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  1. InterceptorMad

    Wild Guess: dewback rider and [insert here] are next

    This. Had this thought the other night. Have them be a unit you can take as normal, but also have 1 or 2 personnel cards inside that can go in Stormtrooper squads and have the leader keyword.
  2. InterceptorMad

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I mean, I can KINDA see whatDR4CO means. I love list building, and of course I feel it matters. BUT, you can build/take the 'best' list in the world. A world's winning list, even a rather point-and-click list. But if you fly it badly, you have basically undone and made irrelevant any list building you spent time on. Bad moves, bad decisions and bad tactics all make however amazing your list is completely moot. Yes, you still might get lucky and do ok in some games because some of your list is then compensating or forgiving for your bad flying lol but someone else with the exact same list who knows what they are doing will do WAY better.
  3. InterceptorMad

    Wild Guess: dewback rider and [insert here] are next

    I'd hope the Imperial version of the Vets is Shore Troopers. Generic enough to be Corps, cool looking enough to be Vets (like the Hoth troopers for rebels) Basically, anything but Sand Troopers. That would be a dull way to give the imps more Corps choices.
  4. InterceptorMad

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I never used it till the points update, now I've used it on 2 Inquisitors with Clusters and it's amazing fun! And only 8pts!
  5. InterceptorMad

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Oh another one. 90% of the time, when someone says a ship/list/card is broken or op, it's because they just lost to it and that loss was nearly always their fault for bad decisions or flying. But sure, run to "but nerf it!" because you just flew your ships right at something and died.
  6. InterceptorMad

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Epic is so boring it hurts.
  7. I've learned this from Critical Role: You yell it as loudly and as much like a Bostonian as you can and then reroll it. "CAAAAAAHCKED"
  8. InterceptorMad

    How are you flying Kylo now and what are you flying him with?

    Hate, Pattern Analyzer, Prockets
  9. InterceptorMad

    Poll: which 1.0 meta pilot do you want back?

    Ventress, but honestly if I want to fly her I will.
  10. InterceptorMad

    Scimitar bomber

    If it's not a ship made by FFG, you have to decide among yourselves. Whatever you guys want to play it as, that's how you do it.
  11. InterceptorMad

    Republic Upgrades Article

    The Spare Parts token (we assume) in the Republic spread is the same new token as in the Resistance Transport set. So either the Spare Parts card comes in that set too, or the token is doing double duty for different cards.
  12. InterceptorMad

    TIE Phantom - Fifth Brother or bust

    People seem to be forgetting that we have 2 whole new factions (and therefore new cards) coming soon, plus general new releases. It could be that apart from Vader, we also have some new generic crew cards coming that FFG don't want on the Phantom. And we could have new Gunner cards coming that would work well on it.
  13. InterceptorMad

    Poe Dameron and Debris Gambit

    Nope, because I honestly STILL don't get it, and won't be using her card anyway lol But this seems very cut and dry to me.
  14. InterceptorMad

    Poe Dameron and Debris Gambit

    THIS! This is all I'm talking about. You are performing a red Evade action, no matter how obviously close you are to a rock. It THEN gets made white when you measure. But you still started out by performing a red evade action. Which Poe's ability forbids.
  15. InterceptorMad

    Are any of last week's 2nd edition releases new?

    The Resistance A-Wing is fully new. Ship, cards, dial, chits. Don't think it has 'new' upgrade cards, as I think they are all in the Resistance conversion kit. Mining Tie is fully new. Ship, cards, dial, chits. No new upgrade cards though. The T-70 and FO aren't new at all. All comes in the conversion kits and the ships are the old ships (except the T-70 wings move). Striker and Z-95 are all in the Conversion kits, Z-95 just has a new paint scheme.