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  1. I love the Star Wars LCG, I really want it to get the attention it deserves. I feel that this game may be pushed aside for some of the other LCG format games. What do you feel about the state of the game?
  2. Thank you very much for the reassurance that this game is not gone. I look forward to picking up a core set once my store gets more copies. Are two core sets required to play this game competitively? Will the cards that are in the asylum packs be included in the deluxe expansions?
  3. Hi all - I am avid player of Star Wars & Netrunner and am very interested in this game as it looks fun to play and has a great theme. However I have reservations about purchasing once my local store gets more copies the core as it seems like this game seems to be the forgotten amoung the other great lcg. I am wondering if i missed the boat and can't enjoy this game as much as all the asylum packs are out of print and FFG has little news on reprints. What are your thoughts on the future of this game?
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