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  1. Am wondering what happens when Midnight attacks someone (with a target lock) through a gas cloud. Does Midnight's ability prevent the change a blank to an evade, or is that a game effect that must happen?
  2. Hmm, that could make for some interesting combos with Pattern Analyser couldn't it...
  3. I'm going to try this and see what I can cut if I need a bid for an Extended format event next weekend. I have been going about 50% W/L ratio with it. Kylo Ren 76 Hate 3 Pattern Analyser 5 Total 84 Quickdraw 45 Fanatical 2 FCS 2 Pattern Analyser 5 SF Gunner 10 Shield Up 6 Total 70 Midnight 44 Fanatical 2 Total 46 Grand Total 200
  4. So we could also presume that Pattern Analyser would allow us to do a linked action? What is the timing to get the stress from the red maneuver in that case?
  5. Read the instruction book eh? Yeah I probably should get to that some time cheers!
  6. I assume you can just add them together for matchups? A green (one bar) plus a yellow (two bars) = an orange (three bars)? two yellows = one red (four bars) and so on?
  7. Hmm ok. Can you do the same with proton torpedo then? Roll dice spend focus change hit to crit? And not able to use the lock to reroll then change one of those hits to a crit?
  8. How about this then. Can you: 1. Roll attack dice, target is locked so +1 die gets rolled 2. Get all 'eye' results 3. Spend focus tokens to turn 'eyes' to 'hits' 4. Turn a rolled 'hit' to a 'crit' Is this legit? Can you interrupt the ATC text to spend that token and get a hit that you didn't get straight up or does it have to be completed before moving on to the modifying dice step?
  9. Aha thanks! Seems like it is left for delete, right for copy tho. But it doesn't do it for a ship for me- the red bar and the rubbish bin appear but the ship snaps back.
  10. I just saw this thread and started using Luanch Bay Next and I like it. I just can't find where to delete a ship from a squad, or to delete a squad entirely. Help?!
  11. DarthMuz

    Ghost 1.0 HELP

    I like the Ezra/Maul combo on a Lothal Rebel. Maul just rocks my world. Usually with Ezra docked, a TLT, FCS and Han crew. Re-roll with Maul, spend target lock to change eyes to hits with Han, get the target lock back for the next shot and hopefully Maul removed that stress too. Then Fenn Rau alongside with Kyle Katarn, R2 astro and Predator. Lets Ghost have focus and evade, and a focus for himself and still able to coordinate.
  12. Yikes, neither had I. ? At least as one poster said on this article "I love that we are talking about Star Control in 2018". https://www.polygon.com/2018/2/22/17041632/star-control-stardock-brad-wardell-lawsuit
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