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    Failed Astrogation check (Long Arm of the Hutt)

    Failed astronavigation's aren't hugely interesting. The ship failed to go to where they intended to go or it didn't go anywhere, or the ship failed to reach the destination before X thing happened, which might create a more complicated situation upon arrival. e.c.t Nothing really exciting. Rolling a despair on a failed astronavigation check? or a T? That is the stuff that while adventures are born out of. It's useful to have a couple unusual locations in your pocket at any given tme that they might/might not explore. Or drop them right outside a black hole.
  2. LordBritish

    The Force is strong with this one

    I use Aturi, but I personally feel I would have rather taken the Shien expert for it's mind games. Being able to pressure people by adding automatic failures to combat checks sounds more interesting to me then linking and hitting twice/three times. Sometimes I feel so strong that I actively restrict myself in those critical combat encounters. Though I do like pingballing around a field, wearing Temple Guard armour with holographic modifications to appear like a Ghost out of an imperial inquisitor's darkest nightmares. so fun. Heheheh.
  3. LordBritish

    Lets talk Coercion!

    Either or really. The main crux of the issue was that neither character particularly trusted one another due to our complicated history that varied from adversary to reluctant ally too frequently to tell, usually, a Hand of the now dead Emperor isn't one to be cowed. Just more the intent was that she was attempting to go into hiding; the counter point was that no matter how good she was at hiding, one day she would run out of good luck and die alone against a rapidly growing great evil. I didn't use the precise wording of my argument, but it was more a statement of just how vulnerable she would be if the sith got their way to use her own fears to bring her about to my perspective. It was a threat about a future that could come to be.
  4. LordBritish

    Lets talk Coercion!

    I also think that Corc has a place when asserting on the character the gravity of the situation. "Look, I know we haven't worked together much before, but I know full well that a sith lord is going to do something under coursant that is going to do something horrible. Sure, you could hide from him but after he's killed me, and he will because I do not feel I can handle him alone, he will come after you and eventually you will find yourself on some backwater planet without a plan. So I prepose an alliance until the threat can be taken care of." It isn't a leadership because I'm not in a position of authority, it isn't a charm because I'm not appealing to the better part of their character, I am simply informing them of exactly what is going to happen if I fail if they do not assist me. Reminding a character of the heavy gravity of a situation to make them give aid is another good way to use the skill, using the weight of words and consequence to both of us to convince them that there is no other way.
  5. LordBritish

    Crafting "time" question

    We have interpreted to assume it takes that much time to build, including downtime but not including adventure time. This is a standard check assuming you spend at least that much time doing something to provide a reasonable time frame, which includes sleeping and the like (for 24 hour periods or greater). It's just a time period which expresses how long a project takes of "in character" investiment to complete any given project. We haven't "ruled" this, but we also assume we can only work on one project at a time, so "pausing" one to complete another doesn't usually happen. The only exception might be in star ship design, where a character might design a plan and hand it to the workers to put together but more likely then not won't be present for a large chunk of the construction time. Thus as long as there's spare hanger space, multiple teams could be working on multiple star fighters/components of starships going at the same time. The only real restriction is that the character must be the initiator of that check and spend a reasonable amount of time to get the project off the ground; might be a few hours to just instruct people how you want the project done and draft sciamtics and leave the rest to their capable (incapable?) hands.
  6. LordBritish

    Capping stats at creation

    I have read the OP and I have already given suggestion. Divide and conquer (e.g. Make checks target some people, engineer situations where the party must divide to succeed, or are divided) targeted checks, or blanket checks (checks that target everyone in a particular scene.) all serve the role of effectively hitting the "one staters" really hard for hyperfocusing to one grand number. Though I underlined that with the ultimate advice; talk to the players and use that GM agency to say "this is what I want, while I am learning the ropes I would appreciate if you didn't hyper specialise, otherwise I am going to have to start targeting your dump stats individually just to challenge you.". As the one who is creating the world around the party I don't believe that request is wholly unreasonable, this isn't DnD after all where the name of the game is to kill monsters and collect loot, this should be a story telling exercise and it's important to stress that point at the start of every session. I don't feel any amount of house ruling can solve that; if the players don't respect the GM at the table and visa versa, there is no game.
  7. LordBritish

    Capping stats at creation

    There isn't anything prohibiting it either. I always figured that investing in skills and talents in character creation was a option for more one shot campaigns, or something to do with spare xp just in case the character just doesn't manage to spend all of it otherwise (there are a few races that would always have xp left over, no matter how they spent it.). Personally it's designed to do either or; though it is better to spend it in characteristics as they form the foundation of your character. Personally, I feel having weaker characteristics doesn't nerf power gaming at all but rather just delays the process mildly. I've seen characters who have never exceeded a characteristic of 3 or 4 who are exceedingly powerful gamers/characters, or have never invested in skill ranks and just chased talents to rely heavily on boost dice to become super sneaky without ever buying a rank in stealth. In my current party I believe I have the only character that exceeds a characteristic of 4 and my character is fairly skilled and powerful by the viture of tons of experienced earnt over countless adventures, but I'm not a power gamer because I simply don't chose to optimise my play style to dominate every encounter I come across; I moderate my strength to fit the theme of the session. Power gaming is really a player choice rather than a mechanical choice. What I mean to say is that investing in characteristics isn't really power gaming for me; it's the mentality behind that character build that is.
  8. Indeed and I share your general opinion, her open mindness in regards to her world view meant that she was able to adapt really rapidly to new circumstances involving the force. In some ways, her connection to the force adapted as she faced danger and the Kylo Ren thing topped it all off; she was able to learn a lot through his attempted mental manipulation just by being mentally much stronger then he was under those circumstances. I feel her story would have been fairly typical of a person rapidly learning within this harsh galaxy otherwise they would be destroyed by the weight of it all, Luke adapted rapidly under similar dangers. Best thing about it is that she still has a long way to go; to me at least she is very much a raw talent without much time to digest it all. I just feel that isn't the story the studio is intending to tell. My musing is more based on what I suspect what the studio will do, and I feel J.J. will double down on the mystery boxes he developed within the force awakens. Either way, only time will tell, but I am hopeful it will turn out as you said.
  9. LordBritish

    Questions about the niman disciple

    As someone who has Ataru for three years, this is correct. Linked, Hawk-bat swoop + Saber Swarm is a catalyst for an insane amount of damage on a weapon that typically ignores soak anyway, especially now I am up to a force rating of 4. I find that sometimes I have to hold myself back if the GM isn't bringing his a-game to a particular situation as I could easily destroy most NPC's by either piling on the crits or linking enough blows. That being said, I'm fine holding back that if it makes for a more dramatic situation. That being said; that combination sounds pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind considering messing around with steel hand/niman bonkers, just it's getting rid of my existing character that's the problem. XD
  10. LordBritish

    Stacking Force Powers

    At my table I generally get very vocal at the concept of "double dipping", in my opinion you can only use the force for one thing at a time during your turn. You can't ebb/flow and draw closer, you must chose one or the other to commit to each round. I just feel it's thematically wrong to effectively double your force rating in a single action; I was equally miffed when essential kill (executioner talent, don't remember which one) started being used alongside Unleash and so fourth. Well, in that case I guess no one will have any problems if I ebb and flow and Hawk Bat swoop at the same time and just laugh as I destroy my enemies! IT'S PERFECTLY LEGAL AFTER ALL! GAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH UNLIMITED PO- *Ahem* Needless to say, I strongly disagree with the game designers on this one, to the point I genuinely wonder whether they test half this stuff. The hard rule I prefer to make is that a character must either spend his force dice on one or the other for the reasons described above, though I can see a case where one may alternatively divvy up their force pips between the two powers to activate both at the same time, your total dice rolled being limited by the available force rating. That sounds pretty fair.
  11. LordBritish

    Questions about the niman disciple

    Because Niman isn't the best form because there isn't really a best form. It's a balanced form that diplomats use to train to give them enough skills to deal with a variety of situations while allowing them to focus on their internal studies and the ways of the force. The Jedi large and large by this point were not a warlike people and thus typically spent most of their times as mediators more then anything else. It to me is a form comparable to some variants of martial arts that aren't particularly optimised for war, but spiritual development. This is why it was the only force tree to have a force rating. Out of all the careers, I feel that this career best represents what Jedi were in this time period. They were diplomats, scientists, worshipers of the force, their waring days long behind them. In contrast, mystic best represents with Sith, with it's alchemy, dark powers and ultimately chasing power at any cost.
  12. In all fairness, I did firmly believe that not everyone can be force sensitive and there was the suggestion that only Luke could do it because of his linage; admit in a way that was less about family and more about love and compassion rather then sheer power levels (which is why Leia couldn't qualify, the destruction of her entire planet isn't something I imagine anyone would be capable of forgiving.). Why could no one else do it? Because it required commitment and instruction; two things the alliance had in short supply as the masters only showed themselves to Luke, absolutely no one else. The idea of other force users doesn't surprise me, but what does surprise me is the suggestion that the Skywalkers somehow have the same potential as anyone else, that's clearly false as they had developed much quicker then their peers. I believe firmly that Episode 1-3 was just as valid to luca's vision as 4-6, so Luke and Anaikin just being more gifted to the extent of manifesting their gifts spontaneously also makes sense, a process that might require someone not destined for greatness years of training. Not every Jedi was equally as good, the many that died in the arena were a testament to that. Anaikin meanwhile was nearly as capable as his master as a mere Padawn, and Luke was able to hold out against Vader with minimal training for some time, then flat out humiliate him in their second encounter. Even Obi-Wan, despite having a decade of experience over his student was only at best his equal when they fought to the death; which was no mean feat but firmly highlights the stark difference between a model Jedi and a Skywalker. So it isn't the suggestion that there are other force sensitives that surprises me; but rather star wars itself could be anything more then a skywalker story. I don't believe that has changed and if to expect anything else of Episode 9 would be odd. Personally I still believe Rey is someone. My winning bet is that she is a clone of Luke Skywalker that was designed to be a weapon to be used against him; an eventual replacement for Vader if Luke didn't heel. Why? Because Kylo clearly knew who she was in the force awakens because his tone shifts dramatically when she is mentioned. Why? Because I imagine early on Kylo went out of his way to dispose of the lass as a potential power rival; yet couldn't actually go through with it. He still had too much compassion within him to truly become a monster. Is it a theory I subscribe to? No, but I really wouldn't expect anything else about a series of movies that are about the heroic journey, sacrifice and compassion. I cannot see the studio being brave enough to completely do away with the Skywalker legacy. Would I like to see movies about other heroes? Yes! But I don't think those heroes will appear in the next movie.
  13. LordBritish

    Capping stats at creation

    That's just it really; if a character super minmaxes hitting only one stat really hard; I would as the GM to both make encounters play into that when the opportunity arises, while regularly hitting them in the stats that they dumped. Because an althetic brawn character with no sense of balance is pretty tragic. Or have them make a perception check. Jayne from Firefly is a murderhobo **** through and through, he's repulsive and self satisfying as a character can possibly get, even considering selling out members of the crew for a quick buck and on several occasions considered mutinying against Mal, the only reason he hasn't succeeded is he is unlikeable, (low pres) untrustworthy, stupid in the implementation of his hairbrained schemes and lacks any intelligence of the world around him to put anything together aside from his hand and his rifle (ahem). But the reason Mal keeps him around is that he's amazing with guns and in combative situations which seems to justify keeping him around despite the liabilities associated to him. Even so, the GM would occasionally target Jayne as a character to make checks outside his wheelhouse, one time he was the hero of a small town by accident. Thus is how you counterbalance a strong min-maxer; you ensure that they have to on occasion be subject to the target of checks outside their wheelhouse that no one else can handle. Maybe they are randomly approached when being undercover and have to quickly spin a tale on why they were here or if they are the watch man; only that person can roll the perception check. Or the party is spilt up as necessary to cover more ground, a practice that is paramount in certain great adventures like the Jewel of Yavin which has so much going on that the party isn't going to accomplish it by sticking together; they must spilt up to cover more ground and the specialist character can't be where they are needed all the time. This can encourage characters to improvise and develop secondary skills. That's why I like to, at least initially, encourage campaigns where combat isn't necessarily the first solution or even a solution on the table (the empire/a big crime syndicate have more resources then mere smugglers could ever hope to contend with) but rather a fun consequence for complications. Encourage the players to engage on a co-occupation, if you are concerned about power gaming have a session zero and have the conversation about expecting it to be a game less focused around combat and get everyone onside on creating a interesting group of characters. I often find the base characteristics of the character the least game breaking, often it's the use of easy to abuse machanics (auto fire) and obtaining too many talents in a single field (Picking up too many soak upgrades) that tend to change the game. Might be just the gamer speaking to me as I chose to go 2,3,4,3,1,2 Gadgetter that I fluffed as a machanics son that decided to use his skills for petty theft and revenge. While for a long time he was the most intelligent member of the party (bumped it up to 5. Being the ships machanic was something I wanted him to be really good at.), he wasn't particularly experienced in the greater galaxy and thus the GM would sometimes rule that my character simply wouldn't know some facts without seeing a broker in the region. I was just happy to use machanics and skulduggery to become a bonified safe breaker. in regards to skill ranks: I think most people criminally underrate the value of skill ranks. Sure, they don't have the bang of buck that hoovering talents like a booster blue addict would have, but they make those dice much more likely to generate successful and advantageous checks on average; consistent results is the real reason you want yellows. That and the value of the T/D cannot be understated; depending on the situation the narrative elements can change a lot.
  14. LordBritish

    Juyo in the Old Republic

    I haven't got any personal experience with swords aside from a Viking sword I keep at home as an important bit of British ancestry, since for better or worse their descendants shaped us. I've casually read up and listened to talks on it over the years, so I don't have the intimate familiarity to make any serious claims in real swordsmanship. My extent is reading up on historical techiques, which involved sometimes gripping the weapon by the blade and using the crossguard as a bludgeoning hammer, still tickles me and intrigues me. I also mainly read so that I had plenty of ammunition so that when Tobin (my character) talked about training at length with lightsabers, his advice would make some grain of sense despite not being personally experienced with a weightless blade. XD Which I guess is the interesting thing about Lightsaber Saber; you don't have to give any concern toward edge alignment within one's strikes, thus in many senses a lightsaber is much more forgiving then an ordinary sword when delivering serious injury given you can strike out at any direction, any time. Haven't read the novelisations, though I heard pretty good things about it. Like the scene with confronting Palp was so much more interesting because it didn't start out as a brawl; he actually invited one to read his mind; and used that opportunity to take control and dispatch a Knight out of the blue before the first blow was dealt. I will have to see if I can pick it up. Aye, I guess Windu also existed as a plot device to feed Anakin's paranoia; having a master like Windu nearby when he's breaking one of the core tenants of the Jedi order in regards to marrying and sleeping with a diplomat must be nerve-wracking, even if he isn't actually being investigated. Add in Yodas aloft crypticness who seemed to indirectly discourage him despite again, Yoda's only real concern was upholding the order. It made for what I felt was compelling tension and helped justify the fall; Anakin felt he couldn't trust anyone. Especially when Windu was lost in the moment against a dangerous Sith lord and decided to forgo the Jedi way to execute him now and then (which was reasonable.) One thing I would possibly include is perhaps a method of channelling the aggression into something that affects the battlefield; perhaps a technique that adds force pips to the check that can be spend to physically hurl a combatant within engaged a certain distance, describing the savage blows granting an opportunity to propel a combatant a certain length; I imagine this would be pretty useful for a style that is used only for offense as a way of environmental control; e.g. Maul hurling Obi-Wan to a separate area to give himself time to duel with Qui-Gon, so it might give an offensive combatant opportunity to simply swat away characters they simply can't deal with immediately, though I would probably specify that it can't be used to trigger fall damage effects given how overpowered just chuckling adversary's off cliffs or up to medium range in the air would be. Basically an inverse draw closer.
  15. LordBritish

    Revisitng Replica Droids

    Well it's actually pretty simple really as my group has pulled it off. The PC character we had in our party was a Human replica droid; effectively the standard human statline with the droid racial abilities and some XP docked for powerful abilities. Factor in that he doesn't heal and must be repaired and it created a human replica droid who struggled behind his perceived history. The entire concept of him was that he was a model designed to replicate the owner in the most convincing way; thus his physical strength and other characteristics were within relatively human boundaries. We only found out about his true nature after he was seriously wounded in a large battle with his insides being electronic. Needless to say, our squad continued to cover for him as we knew what would happen if he was outed as a droid, even if that was used as a point of blackmail at several points when the in character relationship of two characters deteriorated. Incidentally, he started encountering more advanced models of himself who had been improved on since his creation over a period of 20 years, and that technically Guri was a sister line to be produced for a particular crime lord, something we found out when we liberated a Guri that needed a little initial programming and a machanics check to put the final touches to her. He immediately tried to have her salvaged at her base, she was trained by a Mandolorian to avoid killing people when possilbe, so she ripped out everyone's knee caps and gutted the communications and just left all the injured personal behind; they were very close to staving when we found them. Fun stuff. Needless to say, it provided a compelling plot hook to follow if they desired it and those NPC's were really the kind of things we feared; immensely physically capable, fast and smarter then most organics. Needless to say he didn't have access to the faculties to undergo proper repairs, he could be pached up and have replacement symthskin, but it was going to become more apparent over time what his true nature was (obligation) unless he took steps to repair himself by following up on his backstory.