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  1. I just got an email from Asmodee stating that prizes are going to be delayed for Canadian nationals. While I appreciate that Asmodee will be taking addresses and getting prizes out eventually, I have to admit that it's a bit of a letdown to hear that they won't be available the day of. Considering the amount of time they've had to prepare, it's a bit surprising that they've come up empty handed. IA already feels like the forgotten middle child of the Star Wars line, and this isn't helping.

    Breakout Con_DelayLetter.pdf

  2. Encumbrance base is 7.  Not 5.

    Really? I don't have a copy of the CRB on me (our group shares one) so I can't check it against the official source. That being said, http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/86930-encumbrance-threshold/ seems to imply that the base is 5 and you add your Brawn to it, as marked on the sheet.For most character's that's 7 after rolling a new character, but for it'd be higher for a wookie and lower for a bothan. It also increases the more you increase your brawn, unlike wound threshold, which is why base and brawn are marked under different boxes. 

  3. Okay, I've edited the sheets and updated on the original post.




    This is going to sound dumb most likely, but since you're using 3 sheets of paper, what are the chances of spreading them out to consume 4 sheets, or rather 2 double-sided sheets with less visual clutter?  


    Done and done.



    This is a random request that may only apply to my campaign, but any chance you could make a version that ditches the destiny point tracking (since I use the tokens on the table and don't always have this sheet in front of me) and add in a section for defenses? Like armor, internal defenses, weaponry, etc. with associated hull trauma and weapons, shielding, etc?

    Hmmm... to be honest, I would suggest printing off another Unabridged Vehicle Sheet and just using that. It already has space for weapons, hull, etc, so it sounds like it fits the bill pretty well. 

    Cheers, everyone! Let me know if you have more suggestions. I'm a bit busy for the rest of the week proper, but I can probably make some time over the weekend.

  4. A couple of suggestions if I may in regards to the character sheet.


    1.  Put the Talents all in one place.

    2.  Add a Force power section.


    My two cents


    Good job!

    1.Yeah, I was bummed that I had to split Talents. I wanted to keep Talents on the same page as the dice pools for easy reference while rolling (spending strain to upgrade a pool, getting rid of setback dice, etc). Unfortunately the dice pools, as much as I love them, eat up an enormous amount of space. I ended up putting as many talents as I could on page one and the rest at the back, thinking that the back-pagers could be the more passive Talents that were represented in other stats anyway (Toughened, Grit, etc).


    2. That's a good point! I had originally considered Force Powers to be more or less equivalent to Talents but I'll reassess that and try to mock something up later today. 

  5. Hello!

    I'm going to cut straight to the chase: I love Edge of the Empire, but I've found the stock character sheets to be... lacking. Sure, they ooze with flavour but they're missing key mechanics like encumbrance and critical hits and frankly wasted a lot of toner. And so I present to you The Unabridged Sheet!



    • Dice pool section! Calculate those dice pools once and never worry about it again with a handy dice pool section.
    • A space for everything! Want critical hits? We have that! Cybernetic upgrades? You got it! You even want to track which mods your droid buddy ruined when he botched his mechanics roll? There's a space for that too!
    • Black and white! No need for colour toner here! Some sparing black toner is all you need.
    • Mechanical layout! Can't remember which brawn you started with and which brawn you got later? Wait, does the brawn you get later help with encumbrance? Don't fret-- it's on the sheet!

    It's not just a character sheet, either-- there's a sheet for vehicles, and one for your friendly local base of operations as well.






    1/15/14: Removed Additional Notes from BoO, added more slots for remaining items. Fixed spacing issues in Obligation section. Added Force Powers section to page 1 of the character sheet, moved talents/special abilities to their own page, increased space for obligation and description on final page.

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