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  1. I participated in one a couple months ago. We had 155 investigators around the world, with a website and live YouTube feed with mood music and status updates. There were a few logistical issues but overall it went well and was very fun. I see there was some chatter in the Discord recently about another one.
  2. For the global blob event, I used this Ursula deck by StartWithTheName. That worked well, but then, when is Ursula not good? There are links to three other decks there. Someone else on my team used that Tommy build.
  3. That's how mine went, too. Lots of fours on the moves. Mandy being able to assemble the Pendant twice was clutch.
  4. Wow, thank you for this! These guys are just what I was looking for, not so much for Arkham as for background while I'm working. Very Twin Peaks-like.
  5. When I think action/horror, I think Aliens, so maybe some James Horner? He also did Wolfen. https://www.youtube.com/user/ZzReevons/playlists His soundtrack for Apocalypto would be PHENOMENAL for The Forgotten Age. Now that this idea is in my head, I want to replay that.
  6. I very highly recommend Open Gate for B. I put it to good use in all four scenarios.
  7. I apologize if I'm misreading what you mean, but the Codex doesn't discard from the encounter deck. It discards a copy from play. If you find an Acolyte in the top nine cards, you get to discard an Acolyte from play, but the one you found in the search stays in the deck.
  8. Certainly the easiest finale so far. Probably to balance the (I hear) insane difficulty of the A side -- two brutal finales wouldn't be fun either. I still cut it fairly close.
  9. The image itself is quite dark. I'll try again a bit later but between the reflectiveness of the card and the dark art, I can't promise much better.
  10. True. I'd also like tabbed dividers. These aren't great for reading what each one is, and they're hard to flip through.
  11. Just what they look like? Or something printable?
  12. *checks calendar* *checks game shelf*
  13. I've kind of given it the side eye up to now. It's worthwhile in Read or Die, though. By the time I had it, there were at least three different targets in play that I'd have been happy to hit.
  14. But that doesn't work, does it? They're never in play.
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