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  1. I flew against 3 different Fortress lists this weekend at an event and found them annoyingly hard to put down (at least the way they were built) Vennie I faced twice, and his ability (and mods for it) happened WAY more than I expected. One person had Perceptive, VTG and Rey on him. THAT was awful to try and get rid of. In fact he managed to survive the game on 1 health as I just could not get through 2/3 greens with mods with what I had left on the board. Very tanky. Then I flew against a Finch list I had been against before. Annoying with his bomb stuff, but ok to put down. But then the other half of the list was a Rey Falcon so... I have only just got the ship myself (never bought it in 1.0) so I am going to be trying it out soon.
  2. Also when you reveal, you then place the dial on your ship card, but I don't think you do that after any of these effects.
  3. But he can effect them as it is large-huge ships at range 0-3
  4. Yeah watching the GenCon games this weekend, whenever something like Sense was used to look at a dial, the opponent looked at said dial, then always placed it back face down. The controlling player then still flipped it later in the activation. This held true in the final game, which was overseen by the judges/head judge and no one said that was wrong.
  5. Just the Mandalorian System Open mat.
  6. This. Always liked them but even I was surprised at how well they could do at GenCon. Need to give them a run again. THIS! Me and my mate LOVE running Maarek. Given the right squad around him he can be deadly with his ability. And as he isn't Vader you can a) fit more in around him and b) he isn't always such a target for your opponent. RZ-1s also. Yes they can pop, like a lot of things, but when 2.0 started I had great fun running 3 crackshot greens with Corran.
  7. I've tried it with Agile once, and honestly I feel it's a points trap. If you have the title, you want to be facing forward most of the time anyway, so rotating your arc/flying like you want to shoot out of the sides/rear just gets you 2-3 dice and they then barely do anything. I'd put BT-1 on there and use the points for Contraband.
  8. Yeah it's like just assigning a token. You aren't doing an action, an ability is just letting you rotate your arc for free.
  9. Right?! The best way to budget for this game is to not buy into the new factions I've found I've bought one ship since Christmas and yet still play multiple games weekly. It's been a great little break!
  10. I've noticed they are putting more and more tokens in ship packs now. I think they are assuming that the people buying these packs will already own ships (duh, for the pilots to be usable) and therefore will at least have things like charge tokens. Depletion tokens are a little more annoying, but again I think they are betting on you buying one of the new ships at least to get stuff like that.
  11. We'll never get pre-release points anymore. Just need to accept that. But it does mean that literally up till release FFG can test and tweak stuff.
  12. They might now be upcoming film ones, or maybe the ship from The Mandalorian.
  13. Yeah I don't see the issue here. The card is TELLING you how and why you can break the normal slam rules. Other cards (like Poe's ability you mentioned) don't say that (although he is still breaking the one action per turn rule). This is the same as when a card states that you can do any sort of action while stressed. No one can do that, but that card is TELLING you that it can (in whatever way the text says) break that rule.
  14. He also has a crew card listed in the Upgrades for that pack! DOUBLE THE SARCASM!
  15. A) Wrong game B) It's been in the recent books for a while, so no?
  16. Maybe, but I don't see Lucasfilm letting one of their major licencees get through a film release without any products related to it. Everyone else has to have new stuff for around October, why not FFG?
  17. He said the Starhawk was from Aftermath, so I think that got them past having to wait. And they might be on screen for the first time but it could be like the Ghost in Rogue One, cameo only and doesn't get caught up in the "DON'T REVEAL ANYTHING!" Lucasfilm rules. I bet we get stuff on Force Friday like usual.
  18. There will totally be Episode 9 ships they couldn't say anything about.
  19. The disarm was about the Fireball. The bullseye talk was the Interceptor. Different things and abilities.
  20. I think this might mean we are getting a few new ships from the new film and having a mostly new wave. Wave 7 I bet is loads of rereleases.
  21. Oh it's been my second most wanted ship for ages and I've not even watched the show! Still no Tie Brute from Solo though... boo
  22. I suspect like most years, we'll get the rest of the wave shown when Lucasfilm says they can as it's film stuff.
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