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  1. Not quite. When you get a card with the "treasure" icon, you can either draw a card OR select any card from the discard. Once you chose one you can then swap it with one you already have if you need or want to. Every time you start a quest the gear deck is randomized and the quest will tell you how many cards to deal, and if any specific quest gear cards go in.
  2. I understand how it all works, just one question though: "When a hero claims a "Legendary Fortune" card from the gear deck, he returns that card to the campaign pool..." Does this mean the card is set back aside to be put back in next quest, or is it reshuffled back into the gear deck? I read this as it goes away until the next quest, but just want to be sure.
  3. Played the first scenario last night and an interesting situation came up, just want to see if you all think we resolved this correctly. Ok, Odious had been defeated so he was in the Nemesis lair. We hit the second peril mark to resolve (the blue one). Our party leader is already engaged with 3 enemies and has the highest HP left. Here is what we did: Odious spawned but could not be placed in front of the leader, so he was dealt 2 damage and placed face up in the shadows. He then activated and hit the leader with inflict for 2 more damage. The leader still has the highest HP at this point so when Odious tries to "prey" he cannot (cause the leader still has 3 enemies engaged), so he does yet another 2 points of damage. Sound right to you all?
  4. So in the first step where he may engage 2 enemies, can he pull them from anywhere assuming he is not at capacity? For instance can he pull an engaged enemy from another player? From the shadows face down or face up ?
  5. So I'm new to the game and I've played adventure 1 numerous times with different starter decks from core to get a feel for the game. I recently moved on to the second adventure ( the hill troll one) and I can't beat it with any of the starter decks solo and again tried with a friend co-op and still haven't beat it. So, what's the strategy do I need to star mixing characters or can this thing not be best with just core?
  6. mickcatron


    Rulebook states you have to stop if you land on the fog; official game site says you may pass thru the fog. Which is correct? or, which do you play?
  7. Another +1 for the expansion - this game is so much fun, doesn't get the love it deserves. Make more expansion after you translate the German one!
  8. So I should just look at like I have a choice to encounter it traditionally, or just pay the clicks and bypass it if I want to (assuming I have the clicks available)
  9. Probably a dumb question, but on ICE cards that say the runner can spend "x" number of clicks to break a subroutine, does he still need to have an ICE breaker of the appropriate type, and the strength to encounter it?
  10. Reactions are always optional? (assuming the word "forced" doesn't precede it)
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