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  1. OK! for Wave 3... Princess Leia Obi Wan Another high Ranking named Imperial soldier. An inquisitor or Special Forces type of guy like SW: REBELS OH... and wait for it... An up armored speeder for the rebels with a anti-armor cannon to fend off the AT-ST, a flat area to place minifigures to move them across the board at double the speed and leather seats!!
  2. Wow! Thanks for all the replies to my post. We can all agree that we want the AT-AT for IA but the odds that we are not getting one are very high. It is more likely for ARMADA to get a SSD on Wave 2 than getting an AT-AT. I know its sad but dont despair!! There's always "Star Wars Battlelore"? Right! Lets all think outside the box for a moment and say YES ! I can see it. I can see five stormtroopers on a Battlelore poligon base attacking my rebel troops A-la-dropzone-commander!! I can see a 2 red snow speeder base on the right scale to that blue colored AT-AT thats just inching its way across the board. BAM!! I use my harpoon card and down it goes! What a dream huh!? Thats ok! I guy can dream!!
  3. Hello everyone! I noticed there has been much discussion about having AT-AT's on IA. Well I'm not going to star another thread on this subject. I just want to see what people think of this idea. Now if there's a thread about this let me know and I'll go read it and not post anymore about this. Only for this thread imagine that there's no way there's going to be a at-at on IA ever but... FFG comes up with this: Star Wars Surface Attack (aka Star Wars Battlelore) I mean they did IA on the Descent model would it be so difficult to do a Star Wars Battlelore. Enter the At-At's, the snowspeeders, speederbikes, at-st, troop tokens squads, turbolaser turrets, rebel turrets, rebel base, shield generator, imperial base tiles, orbital bombardment cards... I can go all afternoon. The point is it would be a whole different game but we would have At-at's. Let's discuss!
  4. I think a low level Sith character is possible. I know that Darth Vader is on it already but to have a little balance maybe they could add an inquisitor. A new dedicated medic hero character. Maybe some sort of "trooper scout sniper". At some point they'll have to add some creatures like maybe a Wampa or a Gundark. It would be cool if they add Dianogah "the monster on the garbage smashers in A new hope" Not a full monster but maybe a card or token. Some interrogation droids. Maybe an NPC like a rebel pilot token that needs to be rescued. Add a miniature later and some side missions. A more powerful version of Luke Return of the Jedi style. Princess Leia will show up at some point.
  5. I dont think they would actually make the SD's to a scale compatible with the x-wing miniatures. I just see a new type of game entirely. It'll just be the big capital ships at the same scale the corvette uses and it would go down from there. Maybe using the fighters as squadrons of 3 or 4 like the Axis and Allies miniatures but they would use entirely new templates for it. That would keep the game mechanic going and it'll be easy on your wallet. Then again it might look like the starship battles so maybe not but it's an idea.
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