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  1. Um I was wondering if they will be fixing the rules on the B-Wing based on the new prototype version on Rebels? That thing kicked butt! I want that upgrade card!
  2. Sorry, I bumped my head, and forgot about the dial. thanks to all who reminded me of this. Crunchbacca
  3. This is probably already asked in another section, but I need to know. Are these maneuvers available to all ships now that they are in the game, or just the ships they came out with? I don't see any special icons on the ships they came with and the new rule book just has them listed as maneuvers. Anyone? Crunchbacca
  4. I've been noticing in a lot of pictures from other players that you all put the cards in sleeves. is that purely to protect the cards or are they collectible? I've also notice some cards being sold on ebay like they are rare, even though each expansion has all the same cards. Am I missing something, is there a collectible aspect to this game I am missing? Crunchbacca
  5. I bought the app on Google Play, now I have an iPhone 5, how can I get it to my new phone without rebuying it? Help!
  6. crunchbacca

    I need help

    I was wondering if anyone has seen a single sheet squadron builder, something like an excel sheet with a list of all the ships/pilots and all the upgrades they can have. I am playing the game with friends and I want them to learn to build squadrons. I only have the miniatures and game so I wanted to give them a simple handout for them to build from. Anyone seen or heard of that or am I going to have to make it myself? Thank you, Crunchbacca
  7. Now I'm not new to RPGs, but I came up with some scenarios that could happen in my game with my group and I wanted to see if anyone else has thought the same stuff. 1) What if Oskara and the group decide to turn B'ura B'an into Teemo to take the heat off the group and her and help her sister, would it help maybe? Me and my group have played a long time and this is a good possibility based on their past playing styles. What should I do if they want to, this isn't a bad thing and she is a bounty hunter? 2) On Ryloth, since the attack on the ship, could Oskara check the Bounty Hunter Forums to see if Teemo posted one on them? Since she worked for him and probably used those forums in the past. Any advice is welcome! Crunchbacca
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