an alternative product to the game itself, thats just not something I am pleased about at all. Genuinely happy with the folks that are happy. But for me, this looks like a choice of non-complete collection or having to buy repeated books at $15 each just for a couple of cards. $15 for a couple of cards, not good.
  8. Id love it and Id pay its worth. But I doubt its worthwhile for FFG to put that extent of effort in. Id just like more and more app content please
  9. I like the idea of actual different ways to play. Happy with the look of this for me
  10. Interesting. All content is good content. Not what I expected. Im liking the idea of new ways to actually play the game rather than additional similar content, sounds like Bear is a total carnage monster mash. Does this adventure use expansion content though?? Multiple maps?? Is it a slowing down of the programming type for Descent.... no idea. But new content is good. More please
  11. So FFG also own cardgamedb About half the times I have visited there in the past few weeks I get attacked by worms or viruses that my system has so far kept under control. Whats going on?? I have had the same thing on my works computer and also my tablet, so its not my own computer or network thats affected. It just seems the site itself, or maybe its adverts, are infected and lashing out at visitors. I think this is potentially very damaging. Are FFG aware and is anything being done? Thanks
  12. Another loss. Poor from the start Turn one I got two allies out which drained my resources, then the first card killed them with no cancellation. So my hand was badly depleted and resources were zero. From there I grew into location-lock and lost out to threat eventually. Not great, not so much fun either. Im beginning to see my current deck is far too reliant on draw luck and the first go with it that almost won was far too lucky. I need to redesign my deck I do not feel like moving on yet, but this run of hard quests is also not making me want to play numerous games in a row. Its too hard work. Feels like losing from the start and hoping for some luck to land. Ill take a break from it and think about a deck redesign. So far my big problems are questing high and threat. I may use Lore Aragorn to try help the threat. As for questing, well thats a difficult one. My location allies havent been able to avoid location lock because of the Wharf card that keeps nullifying them, so they are expensive for what they are. I think try for more allies with raw questing power if I can.
  13. Yes as far as I know that's the correct progression order
  14. and another play. Loss Long game but struggled all the way. Almost completed stage 1 before threat bust. Never got Valinor on Glorfindel so threat was rising quickly. Tried to keep under control but nope. Too much damage and not enough questing progress. Very hard. I know this is intended as a hard quest, but after playing the 3 HoN quests and then this, 4 of the hardest quests I have ever played is tough going. I can see why the internet records a large group of players quitting the game at this point in its history, there just doesnt seem much let-up. Im still enjoying it, but not as much as I used to. Right now, every card from the decks seems crucial, every decision a game-breaker. The win margin seems so slight and so dependant on draw, the relaxed fun of the game isnt there in these scenarios for me. In one sense thats the way it SHOULD be in a dragon-attacked town, so its well designed, BUT I think released at a bad time. 4 hard quests in a row is simply soul-sapping. Either Laketown would have been better a little later, or HoN deserved one or two easier quests for its box I think. I am going to stick with this scenario for now, I have hopes (low) to beat, but I think its days are numbered before I throw in the towel and move on (So far Dol Guldur is the only time I have done that). This saddens me, but I would rather keep enjoying my game then end up run down. The game needs to be challengin, but fun too. For me these 4 quests back-to-back are too brutal. I couldnt even dream to think of a thematic deck for these. Ill carry on with my current deck as I think its capable of defeating the scenario, but I do have a side-though that I might try. Leadership and Lore (not sure if I would have enough questing) so that I could get Gloin with citadel plate to defend the dragon without raising threat.. Then Lore healers to get him back healthy (all the while generating big resource to get extra cards into play). Plate is expensive and this relies on getting out healer cards while maintaining a good questing score, so I dont know if it can work at all. Its just an initial thought.
  15. I wonder if afterwards the Ultimatum kits (or any card/rules content) will be available to the rest of fans that are unable to get to a B-&-M store? I do hope so as part of the living cardgame model is being able to collect full sets, so I do hope this content will be commercially available after the main organized play event window.