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  1. LordBritish

    Recovering lost memories

    The first question you really have to ask yourself is "why did they lose their memories?" A mass memory wipe doesn't happen by accident and the reason why should be a major, driving plot point. By identifying why their memories were lost to them could inform the decision on how to restore it to them. Was it of deep seated shame? A mental pact with the Empire that, upon his echoing through their soul almost destroyed them entirely. Or was it a willing ploy by the antagonist to plant the inquistors amongist the heroes to turn on them when the time was right? Personally I would reward bits and pieces based on situations that created their mental crisis.
  2. LordBritish

    Military Punishment

    Alright, I feel we are getting pretty heavy territory. Personally, given the alliance's bant, that they are pretty zero tolerance when it comes to executing their own people. The only reason someone like Cassian and the Alliance Int B get away with it is that they very deliberately preform dodgy deeds outside the direct witnessing of other alliance personal. That bombing wing targeting the bunker? Were probably told directly that was what the high command wanted, amending the mission assignment erase the base after the assasination. That guy Cassian executed? He was the only Rebel witness present and his informant had no method of escape. Jyn's father? only he and K2SO were alliance personal, everyone else had been drafted outside of the alliance and would have been disposable if required. The running theme is these actions are usually conducted away from the standard rank and file idealist. So yeah, either opt to dial it back or go the court marshal route, make a new character and have it be an experience. I personally believe that intigratey of setting is much more important then preserving just one, reckless character.
  3. LordBritish

    Countering Sense

    Because I can have very polarising thoughts about particular people and subjects that I would rather keep to myself, and I would feel angry if someone started exposing what I really felt about something, rather then what I portray as a mild and neutral persona. In regards to "over sensing", I think it's very hard to gain conflict over it as again surface thoughts a frozen lake; they are just below the surface and as a form of evidence is fairly limited. I find what someone does with that information is much more important; it is one thing for a force user to sense someone's thoughts to build a picture of relationships, motivations and important data, and quite another to blackmail someone over their thoughts or to spread slander about an individual on a thought they have never acted on unless it was very important. The Jedi were implied to use this ability quite frequently to get to the heart of the matter in negations and the like, by large this was fine as this information wasn't recklessly distributed but used in a calculating fashion to guide a deal to satisfactory conclusion, to solve underlying issues in a subtle manner and effectively to act as guides to bring two parties into harmony while being able to take precautions on any future developments. In contrast, acting on information to debase someone despite having never acted on those thoughts (and I personally believe that horrible creatures dwell in the consciousness in humans in general; at any point in our lives we can wish for horrible things, but that is as far as we go.) may well be conflict worthy. It creates a situation where people are being judged on crimes they have not committed, puts strain on existing relationships and so fourth. It's just generally about handling that sensitive information in a decent and delicate manner. So reading minds, aside from being a bit of a todger in rolling dice frequently, is generally fine. How a person acts on that information however may not be fine. Just as I've mentioned before sense can be a useful tool, but often requires some collaboration and/or environmental engagement to truly get the most out of this ability.
  4. LordBritish

    Countering Sense

    The way I play it is that once combat has actually started (inti has been rolled) it's too late. Sense is an action which means it takes an significant amount of time to commit to; it's not something I would allow in response to combat. (e.g. blasters start going off and the player announces they want to commit. In my head it's too late at that point) If there is real anticipation of a fight in the air though but it hasn't started or there's this awkward standoff; then I would allow it. That is effectively taking a moment to centre yourself amidst these uncertain feelings and I feel that pre-emptively committing is cool, provided that combat isn't underway.
  5. LordBritish

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    @the mercenary Well the situation to all that is quite simple. Take back control, stop the sessions, and have a session zero detailing expectations going forward and have that conversation, and say "Look guys, respectfully I am going to have to talk things over about this game because I'm not having any fun running sessions for you guys. I want to discuss things with you guys so we can run a more plot driven, then a mechanical driven game where you proceed to play GTA online. In order to do this I am retroactively limiting equipment to only what is in the core book(s) so that I can manage things better at my end until I am more experienced with this system, and I will start presenting situations where combat isn't the only thing going on. Otherwise I am going to end up threatening a party wipe every session.". If you haven't had an "expectation setting session", have one now and set those expectations now. Otherwise, as was well put: One book I recommend reading on this is the Jewel of Yavin adventure; which as a whole presents a heist situation in a interesting light. Sure the entire "racing" event thing might seem axhillary and a bit forced, but all in all it's the best combat light adventure Fantasy Flight Games has. Trying to go all gun ho for the prize will only result in a healthy dose of obligation (which you should be using for any seedy campaign, as obligation can be an effective consequence for reckless gaming.) Respectfully, you are the GM and your enjoyment of the game is just as important as the gamers around the table and they need to be made aware of that; if their previous environment was those games you described then you need to communicate this effectively over to the people you are playing with and get some understanding with them. Just as said, the thematic experience is dependant on the players buying into it and thus far; it sounds like you need all the interventions I initially prescribed.
  6. LordBritish

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    I would first out introduce rule 0: As a GM it is well within your right to exclude the use of supplemental material from other books if you aren't ready to deal with it. Just because the material exists out there, the GM is under no obligation to use all of it. For example, t The second thing to do would be to have a session zero and discuss expectations with them; you want to run a more story derived event, they are clearly are very much the A-team in that people don't really matter "because they are NPC's." Tell them that you are trying to create an immersive star wars experience; which they themselves are part of this world that will respond to them, and it is difficult to continue creating an immersive world when the NPC's they pick up are treated like lootboxes. Explain the pitch and the expectations you have and ask them, in return what they want from your campaign and get on the same wavelength. Always have session zeroes and set that expectation; I can't think of a campaign that can't be made better just by talking things out. Thirdly; introduce situations where they can't just shoot things. Maybe Saw wants the players to pick up some equipment from a crime lord, which requires a group of people to leave weapons at the door. Or maybe there are information heists that the squad can't give away their interest; have some cops knock on vacant van with the gunner and *dramatically escalate the situation* if he just decides to shoot them. Use these requirements to spilt up so that they are running multiple jobs per session and their combined overwhelming capabties can be mitigated; mainly by giving them challenges that have to be solved using other skills. Can't hack a data bank properly with an axe after all! Gahahahha! That and if they are just that strong, throw more noteworthy adversary's, give them situations that they must spilt up to cover more time. Put some helicopter Inquistors in to dramatically increase the risk factor and so fourth. If they want to be the big bad PC's blowing up stuff and being epic heroes, give them some epic adversaries that force them to keep moving.
  7. LordBritish

    Countering Sense

    Sense can only reveal surface thoughts of what the character is immediately thinking of. Thus unless the player is able to analyse a character while they are in the act of doing, or being questioned on something of importance to the narrative; sense shouldn't really reveal anything. The character might be musing on his dinner, or that puzzle, or how much he hates that director guy who makes his job too difficult and so fourth. Sure the character might also know the secret weak point of the death star, but that fact is buried deep into the mind that can only be conjured up to the surface with some prompting. Likewise while sense has a range of extreme; the character might not have direct line of sight on the person they need information from; thus they sense a building, discovers it has 40+ life signs and that none of the 1 or 4 people they sensed or so has the information close to mind. Plus people move around; so by just sensing a build a character might have to spend hours actively reading every thought in that building for that one magical moment that the McGuffin turned up. In short, unless that character has a way of zeroing in on that particular character with particular information in the mind at the precise moment they are musing about it? Yeah. Sense is pretty **** limited as far as abilities goes. Heck, if there are too many life signs in the building, too many idle thoughts, the task might just simply be impossible even for an expert without some way of zeroing it down. Plus I am a huge fan of the "a force power can only be attempted once per scene, unless something within that scene changes." You attempt to sense, you fail to find the right target, move on to another character. I am a guy who maxed out sense as a thematic character development and he is subject to those weaknesses all the time; he isn't a face who can draw out the information from people, he needs someone or something to prompt that thought to come to mind. Is this character gaining information in this way? Then it is working how the power is attempted to work. Is the charcter gaining shed loads of information about all the secret projects the character has going on, all the characters associated and his various fetishes that he engages for a hobby, along with what he ate every day for the last month? No. Sense only grants information based on what the character is currently thinking; it isn't a "mine the information bank" type of power. That is more influences favour, where you either cox the information out or otherwise draw it out aggressively by subverting their free will.
  8. LordBritish

    Are these Minions or Rivals ...?

    The way I would do it is via descriptions obtained on perception checks. "With after about 15 minutes watch, you are able to observe six individuals that are relatively lightly armed/armoured that are patrolling in loose formation; in all honesty as much interested in the game they have going on inside the complex as they are with their patrol pattern, indicating there might be more inside. Though their approaches differ greatly; their comparative firepower is fairly uniform. With the advantage, you observe that they seem to look up to two other individual who seem somewhat sharper then the others (gives a big description of the two characters). The captain is currently nowhere to be seen; though judging by the occasional sight of people heading up and downstairs, it wouldn't be implausible to suspect that an individual of some authority is on the upper floor." With that you kinda establish a frame work of people. compared to: "There is a explosion; 6 people rapidly enter the cargo hold from the breach, rapidly covering ground and gunning down any security along their way. They are travelling in loose formation but judging by the commands being issued these people are serious professionals, unlike those thugs you roughed up in the cantina earlier. Seems like that little rumour you spread about their rival has drawn their full attention. Despite their individualistic demeanor, there is one burly Transoian that is directing the squad effectively; his loud voice commands respect even in this chaotic environment. The Dread Pirate Reed Richards has arrived." By working in some good descriptions and only giving special attention to rivals/nemesis type characters, you can build a rappore with your players that you aren't going to drop them into a 14 target environment.
  9. LordBritish

    Saber Swarm With No Advantage

    Linked is a hugely powerful ability, so gambling in makes sense. I roll 4Y, 1G, frequently 1 or more boost dice and Hawk Bat Swoop. No one is as devastating in terms of sheer damage potential in a duel as a Ataru striker fully kitted out and ready to throw down; well, provided their stamina holds out. The only other tree that has the sheer capacity for havok is probably the Juyo tree; and that is the conflict rich tree that specialises in brutally critting/dealing a staggering amount of damage in a singular blow. As a 2000 xp character in a 4 year campaign; a large chunk of my build focused on being an artisan. Yeah. It might cost you a fair bit, but the cost is most definitely worth it. HAWK Bat swoop is really the exceptional ability of the set; the ability to engage from short ranged is one of the most powerful abilities in the game for a duelling based character; in combination with enhance, no one has the sheer movement ecomany as a striker.
  10. LordBritish

    Morality sucks

    Or indeed; my opinion was that he didn't fall even when he saved the Emperor; his state of mind of that point was "oh no, I just assisted in killing one of the heads of my order. Morality or not, there is no coming back from this?" "No young skywalker, the only way for you now is to become fully of the dark side by marching on the Jedi temple with my army and destroy everyone you find. Only when you have fully embraced the Darkside will I have anything to teach you." Which was why he marched on the table, then slaughtered the Separatist leaders and even then; he cried after doing that because he was aware just how far he had fallen; but he had made his choice and had little recourse but to hold firm; even if it meant killing Padme in a moment of anger. One firm thing I do believe is someone who becomes part of the dark side becomes a fundamentally different person then he was before; who they were becomes buried under their emotions; under hate, under loathing. Their goals in life become a twisted parody of themselves; a healer might become an living avatar of life and death who cruelly kill someone, only to execute a slave to bring them back to life just because they can and plant that cold seed of corruption in the frame of the tormented. In a sense Obi-Wan was right; Anakin was dead, Vader had killed him and if it wasn't for someone like Luke who reached through the Layers of cold hate, anger and so much more, it would have stayed that way forever. The key thing to decide, when that threshold is reached is to decide one thing; does the player want the character to become that twisted avatar or actively resist that nature?
  11. LordBritish

    Internal damage to a ship by a mob?

    =w= *Opens mouth.* *Closes mouth* *Repeats* **** DROIDS! *Deep breathes* *Sighs* Sounds like it went fun despite that! XD
  12. LordBritish

    Internal damage to a ship by a mob?

    AhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaGAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *Deep breath* The simple answer is that I imagine if people get inside with the sole intention of destroying a vessel, they could do so pretty easily. Firing a blaster into a flight console would cripple a pilots ability to pilot a ship and hitting every console on the ship would likely destroy the navicomputer of the vessel, which would make a jump to hyperspace impossible and dropping grenades into maintaince hatches can outright cripple shielding/handling of vessel and potentially, depending on the ship shape. Needless to say, it would probably take less then a minute to completely cripple a vessel if the persons aboard weren't too concerned with it's recovery, or would at least cause significant damage unless they were able to recover it. It's actual destruction would require access to the engineering bay which is breached easily enough, either with heavy duty vibro weapons or, again, explosives if those persons weren't all that concerned with bringing the ship in intact. Probably the main advantage the droid would have is that he would have time to prepare something if the people invading the ship weren't too organised, having hundreds of people descend on the ship isn't actually a huge disadvantage since only so many can fit inside it and the numbers would actually start hindering the potential for coordination. They would likely beat a hasty retreat as soon as they see the empire coming; because those guys don't play nice with anyone and would likely ask everyone to clear out of the way, that might give whomever is on the ships 1-5 minutes to prepare; something? The empire likely wouldn't have that problem. They would likely just march in and fire on the vessel's engines until was crippled and match straight in. Since they don't consider droids living creatures they would merely disable anything in their path to take to pieces later in subsequent questioning. Lastly PURGE THAT DROID WITH FIRE. Yeah, I hate droid PC's with a passion so just kill him dead. The fact that the party didn't do it themselves to control his behaviour indicates that they aren't overly invested in the world for whatever reason, but these stormtroopers at least would be coming for him and the only reason they would want it intact would be to go through his memory, find every other member of this rebel cell so that they could also be terminated. These PC's would likely spend the rest of their life on the run and outright hated by scum and law alike. For all intensive purposes, they are dead people walking so if you wanted to go full GM B mode you could just flat out give them 150 obligation on top of what they have until they have taken significant time and effort to distance themselves from this planet and change their outlook somewhat. Yes, that amount of obligation is cruel, but that's what they get for holding an malicious terrorist for so long. They should have curbed his excesses much sooner and now have to live with being on the run for a very long time. *Sighs* At least, that's what the logical person within me would do. The more logical person within me would suggest slamming the breaks hard on the campaign and just ask them point blank "look guys, you are making an awful name for yourselves, what are your long term goals? Because at the rate you are going you aren't going to be heroes or good people, your just gonna be the scumbags of your era that everyone will hate and want dead, if that's the game you want, I'm going to ask for your character sheets back so that we can begin drafting for a new campaign." that way, you can have a solid session zero where expectations can be made for a fresh start, or at least get the players aboard with a newer direction. Then afterwards, Ask for the droid's character sheet anyway, because he isn't going to survive what is coming alone and it's much better to describe the carnage afterwards then to force him to undergo what is essentially a really slow death scene. Because to me, being concerned in a hanger with that many people intent on one purpose? Especially if one group sneaks aboard first to block the closure of the cargo ramp? Yeah. He doesn't stand any chance of escape or survival so don't be cruel to give him that illusion. Just have it be quick and move on. Yeah, I'm still bias toward PC droids. Can't help it. XD
  13. LordBritish

    Avoiding Villain cliches

    This is star wars, it's impossible to not be a little Cichie if you are looking to keep some iconic feeling. However, that doesn't mean you can't create a villain that isn't distinctive. First of all, the inquisitor needs a niche, a speciality. To me a spymaster screams influence/misdirect specialist, the ability to make falsehoods true with the imagination is awesome, the fact that he is able to go anywhere, do anything and be effectively unrecognisable unless he wants to be recognised is a interesting villain trait; sure, Seek can dispel those illusions but first they must be aware of the illusion occurring. Using misdirection in this manner can facility party splits which enable those iconic duels when he is finally confronted. At the moment I know nothing about your intended goals for your campaign so I will keep my advice fairly vague and adaptable. To me a good nemesis should have abilities that the PC's will never learn that inherently put them on the backfoot; the spymaster has at least 20 years experience on the PC's to develop this ability that only works because of his rigorous focus. For him, that would be manifesting illusions spontaneously with no defence roll that makes directly engaging him difficult, or to provide assistance to his operations without giving away his identity. Don't roll for his misdirection if the PC's are genuinely unaware of his location as that would be a dead giveaway that they are under illusion, but give them a distinctive audio cue that triggers whenever his power initiates that affects only those that can hear it. It might be a two handed clap, the dropping of a coin or a particular phrase (which is more difficult to work in, but would explain why the character couldn't use it all the time.) that once they hear that particular event, the PC's can tune into it and feel clever for figuring out the master spymaster's calling card, and then can roll to resist it if they identify that audio cue. This method works better if the character is present during the scene but isn't an active partipant yet, he might be already inside the rebel cell/cartel that the PC's are working for or might simply have been present as a 3rd party at a transaction one time., thus you can have strange things happen without seeming reason until they can identify the mystery of that particular gimmick, which is further enforced by the spymasters ability to disguise himself more naturally. Batman begins offers a fairly good example of what the spymaster might look like. A chasmatic individual who is posing under another identity of a mentor, the head of his order posing as a humble lacky or even a mentor type/authority type character while someone else poses as the master mind in all the scenes that he makes a move. Misdirection of the mind requires props after all to make this master mind persona more real that once identified slips more into the role of a usual villainous character, unable to approach the PC's directly if they discover his secret.
  14. I am just curious on two fronts. Why does he want a new character? More for curiousity. Is there another way to retire? E.g. decides that this job was just too dangerous for him and wants to leave. Otherwise I feel other people have you covered on this one. I as a person don't believe in artificially setting up a situation where a character "must die", it's just much more interesting when those situations arise naturally.
  15. That and; if there is a pressing enough need, those that fall to the dark side can become anti-heroes/anti-villains (the fo rather then immediate villains. There might be a pressing need for several force users to work together; especially in this era when the Inquisition/Empire is simply much bigger then them, thus simply and immediately infighting or splitting up immediately mightn't be viable, there is a big bad empire out there hunting the PC's thus, despite their emotions might have little choice but to continue to work together until the that threat has subsided or one or more factions within that party has accomplished that goal. Needless to say, I don't expect any alliance between Dark and Natural force wielders to last beyond the need. The former will inevitability conduct twisted self interest business that might require the PC to be alone and the other party, depending on their individual outlooks. Once the emperor dies and the empire has largely subsided? The need that unite them won't no longer. Those anti-heroes might become villains in serving their self interest, or those anti-villains may finally get what they want and abandon's the party in their time of need, or better yet, sticks in the knife and completes the assession to a living GOD! FOR A GOOD CAUSE! GAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAH *Cough* Yeah, plenty of compelling angles to keep a party with a dark sider going, just at some point the plot is going to come to a head; the PC's mightn't be the heroes in this setting and some may fall short of the guard posts.