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  1. There are two more things that need to be mentioned. First, I'm fairly certain all the pilots come from an Academy, so they receive a baseline level of training. Second, it sorta becomes a numbers game. The quantity of pilots plus the disposable nature of said pilots means that it's a mathematical certainty that you'll end up prospecting a certain number or gold nuggets. I mean, for every 1,000 pilots they train, a few of them are bound to be natural aces, and all of them will be put through the sifter to find said aces. The alliances attracts their aces a different way. The nature of the Rebellion is bound to attract those who are already skilled pilots whose brash or devil-may-care attitude pushes them to become aces. Because virtually all of them are choosing it as a calling, a high percentage of them are likely to already be quite talented (whereas Imperial recruits may join for many reasons: career paths, naval/military lineage and familial pressure to join, or simply because they don't really know what they want to do, and cultural expectation).
  2. You know, I've always thought that if the TIEs have ejector seats the pilots themselves should have a higher survival rate. I thiiiiink they have an auto-eject. But my reasoning is this: TIE pilots wear their life support, so it might actually make sense for the cockpit to already be a vacuum. Can't have decompressions if there's nothing to decompress. And once the craft does take lethal damage, there's no atmosphere to be superheated by blaster bolts. Meanwhile, you have all the pretty-faced Rebels, all surrounded by their precious, ignitable oxygen, just so they can show their faces.
  3. Makes sense that the named TIE pilots would be good. You had to be seriously good to even survive in one for very long...
  4. No I thought this was a response to my post in the New Old Pilots thread, where I went on explaining why I like the new Rexler.
  5. I for one am glad. Things getting ridiculously powerful like that is what killed 1.0. Now, its strength is gonna rely on my skill.
  6. Did you literally just read the first sentence and ignore two paragraphs of text. I just ask because I was worried someone would do that when I posted but thought "no, there's no way anyone would do that." EDIT: Sorry, thought this was in the other thread.
  7. You know, I was afraid that Rexler would get nerfed. I really was. I was hoping they'd port his ability over whole and unaltered. I didn't expect them to pick a very reasonable middle of the road, or for it to actually get better. On the surface it may seem he got weakened, since he's not flipping all the damage cards. But I say this: I love Rexler basically more than any other pilot in the game. I flew him CONSTANTLY. Even when people said Defenders were no good for their cost, I'd slap an HLC on that sucker and give him Predator and laugh at every TLT and Miranda build I flew against. And with all that experience, even I must admit that MAYBE his ability came into play one game in every two or three. And of those times, maybe one in two of those would be pivotal. Worse, sometimes you'd get rolls like (h)(h)(f)(f) or (h)(h)(h)(f) where you really have to choose between saving your focus token for his ability (but risking a good evade roll that makes it pointless) or spending the token and then his ability was pointless. Worse still is when you regret it later, rolling focuses on the evade rolls that come down the line. This looks like you'll be getting his ability to trigger multiple times per game, and it also rewards flying well because avoiding blockers will get you your Full Throttle. I feel like I'm really gonna love flying him in 2.0. And that was really important for me to be able to say. I can breathe easy now, knowing my favorite pilot is still worth it. As a side note, I'm also happy with the new Wampa. He'll present an interesting opportunity cost for the opponent: fire at Wampa and deny his extra die, or fire at another, more important piece like Howlrunner. Bonus points if you fly him at the head of the Squadron so he's range 1 while the more important piece is held back. Something tells me he'll pair well with Versio.
  8. So from what I can tell, both cards activate at the same time (system phase) so couldn't you just use Sense to look at the dial, then activate Cassian to "guess" the dial and change your own accordingly?
  9. Yes, the turns where why I originally did it. Plus I wanted cheap Defenders with some mods. I started doing this right in the middle of the x7 craze, to catch hard counters unaware. Even in games where I lose they were very effective, just ask Brett!
  10. Actually, a build I used to use was Glaives with TIE/D, Ion Cannon, and Wired (TIE mk. II optional). A touch cheaper than the Predator variants at the expense of some variance control. However, they're good in a pinch and can prove strangely resistant to any effect that messes with your good tokens, like Wes Janson, any ship that copies, sheds, or steals green tokens, and jamming. Even with the Mk. II they're 39 points, so about 19 points per shot each round. You could do a lot worse.
  11. That One Guy

    Epic 2.0

    Too bad the Dreadnaught is too large for Epic...
  12. I'm from the opposed mindset for this, because it's not like new stuff that I want to discover... it's wanting to find out if all my old pilots made it into the game intact/at all. I don't want that to be a surprise, I want time to get over it before I have the product in my hand if I'm unhappy with one or more of them (Please, please, pleasepleaseplease plllleeeaaaassseeeee Rexler don't get ruined...)
  13. That One Guy

    Epic 2.0

  14. That One Guy

    Epic 2.0

    I don't know what y'all are talking about, my gozanti averages about 4 kills per game. Record is 7.
  15. Also the people complaining about it being weak forget you get a bonus die at Range 1 now.
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