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  1. RttNotZ Preview

    Lita Chandler => "Light a candle!" Or "Light an antlered chanter!"
  2. Armitage!!!

    "Ss... se... eth...?" So lose an action cause the rails are broken You shut me down with an Elder Thing token But yo, I'm out, cause Silas is gone. I banished him with the Necro-nawm-i-cawn Iääääääää! Cause what's unseen you cannot hit Unless you get a spell that's esoteric Schemin on the Broods of Yog-Sothoth I'm tryin to tell you now it's Armitage!
  3. I could see Lovecraft writing the second act by itself. Imagine it told in the first person, with the other character talking in a multi-page monologue, and the narrator fleeing at the end, fearful of what may be hunting him.
  4. Well, she's more intellectual than a French artist and more fleet of foot than a war veteran, too. If there's a thematic issue, I'd argue it's in Wendy.
  5. Well, I have. I've played him at least as much as any other investigator at this point. It's easy to look at him and think he's ridiculous, but I assure you, he is very well balanced and really fun to play. He gets beat up by lesser enemies early so that he's able to rage on every scenario boss. While everyone else is running around with their stat lines of 12 total, he's carrying as much as 20. I'm taking him through Dunwich now. He's had a couple of early exits, but trauma just means he starts the later scenarios already powered up. I'm actually not being aggressive enough with him -- only two mental trauma so far after Blood on the Altar. Thematically, as Donel says, he's essentially dead. So sure, weaker than a child.
  6. Either suggestion would make him ridiculously OP. He's already pretty comfortable sitting at 4 in each stat, blowing away every other investigator's stat line. 1s for his base or an extra buffer on health and sanity would make that even easier. Besides, an extra sanity would slow down his access to the Desperate skills.
  7. I"m having trouble finding it now, but a couple of weeks ago, someone posted links to hi-res versions of it. It was either on Reddit or BGG.
  8. Ire of the Void wasn't bad. I always wonder how it is that things like gravity and atmosphere and ambient temperature are always adequate for human life in these other dimensions, but that's fine. The bizarre behavior one of the Hounds was satisfyingly unsettling. I'm curious about the creation process. How much are the authors given to work with? Are they told to incorporate the concepts from the cards or are the cards developed from the story? Etc. etc.
  9. I'm considering having him take up the back half since my Sef is in the happy home. But at this point, I think I've played him more than any other investigator, and he's not even released yet. I still have Carcosa investigators whom I haven't touched.
  10. Circuitous Trail questions/ideas

    As long as we're in the weeds on this, "compass" is not capitalized, as card titles usually are, so not assets. And it says "your" supplies, which usually means the active investigator, but it then says any investigator at your location, so you're actually looking at everyone's supplies. My guess is a list of items in the campaign log with checkboxes under each investigator's section. There's another card visible in the Forgotten Age article with "check your supplies" showing, but you can't see what the supply is.
  11. Whoa, I suppose that's right. Ah, well, even if Masks had gone better, it wouldn't have changed The Devourer Below. Noted for future plays, though. I love that Labranche lets you deplete your resources once, then gives you another for a second boosted attack. I thought I'd use the Shovel for clues, but that's an expensive clue. It was nice to have in the other hand, though, once the resources for the Axe were gone. By the way, good news: he's available to build on ArkhamDB now, if you add The Forgotten Age to your collection.
  12. I finished my NotZ on Hard. Having beat the Priest and burned down the house for what I thought would be some sweet trauma (two total thanks to his weakness card), he failed to get anything done in Midnight Masks. Those sweet traumas prevented him from using Rise to the Occasion. He surrendered himself to taking a physical defeat, having tackled zero cultists. I've gone as low as two before, maybe even one, but never zero. In the woods, he just drew and drew, waiting for the spawning of Umordhoth. He lost a good hand thanks to an unexpected Amnesia, including Lita (I was holding on to Labranche for Fire Axe fuel). He shook off a Frozen in Fear in time for Ummy's rise and actually had him against the wall. But then a Ghoul showed up, followed by a tablet token, which still successfully put hit numbers 7 and 8 on the GOO, but also did Calvin his sixth damage. If not for that draw, I think I'd have had him. I found I really wanted more damage and card draws in my deck. Fire Axe is great, assuming you can find it. Rabbit's Foot and maybe Waylay need a place.
  13. How many many people have to play him and say, "Hey, he's pretty good" before people believe it?
  14. I completely understand the skepticism. All I can say is -- try him. I only did Easy mode because I was skeptical myself. And he was SO good on Easy that it was clear he could easily handle Standard and would hold his own on Hard. I plan to continue his campaign but will bump it up to at least Standard, my usual play mode. I've never played Minh. I'm wondering now how well they'd pair, with her doing the early clueing and boosting the skill cards he needs to start off.
  15. Here is the deck I played. It turns out there are two strong combos in there -- Resourceful + Fight or Flight, and Fire Axe + Labranche, with Dark Horse overseeing it all. I threw that deck together with existing Survivor and Neutral cards. I didn't bother with off-class Spirit cards, just because I wanted to build something quickly. But if and when I hone it, there will almost certainly be at least one Ward of Protection.