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  1. Both Armada and IA have been struggling in the area around me for the last 6+ months. One FLGS has stopped running events for either game altogether due to a lack regular of turnout.
  2. The store ran an event in September which I attended, there were only 4 of us there in the end but it was good fun. Has anyone tried this format with any of the conflict objectives? My local store is going to run a skirmish format today to see if it increases attendance and I was just looking at the conflict objectives and noticed that a couple might need tweaking to work, thinking blockade run for instance.
  3. How about something along these lines Variable Firing Modes Title X-Wing & B-Wing Only Dual Card Dual Shot/Low Power Shot After performing an attack you may flip this card Quad Shot/High Power Shot When attacking you may change up to 2 focus results to hits without spending a focus token. After performing an attack you must flip this card. 1 or 2 pts No idea on the cost really but it gives you almost a full built in attacking focus potentially every other shot, there's minimal benefit to Poe and Keyan because of their innate abilities. The names of each side could do with a bit of work as the original names work for X-Wings but not so much for B-Wings
  4. For anyone who fancies something a little different from the standard dogfight format the Sad Muppet Society will be hosting an Escalation format event at the Games Shop in Aldershot on 5th November 2016. It will cost £10 to enter and you will get 4 games through the day. Further details of the event and how to register can be found on the club's website here.
  5. It makes him risky to engage in combat as he can Bully for unblockable damage and can then use his second action to attack, it should help to compensate for his very low speed.
  6. Cheers that's good to know! In the games that I have played with flotillas we have treated them as a 4th class of ship and so did not benefit from Cracken or Motti. Bright hope just got even more annoying
  7. I did not think that you could hyperspace it in as the flotillas are different to small ships?
  8. Has anyone managed to get tickets? I have gone to the website and cannot find the tickets anywhere so not sure if they have sold out already or if I'm just no good at hide and seek. Edit: Nevermind dumb moment, didn't notice the date on Esdevium's announcement.
  9. I was having a similar discussion on facebook yesterday to this morning. As far as I can see there is not distinction between damage cards that are dealt based on summing the damage results during the resolve damage steps. Both the XX9 and standard crit effect refer to damage cards being dealt by the attack not damage results and so currently should apply to any damage cards dealt throughout the attack steps. APT deals a damage card face up, ACMs potentially deal damage cards depending on the available shields and should therefore both be considered when dealing and counting any damage cards face up. As Lyr mentioned timing I'm also curious about this, if I trigger ACMs and deal 2 damage to the adjacent zones say with no shields resulting in 2 damage cards and then trigger the standard effect or XX9. At this point 2 cards have already been dealt and the crit effect says the 1st card/2 cards are dealt by this attack are dealt face up. Technically at this point they have already been dealt so am I allowed to then flip them or have I missed the opportunity? An easy solution would be to trigger the standard/XX9 effect prior to ACM. An odd corner case situation occurred to me earlier when I was thinking about this, if this is the correct interpretation and any cards dealt as a result of attack should be considered. In a precision strike mission, I spend a die with a hit symbol to flip a damage card face up, this reveals a structural damage card which then deals a face down damage card to the ship. That damage card has also been dealt during the attack steps and so should it be counted when considering damage cards dealt by the attack for the standard and XX9 effect? An easy solution for FFG to implement for most of these questions would be to FAQ that the standard crit effect and XX9 refer to any damage cards dealt subsequently to the crit being triggered. This would mean that my corner case could be ignored, the APT could be ignored and as long as ACMs are triggered as the second crit effect they have the potential to deal face up damage cards. Of course that assumes that FFG wants us to ignore them. Very interested to see what the actual intent and FAQ from FFG is on this as this combo throws up quite a few interesting interactions.
  10. Vogons is saying that as Jaina's light does not count as obstructed it will always have at least one red dice (providing its on a Corvette A of course) with which it can use Turbolaser Reroute Circuits to boost the attack. Given the ship that it's on and it being a limited title I do not think that it's overpowered, a bit annoying sure but not overpowered.
  11. I was wondering about XX9 and APT also but on an MC30 but would the APT card count as the 1st card dealt during the attack and so the defender would still only get the 2nd card face up and not a 3rd?
  12. I'd go with no on the XX9 and the standard crit effect as the standard effect is "If the defender is dealt at least one damage card by this attack, deal the first damage card faceup.” and for XX-9 is says "The first 2 damage cards..." so for this combo I think it's still just the 2 face up cards.
  13. I have a friend that uses this for his turn counter, with FFGs obsession with dials I never understood why we didn't get something similar to this rather than tokens. Only theories were that FFGs obsession with tokens beat their one with dials or that when they went to print they were unsure if the turn limit might be upped with the points limit and therefore could just provide more turn tokens with the wave 2 ships.
  14. I've only come across one player that I wouldn't want to play against and that was because he behaved like a toddler throughout the game. I'm happy to play strictly to the rules or a more relaxed game depending on my opponent and the situation, if its a tournament or a pick up against someone I do not know then I will keep my play strictly to the rules so that both players know where they stand. If I'm playing someone who wants a less structured game or that is learning I'm happy to adjust play as necessary.
  15. You get to choose I would imagine to give you a choice of young or old Han
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