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  1. Maul and Expertise

    It's also not great if you miss, as you have then shut down both Expertise and Maul for your revenge shot.
  2. Saw's Renegades Expack makes no bloody sense.

    I mean, the Punishing One pack now comes with cards the ship can't use... And LOTS of packs like this have had more of certain upgrade cards than the ships can physically take. The S-Foils and Renegade upgrades are fixes, they always put multiples of fix cards in so that people can put them on ships they already own. But yes, it is odd that there are more of a certain pilot than there are chits right now. We shall see.
  3. Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    I still, even if I've played a list 10+ times and for weeks/months, will get to a tourney and forget cards and triggers that may occasionally save me the game lol Also I can't take my time to save my life. Getting towards end game I'll want to wrap it up fast either way. Which in both cases can get me a loss when I could have got a win.

    Anyone else think that, red cape aside, this REALLY looks like Asajj Ventress' costume?
  5. Solo Movie Official Teaser Trailer

    Yeah you don't even need an impression. Just some screen presence and charisma at all lol But alas. Although we saw a tiny amount in this trailer compared to a whole film's worth of performance so...
  6. Solo Movie Official Teaser Trailer

    Nothing in there looks inherently bad or whatever. It's just very...underwhelming. No excitement from me at all. And the biggest thing? It seems VERY clear to me that Alden has none of the charm or charisma or presence that Ford brought to Solo. None of his lines or deliveries were like "oh yeah, THAT'S Han Solo". Hopefully Glover, Harrelson and Clarke can lift him up and save it.
  7. Splitting Fire

    The best example of split fire being good these days is Quickdraw. If you have only one ship that can fire at him, but he has no one in his arcs, strip those **** shields. You probably won't kill him and you may have a better target, but by god do you need as many shots on him without return fire as you can get.
  8. The insanity that is X-Wing in the UK

    Yeah I went for the Friday as I can then look around the Games Expo and the separate Convention that's happening that weekend on the Saturday. Plenty to fill the day with while waiting for Sunday. And I've had a Fri/Sat hotel booked since last June as I missed the last Euros. Didn't want to miss out again.
  9. Flight assist astromec

  10. Aurora Squad Builder: News and Updates

    Just a heads up, since the new update (thank you by the way), the app has gone back to crashing when I search for stuff, and sometimes just when scrolling :/
  11. It's time for a TIE fighter title!

    They've made this easy to fix now without helping FOs or SFs, you just make the title Imperial-only. And I made one that let you roll 1 additional red dice at range 2. Range 3 you are still firing tiny lasers at people, but at range 2 you get more dangerous.
  12. Console Fire Question

    Yeah when a card has a symbol on it, not text (doesn't SAY hit, has the symbol for the hit on the dice) then you follow the symbol exactly.
  13. Obligatory film ranking thread

    Right now, with only one viewing of TLJ, my ranking would be: ESB/Rogue One ROTJ ANH TFA TLJ ROTS TPM AOTC
  14. What Was Your Favorite Wave?

    Wave 9 for sure, just in terms of the amount of use I've got from every ship in that wave, and the cards from it.
  15. Star Wars 8 - The Last Jedi - Reviews (SPOILERS!!)

    Yeah the real difference between Fett and Phasma is Phasma didn't do anything cool in her first film. Fett came along, looked cool, and ACTUALLY GOT AWAY WITH HAN SOLO! Phasma gets blindsided in a corridor, puts in the code for the shield (wouldn't someone THAT First Order rather die?) and then put in a garbage chute. Books don't count, despite being canon, as for 90% of people that's all they saw of her. And then she turns up randomly (way too late) in this film, does something a bit cool, then goes out. Way too fast.