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  1. InterceptorMad

    Any Methods Necessary - Firespray 2e article

    To clarify the Krassis and HLC rule: His card specifies full forward arc special attacks. Of which HLC is not one. So even IF he had a bullseye printed on his rear arc, the rules would still not allow it. He does however get the reroll with HLC, as that is a separate thing and just specifies special attacks (and does not specify arc).
  2. InterceptorMad

    2nd Edition templates

    Some 3rd party companies are doing upgrades for them.
  3. InterceptorMad

    Why maul is not in the rebel conversion kit.

    Well you still won't, it just depends if you want Maul right away or don't mind waiting for whatever Rebel set he's in (again, Ghost or Sheathipede re-release would be a **** good bet)
  4. InterceptorMad

    Why maul is not in the rebel conversion kit.

    He'll be in the Ghost/Sheatipede re-release, which means (based on what they've said) you can just buy the card conversion pack and have Maul that way. There's no reason he would be in the extra Wave 1 baggie, as he isn't in any of the Wave 1 ships.
  5. InterceptorMad

    Reaper Article!

    I feel the fear of it will work better, as your Reaper could be moving to block them the turn where they WOULD be shedding the stress. It also just says activation phase, so any ability that would remove stress from another ship in that phase won't work if the target ship is within range 0-1. Also nearly every ship now has either a red action or a linked red action. Now against a ship that can move twice towards you (AAs) do you risk doing that red action and not losing the stress next turn, or do you only do a simple white action and maybe leave yourself vulnerable this turn? It isn't just about what the card actually does, it's what your opponent will do or not do because its on the table...
  6. InterceptorMad

    Old Players: Tell Us A Story!

    I got into the game just as Wave 4 was announced. Played a few games, then went to a few release events (remember those? You could win the new ships!) and got totally hooked. I loved flying Interceptors (hence the username) and my first major event list was Howlrunner, Carnor Jax and 4 Academy Ties. I even won a local event that my friend ran! Was about 20 people, and Wave 4 had just hit, so people weren't quite as skilled with the Phantom as they ended up being. After that it all went Phantom for a while lol Still enjoy playing the game as much as I did then, and can't wait for V2 to hit.
  7. InterceptorMad

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    So were the Rogue One things (barely) but they didn't. This stuff might be 5-10 years pre-ANH but stylistically and ship-wise, it's basically the same era.
  8. InterceptorMad

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    That dial is for the escape pod I think, they only show the covered side of the Falcon dial.
  9. InterceptorMad

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Why would it?
  10. InterceptorMad

    Full Rebel conv kit contents on FB

    Well TECHNICALLY he isn't a Rebel card, and so if you want to just fly Rebels, you don't need to buy another pack. And he also isn't a generic non-faction card, so again not breaking what they said. If you want that SCUM card, you buy the SCUM expansion.
  11. InterceptorMad

    European Championship

    #TinyEuropeanMeta Honestly I was there from 8am Friday to 5pm Sunday and I managed 15 games in that time, plus most of saturday (my swiss flight was Friday) I was looking around the Games Expo. Other people did the same or were playing in other events (Destiny, IA, Armada) on their free day. So basically, Europe was too busy to post updates lol Sucks about the streaming. It would seem FFG either don't have stuff they can easily ship over to other events, or don't want to pay to hire out stuff/people to do it. But Alex Davy was there being a boss and letting people just thumb through the Rebel expansion as much as they wanted. So life giveth, life taketh away.
  12. InterceptorMad

    How to stack focus with Rey crew? Flying and setup tips, please

    For any type of slow roll, stacking ability/ship, I find it best to set up facing sideways along your own board edge, and then going 1 forward a long as you can. Will give you a good few turns of stacking unless your opponent just screams 5-forward for the first few turns (which isn't always going to be the best for them). Rebel ships are great at just going 1-forward for a bunch of turns, take advantage.
  13. InterceptorMad

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    Also a lot of stuff had a explenation of "this is like this now because of this, this and this that you can't see on the card". So they totally did it the right way for me.
  14. InterceptorMad

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    So you wanted to just see card abilities and pilots with no context, therefore for some not knowing what they do at all? Rather than seeing some but really getting to know that they do? Oooookay... Also I'm not worried about Luke. Like all Force user cards like him, you may not always want to sacrifice that force ability JUST to move your arc. And he'll be expensive.
  15. InterceptorMad

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    There are like 150+ upgrades in EACH conversion box, plus pilots and things with new rules. They'd be here till tomorrow going through everything.