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  1. CSerpent

    Player Archetypes/Arkhamtypes

    That's pretty much what I mean by exciting. "How will Calvin get out of this one?" It seems like Survivors should be my favorite, but I like Mystics best, followed by Rogues.
  2. CSerpent

    Player Archetypes/Arkhamtypes

    Nihilist Storyteller. I'm less worried about winning than it being exciting. I don't play at harder levels (yet) because I feel like that would just be frustrating. But I love the characters with unique play -- Calvin, Sefina, Lola (though I hate building her), Norman. I shy away from most Seekers and Guardians because their play is generally Investigate/Fight, while I'm more interested in "How can I possibly get the clues and kill (or avoid) the monsters?" And as a fan of the source material, I take pride in not shooting my way out of situations. I'd rather run away with just a lingering shred of sanity. I do appreciate Seekers as the class closest to the source, and Norman especially so.
  3. CSerpent

    When can fast events be played?

    There's a ruling on that on the ArkhamDB page "If a non-Elite enemy would spawn at a location that has Hiding Spot attached to it, the enemy gains aloof as they are going through the process of spawning, and thus the rules for “aloof” kick in ("When an aloof enemy spawns, it spawns unengaged,” RR page 4). As a result, the enemy will spawn unengaged."
  4. CSerpent

    When can fast events be played?

    With no specification, I'd say it must be any player window.
  5. CSerpent

    Two Rules Questions on Cheap Shot

    I can't find it at the moment, but I know this has already been clarified. You can only commit icons for the skill being tested.
  6. No, I know what the cheese is.
  7. The person who unleashes a Great Old One and tries to fix it by locking you in your house with ghouls and trying to burn you alive with them -- usually, that's the bad guy. Emergency ejector seat or happy ending? I haven't played my copy yet but I'm hoping Lita gets a better story.
  8. Actually it sounds like http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/arkhamhorror/arkham-horror-the-card-game/_/the-labyrinths-of-lunacy/decay-diagram-r1084 But the same thing applies. The location gains an ability, so anyone at that location can activate the ability.
  9. Alright, got the answer. I was wrong again -- it is set to 1, period.
  10. I think they'd be ruled the same, yes. So if Obscuring Fog is on a location with a printed shroud of 4, modified to 6 by the Fog, I believe playing the key would make the location's shroud 1, modified to 3 by the Fog. In short, I read it as you treat the printed shroud as 1.
  11. I think it's uncharted territory, rule-wise. My gut, though, is that is the Key was already on a location and I drew Obscuring Fog, I wouldn't get to ignore the Fog.
  12. I don't think we've ever seen the phrase "base shroud" though. The shroud is a property of a location, and that's what is being set; modifiers are in addition to whatever the location's shroud is.
  13. I was wondering this too. It's the location's shroud value, so I read it as the number on the circle becomes 1, and any modifiers are applied to the 1. Like an investigator's base skill value.
  14. It wouldn't truly be a Return to the Night of the Zealot without the return of a missing card that just has an unexpected back.
  15. The "Activate Action" rule specifies that scenario cards have to be at your location. It does not for cards under your control.