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  1. Hello, I want to address some questions about organized play in Countries (Italy in this case) where the player base is smaller than other realities such as U.S.A. or France/Germany. The italian editor "Giochi uniti" realesed the Core set a couple of months ago, and no other expansion are available in our language, so the actual fanbase is trying to keep up by buying the english versions of the Data Packs/Deluxe Expansion. New players (expecially those that are not familiar with the English language) are not encouraged to play competitively, thus the local tournaments gather a range from 10 to 20 players max. We are told that FFG will not support official events if the player base at the tournament is less than 32 people, and this fact is really spirit breaking for a group of people who is struggling just to have the game in their own language. Is this true? Is there a real motivation to cut out a whole country just because the numbers are not amazing? Will there be a Chronos Protocol date in Italy? I still think that FFG cares about theis customers even if the competitive player base is smaller than what they expect. thanks!
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