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  1. CSerpent

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Back to Marie killing Renfield: Blood Eclipse is another option that I'm considering.
  2. CSerpent

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    In this case, I had an Arcane Initiate in hand, ready to replace him (she'd be bringing in her own Doom, of course, but not as much as I had on Renfield) so I wasn't too concerned. Moonlight Ritual is obviously the most reliable thing, but he doesn't have much soak, so just have a plan to off him. Take an AoO. Maybe run Painkillers (Dave-killers!) for that very purpose, mwahaha. Realize that you don't have to put another Doom on him to collect resources. You can just exhaust him and take X resources without adding more. I went back and forth on whether to run Renfield or Alyssa. I went with him because he's cheaper and I wasn't planning to have Marie handle the investigating.
  3. CSerpent

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    I played Extracurricular Activities last night with the Good Stuff Joe deck from ArkhamDB (with Overpowered replaced with Guts) and the aforementioned murderous Marie. I was worried at first, as things were going slow. But I lucked out with few enemies (they worked together on a Wizard of Y-S, a Thrall appeared in a dead location, and that was it, other than the boss), and both were able to slowly but surely clean up on clues. The Hunch deck is great, especially when you get a Fast. Marie was sitting on a Beyond the Veil, and I was practically HOPING to run through the deck, just so I could nix it with the Delay the Inevitable that I attached to her. I should also mention that Marie was swimming in cash, letting me keep Delay in play. An early Renfield with a 7-doom agenda -- jackpot!
  4. True, but still, why isn't the difficulty given a similar point for the maths? It creates confusion when one gets it and the other doesn't.
  5. It could always be capped, like "I've Got a Plan!". And maybe once per round.
  6. Ah, but ST.5 does set the total skill level. So it's kind of odd that it doesn't also set the difficulty. It would be academic, but in the interest of completeness.
  7. There are assets but no skills, that I can find. There is at least one event -- Expose Weakness -- that can be played as late as after ST2 of a skill test. Even then, does "next attack" include the one that is currently being worked out?
  8. CSerpent

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    I'm honing a Murderous Marie deck. Unfortunately, Enchanted Blade looks like it only uses Combat, which doesn't suit her.
  9. I'd rather people misuse "literally" than have to see the word "actually" again.
  10. The first ability requires that it be ready. Ready == not exhausted. So you can't use the second ability, then use the first one the same turn.
  11. Maybe the book includes how he lost his eye? Or maybe he has a box of glass eyes, like Charles Dance in Last Action Hero, which was sitting near a tome, and he dragged it away.
  12. CSerpent

    Location circles in Dunwich Legacy

    I'd expect a day or two yet before a response. These threads blew up just before the weekend, and they're going to need a consistent plan to deal with it.
  13. CSerpent

    Location circles in Dunwich Legacy

    I got all of Dunwich as it came out. Circles on Museum, Essex, and, and Doom. I also got Carcosa on first release, no circles on the interchangeable locations.
  14. CSerpent

    The sad an ironic demise of "Ashcan" Pete

    Worse, he has to make Duke take himself out.
  15. CSerpent

    Arkham Novellas

    Looks like minutes.