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  1. Reminds me of The Other Gods. I've always enjoyed this short film of The Other Gods. The effects are highly stylized but, I think, very dream-like/nightmarish and effective. Honestly, I think all the best Lovecraft films are YouTube fan films.
  2. Right, the speculation now is what the titles mean.
  3. A Thousand Shapes could be Nyarlathotep as well. Let's not forget the eponymous Dream-Eaters. What are those? They don't sound good, that's for sure.
  4. Neat. Also per Wikipedia, "A different name for Mordiggian is Morddoth, mentioned as the dark god of the ghouls revered in the Valley of Hadoth by the Nile, in the ancient land of Altuas and in a time-lost continent likely matching with Zothique".
  5. Those are traits. Mostly they're just flavor, though as you say, sometimes other cards interact with them. Don't overthink the theme; it sounds like you're playing them correctly -- commit them to make a skill test easier to pass, resolve any text on them, then discard them.
  6. That's from the original Echoes of the Past.
  7. And a big honkin' card. Does that even fit in the oversized clamshell? Does it fold in half?
  8. And speaking of the title, shouldn't it be "I Owe You One"? It's typically the player of the card saying the quote, and here they're taking something from someone -- they now owe them one.
  9. It's not about Pete, it's about Duke. Jenny likes animals.
  10. Those look like valentine hearts, not bleeding-out-of-my-eyes hearts.
  11. Cool. Now that the Dreamlands have returned Matt, I hope we get an answer soon. I hope none of my posts have come off as confrontational. My intent was only friendly debate and recreational rules lawyering.
  12. But that scenario also has an ability that checks your hand size outside the Upkeep phase. So all that really tells us is that the Agenda text does affect that ability. As I said before, the cards with the specific Upkeep phase text were before any of these cards that interact with the maximum at other times. Without it, I imagine the early days of the forums would have been filled with questions about when you have to check your hand size. I find it surprising because this thread is the first time I've seen anyone raise the topic. I hadn't parsed Lab Assistant or Drawing the Sign closely enough to consider it (probably because there was no reason to before City of Archives, and I haven't played them since then).
  13. Oh, I don't think anyone is disagreeing with that. The question is whether that number is the same when it's referenced at other points in the game, and what cards change it, and when.
  14. I don't disagree about the rules as written. But this also means Lab Assistant and Drawing the Sign don't have an effect during certain effects in City of Archives. I'd be very surprised if anyone has played them that way. It's funny because, IIRC (I haven't played it in a a while), Assistant would be detrimental and Drawing the Sign helpful.
  15. Right, this is what I meant by "all the time", I wasn't clear. Just like the doom limit is always there but only sometimes has an effect. The cards that specify "during the upkeep phase" are all Carcosa and earlier. It could be they got to a point where they said "We really don't need this extra line of text. Of course it's in the Upkeep phase"
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