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  1. Yeah the real difference between Fett and Phasma is Phasma didn't do anything cool in her first film. Fett came along, looked cool, and ACTUALLY GOT AWAY WITH HAN SOLO! Phasma gets blindsided in a corridor, puts in the code for the shield (wouldn't someone THAT First Order rather die?) and then put in a garbage chute. Books don't count, despite being canon, as for 90% of people that's all they saw of her. And then she turns up randomly (way too late) in this film, does something a bit cool, then goes out. Way too fast.
  2. I find it weird (but not surprising) that on both sides there is a massive shout of "if you did/didn't like this you are WRONG!". In terms of how often, we are starting to get up to Marvel levels with Star Wars now. If you make a film in the same universe every year or more, not every one will land for everyone. None of the Marvel films are 'terrible', but some are praised highly and some just came and went. I think the first two Thor films are pretty boring and dismal, but I wasn't shouting "I AM DONE WITH MARVEL THEY ARE DEAD TO ME!" afterwards. I just didn't watch them again and waited for the next Marvel films. I'm like that with this. Did I like it? Not really. Did I hate it? Nope. Am I going to boycott Star Wars or anything like that? Of course not, that's silly.
  3. Well I was basing it on them not changing their minds on the chase lol But they could have made it better than "and now we cut back to empty space with some boring chase happening...and now we do it again...yep still chasing...". Every time I felt like it needed one of those Spongebob "3 hours later..." insert cards The Imps chasing the Falcon in ESB works because it isn't just a chase that lasts half the film. There are things in the way, things hiding the Falcon. If it were up to me I'd have cut the entire Finn sub-plot and changed the chase entirely...
  4. I felt like the Resistance/FO plot could have been helped SO easily too. Just have that last jump be trying to get to Crait, but you have to go through a weird nebula. You can't jump to hyperspace in the Nebula, and your targeting is thrown off. That solves the boring-ness of the chase and doesn't make the FO seem like total tools for just pootling along behind firing the occasional shot. They get lucky sometimes and kill the smaller ships in the fleet, but they can't get enough hits on the Raddus to deal any major damage. Have the Res come across a lost civilian ship inside it, like Del Toro's character has been living on his own for years just stuck in there so he's a bit cooky. But he says he can help them get on board the FO flagship and do what they need to. The Nebula gives them the sensor cover they need to sneak aboard. No massive detour across the galaxy to find some dude, only to not find him and stumble into another one. No weird prequel animal chase. No saccharine kids scenes. No 20/30 mines too long in the film.
  5. I'm with a lot of people in here. Was it a horrible, badly made film? No. But did I dislike a lot of the narrative, editing and character choices? **** yes. Some moments I really loved, but some I totally hated. And WAY too long. Cut out all of Del Toro's stuff and find a better way to include Finn and Rose. And think up a better reason why the FO can't get the cruiser. Have them limping through a nebula or something so that scanners and targeting doesn't work but also hyperdrive doesn't. Not just empty boring space and some crappy excuse of range.
  6. I went for the FFG purple as my custom templates are purple. Gotta match!
  7. I've gone for (first pre-order in a few waves): 1 Silencer 1 Phantom II 2 Kimogilas 3 Gunboats Res Bomber doesn't interest me at all, even after the article.
  8. Yep they threw that in there fast
  9. Also, if they put a fighter (which despite the size is what this is) on a big base, it would fly in-game TOTALLY different to a fighter, and sort of ruin the thing it does best lol And size of ship =/= crew slot.
  10. Based on it being just translations so far, not sure.
  11. When a ship activates, you spend a lock you have on the ship. If you do, you may boost or barrel roll (provided they are on your action bar) So if you put it on Poe, he could only boost after spending the lock.
  12. Also, proves that the weird "it's getting 4 banks because its in a box" theories were rubbish
  13. Yeah I think the time of year makes it cheaper and easier to travel for it, as it's not exactly height of the holiday (summer or winter) season. Who the **** comes to the UK in Feb/March for a holiday? lol So flights and such must be way cheaper. That and the hotel is walking distance to the airport you could fly in to.
  14. There is a reserve list set up on the site for the UK one, a few more tickets will be available Friday 18:30 GMT. They are also talking to the Hilton about expanding the amount of people they can host.
  15. Yeah so far all the US ones are within cons/events, and so cost more for more of the stuff. The European ones seem to all be in hotels, and so it's just the Open you are paying for.