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  1. Because maybe the Spanish distributor got duped or has old info? Didn't they say aces packs were next and the Raider especially was cancelled?
  2. I' dubious right now as a) it reads like a wishlist for me and b) were'nt those repacks cancelled? But if it's true, amazing!
  3. I mean it is 100% in the best interest. People at events like this get 'con flu' from the air con and bodies everywhere at the healthiest of times. Throw a new virus in the mix? No sir.
  4. Yep. Again going back to the Timo games I saw, some he won even with both Sprays on only hull, sometimes even low hull and critted.
  5. If you can, watch some of his games (First Earth and Firestorm Games on Twitch). I didn't notice any "oh wow I'd never have thought of that!" moves or choices. He's just the best sort of player; knows when to engage and when not to, when to take which action, what order to resolve things when given the choice. And just seems to KNOW his list. Great to watch. And with the bombs/chute combo, it wasn't always that he was being chased. Just that he knew when he was going to push away or bug out and knew dropping two bombs would a) catch someone he wanted to and/or b) cover a BIG area that would be hard to avoid without ruining your next few turns because you got yourself really out of position to avoid crits and the debris.
  6. Protons, when flown well, are amazing. Timo (UK SOS Champ) did this cluctch move where he drops Protons from both ships close together in the same round AND then has Frost drop her Rigged Cargo. He caught a few people really badly with that. Was a thing of beauty to watch happen.
  7. I'll be there with my mate. I'm running Plo/Matchstick/Wolffe/Squad Seven Vet on the Saturday, Vonreg/Quickdraw/Midnight/Null on Sunday. Only been playing Republic since the points change lol So in some ways I feel very underprepared, but in others I think I'm good, as I have no attatchment to 7B or Sinker or Torrents yet. CLT seems great to me and my playstyle. Not managed to get to an Open for ages, so I cannot wait! My fav X-Wing event every year.
  8. No, her ability says: During the End Phase, you may spend 1 to flip 1 of your reinforce tokens to your other full arc instead of removing it. It says 1. You get to spend 1 charge per end phase. And it works on 1 token.
  9. Sucks for Ember though. He went from the perfect platform for Proud Tradition to the worst lol
  10. I played with a bunch of AO ships today, and honestly I feel like you just got an opponant with good rolls that made it seem super legit and OP. Most of my rolls today, I would have had the same result whether I spent the focus to change focus results or a blank. So I barely ever actually needed to use AO. It only came in to play maybe three times over 2 games. Also you took Dengar...so like...yeah of course you got smashed lol
  11. InterceptorMad


    I mean the simple way around it is to have more than one other ship near him if locks are your thing, then you can pass friendly lock A to friendly ship B. And vice versa.
  12. InterceptorMad


    Strain goes away after you roll defence dice. Deplete goes away after you roll attack dice. Both go away on a blue move (one of each).
  13. I think it is. It is down the list of things I think about, but once I have a list written I do consider who my opponant would go for, and who I wouldn't mind 'sacrificing' to keep the others safe. Also sometimes card combos make for fun, hard choices. For example if you fly Quickdraw and Phasma together. Will they shoot at Phasma, not do as much damage, and trigger Quickdraw. Or do they shoot at Quickdraw anyway, trigger her ability, and leave Phasma untouched to do as she pleases? It's not something you'd hinge your list on (and shouldn't) but it's an extra level of making your opponant make decisions. The more decisions they have to make, the more oppertunities for mistakes/bad choices.
  14. But this thread is about that ruling so... Also that very well might be the case, but then FFG need to change the steps to refelct that and make the aftermath it's own, self contained thing.
  15. It isn't discussing that though. Yes, if you had two locks you could totally spend one for whatever you wanted in the bonus attack from the S-Foils card. Nothing about the bonus attack itself is stopping you. What the judges have ruled is that the trigger to initiate that bonus attack happens within the first attack. And if you rerolled with FCS during that first attack, you are still (as you are still in the first attack) beholden to the "you may not spend a lock during this attack" rule on the FCS card.
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