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  1. I ran a Tansari with HLC + Opportunist along with Palob and a Mando Merc. It was a fun game and the Tansari did most of the damage. Everyone is so eager to kill Palob that the Tansari lasted the whole game getting a lot of 5 dice attacks. I kind of like the scyk as a cheap HLC platform. They are super easy to slow roll in the beginning because of the 1 turns, but it can be difficult to maintain range 3 due to the lack of the 1 forward.
  2. This comment and the OP highlights that no matter what is on top: a vocal minority is going to hate on it in the forums.
  3. With the next (first of three) Star Wars movie coming out in December, I sincerely doubt your hypothesis. Maybe, but I think that you are underestimating the potential for only of limited amount of content that is relevant to the X-Wing miniatures game.How many new ships do you think that the new movies will have? One of the easiest ways to produce celebrated Star Wars content is to keep things close to the original trilogy. I don't know that the movies will provide the explosion of new ships that people seem to be expecting. To be clear I was only taking issue with the idea that this will be the strongest phase of the game's life cycle. But to address your counter point... Star Wars was, and always will be, more about the merchandising and licencing than the box office profits. The aim will be about selling toys rather than this game, but over the course of three movies (and spin offs) I expect them to not miss an opportunity to create as many marketable products as they think the market will bear. To be clear I have no expectations that we will see double what is available now anytime soon. Once the new trilogy and spin off series and films are done? I have little doubt that there will be an equal amount of, or more than the original trilogies provided us. Note: I am not including the EU in this.
  4. With the next (first of three) Star Wars movie coming out in December, I sincerely doubt your hypothesis.
  5. X Wing: Hipster Expansion.
  6. You are a brave man to start this thread on a topic that means many different things to many different people. Any closest to the pin bets on how many pages this goes? I say at least 11. I'm grabbing some popcorn.
  7. I have a gaming mouse (and keyboard, but for vassal the mouse alone has been enough) that lets me record macros and hot keys. It was simple to create a profile for Vassal X wing so I don't have to remember the hot keys on the fly. If when playing me, there is a long pause in between me revealing my first dial and activating my first maneuver, it's because I forgot to set the profile before the game.
  8. ^This. I couldn't hit like enough times to satisfy how much I agree with KO's statement here.
  9. While I doubt it was intentional, it does succinctly highlight the arrogance of the Jedi Council that existed in the Republic.
  10. This thread is full of awkward win. Made me lol more than anything else I've read today. R2ShihTzu you are either a sociopath or a poet, and I don't care which. Maybe both, but that was a deeply amusing analogy.
  11. Suddenly, I like the idea of K-turning a Firespray.
  12. Counter counter coun... ah forget it! If you choose to keep the TL on Soontir and not chase him, then you lose the FCS TL on other ships. If you do chase Soontir waiting for him to PTL, then you are using 40 points to chase 35, and baiting ship's attention away from the rest of the squad is an amazing benefit one gets when Soontir is in a list. The opportunity cost is much higher than just the two point Torpedo. Again, I'm not trying to dissuade you from the card; I am only letting you know that it will not often accomplish your stated purpose for bringing it. If you want to counter Soontir with Xizor in this list: you are likely going to do better with a 2 point PS bid, so you reliably get to chose to move after he does, than by taking a Flechette Torp.
  13. I am putting you on the top of my "People I want on my debate team". Your logic and arguments are as always impeccable and mature Don't forget witty and acerbic. I win Friday! I got to use acerbic in a sentence today!
  14. Counter point: Any decent Soontir pilot who is target locked by Xizor loaded with Flechette torps is not going to PTL. Instead he will get out of arc/range or focus. The torp might do some damage if he's hit, except it's Soontir so there is a decent chance it will not. You're just going to give him a single stress and he's going to get a focus for later attacks, which often accomplishes the same thing as him using PTL; he will get multiple tokens. You could make the argument that you are limiting his mobility or slightly impairing his turtling ability by losing an action, but you are only going to do it once and it will be a moment of Soontir's choice, especially since this list is @ 100. This is why Rebel Captive isn't a hard stop for Soontir either. He just gets a free focus token after taking the shot. He does lose one action, but he doesn't get double stressed because he doesn't PTL when he shoots first at a ship with a captive. Flechette torps aren't bad or bad in this list, they just don't counter Soontir well since he benefits from a single stress.
  15. I am very interested in that one and the TIE swarm list.
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