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  1. Ok so I've been using Nien for the first time lately and wasn't sure, does boosting into range 1 count for removing his stress?
  2. Yeah, I mean everyone was convinced Finn was a Jedi because of those trailers
  3. Loved it. Silencer is winning me over after I wasn't too fussed by the preview we got from FFG. I will say, I feel the ending of the trailer is misdirection. Rey saying what she says, and then them cutting to Kylo and him reaching out. To me it looks like she's in a cave (and sounds like it due to echo) asking Luke what she asks, not Kylo. He's on whatever firey/lava planet we have this time around.
  4. I'm thinking the scramblers will do damage and a jam token to that ship (might be splash jamming though) Jamming cannon upgrade I think will be like the tractor beam. No damage, but an effect. Probably a point, maybe 2.
  5. Yeah he HATES Palpatine and the Empire by the time he's in Clone Wars. And then even more when we see him in Rebels. As a fan of the shows, this works fine for me.
  6. It's Maul. And the Scum Only part is way to the left side, so there's text after that. I assume it's text that makes it so you can use him in a Rebel list if Ezra is in it too.
  7. The 'scum only' part is way to the left side of the card, so there's text after it that I assume makes him useable in a Rebel list in some way.
  8. No someone posted before a pic of some form of merch/book image of the A-Wing and despite being very close, it is a new ship. Whether or not we'll get a whole new ship or a title for the ones we have (it's TIE/SF speculation all over again) is yet to be seen.
  9. I'm assuming the Han Solo film will give us a bit more scope for Scum, and maybe Last Jedi (but not counting on it).
  10. Yeah it can be hard enough sometimes to eyeball arcs when deciding to roll or boost (or if a talon/segnors will get you in). This makes it 10 times harder to judge but really rewards you for it. I can't wait to see how great some flying becomes because of this (to use it and to avoid it)
  11. Yeah at the moment it's on ships that (as far as we know) can only have 2 munitions cards max anyway. And the way it's worded, it doesn't replenish Extra Munitions tokens.
  12. And Rebel Fenn really pisses off Scum Fenn It all comes around... They also counter Biggs a little too. Can stop him using tokens he has/has been given, and could potentially strip tokens off people near him that Biggs could have used.
  13. Weirdly a semi-counter to Attanni just arrived in the form of another Scum ship lol If multiple ships from an Attanni list are in Torani's arc when he shoots, they all lose their tokens or take a damage.
  14. The card behind it in the spread looks like it's another title.
  15. We/I assume it's one of the Last Jedi ships.