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  1. Let's all chat about this on BGG and see if it gets Descent into the hotness list again because that's something FFG might notice and consider making more (yeah I know sales will shout louder).
  2. alexbobspoons

    The Future of 2nd Edition

    Let's all chat about this on BGG and see if it gets Descent into the hotness list again because that's something FFG might notice and consider making more (yeah I know sales will shout louder).
  3. alexbobspoons

    Embers of Dread

    Let's all chat about this on BGG and see if it gets Descent into the hotness list again because that's something FFG might notice and consider making more (yeah I know sales will shout louder).
  5. alexbobspoons

    Embers of Dread

  6. alexbobspoons

    New expansion wanted

    Firstly wow and congrats to all the people doing fan projects its fantastic. Secondly to answer the initial question, what I would like it's more app content. I have soon much physical content it's excellent but would love more chances to use it all via the app. I'd happily pay for more app campaigns to use the monsters/tiles/heroes that I already own. But if more physical content did get produced is buy that too.
  7. Ive noticed the news reports get the same title too, so I get excited for an LotR news-piece then find its for the digital, which isnt something I personally am interested in. I am sure this is marketing to attract cross-game but its quite irritating as the games are different so should have differentiation in news and forums.
  8. alexbobspoons

    Arkham Nights 2018

    Pic in the news looks like a mechanic on the blurry words
  9. Just anything really. A nice easy sorry using the tiles monsters components from one of the expansion boxes to boost sales considering reprints still seem to be happening. Fantasy stories don't need to be literary classics in a dungeon crawl or rpg as you are making the story yourself. True great stories are better but to get existing content used just any old save-princess, destroy-baddie, explore-uncharted would do thanks. Come on ffg, make money!
  10. alexbobspoons

    Seriously WTF Is Wrong With People

    Yes, this. I understand they avoid re listing fees this way. Happens a lot
  11. I think it's more that they had a good game mechanic in warhammer quest and then lost the license but wanted to do something with the game mechanic. The designers seemed to try and go independant with a different IP on kickstarter and had some negative reactions, then this was announced. So i think its more that they wanted to use the game mechanics and so re skinned it to their own owned IP of terrinoth. So I don't think it's related to descent production in any way. Yes it reuses art, characters etc but in terms of manufacturing and development I do not think there is any link. I could be wrong
  12. Its a shame. I am continuing to buy products for the FFG games I have but due to the actions of the last couple of years I think I will not buy into any new product lines no matter how nice they may look. The silence to fans is so frustrating. The teasers that come to nothing (promising CoC pod packs then nothing, implying more is coming for descent then a year later we are still waiting etc etc). Releasing products with exclusive promos (I do not want to have to buy a book-series that I don't want just to get a handful of exclusive cards for AH-LCG. Or a whole new core/collector set for LotR LCG full of unneeded digital content just for 2 new quests) massively frustrating. The content for the imperial assault app is excellent but why so slow at release? Its almost like the enthusiasm has gone. New awful packaging and other points such as price are obviously there but the above ones directly affect play. Its just a big shame. Such great products and yet as a customer and collector I have kind-of lost trust. And yet FFG do not read these forums so they never know the feedback from fans, which tends to look like they don't care. If only they read this feedback. Games Workshop screwed over fans for years and it took a long time before people walked away and it was noticeable in profits but it did happen. Then GW started listening to what the fans had to say and changed some things and now are making huge profits again. Personally I am still not happy with GW but I do have to admit they have made great changes so-far this past 2 years in line with fan desires. Sometimes now I almost want my FFG games to be discontinued so that I can call the collection complete and move on to other companies products that I feel more confident in the customer-support and loyalty (my ocd collecting aspect stops me choosing to abandon a game while content is still being produced). It's very sad. And the silly thing is that it would be a huge help if they just publically said either "we are not developing anything for Descent2 in the near future" OR " We are developing something it's just going slow" its that simple.
  13. alexbobspoons

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    I get that the quest vault wasnt a success but this was for traditional adventures of which there are/were already a lot of official ones. Whereas a lot of people really loved how the app play worked but the content is very limited, so I think it would get more attention. Only a guess though
  14. alexbobspoons

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Absolutely. An adventure creator for the community and a central library of content. Would cost them very little to do and yet fans would be ecstatic and they would surely get sales out of it. However it could sink a 3rd ed (unlimited content for 2nd ed), so I fear that's why they won't.
  15. alexbobspoons

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Didn't mean there was something exactly like Descent I meant lots of Dungeon Crawl type games (many with specifically different exciting mechanics) whereas there weren't quite as many when Descent2 was born. Such as Gloomhaven, Kingdom death monster, sword & sorcery, mice & mystics, conan, shadows of brimstone, Warhammer quest (new) , new D&D, orcquest and many others. Keep seeing new ones on kickstarter too. With so much choice nowadays, a game aiming at a specific type (dungeon crawl) needs to excel or be significantly new/different to stand out. Right now, it's possible a D3 may be able to do that but D2 doesn't quite need to (imho) as it's age means it's got its die hard fans as well as a load of existing content. Hoping a redesign D3 would compete I just think is a bit of a risk that's all.