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  1. In my experience, the bass player was the one least likely to be sleeping on a couch...
  2. This would be true if the characters were doing the torture... again - something to be careful of at most tables. You're better off letting the characters/players do the rolling. There's nothing worse than rolling the dice and telling a player 'you're hosed...' On the flip side, having the player roll that despair or triumph is an entirely different story. It's also a chance for the characters who pumped xp into Cool, Resilience, etc... to have their day... but I still say that most of this should be handled narratively. You've already planned out the next chapter - it's based on Kessel. What's important is how much they give up on the way...
  3. Biggest. Keg. Ever. "It's flying towards that space keg..." "That's no keg..."
  4. I'd suggest being veeeery careful with torture 'mechanics,' as that opens things up for them to be used by the party. And Torture is no fun If Thrawn is just going to question them and then dump them on Kessel, I'd be more inclined to just narrate it off screen. This is also a great time to look at Obligation, and the possibilities of adding to existing, or adding a new one. After what seemed like forever spent in the interrogation chamber on his command vessel, you wake up in a cell. From what you've heard around the rim, and what you can see, there's only one place it could be - Kessel. Character A: You resisted as long as you could, but you're fairly sure you gave something up about x. Character B: Not you... you're sure of it. You held out until the end. (3 episodes later, the party finds out that something specific to that character was revealed. **** Thrawn and his wily ways... Character C: He didn't even ask me any questions... They don't even need to know what happened or what specific info they gave up... Thrawn is capable of getting info out of them even if they don't think they 'broke.' That strikes me as way more 'Star Warsy' than an extended torture scene with multiple roles, etc...
  5. I still say it was Boba Fett...
  6. Pack a day for 15 years, actually... but this isn't real life. If a player wants to make a hard drinking, tough as nails, chain smoking detective, that's all good. Obligation is for Hutts, Bounties from Hutts, moneys owed to Hutts, or hardcore addiction to a drug that kills you tomorrow... that you need to buy from a Hutt. Besides, what's the concern about lung cancer when we have technology that can cure or replace anything short of a 'will to live...'?
  7. Perhaps the first time they spot one of the key npc's in this episode (it can even be in the pre-credit intro - read: you just tell them about it) she spots something 'shiny' on his/her utility belt. Some early Mando piece of gear, a Jedi/Sith looking goodie, what ever piece of greebly you want to introduce. Or maybe, it just looks like one...
  8. I think that Obligation is for something a lot bigger than smoking. This is just 'flavor' for a character, as far as I'm concerned...
  9. critical medical supplies... always a boon for the rebellion. There's a great episode of Firefly (The Train Job, if I remember right...) that handles this perfectly.
  10. 3 badly damaged (obviously non-functional) lightsabers on the belt of a NPC bounty hunter. That got *everyone's* (at least among the PC's) attention when he walked in the room. It's evocative enough that I'm going to push hard on the GM for my 'Tusken Raider' FCE/Bounty Hunter (specializing in hunting down Jedi - blame Anakin, if you need to...) to have one.
  11. Hey Pirate - any idea where this image is from? I really dig it...
  12. OK - I'm of the opinion that you should do a few things, STAT. Pick a soldier spec from AOR. Just a dip, but you're the one who picked "ex-soldier" Add Enforcer Add FSE have fun with developing his ex-military past... look at the duty stuff, but then go with obligation. Binge watch Firefly. Like right now. The fact that you've never seen it... let's just say that I'm almost jealous of the experience you have coming (and give yourself a few episodes to form an opinion). Your love of westerns will see you through. I swear it by my pretty floral bonnet.
  13. Yeah... I would have required more advantage to blow it up, and it would have been a **** hard shot to make, but that kind of shot is what Star Wars is all about... I call BS on his BS call.
  14. Yeah - the language here can be tough to sort out. Two items that have 1 Defense do not stack... but if an item or talent says +1 Defense, it would stack..