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  1. Hello, I started playing X-wing around wave 2 and bought pretty much everything that was released up to wave 3(including wave 3). I stopped playing and buying also due to lack of time but now i decided to get back into the game. Question is, which ships do you guys recommend to buy that add the most to the game? I can afford to buy 1 big expansion + 1 small one or 3 small ones. Here's list of expansions i already have(obviously, i own the old core set): X-wing Tie Fighter Tie Interceptor TIe Advanced Tie Bomber Y wing A-wing B-wing Hwk 290 Slave I Milennium Falcon Lambda Shuttle Imperial Aces
  2. Too fragile in my opinion, plus Howlrunner is what makes swarm good. And Carnor Jax will die fast and hes 25% of your points.
  3. Zuntir

    Heavy Laser Colonel

    To be honest perfect EPT for Vessery is Andrenaline Rush. This + Engine Upgrade + some bombers, maybe shuttle and you've got hypermobile ship with lots of offensive capabilities. Adrenaline Rush opens Defender's dial so much that it's just plain crazy.
  4. Haven't tried Sensor Jammers on Bwings but I used them a few times on shuttlebus and they worked wonders. For 4 points they mitigated 3 or 4 hits on average, so that's really good in my book. A fun way imo is to use them along a ship with Opportunist, your opponent will think twice before spending that focus token.
  5. I really like that 5 bomber list, gonna give it a try! Also I was thinking about 3x Gammas + Seismic Charges and Bounty Hunter with Proton Bombs or Seismics with Gunner. Recently I played this list: OGP + Vader Royal Guard Pilot + PtL+Targeting Computer 2x Gamma+Homing Missiles The match was against 2 Bwings with FCS with Rookie and Outer RIm Smuggler with Anit Pursuit Lasers. I won with a bomber and interceptor left. Though RGP was a star, durabillity of bombers was really useful plus they are pretty good dogfighters. The only change I'd made is swaping Homing Missiles with Proton Bombs.
  6. Zuntir

    Vessery's Guards

    Could you guys please post ideas on Vessery with bombers? I'm kinda curious what you got in mind.
  7. Homing Missiles? Really? At least go with Assaults. Better yet would be to go with Proton Bombs and either Flechette Torpedoes (knock 'em into the Bombs) or Targeting Computers. To be honest I like having some way of modifying my dice and without Jonus Homing Missiles are the best IMO, plus I play against rebels mostly and AM ain't that good against them.
  8. Thanks for all the ideas! I was thinking about sth like this: 2x Gamma Squadron Pilot + Homing Missiles + Seismic Charges 2x Royal Guard Pilot + Push the Limit Once Ion Pulse Missiles are out I'll swap them with Homing Missiles and perhaps add Flechette Torpedoes.
  9. I'm going to buy my second bomber tomorrow and I've been thinking about combining bombers with interceptors as those are my two favourite ships but nothing seems to work. Do you guys have any ideas? Also any builds with two bombers (not necessarily with interceptors) would be appreciated.
  10. From my experience HLC on Firespray is just waste of points, the biggest strength of the firespray is its rear arc and you can't use it to shoot with HLC. Therfore much better option is in my opinion is ion cannon. You ionize a ship on a first pass(or two with two ion cannons) then get behind them, use your rear arc and they can't shoot back! Even better when you throw Rebel Captive on one of your firesprays, stressed and ionized ship is a dead ship. So here's my take if you want to fly 2 firesprays and a bomber: Bounty Hunter + ion cannon Bounty Hunter + ion cannon + rebel captive Captain Jonus + Seismic Charges(a little anti swarm tech)
  11. Zuntir

    Need help

    Well, to be honest I don't think that our skills are very diffrent, we're both learning and improving with every game, I'll try changing sides nevertheless. As for lists, I was thinking about something like this Wedge + R2 + Push the Limit Dagger Squadron Pilot Garven Dreis Prototype Pilot Is this list viable? EDIT: Problem is I try not to fly swarms, I love interceptors and firespray and those are the ships I use usually, we also work together on lists before the games, both for empire and rebels.
  12. Zuntir

    Need help

    Hi, i've been playing X-wing for quite some time now and i usually play with my friend and he prefers to fly rebels which is ok as I like Empire better. Anyway, we run into same problem every time and the problem is no matter what rebel and imperial squadrons we choose to play the rebels always lose. Today we played 3 games and whether i used all interceptors squadron or firespray with swarmlet I rarely lost more than two ships. So I ask you all for help, please suggest rebel squadrons that stand a chance against imperials. We got every ship that was released so far, please do not suggest options unreleased yet like wave 4, rebel aces or rebel transport.
  13. I was thinking about something like this: Captain Jonus + Homing Missiles + Swarm Tactics = 29 Tempest Squardon Pilot + Cluster Missiles x2 = 50 Howlrunner + Swarm Tactics = 20 Total 99 points, two ships firing at 8 and two at 6, rerolls for Missiles and after alhpa strike you got 8 attack dice with rerolls from Howlrunner. ^^
  14. Zuntir

    Royal Guards

    Turns out PtL is the best. as for other builds i wanted to have a pure RG list, just because of flavour reasons. ^^
  15. Zuntir

    Royal Guards

    Hi, with the upcoming Imperial Aces expansion i was thinking about 4 Royal Guard Squad. Royal Guard + Push the Limit x4 total 100 points or Royal Guard + Veteran Instinct + Targeting Computer x4 total 100 points Which build do you think will be better?
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