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  1. As I remember in 1st DH you may make only single fire with both ranged weapons with gunslinger talent.
  2. I think that Leadership may be useful in future suppliements, if inquisitorial minions or large scale battles will be presented (such as planetary xenos invasions, Holy Crusades, purges and other mass-combat stuff).
  3. Agree. If anybody want to see HPless system - search "Aliens" rulebook. Ugly mechanics, but funny. Really u couldnt play without 4-5 A4 tables and constant searching in it 7. With sound sidebar it is very useful for sniper to hit a target with neelder as a silent weapon. With new focus mainly on covert operations (sublety) players should prepare for less combat encounters and more black ops (= 8. WHYYYY they didn't use BC rules for power armor? Just 2 pages.. Hope to see it in supplies. 10. + Pesonally most of time I am playing through the Skype, so use custom excel sheets. Buy the way, what the point to nerf Agility with armor, when it is more useful to nerf Dodge Skill with armor? I rarely see 50+ Ag, but Dodge 10/20 - is a normal practice. And why Light Power Armor increases size? It is designed to be compact and to provide small bonuses. And the last: why it is possible to acquire Inquisitor elite advance for Tech Priest? In the Ascention there is a special side bar, which clarify this issue, because Mechanicus first pursue the Quest of Knowledge.
  4. Kymerus - the world from starting module in Core BC, and the place of the "Temple of Lies".
  5. I think you can read "Hand of Corruption" and their info about Port Wander as well as some encounters. I think they are pretty much similar. Station locates in the Maw and has secret warp passage ways to the Vortex.
  6. Hm. Seems that Archetype of Slaanesh has a problems with acquiring Slaanesh Mark.
  7. For Mark character needs 20 upgrades. One of my players plays pirate prince who aligned with Slaanesh and has many basic slaanesh upgrades (skills, talents, stats). How these upgrades count towards Mark?
  8. Hello. There is a Good Reputation talent with prerequisits. But what's mean "Contact"? Does it in-game mechanic element, or just a roleplay moment?
  9. Hello. May psyker sustain two powers with Concentration subtype? There are two powers: Manifest Flame (Fate book, p. 60) and One with the Flame (same, p. 62). For manifesting One with the Flame psyker needs open fire source (lighter, yeah:) ), and the first power has description: But both powers have Concentration subtype, and in the battle character may do only one action with subtypes Concentration, Attack. And for casting next power psyker must stop first. It is a little bit confusing.
  10. So add worlds to the Vortex. The official materials don't include a ton of options - much like the Koronus Expanse (for Rogue Trader). The Vortex is begging for more, GM-created worlds. So, do it. Well, OP isn't clear, I hope to hear some ideas for GM-World (= Now my campaign make the very strange way. Character - corrapted Sororitas, who thought that know Emperor's way better then others and abandon Sisters for the Quest of Ressurection the Emperor (she really doesn't like Chaos). After Khimeria, Word Bearers invited her to the Mammon to teach her the lesson about Imperium worship. But in the end she found the secret about Mammon population, effectively destroy it and ran away. And after gathering resourses she will find eccentric Necrons, who offer her the deal about Ressurection and ideas for cleaning corraption which my player really hates (=
  11. Does addon archetypes receive 1st Gift through starting 15 CP?
  12. Yeah, I know it, thx a lot for clarification!
  13. I've met somewhere in the book the rule, that character can attack with one hand Standard/Swift/Lightning attack, and with other hand he can make after only standard attack. Does it true, or I mix up it with the rules of other 40k Games?
  14. Excuse me for necroposting, but I need some clarification. Tome of Fate, 51 page, The Six Blades of Prosepheron power contains: So the character may make Lightning attack with his main hand and then with the other hand, or he may attack in the previous way twice in one round and effectively attack four times with Lightning Attack?
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