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  1. Just be careful... there are rules for how many, and what kind of actions that Minions, Rivals and Nemesis can take... and they are there for a reason.
  2. Force Lightning with Cybernetic Limbs. Your thoughts?

    I don't know man... that strikes me as a bit... by that same logic, he shouldn't be able to do much of any of the force things we see him do at all, because cyber. But that's Darth... not your player. That's what this is really about, right? From my perspective, as both a GM and a player, unless something is specifically prohibited up front, I should be able to do just about anything that I spend in-game resources to do - that means money, xp, etc... So if your player has this amazing vision of his character with 2 cyberarms tossing around force lightning, and he works towards that for however long it takes, and spends the in game cash for the arms, and spends the in game xp for the force powers, and gets all dark-side, and makes it work, and then you (the GM who went there with him the whole way) either short out his arms or just say it doesn't work... that's not cool at all. That kind of thing would make me leave the table and not come back. Now, if you want to be consistent, and say that in-body-tech messes with the force, even though there's nothing in the rules that says that, that's your thing. Your table, your rules... but just do that. Put a hard cap on how many force points you can get, and you're done. Let the player decide how to play his character... you've got enough to do as the GM.
  3. No argument there... but a starting character, even one at Knight Level, isn't a Crime Lord. He/She/It is a Crime-Lord-to-be. And like I said... you gotta start somewhere. I see no reason not to have a Hutt (particularly one with some interest in the Hutt history as warriors) leaning on the more... physical aspects of crime, especially early in their career. If I were playing a Hutt criminal on the path to Crime Lordiness, I'd go: 1. Enforcer 2. Charmer 3. Entrepreneur or something along those lines...
  4. You gotta start somewhere... and for a starting to mid-level PC who needs a good balance of physical and social talents to use, I think it's awesome. Add in a more socially focused spec later on, and you've got one tough cookie.
  5. Yeah... don't get too hung up on the names of the Specs. Just look at the Skills provided and the Talents. Enforcer is awesome...
  6. I'd suggest Enforcer/Charmer... although if you're starting at Knight Level, and the character is supposed to be an established up and coming crime lord to be, you might want to just stick with Enforcer, and let them develop their 'softer' side with party play.
  7. If you really want to do it, and you don't want to just "give" it to the party, come up with a modestly to extremely expensive modification that reduces a ships' silhouette by 1 for handling purposes only, and call it "Advanced Maneuvering Thrusters." It takes up 1 hard point. If you feel particularly generous, tack on a Increase Handling by +1 mod or two, for the low, low price of however-much-money-you-need-to-get-out-of-their-grubby-little-hands-at-the-time. I guarantee your pilot will be drooling over it to the point of distraction. Bummer is, there are only a handful of underground shops that will do it, so it's not just pricy, but you need to find the place, and then do whatever shady **** the mechanic needs handled. Boom: your party gets a ship that does what they want and does what you want, you get at least a few adventures out of it, and everyone wins...
  8. New To RPGs

    Welcome to the hobby, man... some of us have been doing this for 30-40 years, so you can get some really good input here. For my money, and speaking as someone who did this professionally for more than a few years, the most important thing to remember is that this is essentially collaborative story telling. That means that everyone at the table is telling the story together. The players aren't just playing in the GM's story, it's being crafted by the table as a whole. Don't get too attached to the narrative that you've planned out, feel free to move story elements or characters or plot points around to better suit what the party is up to, and when they come up with some brilliant or hare-brained idea, roll with it like it was what you planned all along. I can't tell you how many times I had players come up with much better explanations for a mystery than I ever could have, and I just smiled and nodded like the old sage I was pretending to be... made me look cool, made the players feel like they had uncovered a sinister plot, everyone wins...
  9. Dropping the bomb

    nah... that's what upgrades are for...
  10. Dropping the bomb

    Oooor... they could stumble across this: or perhaps one of these: (I'd use the same stats, either way...) It seems like it would do a great job dealing with falling debris, and would be absolutely irresistible to any party of PC flight jocks I can imagine...
  11. Agreed on the positive reviews... I have a few friends in the industry who saw it. There were tears. Sweet, salty tears. Definitely waaay better than the last one... or so I'm told. Apparently, the new trilogy is in good hands.
  12. Throwing and Catching

    That's the whole point (and beauty) of the system. I'd allow every member of a party to roll a different skill (out of the ones mentioned) in this case - whatever they're best at (or worst at, depending on context).
  13. Indefinite Shapeshifting

    I wouldn't hit them on their racial ability too hard... they paid for it, after all... There's nothing in the rules that says that they change shape when asleep or unconscious, so... why do it? As for involuntary shifts - maybe on a Despair on a Cool check, or a required opposed Resilience check... but that's it. It's their thing. Let them have it... although I like the 'Frog's idea of the actual person that they're impersonating (and/or their friends, enemies, frenemies, etc...) showing up. Especially when it's a Hutt. ("what!? no... I'm not Han Solo! I don't even know the guy? What!? What spice? I don't even have a ship!? Why is Boba Fett after me? And what's the deal with those Rodians? They look pissed...")
  14. Corpse Clean-up Crew?

    You'd be amazed at the services bartenders get paid to perform on a regular basis... You'll just have to trust me on this one. Details are best... avoided.