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  1. In fact no, it is better against High agi. Against a 3 Agi Ship it increase the possibility of at least 1 Evade by 33% but on a ship with 1 Agi, it increase it's chance of 1 Evade by 100% 3 Dice vs 4 Dice give: 112.5% chance vs 150% chance of one Evade 1 Dice vs 2 Dice give: 37.5% chance vs 75% chance of one Evade So you double your chance. I did not use a 0 Agi ship, because then the increase would imply a division by 0, so can't be calculated, it is an "infinite" increase because you go from 0 chance to 37.5% chance... But the reverse is also kind of true, the Upgrade help ship with less Attack more then Ship With more attack. The potential is bigger on bigger dice pool, but with less difference on their middle ground.
  2. No, the article wording is just not good and to condensed... What they meant is like other said here: Normally you want to do a Red Maneuver and end up properly to remove the stress that the Red Maneuver would give. If you think your Red Maneuver would not be enough, you could use precognitive reflexes to try to reposition yourself first. But you can't start with a stress and use precognitive reflexes to reposition yourself first, this does not work
  3. It is impossible to avoid it... no human eye can line up correctly these stuff with a plastic base at angle on a smooth surface. These are fluff that at best make it so suddently your template are not legal anymore. Going for an approximation is as precise as "using a line"
  4. What is a token type, in relation to Amilyn Holdo ? Is a focus the same type as a reinforce ? Or is every possible token it's own type ?
  5. No it does not add SLAM Action to your action bar. It require that you have SLAM as an action
  6. It is not up for debate at all. Only one person did not agree and they stop arguing. The concensus seems way way more toward R4 being permanent. Like action granting effect change your action bar, R4 change your ship "wheel" We have to accept that physical component can't be really changed and are just "guide" to play the game. R4 give you a new set of maneuver. But physically you can't have it
  7. There is no trigger on R4 There is no timing where it become active. It is always active.
  8. No one say you can't roll less. People say that you have to apply every possible modification to the number of dice, THEN you check if it go over the maximum fixed by Predective Shot. To find if you go over a maximum you have to calculate everything first. You can't just arbitrarily decide to do all the positive, check if it go over the maximum, then do all the negative. You have to finish the calculation. Predective Shot is not a negative, it is a treshold that cut what go over it in the end.
  9. If it would still make them roll more yes. Intimidation must comme first because for predective shot you need to know the final value of the number of dice you will throw.
  10. The only one that fit the card is 2. The card say you can't roll more then X. To know if you will roll more you have to finish calculating it. You can't insert the effect in between.
  11. A screwdriver is a tool and a hammer is also a tool. So we can infer that a hammer is a screwdriver? No... Same thing here... Spend is loosing and taking dmg is also loosing, but it does not mean that taking dmg is spending. And seriously, the "We know the intent" argument begin to be old. No one know their intent. Because a card would be more useful or more fun does not mean it was the intent. There is lot of bad card, clearly it was not their intent, so we should find a way to twist rules and say: Hooo clearly they did the wording wrong, it was not their intent to make a card bad. Yes, the title is not great, but it is not literally useless as written. It give 1 more attack dice in some situation. We are far from a card that would literally do nothing except if you change the wording (As we seen in the past on an astromech card)
  12. Or.... maybe... just make other ship viable so you want to play something else... Maybe the problem is not the fact that TIE Phantom are too good, but the fact that the Empire have nearly nothing playable except Named Elite Pilote... 4x TIE Phantom are far from crushing the game right now. They are good but they are not too good. But look at the Empire... Striker and Interceptor are kind of squishies for their price. The TIE Aggressor have no good cannon and cost the same price as the Y-Wing. (I'm not sure 1 agi is worth 3 life) They don't even have reload. Punisher got nerfed a bit too much. TIE Reaper are ok, but they have no cool generic crew you would want on them. They are just mobile B-Wing for now. TIE Advance v1 also too squishies for their price. TIE Advance x1 only Vader is viable because it is easy with him to get a Lock... Decimator are now kind of clunky and they broke their wheel (Removing the Blue Bank 2 was really bad ) So we are left with TIE Bomber, TIE Phantom, Palp or Vader Shuttle and the Named Pilote...
  13. Exactly, I will go farther and say they are costed with the Elite Pilote they can use...
  14. Never seen a TO check my template. And I don't want to try, I never wanted to cheat, I say that if some one is a cheater, he can easily cheat at this game. No one just cheat on a passing thought like no one steal a car, just because the car is unlocked. You are aware that convertible car or motorcycle have 0 use to lock door, and they will not just be stolen as soon as you leave them. First, because you need to know how to start them without key, second, because most people don't want to commit criminal act. I lock my car door because I don't want people to steal what I have in them... My point is, if some want to cheat, these rule does not prevent them at all. Why, because if you have the cheater mentality, you know what to do to cheat. There is no such thing as a light cheater, willing to take the risk to cheat but not really willing to put effort into cheating...
  15. You see, you can force your opponent to share dice. If they come with custom dice you could say: I will also use them. Sure who does it, and it is also true for template, who ask to share. You have as much chance to be discovered with illegal template as you are with illegal dice. I seen people using custom dice and we shared their dice. If someone cheat, they will not want to share the dice anyway. And there is so many "Official" dice now that it is quite easy to find unofficial one that will look like official one. If someone want to cheat they can... this is way more easier then you seems to think. We are far from having your car unlocked... To unlock a car you need skill. To "cheat" a dice, you just need to find a web site that sell similar enough one. ****, you just need to put it in the oven for the correct amount of time... As for device / obstacle, I always bring official one and offer my opponent the choice, most often then not they do not really care. Obstacle are so random anyway, for device, the gain would be there with a bigger one, but it could also backfire so... Edit: It is like the "useless" middle line, I still use my old template without it, anyway, no one have good enough eye to say they are really exactly on the middle line
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